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tv   BBC World News  PBS  September 3, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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>> and now, "bbc world news." >> a famous television presenter and former ambassador are among those found guilty of sexually abusing children in state run homes in portugal. 50 people are dead after a suicide bomb explodes in pakistan. new fruit -- new features for a global food crisis. welcome to "bbc news," broadcast on pbs. coming up, it is the road to nowhere. the traffic jam in china that goes on for 120 kilometers. countdown to the commonwealth games, but will india be ready?
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>> a leading television presenter and ambassador are among six people found guilty of sexually abusing children at state-run homes. the trial began six years ago. the abuse centered on an institution caring for 4000 children. >> it was surrounded by cameras as he walked into court, accused of sexually abusing young boys as part of a pedophile ring. carlos silvino has always said innocent. the judge read graphic details of every accusation of of the is by all six men. in most cases, -- every accusation of all men. one boy was so brutally violated he has been left in
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continent. >> it has been complicated, and a bit painful over what happened. on the other hand, to hear the judge saying our names linking them to the prison class is good because if it is as if the eight years this process has dragged on is finally bearing few. >> a driver has been sentenced to 18 years in prison. carlos got 7. for the boys who suffered so much, the guilty verdict is crucial, but many say this only scams the surface. many victims could not identify their abusers and others are still too frightened to speak out. >> the pakistani taliban is claiming it carried out a suicide bomb attack that killed 50 people in quetta.
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it happened at a crowded market during a muslim rally. it is the second attack on shia muslims this week. >> this is the moment the bomb went off, captured as tv was filming a rally. the target was a procession of shiite muslims on the streets in a show of support for palestinians. >> you can hear the gunshots fired. some of those involved are reported to have fired in the air. they had been intelligence warnings before the bomb went off and government officials say they can no longer protect outdoor gatherings. there were many wounded, some reports over 100. the second major sectarian attack in pakistan this week.
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on wednesday, a shia procession was hit by three explosions. a pakistani taliban said they carried out the triple bombing. it was the first major attack since pakistan was hit by floods in july. as the country struggles to cope with humanitarian crisis, its security crisis is continuing to scar more lives. >> there has been an earthquake with a magnitude 7.2 near one city in new zealand. there has been some damage to roads and the power supply is completely out. there are no reports of any casualties. pakistani cricketers have been questioned by the police over allegations of corruption is. they were quizzed separately
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that -- they are suspended by the international cricket council for the alleged be regular behavior. the former british prime minister tony blair said islamic -- radical islam is the biggest threat to the world. they use chemical, biological or nuclear weapons if they could. western policies are not designed to confront radical islam. the chinese government ordered three producers to start growing more vegetables. it is another reason this is causing unrest. seven people died in mozambique over the rising cost of bread. the food agencies called for a special meeting to discuss the
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implications of a price spike. >> more wildfires in southern russia stand by strong winds and more loss of life after 50 people were killed in july and august. underlying it all is the prolonged drought. they destroyed 20% of the wheat crop this year. the government has extended its ban on wheat exports. thousands of kilometers away in mozambique's lies [unintelligible] after two days of food riots. this was a sharp rise in the cost of bread. seven people were killed when police opened fire on protesters trip nearly 300 were injured. what is happening to food prices?
