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tv   Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson  FOX  November 29, 2015 9:30am-10:00am CST

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." they are noticed the 28 pages. they constitute a small portion of the much larger report that was classified under the george w. bush administration and are still hidden from public view today under president obama. there are bipartisan calls to make them public, and those voices have been raised again in the wake of recent attacks claimed by isis. there are also accusations that those who want to keep them classified are attracting -- arent protecting national security interest but someone or something else. it was the morning of september 11, 2001. as the eyes of the world were fixed on the terrorist attack, a special election was being held in massachusetts, where stephen lynch quietly want a vacant congressional seat. today, congressman lynch is
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devoting a great deal of effort to divulging the long-held secrets of congress's 9/11 investigatation. >> when i readt, i thought, that information is something that the public should have. sharyl: members of congress, sworn to secrecy, are only permitted to read the 28 pages under strict conditions. congressman lynch: you have to make an appointment with the intelligence committee and also go to a secure location. they think your pen, paper, electronics. sharyl: in october of 2013, lynch went to the secret room and began reading. the censored material begins on page 395 under the heading "certain sensitive national security matters." sharyl: it gave -- congressman lynch: it gave names of
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individuals and entities that i believe were complicit in the attacks of september 11. they were facilitators of those attacks. they are clearly identified. how people were financed, where they were housed, where the money was coming from,he conduits that were used, and the connections between some of these individuals. sharyl: individuals, he says, who were never brought to justice. who are they, and why would the u.s. government want to keep thee information secret? former senator bob grant co-authored the report. >> the saudi's know what they did. the saudi's know that we know what they did. sharyl: graham -- grant has become -- graham has become an
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15 of the 19 hijackers were saudi. their leader, al qaeda mastermind osama bin laden, was part of a powerful saudi family with close ties to the royal family. senator graham: t position of the united states government has to protect saudi arabia virtually every step of the judicial process. sharyl: could the 28 pages unraveled the alliance between the u.s. and a close ally in the mideast? terry estrada believes that information is secondary to her right to know what is in the pages. she lost her husba hnd tom, a bond broker, in the world trade center on 911. she leading a fight to expose the names of those in the 28 pages who allegedly provided the means for the terrorists.
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organizations cannot exist -- >> without money, terrorist organizations cannot exist. as long as they are funded, we will never be safe. sharyl: her coalition has made repeated pleas in letters to president obama. >> we have not heard back from the administration at all. >> having read the 28 pages, i think it is classified to allow those individuals to escape accountability. sharyl: plenty of democrats and republicans have supported the need for secrecy over the years, on national security or other grounds. we contacted more than a dozen key members of congress, but none would discuss their position on camera. former congressman read the pages years ago.
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today, he is -- sharyl: today, he is a business consultants and he agreed to explain those pages. mr. hoekstra: i think there is concern that it may be embarrassing to the country or individuals that may be talked about, and is a con -- it is a complication they don'n't want to deal with. sharyl: reports of a saudi connection were further then none other than 9/11 conspirator zakarias. victim's family suing saudi arabia for allegedly supporting terrorism. the saudi testified it was his job in the late 90's to create a database of donors. ththe money that was coming from
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the saudi donors, how important was it to bin laden's ability to maintain the organization? >> -- "it was crucial, it was absolutely fundamental. lawyers for saudi arabia denied any link to terrorism. they call the comments colorful but immaterial hearsay from a convicted terrorist diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. the saudi embassy revert us to a 2003 statement saying, any idea that they funded or even knew about september 11 was malicious or blatantly false. "we can deal with questions in public, but we cannot respond to blank pages." today, there is a public push in congress for
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mr. koe -- mr. hoekstra: says today, he would have to come down the side of disclosure. for now,hen it comes to fully understanding the deadliest terrorist attacks on american soil, what view as a central chapter is written but remains untold. what do you think tom would think and what would he say about this particular issue? >> he would be laughing and saying, you go get them terry. don't let them hide the truth and don't let the people that were behind it not pay, not be held accountable. >> information such as this, on such a profound scale, should definitely be in the custody of the american public. this will inform us, this will help us. there is no reason why this information should not be made public. sharyl: we contacted the white
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what they offered was a statement from a year ago saying they requested that the office of the director of national intelligence review the 28 pages for declassification. that office, they say, is currently coordinating the interagency review and it is ongoing. ahead, one person, one vote. that is the american way. but we found is a little unsettling.
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sharyl: you may not notice, but the campaigns are in full swing. it just less than a year, americans go to the polls to elect a new president. the online chicago is vote early, vote often -- the old line in chicago is vote early, vote often. >> like many americans, every november, i vote. i take it seriously. but last year, after moving to virginia, i learned our voting system has some serious flaws. >> a registered by valid -- registered my ballot, got my signature. two hours later, i was at my old polling place in pennsylvania. by state law, recording is not
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allowed in polling places. i'm going to go in and see if i am still registered. i gave the election clerk my name, she pulled it up, i easily could have just voted twice. linda whittenburg is the director of elections in arlington -- in arlington, virginia. when i registered at her office, i signed this document saying i was previously registered in another state. that was then mailed to pennsylvania. this process cannot keep pace with our increasingly mobile lives. in her election office, paper is still king. >> that is a big problem in the integrity of our voter rolls. there is a huge amount of inaccuracy. >> b operates the interstate crosscheck. in 2014, the crosscheck found
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7.3 million voters were registered in multiple states. but since 22 states don't participate, that number is likely much higher. kobach says this in accuracy increases the possibility of voter fraud. in his state, in 2014, more than 100 people appeared to vote twice. mr. kobach: you look at the larger group of 28 states and do the math. we are talking about thousands of double votes. >> voting twice is illegal. with heavy fines and possible jail time, allegra chapman with common cause downplays its impact. but she does agree the system needs to be modernized. grexit just makes sense that we should be modernizing our -- >> it just makes sense we should be modernizing our election system.
