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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 5, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> and the headlines. the hurricane hits 80, moving towards the capital of port-au- prince. a the british minister it stripped of his seats after a stirring up racial tensions. the controversial muslim leader survives attempts to strip him of his british passport. the queen says farewell to the royal navy flag ship aircraft carrier.
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hurricane>> hello and welcome. -- hurricane tomas the aftermatt challenge, a hurricane tomas. there was flooding and mud. we found a family of 13 sheltering in the rain. >> it was a rainy, windy, and
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frightening night. the camps were spare to the ferocious wind. the pools of stagnant water could incubate cholera fuelling fears of an outbreak in at the capitol. the hurricane made for a miserable rainy, muddy night here in the camp and this still underlines the fact that people are living in these credit conditions almost a year after the -- cloudy conditions almost a year after the earthquake. we are still waiting. so far, there are no reports of mudslides in port-au-prince. the full force of the hurricane has been felt in the south of the country. the situation is very serious. apparently downtown has already flooded, the main roads are flooding. there are still tens of thousands of people living in
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tents. the hurricane has not matched the devastation wrought by the earthquake, many lived in their ruling homes. as the hurricane swell's north, all eyes are on a coastal town to see what the impact is it. >> here in the uk, a specially convened election court today found the labour mp phil woolas knowingly made false statements during the election. he had stirred up racial tensions in an effort to hold on to the seat. the report does contain some flash photography. >> i do hereby declare that philip james woolas is elected to the council.
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[applause] >> victory on election night by just 100 to three votes. now, he is no longer an air p. two court judges said that he had lied about his opponent. -- now, he is no longer an mp. he accused his opponent of pandering to muslims. they also accused her -- him of having his campaign partly funded by a rich arabs. he will be stripped of his position for three years. he will fight this. >> we are applying for judicial review of this decision and we will do this as soon as we leave this building. >> mr. woolas came to prominence as the immigration minister. >> we are going to be able to
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help in the formation of new guidelines. that will be wonderful. >> he survived earlier humiliation but tonight his political career seems to be over after the labor party abandoned him. >> this is no part of labor policy to say things that are not true. the finding of this court, he has been suspended from the labor party. >> you play with race and religion in that way at your peril. he has become severely unstuck. i was pleased for the rule of law and the judges were clear in saying that this is not acceptable and the election is void. >> now the citizens will go to the polls again to elect a new mp. >> a good deal of dry weather for south africa starts over the
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weekend. 19 degrees and a few showers in johannesburg. not quite as active along the west coast. farther north, dry and cloudy skies. it looks like it will be a wet weekend across northern france, rain for paris. we are looking at a few isolated showers. for much of the middle east, hardly a cloud in the sky. plenty of sunshine on sunday and through monday. we will see a good deal of dry weather for tokyo and most of china for the next couple of days. 25 degrees expected in hong kong. that is how it is looking. more details on line. >> with reports from hollywood in -- and new york, we have all
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the latest news and reviews from the latest cinema seeing -- cinema scene. >> hello, and welcome to talking image. gruesome cinema. danny boyle's new film in which a rock climber is forced to amputate his own arm. a new road movie tries to provide a positive issue of africa. spike lee's new picture "another year." cinema and taking on a new dimension in baghdad. all of that and more in this edition of "talking movies."
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two years ago, moviegoers were beginning to embrace "slumdog millionaire." that film was brought to the big screen by british director danny boyle. now he has a completely different kind of story set in the american state of utah starring james franco. >> i am something of a hero. >> everything will be ok. >> are you ok? >> "127 hours," is a true story and the subject is a rock climber. he enjoys thrilling adventure. all goes wrong when a bolder moves entraps his right hand.
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he ends up having to amputate his arm to free himself after being stuck for five days. for much of the film, we are down there can find with him experience and his agony. a couple of years ago, you were running around and you are promoting "slumdog millionaire ." why did you want to do this kind of movie? >> this was a wonderful opportunity. when we were doing the last movie, i saw "the wrestler," with the incredible focus on it york and i remember thinking that i wanted to make a film like that. -- with the incredible focus on the lead and i wanted to make a film like that. this was a great opportunity. >> james, how much of a
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challenge was this? it might have been daunting because you are on the screen for most of the time and you are in a very confined space for most of the time. >> if you study the film, the camera very rarely leaves the character. what that does is that this is the nature of storytelling, it brings the audience really close. >> at 24 hours. chipping away. i have 150 milliliters of water locked which will keep me alive through tomorrow night if i am lucky. >> this might sound like a voyeur early as dick >> -- this might be a gimmick. there is an imaginative camera
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work, acting, and a good sound track. audience have had some unexpected responses. many people think that the film is funny and that might strike many people as strange because this is about a man has yen to take his own arm. what is funny about that? -- this is about a man that has to amputate his own arm. >some people fainted in the audience when this was first shown in colorado. is that correct? >> for most people, this is the reason that we set up a film like this. most people go through the experience and helped him through this in a way. we have him walking out, which astonishes me. the approach is single-minded and it makes you kind of almost participate. this is the only which you can't betray what he did reasonably,
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not trivializing and it and hope that people can watch it and get through it. >> editions of africa have veered with stories of a beautiful white people with the continent serving merely as a backdrop to stories of hardship, genocide, and war. another is a new film which is casting africa and africans in a new light. >> they might be gracing the red carpet now that only 18 months ago, these young children could never have imagined that they would be playing a starring role in a major feature film. they are the stars of "africa united," a family drama which focuses on two boys who make
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the 4,000 kilometer journey to the opening ceremony of the world cup in johannesburg. >> if you will be in front of mr. and mrs. obama. >> this exist as the catalyst to propel the action forward and a passion that can unite people of all ages. along the way, the boys pick up other passengers on a journey including a runaway child soldier, a former sex worker, to form their own kind of family. >> all of us wanted to tell a new kind of story out of africa. this is a story about african children and based on many children that a lot of us have spent time with on our previous trips over there. they are in difficult situations but they have the most incredible joy in life and the most incredible imagination.
