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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 27, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> 17 billion in the red. bp pushes through one the biggest losses in history. the chairman insists that the company will recover. the new american ceo has to build the company back. the winds former chief weapons inspector questions the judgment of george bush and tony blair. -- the u.n. former chief weapons inspector questions the judgment of george bush. time to speed up the talks over turkey joining the european union. strong words from david cameron. olympic stars gather at the site of a new stadium in london.
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the cost of dealing with the disaster of the oil spill in the gulf of mexico has pushed british petroleum into the red for the first time in 18 years. the company lost $17 billion between april and june. it has cost the chief executive his job. he will be leaving in the fall. british petroleum is setting aside more than $32 billion to pay for the cleanup. >> the flower of british industry, red ink all over their results they have lost money relating to the oil spill and they have had 17 billion lost in
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three months. here is what caused the calamity, the explosion three months ago on the deepwater horizon ricrig. >> the worst performance in their history. are you confident? >> the underlying performance of the company is actually a strong. there are strong assets around the world. these have large consequences but there is no doubt that we can rebuild the company. >> they have to change the way about this huge company operates. they know they have to control the risks of operating much better than they have done in the past and in the face of
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intense media interest. they know that they have to become much more open. that no longer falls on this man, the current chief executive will leave on october 1st. he will get a chance -- a pension of about $900,000 a year also and -- also an incentive scheme. bp has made the assumption that they will not be found guilty of gross negligence. if they are wrong about this, an additional $15 billion in penalties will be payable to the u.s. government. >> one of the criticisms is that after the explosion, you were focused on the financial impact and not on the human tragedy of
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the individuals that lost their lives. >> in every crisis, there are things that could have been done differently. i am sure that we can look back and we can learn from this. >> no questions at all, please. >> if a man on the right cannot answer questions, many who have their stake in the company through their pension fund should worry. >> the u.n.'s former chief weapons inspector has told the iraq inquiry here in britain that the bush administration invaded by iraq because they were high on the idea of the invasion. there is in question, the judgment of george bush and tony blair. he said that should have realized that their intelligence sources were fopoor.
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>> he was a swedish lawyer and diplomat sent to look for weapons of mass destruction. he ended up being caught between saddam hussein's innovation and the impatience of george bush. today, he came to testify before the inquiry. he is huns' blix to serve from march 2000. 2003. he said, he did believe that iraq had wmd's. >> i did not say this publicly, i said it privately. >> he added that at the time he believed that the british dossier was plausible but he was critical of the late british and american intelligence services had relied on that evidence of
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iraqi defectors. >> they should have realized that both in london and washington that their sources were poor. there are people who would like to get a reward for their intelligence so they would give up things that the interrogators want to hear. >> he said it cut that president bush believes in force more than diplomacy. >> they felt that they could get away with this and that is why they decided this. >> he said that he believed that tony blair hoped that the inspections would work in the military action would be avoided. >> what a question was the good judgment of bush and also blair. >> he told the inquiry that about a month before the invasion, he warned tony blair
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that things have changed and there might not be any weapons after all. but then, it was too late. britain was a prisoner on the u.s. train. >> in the u.s., a federal watchdog has harshly criticized the american military for failing to account for billions of dollars that they had received to rebuild iraq. the department of defense in washington is unable to account properly for 96% of the money that they receive for reconstruction. >> i have the documents here, this is pretty slim but it starts off pretty devastating. the first paragraph says that weaknesses leave them unable to account for 8.7 billion out of
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the $9.1 billion that they received in this fund for the development in iraq. this is iraqi money that mostly comes from the sale and proceeds of oil and gas and some of the assets left over from the saddam hussein regime. this was entrusted to the u.s. defense department to spend on reconstruction projects. almost all the money, they cannot say what it was spent on due to poor record keeping. what they are not saying is that the money has disappeared and they are not necessarily alleging fraud. they are saying that huge chunks of the iraqi money has gone missing and they are urging the department of defense to improve their financial and management controls in order to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future.
