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tv   BBC World News  PBS  September 6, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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>> three bombings in a week, extremists in pakistan killing of these 19 people in another suicide attack. is it another ploy to buy time and rearm? the spanish government dismisses the cease-fire and vows to hunt the group down sworn in for a second term, the president attacks those he says presumed to give africans a lesson in human rights. welcome to bbc world news, broadcast in america on pbs and also around the world. he has turned to the nazis for inspiration. and remembering the london blitz of 70 years ago, and for the first time in color. ♪
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>> hello to you. the taliban is saying they carried out a suicide bombing that demolished a police station in northwest pakistan, killing 19. in maciver region this was their third the suicide attack -- in the kayba region at this is the third suicide attacks in as many weeks. >> the blast left these police station in ruins. the bomber pack a car full of explosives and put it in an alley behind the building. heavy machinery had to be brought in to remove the rubble. >> we were at the police station. all the morning staff was still there because they had not left to their duties. suddenly, there was dust and
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darkness. we had no idea where anyone was or what had happened. >> police officers had been killed, but there were children, too, among the dead, caught up in the explosion on their way to school. this is the third explosion in pakistan in the week. on friday, it bomber during a procession by the shiite community. dozens of people were killed. and that followed a triple suicide bombing in lahore. all this as pakistan -- as flooding in pakistan goes on. upstream, the water has receded, but millions of people have been left dependent on aid. pakistan's army has been doing much of the relief work and the security forces are stretched thin. >> and in pakistan's southern province, sindh several more
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hund -- several more thousand people have fled because of flooding. in some areas people are beginning to rebuild. in the northwest, one of the town's that was want more than a month ago. >> it is cleanup time at the riverview hotel in it now share the river view hotel in nashira. the owner says aid and compensation may never come. >> nashira has been pushed back 30 years and no one has come to help. any money that " -- that comes from abroad that the government will keep for themselves. >> here is how the town looked about a month ago. it was one of the areas hit first and hit harder spirit --
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hit hardest. lost beneath the waters, 80% of the crops. nearby, another village, this was home to more than 20,000 people who have now lost everything, twice. they came here from afghanistan 30 years ago fleeing war to start a new life. this rubble is what remains of the market area. the small shops that stood here were crudely built. there were no match for the floods. the raging waters are right here at about 5:00 a.m. within a few short hours they had consumed homes, shops, and businesses, leaving people with absolutely nothing. this man has come back to this. he lived here with his two wives and 15 children. we are ready to start rebuilding, he says. we want to make everything clean
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and tidy. if we are asking the government to help us. but the numbers are overwhelming. at last count, 18.6 million people have been affected and pakistan's losses could exceed 28 billion pounds. the government has promised most affected families an initial payment of 150 pounds. woman backgive this her home. -- of this girl back home. the 13-year-old wants to be a doctor. these children and their families will be homeless again as school starts. >> the lebanese prime inner circle -- prime minister has saad hariri said he made a mistake in accusing syria of assassinating his father.
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mr. hariri has described his words as a political accusation made prematurely. he said lebanon and his -- and syria have historic relations and investigations into his father's killing have been misled by false testimony. rescue teams in guatemala removed -- resume their search for survivors after heavy mud slides and rain. authorities say at least 40 people have died. hundreds have been released -- remove from their homes and thousands more have been displaced by flooding and mudslides. more than 1 million civil servants walked out, demanding an 8.5% pay rise. the government has offered 7.5%. union leaders say they will now consider the latest offer. the spanish government has dismissed yesterday's announcement of a cease-fire by the basque separatist group
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etta as insufficient. the spanish interior minister says the group cannot be trusted and that etta must rebound -- renounce violence forever. >> this is the moment that etta announced its cease-fire, declaring that their armed attacks have ended. but they did not say how long for and there is no mention of etta giving up its arms. the reaction from the spanish government was unequivocal, etta has to renounce violence for good. >> they have to stop because they cannot go on like this. in short, we cannot risk etta and that is why the spanish government remains skeptical. >> etta began its violent campaign to be an independent country years ago and has killed more than 800 people in its
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cause. history has made it cautious, too. this government did hold talks with them in 2006, but the cease-fire that was declared then with shattered by a bombing at the airport. the government says the days of dialogue are over. this skepticism is shed -- shared by many spaniards. >> i do not believe what they say, this man's that says. -- this man says. the government has offered them the support they need to pursue independence democratically. but these are very early days. >> order, has been sworn into office for a second term. he pledged to uphold peace, harmony and unity. he won 93% of the vote in last
