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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 9, 2010 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> and now "bbc world news." in >> a culture of complacency as we discussed the possible with the form of cost of -- boss of bp. >> apologizing would say that the decision was a wrong decision and i don't believe it was the wrong decision. >> the former president releases his memoirs and he discusses the war, torture, and tony blair.
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while living in this village means gambling with life itself. garrid >> the u.s. president barack obama is in indonesia, the world's largest moslem nation, in an effort to improve the u.s. reputation in them muslim world. there is deep resentment towards the united states. 17 months ago, president obama made a speech in cairo aimed at ernest and sustained rebuilding of understanding with muslims worldwide. today, he said that there is a long way to go. on >> back in indonesia, his old home. for the first time as american
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president. he had come here twice before. today, barack obama finally arrived in jakarta. he met his indonesian counterpart to launch a new partnership between the two countries. >> expanding partnerships between our people, deepening political and security cooperation are the pillars of our new partnership which is do so much to the good work of my friend, the president. >> his name was on everyone's lips at his old school. they wrote a song on him and were getting ready for him to drop by. >> i knew him as a chevy boy. >> she knew him back then as a neighbor and school friend. >> a lot of people are muslim.
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maybe people expect that he will do something for the world. i do not know. do you think that he did that now already? >> this is how they remember barack obama in indonesia, as a child. this visit is not just about his past but about the american future in asia where the chinese strength is going. also the economy, increasing american exports. also, this is about islam. indonesia has more muslims than any other country in the world. it was a theme that president obama touched on, interacting with muslim nations, he said, should be more than just security. >> you come to a country like indonesia with the mud people here and malcolm had a lot of other interests. -- like enginindonesia and the
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muslim people here and people here have a lot of interest. we want to interact with people on a wide range of issues. >> the key speech is expected to use the backdrop of the moderate islam to reach out beyond asia and to the muslim world. >> turning our attention to haiti where it has been confirmed that the cholera epidemic has spread to the capital. a 3-year-old boy is the officially registered first case. there is no large-scale outbreak in the capital but there are warnings that it will come. our reporter has been to see medical center in port-au- prince and she spoke with the director. she asked about whether he is worried about cholera now spreading. >> i think that this will happen.
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it is impossible for us to stop the infection because of the condition. the people are living together. >> how do you think that you can stop the disease spreading? >> at first, i cried. i know that god can stop this. i called all the people that i could for help. we have people that are helping out. we had a couple of ngo's that are handing out water and clothing. i tried to call a lot of people because if we work together, we can really help the people living here. >> there was a culture of complacency rather than one of
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safety, that is the accusation against bp and other contractors. this is the results of an american commission looking into the cause of the oil spill. the three main companies involved all made serious mistakes in the run-up to the disaster. the former chief executive has been telling the bbc that dealing with the gulf of mexico spill took the company close to financial meltdown. he confesses that the firm was not prepared for the media frenzy or the fallout of the disaster. he does not believe that he has been made a scapegoat. >> a calamitous explosion on the deep water rise in rates in the gulf of mexico triggered an unprecedented crisis for british petroleum. -- a clematis explosion on the deep water horizon rig. some of the comments by jay-z
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chief executive made people angry. -- some of the comments by the chief executive made people angry. >> i would like my life back. >> he has defended his actions and his first interview since he was let go. >> we tried to be open and transparent and gave access to the operation. the reality is that we were completely unprepared to deal with the intensity of the media scrutiny. >> the white house had accused bp of recklessness and in june, mr. hayward faced an uncomfortable grilling at a meeting in washington. he regrets the lives lost in the explosion. >> i was and i remain devastated about the accident. >> our crews are cleaning the beaches 24/7.
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>> despite a public relations campaign, tony a word was forced to step down as chief executive. -- tony hayward was forced to step down. he says that he was not a scapegoat. >> some more top stories for you this hour, four suspected insurgents have been detained in kabul. they were about to board an airplane and the plan was called back after there was a reported that a senior member of the insurgent forces was on the plane. the pakistani keeper says that he will consider returning to his home country and international cricket is his safety can be assured. early reports suggested that he was applying for political asylum in the u.k.