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is there a risk of a repeat of the food crisis of 2008? from 2003 on the world saw prices climbing. the global food index doubled by 2008. prices have been steadily on the rise again. >> russia is a huge exporter to the world market, so having [unintelligible] it sent shivers all over the grain sector. if russia cannot export grain, then farmers around the world would [unintelligible] it will be a good idea to expand production. of late with good weather and their efforts -- hopefully with good whether it will be met. >> the factors affecting prices are many. this is incessant rain and flash
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floods that have damaged crops. in neighboring pakistan, it is already known there will be huge crop losses for most of the country. in china, administrations have been told to raise vegetable production is to make sure markets have a week's supply. experts say the conditions and pressures are different from the crisis here in 2008, but they fao acknowledges there are increasing concerns. there will be a special meeting later this month. >> more than 10,000 vehicles are stuck in a 120 kilometer traffic jam in china. the gridlock section is in the north western region. the majority of the vehicles are
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coal trucks. >> some -- bumper-to-bumper and going nowhere fast. every inch feels like a mile. this is china's latest monster traffic jam. thousands of trucks and it stretches for 100 kilometers. this truck driver says he has been stuck here for days. he is desperate to get home to see his daughter off to college. with no toilet or entertainment nearby, drivers are left to make do. locals have set up temporary food stalls to cater to their captive markets. >> the drivers asked me to -- i went out and bought [unintelligible]
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>> business will remain brisk until they congestion ends. most of the trucks are transporting coal across china. its powers this country's booming economy. what should be one of china's busiest highways is just a car park. the country spent billions of dollars on new roads. critics say it has not kept pace with the volume of new vehicles hitting the highway. >> this truck driver says he is losing $150 a day because of the traffic jam. but every so often the trucks move forward. while it has not cleared, drivers are closer to where they are meant to date. -- where they are meant to be.
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>> plans to build an islamic center near ground zero have triggered a debate across the country. in a new poll, two-thirds of new yorkers say they wanted the center moved, but organizations have caused -- called this insensitive and inhumane. >> even what you call it matters. this is about to be turned into the ground zero mosque. to supporters, it will be an islamic cultural center. it was meant to be about promoting peace. >> it speaks to a larger set of issues. what this has elicited in the u.s. is a much broader discussion about who we are as americans, about the role of religion in life. >> this is a short walk from ground zero.
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it is just down the middle of that street. there is a strip club on the next street, but some relatives of those who died say that is the point. this man's son died in the attacks and is blunt about he wants the plan stop. >> there are pawn shops and other things, but they did not murder my son. the loss represents -- they killed my son. they were cheering in the streets of cairo and egypt. all we are asking is practice your religion, just move it further away. >> with important elections two months away, it is a big political issue on the right. >> a new york taxi driver was
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stabbed this week because of his religion. a host of muslim groups are putting up adverts defending themselves. >> i don't want to take over this country. >> this man's son was killed in the twin tower attacks. she is a muslim. she feels it is a matter of civil rights. >> they have done a great injustice to the nation. because they have sown the seeds of suspicion and ignited the flames of racism. >> the twin towers once stood here with america preparing to mark the ninth anniversary next week, this debate is drawing more divisive. >> you are watching "bbc news."
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french muslims demand to know if their meat is really halal. after 400 years of silence, a volcano in indonesia has erupted for the second time in a week. >> a wake-up call for the people living around this mountain. for the third time, a volcano has erupted. shelters have been set up and thousands have been fleeing from the mountain slopes. many were woken in the early hours. >> tremors were so scary. >> this activity has brought the first eruption since 1600. a monitoring station has been set up. >> this morning the volcano
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erupted again with a thundering sound. we felt the tremor is 8 kilometers away. this is the biggest one. >> but for the residents who fled, -- the volcano was dormant so long that scientists don't understand its eruption patterns. precautions such as these face mask are still being taken as smoke continues to dispute over the area. for local children, temporary measures include improvised lessons. in the days since the eruption, many villages turned to ancient methods. many of them rely on the land. >> this ritual is meant to pray to our ancestors to pray for our safety.