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month's election and has overseen transformation in rwanda, but there are serious questions about human rights. the crux of tens of thousands of rwandans were at the national -- >> tens of thousands of rwandans were at the national stadium to watch the president be sworn in for another seven-year term. at least 10 african heads of state also attended the ceremony. in his speech, president, -- president kurt dhami rounded on his critics. human rights campaigners have said that he suppresses political dissent and stifles freedom of speech. today, he rejected those accusations. there was a huge turnout in last month's elections. in an interim report, the commonwealth observer group said the rwandan presidential contest was conducted in a peaceful atmosphere, but it also measured -- mentioned areas of concern, including a critical
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lack of opposition voices and a greater need for media freedom. theda's relations with international community are under strain. last month, the u.n. leave to report a -- a leaked report that accused rwandan army of killing you dusen the democratic republic of -- of killing hutus in the democratic republic of condo in the 1990's. president kagami's supporters say he has brought growth and stability to rwanda. his reputation is under careful scrutiny. >> with aftershocks still walking the area around the new zealand city of christchurch, emergency services there have been extended. there have been nearly 100
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tremors since the magnitude seven quake on saturday. >> moving in to keep control, the army has now been deployed in the central district of christchurch after new zealand's worst earthquake in 80 years. a state of emergency remains in force as the operation moves into full gear. here, they are demolishing what the earthquake did not. 100,000 homes, two out of every three, may have been damaged to some degree. buildings like this are structurally unsafe and have to be pulled down. >> the high wind was getting up and it has to be pulled down in the interest of safety. >> the moment of the earthquake strike was captured on cctv at 4:45 a.m. and most people were in bed. >> the prime minister said it
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was a miracle nobody died. mendicancy wide. the earthquake on saturday was -- and you can see why. ireton saturday was 7.0 magnitude -- the earthquake on saturday was 7.0 magnitude. in the earthquake in china more than 2000 people were killed and that was a 6.9 quake. new zealand's district building regulations undoubtedly saved lives, but life has been thrown into chaos. they are assessing the damage as aftershocks continue. >> you are not sure if it is going to be safe for now with so many cracks around. >> these days, they tread lightly, but the repair bill will be huge. the full cost of the damage to infrastructure has not yet been calculated. >> good to have you with us on bbc world news.
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stay with us if you can. still to come, still waiting, still plenty to worry dog. the miners in chile are starting their second -- to worry about. the miners in javaris and a second month underground. first to france, immigration is a top of the agenda at a meeting of the european ministers in paris, canada and the u.s. also represented. now people in romania are voicing their anchor. -- anger. >> he did not have the luxury of a horse in france, but after six years he had a steady income, gathering scrap metal on a hand- held cards. the french police gave him a bleak choice, leave or be expelled. now he is determined to return. >> many of the roma are expelled from france and come from villages like this one on the
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far west edge of romania. for years, france has represented a lifeline for the poorest of the port, and that is not a life and they're willing to relinquish easily. >> party has deep roots. many people cannot read and write -- poverty has deep roots. people cannot read and write and have no proof of the land that they own. >> france and other countries have to stop this kind of action against ethnic groups of ramat in europe. -- rama in europe. rahm i have not experienced this kind of action in europe from the time of the holocaust. >> their patient, skilled in
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survival. when the wind blows against them, they wait for it to turn again in a friendlier direction. >> let's give you the latest headlines. at this hour, at least 19 people have died in a suicide bombing in northwest pakistan. the taliban is saying they did it. the spanish government has dismissed etta's cease-fire and has vowed to hunt down members of the separatist group. north korea is preparing for the faith -- first major gathering of its labor party in decades. this is a meeting that some say will signal a shift in power from king john hill to one of his sons. -- kim jong il to one of his sons. >> all we know for sure, as confirmed by these posters in
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central p'yongyang, is that the rehr workers' party meeting will take place sometime this month, but its purpose is harder to clean. other than hints by the critic media and public officials. -- cryptic media and public officials. >> it is coming anytime when there is a turning point in the revolution, this academic says. his world -- his words are almost certainly preapproved. 30 years ago, kim jong il became a permanent member of the politburo, confirming him as the chosen for it the successor of his father. but he is frail, thin and walking with a limp. it could be that we are about to witness the beginning of another transition of power.