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>> accord in south africa has found four former students guilty of humiliating black domestic staff at the university of the free state. a group of staff made it one of them kneel on the floor where apparently a student had urinated upon. they were found guilty. bangladesh is doubling the wages for those in the garment industry. they are among the poorest in south asia even though the garment industry is 80% of the country's imports. there have been more than more violent clashes as workers complain of a peace and poor conditions. a 14-year-old dutch girl has won a legal battle and she can attempt to become the youngest person to go around the world in a poke -- boat.
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the prime minister of britain has described gaza as a prison camp and the raid on the flotilla as unacceptable. he has urged turkey and israel to work together. he put a britain behind the bid for the turkish membership in the eu. >> a moment of the symbolism for the british prime minister at the mausoleum of ataturk. britain was an early ally of the young turkish republic, david cameron came to refresh that relationship and to press for turkish membership in the eu. >> i will remain your strongest advocate for do you membership and at the top table of the candidacy. this is something that i feel
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very strongly about. bible helped to pave the road from your capital to brussels. >> he explained not how turkey could get into the eu but could the e you get out of turkey? in a nod to the turkish anger at the suffering of palestinians, there was a criticism of israel. >> the attack on the flotilla was completely unacceptable. the situation must change. humanitarian goods and people must flow in both directions. gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp. >> at the turkish prime minister's office, the soldiers were as formal as ever. was this spring and the step of the two leaders?
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>> uk's support for turkey has been very important. the u.k. has been unwavering in its support for turkey which we appreciate it. >> mr. cameron said off for the airport to go to india. this was a brief visit and a reminder that turkey cannot be ignored. >> just briefly, the african union has agreed to send another 2000 peacekeeping troops to somalia to help deal with counter insurgency. the eu has not changed the mission of the mandate. it should be strengthened to allow troops to engage in combat. a con man who claims he was selling the ritz hotel in london has been jailed for five years. he is an unemployed lorry driver and he told a potential buyer he was a close friend of the owners
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and persuades him to hand over $1.5 million. the judge said he perpetrated an outrageous stand. stay with us if you can. more than a thousand dead or missing in a southern chinese flood. there is even more rain to come. striking garment workers have clashed with police near the cambodian capital's. nine people were injured and protests. the industry has been plagued by falling orders and stoppages over low pay. one of the companies involved produces garments for the largest western companies. >> labor relations at this factory have been frayed in recent days following the suspension of a union official.
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the police came to enforce a court order to clear the street and a handful of workers were injured. >> when it came, they beat us. >> the mood in the garment factories have been grim. the global recession has caused a fall in orders and tens of thousands of job losses and double digit inflation at home which has made the monthly wage look less attractive. a recent increase has not been well-received. this would not be the image that clients have in mind when they close -- chose to make the clothes in cambodia. laws guaranteeing the wages and conditions affected people who learned the hard way that customer knowledge of sweat shops can hurt sales. this hardly qualifies as good public relations. the labor movement is still in its infancy.
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neither the employers or the unions have a perfect record of following correct procedures regarding industrial action. the stakes are high because garments are the biggest export earner. it is everyone's responsibility make sure that the feel-good factor returns to the factories soon. >> one main headline for you this hour on bbc world news, the incoming chief executive of bp has out to rebuild the company's shattered image in the wake of the oil spill. who is robert dudley? he is the first non britain to run what was until the crisis the biggest company in britain. he has to rebuild the company's image, especially in the u.s., where of course its reputation has suffered the most.