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>> authorities continue to make all the provisions they can for those affected, but not clear when they will be able to return home. >> this as "bbc news." a court in portugal has found six people guilty of sexually abusing children in an orphanage. police in pakistan say a suicide bomb killed at least 50 people. with only one month left before the games kick off, there are concerns the host city will not be ready. the buildup has been mired in claims of corruption. monsoon rains have added to the city's woes. >> india is looking for a miracle. with a month to go, it is a race against time. much of delhi still resembles a
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construction site as thousands of workers are deployed to try to get everything done. key then use light this hockey practice stadium are still not complete -- key venues like this hockey practice dating. it has now started raining. we have had unseasonable monsoon showers which has delayed construction and much of the city has been flooded. it is one of many problems threatening to underline the game. some of the world's best athletes have pulled out. so have key sponsors. there have been allegations of corruption over awarding of contracts. fears of security and an outbreak of some disease has
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affected cyclists. many are beginning to wonder if it has been worth it. >> people are coming from outside and when they see the condition of the city it will not good -- it will not give a good impression. [unintelligible] >> doubts are also raised by those who hoped to cash in during the games come up like this man who renovated his guest house expecting a windfall but not a single room has been booked. >> we have a very high expectations. there are no bookings. we have spent a lot of money here, but got nose. >> the organizers are putting on a brave front, confident they
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can still pull it off. >> delhi is becoming a global city. we have a new airport. the airport to the village and [unintelligible] >> these gains were meant to showcase india. the only effort is to try to salvage its reputation before it is too late. >> a cargo plane has crashed at an air force base shortly after taking off from dubai. two crew members were killed. it was a boeing 747. commercial air traffic was not affected. mexican soldiers killed at least 25 suspected cartel members in two shootouts in a region that is one of the
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biggest battlegrounds in the drug war. all the gunmen are believed to have belonged to the gang suspected of killing 72 migrants two weeks ago in what could be the biggest cartel massacre. supporters of hamas have rallied in the gaza strip to mark jerusalem day and condemn the new round of middle east peace talks. a dozen palestinian groups said they will increase their attacks against israel. here in europe there is a fresh controversy in france over the sale of halal meat. experts say much of the meat sold is not halal at all. that has outraged muslims and retailers who are calling for a central body to of fantasize the
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meat. >> halal food is big business in france. with the largest muslim minority, it is estimated the halal market will be worth $7 billion, but retailers including the owner of this supermarket say most meat products are not what they are supposed to be. >> most of the halal product is not. you just have to go to the big market of meat of france. you will see there are people there ready to stamp what ever you want. they want to have money and pay 15 cents per kilo. >> not surprisingly, muslims feel cheated.
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>> there should be penalties for people who do this. >> there should be stricter checks and [unintelligible] >> the allegation that so much meat is being sent -- falsely sold is hankering many muslims. -- angering many muslims. they know they cannot afford to get it wrong. this man is an expert on minority markets in france. >> in france today there are nearly 50 different organizations which certify that meat is halal. it is logical for a market that will be worth 5 billion bureaux in 2010, there should be -- 5 billion euros in 2010. it is what consumers want.
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>> but france is not used to catering for minorities. this is a country moving towards banning the sale. when a fast-food chain started serving halal workers in outlets there was an outcry. they have decided to stick to the policy. >> in the last decade we have seen the demise of the video cassette recorder and a rival of high-definition tv. what is next for television? one of the biggest electronic shows opened in berlin today. our technology -- technology correspondent was there. >> this is a pretty good place to get a vision of the future of television. they are selling a lot of 3-d sets. you get the experience without
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glasses. i don't quite get it myself. plenty more sets. they seem convinced customers will want that. we will have to sea. you can even get fairly cheap 3- d video cameras. you can see the two lenses on the front. you are selling these devices. this seems like a gimmick to me? >> you only have to look around the show to see how big 3-d will be. >> another big thing is putting your tv on the internet, lots of apps here. this gives you facebook , e bay, twitter. it will be a big theme over the coming years. what really matters is the
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quality of the picture. this is the best you will probably get. a very thin screen and sharp picture, but very expensive. 3-d, connected tv, the future of television is getting a little too complicated. >> a team of divers say they found the world's oldest drinkable beer off a coast. the bottles are believed to be around 200 years old. it is not the cold conditions of the arctic helped preserve them. zoo keepers have released the latest addition. these animals have quadrupled in weight. there are thought to be over 1000 giant pandas left. a portuguese court found six people guilty of sexually abusing children and.
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