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tv   BBC World News  PBS  September 28, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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>> a oonce in a lifetime of meeting. it makes the way for king john to take over. an emotional plea from a .resident karzai prepare the mayor of moscow is sacked by the president. coming up later, the israeli navy intercepts and aid ship carrying jewish activists trying to break the blockade of the gaza strip. in brazil, meet the favorite to succeed president lula.
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hello to you. a little more light was shed today on the world's most isolated regime, but only about as much as is a dictator and paul from military what the rest of the world to see. a meeting has opened the way for the countries ailing leader kim jong-il to hand power to his youngest son. john simpson filed this report from neighboring south korea appeared . >> it's rush hour. hundreds of delegates are heading for the party convention. hundreds of others were bused all along the boulevards. propaganda speaks about a happier tomorrow, which would
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not be difficult, and of course, about national unity, because that is what all this is about -- trying to stabilize and north korea's unpredictable politics by uniting the military with the communist party under the control of kim jong-il and his own strange clan. state television announced a rise of the dynasty's third generation. kim jong-un has been made a general. there are very few pictures of him. e was educated in switzerland and must, therefore, understand the west. husband is said to be the real power behind the throne.
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governor in north korea is a family business. it started in 1945 with the founding of the state by "the great leader." in 1994, kim jong-il took over. he is called "the dear leader." now his son, kim jong-un, will take the soap opera into a third generation. he is a known officially as "the brilliant comrade." this is his inheritance -- grim, pover-stricken. it could be the start of slow change. there is one a immensely important player behind the scenes today and that is in china. the chinese are worried that north korea might simply implode with incalculable consequences for the entire region. they want north korea to reform
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itself, but they do not think the military are capable of doing that. if so, and that close, mysterious country across the river, the emergence of the heir leader's" son and could mean that change is under way for the family business. >> all landslide in cells was mexico buried hundreds of houses and at least seven people have been confirmed killed. it buried the houses of people as they slept. rescue workers are struggling to reach the scene hours after the disaster. the government in its southern nigeria -- 15 schoolchildren were seized when their bus was hijacked on the edge of the niger delta. the governor demanded $130,000. the confusion over the iranian
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women who is under threat of being stoned to death. the foreign ministry in tehran on that says a final decision has not been taken. the stunning sentence for adultery had been confirmed. an egyptian court reduced the sentence on a billionaire accused of killing a lebanese singer in 2008. he was originally sentenced to death. the retrial has now reduced that to 15 years. he was found guilty of paying a retired police officer to carry out the killing in dubai. the president of afghanistan, karzai, made an emotional appeal country.eace in his he wept as he talked about the worsening bloodshed. today, the deputy was killed in a suicide attack. >> according to police, the suicide bomber was riding a
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motorized rickshaw when he killed the deputy governor. his son, his nephew, and two civilians were killed and eight people were seriously injured. afghan cover and officials are regularly targeted by the taliban, but a tax of been increasing in the area. this year has been the bloodiest since the american-led invasion in 2001. it seems to have driven president karzai to two years. and a highly emotional speech, he said that he is worried the countries young people would abandon their country to escape. the president said he was scared his own son would flee afghanistan and become of foreigner. for the sake of god, said president karzai, stop the fighting. i do not want my son to be a foreigner. tears filled his eyes. this very public breakdown comes after claims that the president
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suffers clinical depression. but the reports have been called highly inflammatory by his office. there are more than 150,000 nato troops in afghanistan. those numbers will scale down next year as the united states and other nations hand responsibility to afghanistan's own forces. >> james robins. here in britain, the new leader of the labour party did his speech. ed miliband said he relishes the chance to take on prime minister david cameron as part of labour's new generation. >> the phrase that he kept on using time and again in his speech was my generation, the new generation. the reason he was doing that is he wants to separate himself
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away from tony blair and gordon brown and their eria in government. he was a very critical of the war in iraq. he said it was a wrong and that britain undermined united nations. not everyone in the hall like that. >> off iraq divided our party and our country. many sincerely believes the world face a real threat. i criticize nobody, faced with making the toughest decisions, and i honor my troops who fought and died there, but i do believe we were wrong. >> he was also critical on the labour record on regulating banks. he argued that britain did not do enough to make sure its economy was stable. the other thing he wanted to separate himself up from was the unions, the people who helped to elect him. he said he was not "red ed." he also said the unions should
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not give in to overblown rhetoric when it comes to opposing the cut from the deficit. he would not oppose every cut a coalition government proposed. he said he would not be opposing irresponsible -- he would be opposing irresponsible strikes, because he believes the public would oppose them as well. he said david cameron was a pessimist and he would be an optimist. he tried to use that as a rallying cry. people seemed to like that very much. the question is will it have resonated with the british public at large? >> only 1/3 of people worldwide data need h i v drugs actually get it. acknowledgesort in enologist hard won gains.
