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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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burning the american flag? senator john mccain weighs in on president- elect donald trump's latest controversy.. plus.. n-b-c is your place for all things christmas.. the two must- see television events - happening and forget the quesadilla - burger king has tater tots - and it's reunited two of pop culture's greatest stars.. that's coming up in your morning juice.
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toss weather adlib weather a murder at a popular light rail stop - still a
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morning.. but new video may help police catch the killer. team 12's brandon hamiltion is live with the latest.. checking your
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park that honors the 19 granite mountain hotshots who died in the yarnell hill fire.. will open to the public. friends and family attended a private dedication ceremony yesterday morning. visitors can walk the same trail the hot shots took on that fateful day. along the route.. there are plaques dedicated to each firefighter who died. at least three people have died in the wildfires burning in tennessee. officials say the fire - burning about an hour east of knoxville.. has grown to 15- thousand acres.. and destroyed more than 150 structures. the flames came extremely close to "dollywood" - but the theme
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damage. more than 14- thousand people have been forced to evacuate. forecasters are predicting rain in the area today - which could help suppress the fire. a large pipeline in missouri exploded yesterday. the company that owns it says the pipeline was transporting an ethane-propane mix from kansas to the midwest. fire crews say the flames were put out and no one was hurt. thousands of cubans filled havana's "plaza of the revolution" last night to honor fidel the cuban leader died friday night at the age of 90. he spent more than half a century ruling the country - before turning it over to his brother - raul castro. raul attended last night's memorial along with many other world leaders - such as the presidents of mexico.. venezuela and south africa. sheriff joe arpaio's trial for defying a judge's orders.. has been pushed back. the racial- profiling case was supposed to begin next month - but has been moved to april - after arpaio's lawyers asked
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will no longer be in office when the trial begins. senator john mccain and president elect donald trump may have one thing in common - when it comes to those who burn the american flag. team 12's bryan west is live from the newsroom with the details.. they both agree there should be some sort of punishment when it comes to burning the american flag, calling it not only wildly unpatriotic but also offensive to
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to hear from you.. go to 12-news- dot-com-slash- your-voice.. and tell us "do you think people should be punished for burning the american flag?" we'll update you with live results throughout the show.
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christmas on n- b-c.. we've got a preview of tonight's must- see events. heck yes! napoleon dynamite and pedro reunite for a new commercial and it makes us want some tots.. your morning juice is just five minutes away. ###break### new york will usher in the
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usher in the holidays tonight from rockefeller center. you are looking at live pictures of the christmas tree there.. it's dark and quiet right now -- but in a few hours thousands of people will crowd the streets for the annual tree lighting ceremony. the event will be hosted by "today's" matt lauer.. savannah guthrie.. al roker and hoda kotb. there will be musical performances from garth brooks & trisha yearwood.. as well as tony bennett.. sarah parton and more. the big show starts at 6 o'clock - right here on channel 12. speaking of dolly parton - her new movie "christmas of many colors" will air right after the tree lighting ceremony. team 12's raphael seth has a preview... adlib "christmas of
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tonight on n-b-c at 7 o'clock. toss juice it's like 2004 all over again.. the stars of "napoleon dynamite" have reunited for a new burger king commericial.. but let's be real - they did it for the tots... adlib talk about reunions - alexis
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starred in the "gilmore girls" reboot - wants to pull off another one -- this time with her co-stars from "the sisterhood of the traveling pants." opened up about her plans to get the whole crew back together on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon... adlib time for your juicy question of the morning...
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admit to doing this as children. what is this? adlib
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adlib traffic
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adlib weather it's weight loss wednesday here
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and if you're like a lot of us.. you might have eaten just a little too much over the holiday weekend. but it's not too late to burn those calories off. and one way to do it will help you build your shoulders and shrink your stomach. personal trainer bobby hodge from advantage training shows us how to do shoulder taps...
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obamacare? president-elect donald trump's latest cabinet his mission.. we've got details on that and trump's other picks - when 12 today returns in three minutes.
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today.. democrats in the
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representatives elect their party leaders. nancy pelosi of california has been house democratic leader for 12- years.. but this time around.. she's facing a challenge by congressman tim ryan of ohio. ryan says it's time for a change in party leadership. he cites the losses of dozens of democratic congressional seats over the past six-years as one reason... ryan says the party has the right policies - but not the right message. president-elect donald tr yesterday.. first - he nominated georgia congressman - tom price to head the department of health and human services. price has been one of the most outspoken critics of the affordable care act. if approved by the senate.. he is expected to dismantle obamacare and help republicans create something in its place. trump has also made former labor secretary - elaine chao - the new head of the department of transportation. chao served as secretary of labor under
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to hold a cabinet position. rumor has it - president elect donald trump is priming mitt romney for some sort of cabinet position. the two had dinner last night at trump tower - along with the future chief of staff - reince priebus. it's believed romney is being considered for the position of secretary of state. in the past - the two have disagreed on a number of issues - but romney reassured americans last night that there are no hard feelings... later this morning - the "today" show is going to have more details on what was said during their meeting.. and how soon romney could be given a position.
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it's one thing to fall asleep at the dinner table - it's another thing to fall asleep in your dinner. we've got this adorable video - coming up in the
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today.... new information on a deadly shooting at a phoenix light rail stop. police say they have video of a suspect... president elect donald trump... busy filling out his cabinet... and stirring up controversy over is flag burning tweet. we've all been there... sleepy from a big meal... but sometimes you just have to power through. the video that's going viral this m from the 12 news studios in downtown phoenix, here's what's coming


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