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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 8, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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resident obama says that india should have a place at the top table of world politics as he sees the new special relationship. >> the relationship between the united states and india will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. >> warnings of a cholera explosion in haiti as the epidemic reaches the capital. leaders of the main political
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blocs in iraq tried to end a long stalemate while performing government. welcome to." -- welcome to "bbc world news." as a hardline cleric encourages attacks on americans, we bring reports for where he is thought to be hiding in yemen. how the world's most expensive spies could provide a boost to the spanish economy which is struggling. barack obama has announced that he will support india in their bid for permanent seats at the united nations security council. the pledge, made at the end of a three day visit to the country
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has been opposed by pakistan, which accuses the two countries of playing power politics. we have the report on the growing ties between the united states and what is the world's largest democracy. >> a ceremonial welcome for barack obama at the presidential palace. he calls this one of the most important relationships in the world. american power allied to a massive economy growing at 9% each year. it was in his speech to parliament that his rhetoric was translated into the once firm commitment that india wanted to hear. a seat at the top table. >> in the years ahead i look forward to have reform u.n. security council, including india as a permanent member. >> the applause was lengthy but followed by a warning that with our comes responsibility. speaking out against the
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suppression of democracy in places like burma is essential. >> if i can be frank, india has sometimes shied away from these issues. i have no doubt that future generations of indians and americans will live in a world that is more prosperous, secure, and just because of the bonds formed today. >> earlier a joint press conference with the indian prime minister. a reminder of some of the pressure is being faced by mr. obama at home about jobs being outsourced to india. the prime minister was quick to try to put things right. >> india is not in the business of stealing jobs from the united states of america. what the president has mentioned are two examples of a win-win situation for both countries. >> there was also time for the
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president to visit the memorial for the independence leader of india. gandhi. memories of the past looking to the future. what is striking is the range of big issues in the range on which they have a direct impact. the world economy, dealing with china, afghanistan, and pakistan. it makes a difference when they agreed. it also does when they do not. >> after his own attempts to win over india earlier this year, david cameron is headed to china for what is being billed as the biggest trade delegation in living memory. he will be joined by his cabinet colleagues in an attempt to strengthen ties between the countries. while western countries are still struggling to get out of the downturn, the chinese leaders are facing a different
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dilemma. coping with the demands of a fast-growing nation. >> it is dinnertime. 200 coax sweating over their stoves. to save the appetites of a hungry nation. the head chef is one of the chinese army of migrant workers, coming to beijing from the provinces where the money brings a dream of doing better. >> one day i want to have my own business. i want to be a boss and bring wide family to beijing. back home i earn $200 per month. here i get thousands. >> hard to believe that 20 years ago few in china could afford to eat out. today it is the middle class that is getting a taste for the sweet things in life. even while these luxuries and remain beyond the reach of many.
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this woman, working in the government climate change unit, says that the growing gap between the rich and the poor is a problem that many are worried about. the nation's soaring wealth is written in the skyline. beijing is being turned into the city's own version of manhattan. >> the great development is not just the landscape of cities. hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty. lives and expectations transformed. some have become very rich indeed. >> having built many of the new skyscrapers, in an ordinary home she is today billionaire property developer. one of the richest women in the world. growing wealth means growing political pressure for change. >> as the people become richer, better traveled, better
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informed, people want more freedom. people want more say in their lives. they want to make their own decisions. all of that is in the expectations of the people. >> as the diners feast of roast duck, china's success is based on a difficult balancing act. the rich and the for hungry for change in their lives, bbc news. >> talks in the haitian capital of port-au-prince, cholera has spread although there is no official confirmation that the disease reached the city. suggestions are that more than 500 people have died from cholera and 8000 have been treated in hospital. our correspondent says that concern is rising. >> they have told the bbc that
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clinically it has arrived in the capital. even though officially it has not been confirmed by laboratory tests. another doctor working in the slums says that she has seen patients with classic symptoms of cholera and she is worried about the disease exploding because of the very clouded conditions in which people are living. i went to a hospital there this morning and spoke to two people there suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. saying that in the neighborhoods in which they lived, there were people that had died from cholera. how best to contain it? hand washing, clean sanitation, people using clean toilets. the disease is spread by contaminated water. here in the capital where so many people are living in crowded conditions without access to clean water, it is a
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very difficult proposition. agencies and the united nations are all prepared for the possibility of an outbreak in the capital. they will be thinking about the best way to contain this disease. not only here, but nationwide. >> with a look at some of the other top stories, israel has made public plans to build more than 1000 housing units for jewish settlement -- jewish settlers in occupied east jerusalem. a dispute over a settlement feuding has scuttled efforts to relaunch creek -- peace talks between israel and the palestinians. 10,000 people have fled across the border to escape clashes between burmese soldiers and ethnic rebels following the election on sunday. boats are still being counted but early results point to a victory for the party closely linked to the current military government. the polls that were boycotted by
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the main opposition group had restrictions on campaigning and there were reports of irregularities. the wicked keeper of pakistan has arrived in london after mysteriously disappearing from his hotel on monday. the 24-year-old allegedly received threats after hitting the winning run between the one day international with south africa on friday. a full inquiry will be opened into an -- into the matter. a top-level conference of iraqi leaders has been meeting today in northern iraq. the aim is to try to find a way out of the deadlock that has held up the formation of a new government eight months after inconclusive general elections. this is the first time they have all met at the same time since the elections. they agreed only to continue their meeting on tuesday back in baghdad. >> they were all there.