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>> first of all, listen closely to that accent. >> we will keep at this for years, we will not cut and run. >> the new chief comes from mississippi for the last month, he has been in charge of the response for the oil spill response. he missed out at the top job three years ago, now becomes the first american ever to run the company. the man on the right raised in the american south places the man on the left -- replaces the man on the left. now dudley will move to the center. >> we will learn a lot from this. the industry will learn a lot. there is no question that we will change as the company and from those companies, we will emerge from this wiser. >> robert dudley has over 30
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years of experience and six years as head of the russian operations. he would like to keep british petroleum as a top producer of oil. >> you can count on men like these fishing in louisiana. they cannot get work because of the oil spill. >> damage to his already done. all you're trying to do is to save your company, save wildlife. all we are doing is picking up the pieces. >> the cleanup could take years. the obama administration insist they don't care who runs the company as long as the company gets rid of its oil slick. on the biggest test a president can face is his response to a disaster. many people believe that the president has struggled to show
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he is on top of the response. in some ways, the resignation of the chief executive is a new start for the oil company but for the president as well. >> russia has strongly objected to tougher sanctions on iran. he said -- they have said that any outside of those already imposed would be unacceptable. they're looking to find a diplomatic solution. the eu agreed a range of measures including restrictions on investment in their oil and gas. the international donor conference has pledged more than a billion dollars to help kyrgyzstan recover from the ethnic violence. the government says that they need the money to boost the economy and to rebuild after the clashes. the remains of one of two american servicemen who went missing in afghanistan last week
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have been found. thew÷e taliban claimed that they are holding the second. they are negotiating the release. a court in britain has rejected a request to extradite the former bosnian leader. serbia would like to prosecute him on war crimes charges. the judge says the request is politically motivated. serbia has said that they will appeal to the higher court. the accused says that he has no case to answer any has been cleared by the tribunal. >> students can see this kind of abuse. the government of serbia at this undermining the judiciary in this country, the taxpayers' money. they kept us here for five
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months. >> our balkans correspondent is in belgrade gauge reaction. >> official reaction has come from that jeopardy war crimes prosecutor you told me he was disappointed --. the serbian war crimes prosecutor and he told me that he was disappointed. bosnia is mainly seen as a victim of the balkan wars of the 1990's. this is not necessarily up held by the facts. serbia has been behind this case. the chief for crimes prosecutor has been in london to personally oversee proceedings. the reason for that runs deep. serbia feels that war crimes committed against the serbs had been largely forgotten but the world has been too focused on the other side.
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it seems that serbia's hopes of trying -- on serbian soil has been thwarted. >> in china, authorities are saying that flood waters will peak at the three gorges dam within the next 24 hours. there's torrential rains further up the river. more is expected in parts of southern china. the floods have left seven had 50 people dead. >> since sunday night, they have been pumping extra water into the dam. they need the lower water levels before the latest flood will hit. each night, the same images. these are roads turned into rivers. people struggling in the worst floods that have seen for years.
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the bridge here was washed away by water's flowing 60 times more strongly than normal. at least 33 bodies were taken from the river. several people are still missing. china says at least 823 people have been killed in disasters caused by the bad weather. 400 more are unaccounted for. there are warnings of worse to come. they are keeping a close eye on rising water levels at this like in southern china. >> if there is a flood, around 21 50,000 people living downtown will be affected. further downstream, they are taking no chances. they're doing what they can to try to reduce the possibility of a flood. the heavy rains are predicted to rein for a week across most of
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the country. there is no sign of them letting up. >> 731 days until the 2012 summer olympics start in london. huge excitement already at the stratford site where the main stadium is being billed. plenty of olympic stars showed up. >> the opening of the bridge will be the gateway for the olympic park. the athletes, children, t d presenters, and builders. hundreds of thousands more will come. inside of this, a little bit of history. chris and became the first person to ride a bike at the venue where he hopes to add to his collection. >> this is where they were taking place.
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essentially, you will be on top of the podium to receive a medal and that is inspirational. this is a very exciting day. everyone is very excited. >> another first at the main stadium where a special track had been laid for the former olympic champion. the olympics are two years away, it is possible to sprint inside the stadium. well, less of a sprint and more of a job for michael johnson. this will go down as the first race of the venue. just as this was the first action in the basketball arena. plenty of progress than for one of the men in the heart of london's original bid to reflect on. >> this is already making a
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difference economically. that part of london is already being transformed. you have thousands of jobs being created. when it happens, this will be the single biggest showcase this country has had for as long as anyone can remember. >> plenty of opportunity for the unexpected, no doubt. this would pete such examples as the mayor of london's owned by credit. -- owned b bike ride. >> the new chief executive of petroleum says that a smaller company will emerge. the cleanup will be his top priority, he says. british petroleum has just reported one of the biggest losses in british corporate
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history. you can find much more on that and all of the international news on line. thank you for being with us. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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