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a countries need to ramp up what they spend on hiv-related issues. amnesty international said thousands of roma have been sent back to kosovo. kosovo is unprepared to do with the influx. former president jimmy carter is retreating in hospital. he fell ill on a flight to ohio. he developed an upset stomach during a flight and has been resting comfortably. for nearly 18 years, yuri luzhkov has run at the russian capital. he and his wife had become some of the most powerful people in the country. today, he was sacked, apparently for losing the trust of the president. from moscow, steve rosenberg. >> he loves the limelight.
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and the power, the flamboyant yuri luzhkov who was moscow's mayor for 18 years. a decade ago he was so influential, he was even picked to become president. but today, yuri luzhkov is out of a job. she arrived at city hall this morning and discovered that president medvedev had sacked him. "i have lost confidence in yuri luzhkov as the mayor of moscow. loss of confidence is grounds for dismissal. this is the first time i have removed someone for this reason." relations between the russian president and the mayor have been strained for weeks. after a war of words, the kremlin went on the offensive. state-controlled russian television channels accused yuri luzhkov of mismanaging moscow's summer crisis, they blamed him
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for gridlock on the roads, and there were allegations of corruption. or said he the may had no plans to step down. today, the kremlin out.tience ran >> it is absolutely unprecedented in our current history, because in the past, anybody with whom the central authorities were displeased with would automatically resigned voluntarily. and yuri luzhkov said he would not quit on his own accord, which was in itself a challenge. >> as moscow mayor, yuri luzhkov loved grant projects. he rebuilt from scratch this cathedral destroyed during soviet times. she opened on road around the
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russian capital. perhaps his greatest achievement was a surviving so many years in the same job. the kremlin says then yuri luzhkov had a choice -- he could jump or be pushed. so the russian president sack him. by doing so, medvedev has not only reasserted his own authority. he has ended the career of one of the most powerful politicians in russia. >> stay with us. still to come, school is back. minersldren of chili's classroom. new is all late a palm-sized piece of technology but the latest blackberry is the playbook, aimed at the business end of the
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market. >> introducing the world's first professional tablet -- the blackberry playbook. >> they might be billing it as the first of its kind but geese will not fail to notice that it looks curiously familiar this is research in motion's challenge to the ipad. apllple sold 6 million of them in 6 months. assured thatrest the black. berry playbook is ready. >> it has been dubbed the ipad for suits. >> we have a very low price point, we have wi-fi, bluetooth. you have connectivity to your blackberry device.