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all of the main players in the current struggle over who should be the new government and how the power should be shared. with only the president between them, the incumbent prime minister found himself in the same room as his main challenger for the first time in months. since the contest between them is that the core of the problem , they want two more seats from the election but mr. maliki is much closer to being able to form a coalition. stressing the need to draw a line and get on with the job. >> we can build a better, independent, and stable iraq. building the if -- building upon the infrastructure that we inherited from the former regime. >> everyone agrees that there should be a government of national partnership, but mr. malawi that leaves the prime minister posed should be his. in line with the principle of
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national power sharing, we must be partners in making these strategic and political decisions without the participation of all of the blocks no partnership will reflect all interests as we struggle to help the country. nothing was decided it set to meet again on tuesday. the hope is that they will be able to close the gap on thursday, when parliament must meet and choose a speaker. which it cannot do unless it wider agreement is made. >> at least 15 people were killed in a series of bombings across iraq. 37 were wounded on a busy street in southern iraq. earlier 10 people died in explosions in the center of the country. you are watching "bbc world news." still to come, italian
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isolation. now that the longest standing political allies have deserted him, could it be the end of the italian prime minister? china's most famous modern artist has been released from temporary house arrest. michael has more from beijing. >> it was the middle of the night when he finally emerged from his compound. his prison for the weekend. the police left without notice or explanation. the artist was greeted by a handful friends. >> i think that the times are already changing. many people, especially young people, have the courage to face this with the ring an outdated system. people have the courage to voice their own opinions.
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>> some of those people are gathered at the artist's studio in shanghai. the artists say it was torn? as a punishment. the authorities stopped him from joining the party. this video was shot by a worker as police told him he would not be allowed to leave beijing. he is a big name in china. he currently has an exposition at the tate london gallery. the man that helped to create the stadium used in the beijing olympics. he has also gained a reputation as one of his own government's fiercest critics. >> once again causing controversy, the british prime minister, david cameron, is due to arrive in china for an official visit. the artist believes that the
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issue of human rights should be raised and the world leaders have a responsibility to make sure that china becomes a more civilized country. >> this is "bbc world news." these other top stories. president obama, addressing the indian parliament, backing of india becoming for harboring terrorists. doctors working in port-au- prince feel the outbreak of cholera is spread their and could explode because of the strain on the existing medical facilities. the italian prime minister has been asked to resign by his main rival on the right. breaking away from the governing people of freedom party four months ago, depriving the prime minister of a guaranteed
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majority. in a speech to supporters he said that the only way he could continue support would be with a new political program. duncan kennedy has the report from rome. >> a grand stage for throwing down a gauntlet. italy's newest political force, the future and freedom party, set up to call the prime minister to account. these people have split from his center-right party, fed up with what they say is his lack of policy direction and chaotic private life. the man delivering the message, his onetime close political ally. >> it is up to him to take the decision to resign and starred in a way that the government can be discussed to verify the nation -- the nature of the coalition. >> they have traded lows for months. italy's center-right, once so unified, this was the moment
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they could be seen tearing themselves in different directions. laying into him, saying that he takes pleasure in hell he changes his mind. -- in and how he changes his mind. undignified, perhaps. but it is a moment of telling drama, spelling the end of the cooperation. the message is clear. the prime minister has been challenged to cooperate with the new party or step aside. curlicues of abusing his power by leaning on the police to get a 17-year-old moroccan dancer released from custody. followed by saying it is better to light pretty women than to be gay. this man says that he thinks the prime minister should resign. but not because the other man says it.