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>> the film walks a difficult line. on the one hand, family friendly, but on the other, exploring some of the darker aspects of recent history in africa. -- was a real life child soldier cast opposite the child actors. >> i was asked to help the kids and put them into the environment of a child soldier. i was playing a part that i was when i was a child. this was really deep that i have to try to bring it up close to show how ruthless you could be to your friends or family members. >> the film is a production of the u.k., robert -- of the u.k., rwanda, and south africa. this gives the film a bold and distinctive style. >> this is worth something. >> the film also features scenes
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of child like animation which breaks up the action and offers a quality of fable which seems to soften the approach. the film is a simple store between young friends and has received a large marketing push in the united kingdom. >> where are you going? >> we're going to the world cup. >> are you serious? >> people hope that with the world's most popular sport as a backdrop and with the world seems, this will be able to entertain and educate wherever the location. -- with the world's most popular sport as a backdrop and with common themes. >> -- has been making movies for almost 40 years and his latest picture will arrive next week. this could be interpreted as a film which at least at first
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glance is nothing too dramatic appears to happen. you will see a brilliant character study unfolding before your eyes. it is called "another year," and is about a couple in london. much of the focus is on mary, a nervous woman who likes a drink or two. normally, she lives on her own. >> i hope you're hungry. >> do they fattening up? >> you don't really bother when you're by yourself. >> i have always been slim, haven't i? on likening -- unlike me. >> your gorgeous in every way and you know it. >> mary is tragic. she can be ludicrous.
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she can be preposterous, all of those things. this is very sad. this is a failed relationship. i empathize and i identify with mary. with anything else, she is terrified of that black hole that she has to look into, which is the future. >> what about these two? >> income this monster hits this young lady behind the sitting room jump. >> i'm surprised that you passed the test. >> the central protagonist who she visits, they are secured. they are filled, they are focused, they are together with themselves and together with each other. for her and the other
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characters, this is a black void. >> this is, the allotment. >> she is always given me stuff from the allotment. >> he said this is the kind of story that could have only been told by an older person. do you think that is true? >> absolutely. for me, this is a way for me to deal with where we are. to this surrounds all of that. you have the haves and have- nots, unemotionally. >> "another year," demonstrates mike lee's interesting form of
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british cinema. they create a levered back stories for their characters. this is not imbued with hollywood values. tragedy is a recurring theme. some has passed them as a purveyor of that british -- >> there are quite a few films coming out right now. they put together a story which was one of celebration. they thought that that was very different from stories of lament that you get in stories from britain. what is your response to this? >> i have nothing to say about this. first of all, any statement which includes the phrase "there are too many british films," is preposterous because there are very few of them. people talk about the kind of nonsense that you are stating, no disrespect.
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films should be whatever they are about. there are many films which are positive, negative, whatever it is. life is complex and a rich. there are many harvest to wreak on many levels and on many subjects. i will not take part in any discussion about too many of this are not enough of that. i think it is rubbish but, basically. >> do you have prejudices about sums that you will see? >> no, i'm happy to enjoy some of all kinds. -- to you have any prejudices about films that you will see? >> a good film with in its own terms is a good film. i like the movies.
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>> coming up, cinema taking on a new dimension in "a baghdad." -- discusses her career and a future in the film business. >> few authors have sustained popularity and critical acclaim more than -- she told me why fiction is about much more than solving the mystery. >> we came over here and we wanted to start a project.
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>> this is the reason why. got born three weeks immature and under 5 pounds, this baby will not stop screaming. this is just one of many born every month that is addicted to heroin. and >> each week i am joined by broadcasters, reporters, did discuss the world's biggest news stories. >> with an international ankle. >> we enjoy lively debates with
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some of the quickest minds. join me for "dateline london." >> baghdad used to be full of bustling cinemas but sanctions and threw off the once thriving activity of moviegoing. people are trying out a new sort of cinema which could bring moviegoers' back. it calls itself the 4-d cinema and for the people of baghdad, this is a totally new experience.
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this is pretty exciting, objects leap out at you from the screen and their state of the art jolts along with the action. there is even wind and baubles to help support you in to that false dimension. what is really unusual about this is not the classes or the gadgetry, what is unusual is to see families. >> the cinemas have become so awful that families never think of going any more. we hope that families will come to the cinema. this is a safe and clean place. >> it is not that people don't like the movies. they are doing a brisk trade and films. >> $1. >> this is one of the things that has helped to kill a cinema in iraq, the rise of pirated
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movies. since the invasion, the industry has been falling. after the fall of saddam hussein, but saddam -- thought after the fall of some -- after the fall of saddam hussein, people have been getting their entertainment elsewhere. this man is a filmmaker. he used to visit this cinema back in the 1970's and 80's. now the place is falling apart. he insists the government does not care because he is interested in religion and not culture. >> this is for the whole country. everything is in the wrong hands. so, this is a normal result for the wrong administration.
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>> the cinema has been open for more than 70 years. the men who run it today -- >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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