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here in south korea, the speculation is mounting that the north ruthless ruling dynasty is about to keep it in the family once again and that the whole purpose of this party conference is to elevate one of kim jong il's son to a senior party position. all eyes are on this suon, the yen is and where they believed to be in his chosen heir. totalitarians of sessions are always fraught with risk and kim jong in is a complete political novice. >> after a month already in the deaths of a chilean mine, more than 30 trapped men are still waiting to find out when they will be rescued. engineers are working furiously to reach them.
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>> a roll call in honor of 33 men who remain trapped. one month has now passed since they were cut off from their loved ones above ground. engineers are carving a rescue shaft for the men through more than half a kilometre of rock. and now they have a plan b, a second tunnel. lower down the mountain just in case plan a fails. they will try to reach the miners vertically. it once they reach them, the chef will be widened to about the size of a bicycle wheel. of the men will be hauled up to the service. the second row is entering the mountain at an angle. it is following the line of an
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existing borehole and has slightly less distance to cover. the government even has a plan see, which it will roll out in the days to come -- a plan c, which they were allowed in the days to come. >> been down there every day is a long time. >> the families of the miners believe in the ability of the engineers, but in this predominantly catholic country they are also placing their faith in god. many chileans regard the miners the survival as nothing short of a miracle. and now they are praying that they are brought into safety. for more than 30 days and nights the residents have been camped out here in this bone dry of wilderness. after nightfall, they gather under the stars. is it time to reflect, to share
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their thoughts, and to think of the men trapped beneath their feet. >> my husband has spent more time in his mind than at home. if he had to do this twice, if he had to take the place of a friend down there for two or three days, he would do it. >> there will be many more evenings like this for the families here. it has become known as camp hope. they have the support of an entire nation behind them. but they still have a long ordeal behind a -- ahead of them. >> mongolia is a landlocked country, sandwiched between two powerful nations, russia and china. there are signs that some mongolians are turning against the influence of their neighbors. a young nationalist movement has sprung up and is looking to the north for inspiration.
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capitalve mongolia's they remember the soldiers who lost their lives in world war two mongolians helped the soviets defeated the nazis and for decades they help them remain strong this year. these days it is different, now china signs the checks. beijing hand over nearly $3 million to the mongolian military this year. but there are some who see china as a bully, not a benefactor. and undermining the mongolian way of life. and this is how they fight back. a very public warning to mongolian women, this is what happens if you sleep with chinese men. the founder of the group that made the threat calls himself a nationalist. if he chooses to meet me in
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traditional dress. if violence he condemns, but he says the woman who was shaved deserved it. >> i think this is right. if you ask mongolian people what they think about id, the majority of them would say they support this act. >> his group is blamed for dozens of attacks on those they see as threatening the security of their race. tomany's nationalists tried cleanse their nation, so to me, this also stands for keeping our nation clean. it is not like i'm a nottie. it is just nationalism. am a i may not se it is just nationalism. >> those targeted say that they are already a real threat and they fear that their influence is below the group -- growing.
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-- their influence is growing. inside, not extremists, but girls on a night out, oblivious to the chaos these symbols will provoke. >> personally, i am in constant fear unless we do something. it is just getting worse and worse. that is all i can say. >> the extremists seemed to enjoy the attention the threats attract. the challenge for mongolia, how to limit the opportunity to do real harm. >> footage of london during the blitz of the second world war service that of the anniversary. it was found in the bunker of a former air raid.
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>> tonight's raid open with a smashing blair of gun fire and bombs. so far, it is one of the heaviest raids for many nights. >> we are using the wartime list in black-and-white. this is london at the height of the german bombing campaign in color. winston churchill reviewing civil defense work in hyde park and air raid warnings kamal shot between the timber 1940 and may 1941 here is the famous of john lewis store on oxford street, hit by bombs shortly after the start of the blitz. after the war, the store was completely rebuilt. but that work did not start until 1954 and the building you see now was not completed until 1960. it is a reminder that london still bore the scars of the blitz for decades afterwards.
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the films were taken by offered catcher, the chief warden. his granddaughter found at the footage in the family attic. >> he was filming it as an educational tool, but also as a documentary of what actually worked, the impact of the war on everyday people and their lives. and how they carry on despite the fact that the buildings were bombed, that there were injured, that there was a shortage of food. >> the result is a vivid record of the damage and destruction wrought by german bombs, but also, wartime camaraderie and the resilience of a proud city's inhabitants. >> much more of that and all international news anytime you want it we have been a whole day without a signal for a bit, but i am back. you can see that we're working on our facebook page at of
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