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>> why do they not help us? we are starving? those that take his place are worse than him. >> with the official opposition parties still weak, the executive challenges to the prime minister are coming from franco within the center-right movement. the onetime neo-fascist and out of these he has enough power to control the political and human force that is the prime minister. what will mr. feeney do in practice? there but have to be serious negotiations on the way forward. but both men want to avoid our early elections right in the middle of a difficult economic recovery. the prime minister has been put on notice that he cannot carry on as before. duncan kennedy, rome. >> a hardline clerics that fought to be in hiding in yemen has encouraged attacks on americans, saying that no
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permission is needed to kill them. anwar el of lackey, born in the u.s., the message comes one week after bombs were discovered by an airline cargoes and from yemen. our middle east editor is in the capital. the cleric is being tried in his absence. >> it does not matter that he is not at the trial. the authorities are showing that taking on al qaeda in the a way that americans wanted. his response was to release a new video from wherever he is hiding. he urged his followers to kill americans. his sermons have already inspired attacks according to western investigators. inside of the court to allow his co-defendant in. on trial for his life, killing a frenchman, and wounding a
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british man last month. they read out what they said was his confession. the telling how he incited him to kill a foreigner. a sham, those your words -- the judge asked. no, he said. he claimed that the confession was beaten out of him. that the americans want al qaeda rounded up. he said that the shooting happened because of a personal this agreement. later, i managed to speak to him. >> the verdict is ready. the hero is the prosecutor and the judge is the director. they want to appease the west. >> he said he had 120 bullets. when asked why he killed only once when al qaeda was directing.
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here the people of yemen seem less concerned about him and more concerned about how the west might respond. >> though there is a long list of that was -- accusations against them, you tell contact with u.s. army psychiatrist's that shot dead 13 soldiers in texas last year, as well as involvement in the attempt to blow up an airliner in detroit last christmas. it is possible that al qaeda had something to do with the attempt on the life of the british ambassador here earlier this year. >> it is about much more than plugging up security gaps of the airport now. the people of yemen are complaining that they did not create al qaeda. that all of them are getting blamed. which matters because their consent is needed for what happens next as one western the
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bomb that but did, we cannot just kill our way out of this -- one with certain -- western diplomat put it, we cannot just kill our way out of this crisis. >> oil leaking from three of the airbus engines, failing minutes into the flight from singapore to sydney last week. they will remain on the ground for at least another 72 hours. our chief economics correspondent. >> it may have been a technical problem, but it turned into a mid-air crisis after one engine exploded. forced to make an emergency landing in singapore. qantas reported oil leaks and other engines as well. leaving the entire fleet still grounded.
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>> the entire investigation has narrowed to the possibility of an oil leakage in the turbine area. investigations in other areas are continuing in order to allow other potential issues. >> you must come to the museum to be reminded of their iconic role. jet engines like this one with a reputation for world markets. giving every indication that they can navigate their way quickly. experts say that it is too early to assess the full implication. >> the real issue is what it will cost them in terms of reviewing the program. >> after rising steadily from the summer right up through last
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week, they tumbled sharply on thursday. still falling earlier today. late this afternoon they recovered some of their losses after rolls-royce said they had made progress in the engine's failure. marking the anniversary with john travolta, rolls-royce will not be coming to the party just yet. >> can spices be the answer to an economic crisis? saffron is a crucial flavor in paea, but it could be a crucial ingredient in creating jobs. prices are at an all-time high. rural families are growing the precious flower to boost their income. >> harvesting saffron is slow and backbreaking work.
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each one of these delicate flowers has to be handpicked. inside is the most expensive spies in the world. for many years, only the worst off would do it, it was said. >> people in this area have always taken of the land to provide themselves with extra income. but mainly only people of little money cultivated it. >> the day that has all changed. the recession has left millions unemployed with others going back to the land. the season only lasts a few days each year. when the flowers bloom, it is all hands on deck to gather them. it must be plucked and the dried, a job for nimble fingers. two decades ago families in central spain grew saffron as critical for the criticalpaea.
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-- critical for the perfect paea. >> i was only 3 when i started to peel the roses. >> nell her children are involved. now farmers can sell their crops for $4,000 per kilo. the attraction is obvious. the only problem is that you need to pick tens of thousands of flowers for that. >> that was "bbc world news the ." >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. honolulu.
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