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have electronic systems but there is no nation database. sharyl: could you have gone to a third? >> in six days, i am moving to maryland. next november, i will see, and absolutely it could happen.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, sharyl: the nation's largest health insurance companyunited health, maybe ready to bail on obamacare. could that for the individual insurance market on life support? the head of health policy associates? is it a big deal? >> it is a huge deal. they are saying they think they
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two years and they can't make money. if the biggest, smartest insurance company can't make money, who can? sharyl: they expect to lose four and $50 million on obamacare this year alone. they intend to make exit in 2017. some might say this not a huge blow because united was not the biggest player. they have plans selling in 35 states and oy 5% of the obamacare or affordable care act customers. >> is part of the big picture. you're the biggest insurance company thinthey can't make money, but in addition, the 30 not-for-profit blue cross plans are all losing money, and its because of obamacare. in addition to that, we had 12 of the 23 obamacare insurance co-ops fail. when you startutting these tips together -- these things together, virtually everyone is
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sharyl: in a nutshell, how can they be losing money -- -- losing money when policies are going up? >> the problem with the affordable care act is that it is only signed -- it has always signed up about 40% of the eligible. you really need to get 75% to have a sustainable population. if you only sign up 40%, you only get the sick people. sharyl: is that what we call the death spiral that you have spoken of? >> the death spiral is something that happens over a period of years. it raises the rates, the healthy people drop out, the six-day in, and the cycle continues. obamacare has never gotten off the boards. it has never gotten to the point
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if it can't, in this open enrollment, get a healthy people, there e is no way it can sustain itself. sharyl: the administration says they expect the insured members to grow and that 90% of people will have more choices next year.
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sharyl: we have been reported on terrorism this month from beirut, lebanon, and paris. one of the only two america broadcast journalists reporting from beirut on the isis twin suicide bombings. some mediaia outletsere not quite accurate when they reported that the beirut attacks d had been ignored by news programs in the u.s.. this photograph on twitter appeared to be of the recent beirut attack, but it turns out it is actually a picture that has been circulated for at least nine years. images which proves roy you can't always believe your eyes. on a busy street corner in the bronx, between bodegas and walkouts, a small museum is trying to make a big stir. the bronx documentary center. michael has created an exhibit of photos going back over 150 ars th show our perspective
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>> this is an iconic photo from world war ii. one of the most published photos from old-time. the soviet army photographer wanted to replicate joe rosenthal's famous photo from iwo jima. the whole thing is completely fabricated. i think we put the show together because we wanted to get the debate going about photographs. the generation of photographers and photojournalists that i grew up with had very set rules. we watching those kind of dissolving from our eyes. i wanto have that conversation that this is something that has always gone on. it is fascinating that the first photo we were able to find -- the origin work of photojournalism, there are two versions. one with cannonballs on the road
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and one with no cannonballs on the road. i would say the iranians with the missile launch a few years back was usually successful. only three of the missiles launched so they simply cloned in one of the missiles to make it appear it was a successful launch. that picture ran on the front page of "the times" and other newspapers. usually effective but extensively manipulated. we do think it is escalating. particularly, we are seeing it with north korea, iran, some other countries. they are stage managing events, they are photo shopping leaders into places. there were a lot of rumors that kim jong-il had been sick and even deceased, so they photoshop to me to this image and released it. you can see there is a little line that runs behind people's legs b but it doesn't run behind
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the leader's legs because they didn't t take the time to sort of create the shadows. if you looat photographs from russia under stalin -- he was famous for having full books devoted to him taking out his enemies. i think that people are really going to lose faith, certainly in photojournalism and documentary photography. what people say photos and say, i wondered that has been modied or a wonder if the photographer states that, then we have just lost all credibility. it damages the media and i think it really damages america. these are the oj covers. time took the mug shot that came from the lapd and got an illustrator to darken the photo and put this dark vignetting around it. it just looks really threatening and menacing. that caused a huge rubber or --
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my favorite bogus celebrity shot would have to be the opera photo. they put her head on and margaret's body. totally bogus but really campy and kind of interesting. we are seeing it with anything having to do with celebrities and stars. people have to be able to believe in what they are seeeeing and no that this represents the historical record. i think we have to maintain the viewers trust in photojournalism. we have to get it right. we have to create honest accounts of what really happened. sharyl: there were three other photos that were not part of the exhibit. david told us they are the photos of three friends and colleagu. tim hetherington and chris, killed covering libya's arab spring uprising in 2011, and
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journalist james foley killed in syria in 2014, the first american beheaded by isis. next week on "full measure," billions of your tax dollars were spent to put one million electric cars on the end of the road -- on the road by the end of this year. >> there is a $7,500 federal tax incentive. >> i could basically get $10,000 off the cost? sharyl: that is our show for this week. we need you with a look at washington in autumn and a big thanks for those who work hard to bring you "full measure" every week. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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i'm chris wallace. a deadly siege at a planned parenthood center. now police search for a motive. he started shooting. >> yeah, there was a lot of gunfire.
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