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>> it is certainly smaller, has a dual high-definition cameras, and flash works on the device, but whether it will manage to generate the excitement that has apple fans on the streets with their new toys is another matter. >> an indian court will rule on thursday whether hindus or muslims homeland around of the demolished mosque. hindu extremists attacked it in 2002 appeared to thousand people died in the ensuing violence. this comes days before the commonwealth games in delhi. the latest headline for you on "bbc world news" this hour. the official media of northrop has reported that the son
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of kim jong-il has been named a member of the ruling party's central committee and included in the central military commission. president karzai made an emotional appeal for peace in his country. israel's navy has intercepted and aid ship carrying jewish activists trying to break the blockade. those on board did not resist and the ship has been escorted to the israeli port. we have this report. >> this is the latest ship to try and break israel's blockade of gaza. it is carrying aid including medical equipment and textbooks. what is unusual is that the activists on board our shores. they include an israeli father whose daughter was killed by a suicide bomber in 1997. he still feels the blockade of
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gauze what is heinhuman. >> hamas are the killers of my daughter. everyone is a victim. and we must stop once and for all this and this cycle of the victims blood. the only way to do it is to talk. >> when they left cyprus on sunday, they made clear they would not resist arrest and the israeli navy said they intercepted the ship without violence. a very different scene from when israeli commandos killed nine activists on a flotilla. since then, israel has eased restrictions which were imposed to stop weapons being smuggled into militants in gaza. but it is an easing, not a
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lifting. some consumer goods are now allowed in, but exports are still banned, and it is very difficult for palestinians to get israeli permission to leave. as the irene docked, israel says it will allow its eight cargo to be transported to gaza. but until restrictions are fully lifted, it is on likely to be the last ship to break the blockade. >> children of the miners trapped underground in chili began a new school term and specially created classrooms at the rescue site. the miners have been stuck for more than 50 days. we cannot bring you that story right now. we will switch back to the brazil story. brazil is counting down to the election this weekend. they will choose a successor to president lula, barred from
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seeking a third term. he is backing dilma rousseff. polls suggest a close result. >> dilma held her last campaign rally ini heavy rain. this failed to dampen her belief that she will do well on the polls. we have been working 24 hours a day. and we are sure to win. the latest polls show dilma rousseff poised for a first- round win in next week's of the currency lost ground as fresh corruption charges emerged against the government. but the record approval ratings and the charisma of president lula seems to be shielding his
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chosen candidate from all attacks by the opposition. hisa rousseff priaseaised achievements many times. "we have managed to bring 28 million people of poverty under lula." the campaign has been riding on president lula's popularity. the strategy seems to be working. they do not have the same kind of excitement and expectation that surrounded his election eight years ago. one reason is that this time nobody is expected major changes in the course of the country. the main opposition candidate, a former governor of sao paolo, has tried to portray himself as the best person to build on lula's achievement.
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"vote for me, or if you already have, i ask you to find one more vote for me." the green party candidate is expected to win voters' proposing a third way, but it seems likely that she will finish in a distant third place. cooling economy, continuity has been the dominant theme in this campaign, but the next government will have many challenges to overcome if it is to keep brazil on its path to prosperity and to reduce the social inequality that threaten the future of the country. >> let's take you back now to the chilean mine. the children of the miners trapped there began a new school term in a special classroom at the rescue site. their fathers had been stopped for more than 50 days. the drilling goes on to free them. there is much more activity
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aboveground. tim wilcox is at the minie. confidenced of quiet at the san jose mind today. we have figures out that shows that progress had been made by the three droll's behind me. i want to show you one where this is not quite good news. it is called plan "b" and it is between the structure there, which is planned "c" and the one on the hill which is plan "a." plan "b" dug down 50 meters. it is going down to the workshop and the miners trapped below and the workshop are clearing the rubble way as this thing is pounding down. they can hear it. they are clearing about 30 cubic meters of rubble as it comes down. they are working together. as you say, today, the children
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of some of these families at camp hope have been able to go to school. the school was opened by the minister for education. ever since the camp broke up at the san jose mines at the beginning of august, life has been suspended for many of the families camped out here waiting for the miners to come to the surface. that has affected a handful of children who have lived here alongside their parents as well. the chilean minister for education came to open this new school, the sela san jose. it will have eight pupils ranging from the age of 3 to 14. if you can tell us from the appeal from the miners underground that led to the school being opened. >> they are very worried about the children, of their son, their grandson or their granddaughter. we see a letter from jorge, one
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of the miners. she is very worried about his son. his son is studying at the university. he is worried because of the economic situation of the family. we are going to help him, of course. >> in a t-shirt has now closed the door on all the press assembled outside -- that teacher has not closed the door on all the press. she was to get on with the lesson. one of the rigs is averaging 30 meters a day, but is beset by problems with its hammers. as huge frustration for the rescue teams and the miners below. >> tim, while you are still there, you're talking about the men waiting. the good news you were describing just no from plan, "b." is that news relayed to the
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men? >> the men are in daily contact with the rescue teams above. i think they would have been told. they know about the drilling, because of the rubble they have cleared. it was interesting. when the rescue capsule arrived, i spoke to the mining minister. amid all the fanfare on the surface, did the men know the rescue capsule had arrived? he said they had not been told yet. he did not say there were not going to be told until nearer the time they could be pulled up to the surface. >> many thanks, indeed. just briefly, man's best friend is thought to be a dog not i. not in costa rica. this man made friends with a crocodile 20 years ago. now the pair are inseparable and
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