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he spoke from his hotel on monday claiming that he had been threatened to fixed matches in the series against south africa. officials have not been able to explain the sighting of a missile vapor trail off the coast of california. is spokesperson says it was not clear what caused this trail. in his first major interview since leaving the white house, george bush has defended the use of the interrogation method known as water poured in saying that it stopped terrorist attacks in america and britain. -- as water boarding saying that it stopped terrorist attacks in america and britain. >> his was a tumultuous presidency and now george w. bush has broken his silence his
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memoir revisit some of the most bruising moments. among them, that he authorized torture. water boarding was used in the integration of terrorist suspects. this induces the feeling of suffering and drowning but mr. bush was assured that it was not torture and it was legal and right. >> you used it on three people. >> to gain valuable information to help that country and this was the right thing to do. >> he was asked if khalid sheikh mohammed, the man thought to be behind the 9/11 attacks should be watered boarded. he responded, damn right. he believes that this also prevent the attacks in the uk. >> he did not believe that he was authorized to torture. that is clear from his book, is statements, his statements at the time. he also believed that there was
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many many lives saved and plots foiled. >> on iraq, mr. bush defended his decision to go to war. he called the moment on the aircraft carrier and mistake where the mission accomplished banner seemed to ignore the coming chaos. he also was regretful that no weapons of mass destructions were found. >> apologizing would say that the decision was a wrong decision and i don't believe it was a wrong decision. >> and tony blair, he says that he found an echo of churchill. when they spoke of invading iraq, he remembers mr. blair saying that he was in even if it cost him the government. he has found a way to reshape the legacy and to make americans feel more kindly about him in
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retrospect. in general, americans do look kindly upon past presidents. one of the lowest points of his presidency was hurricane katrina. thousands of people languished in a flooded new orleans, mr. bush was attacked by kanye west. >> george bush does not like black people. >> he called me a racist. i resented this. this is not true. >> they were around the block for the book. mr. bush says that he will not be around to hear the verdict on his presidency and that he is comfortable with that. >> nearly four and a half thousand people were stranded on a cruise ship off of the mexican coast. the carnival splendor was 300 kilometers south of san diego when an engine fire cut the power supply. no one was injured. the ship will not arrive at
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least until wednesday. you're watching "bbc world news," from london. how on nostalgia for the old east germany is turning into a money maker. the russian president medvedev has pledged that those responsible for the beating of a newspaper journalist will be brought to justice. the reporter is in intensive care following the attack outside of his home last weekend. it was the latest in a series of attacks on journalists in recent years which has left dozens dead and many more injured. our report from moscow. >> inside of this hospital in the capital lies yet another journalist in critical condition. on his legs, hands, and job smashed.
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-- jaw smashed. his father says that it is too early to speak of any improvement in his condition. it was outside of his apartment in central moscow that he was attacked by two men using a blunt weapon. most believe he had become a target because of his bold reporting and hard-hitting blog on the internet challenging those in power. now, even the president has been forced to speak out about this latest brazen attack on a journalist. he said that the job of the journalist was to tell the truth and to do this honestly and professionally. those behind the attack, he said, would be punished regardless of their status. those are the words that journalists who have taken to the streets in recent days want to hear.
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they are also vowing to continue these protests until the president's words are turned into action and those responsible for the attack are actually brought to justice. >> you are watching "the bbc world news." barack obama has said that the muslim world and the u.s. are growing in trust and understanding. he is on a visit to indonesia where he spent some of his childhood. the cholera epidemic in haiti has been declared a matter of national security after it has reached the capital. a 3-year-old boy is the first known case in the city. what should take priority in -- human rights or trade? those are the questions that the british prime minister david cameron is grappling with on his
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visit to china. he is overseeing the signing of more than $1 billion of contracts but some accuse him of soft peddling on sensitive issues. >> from britain to china, the contrast could hardly be more stark. leaving behind austerity, david cameron are arrives here in the fastest-growing major economy. with him is a plane full of business leaders all hoping deals done in the east can secure jobs and growth back home. mr. cameron's first stop was a tesco supermarket in beijing. they would like to open more supermarkets next year than there are super markets in the u.k. he is looking for a new relationship with china. the question many wonder is his focused on trade will leave him
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soft on human rights? >> we has an important relationship with china. we will be having a dialogue over human rights as we have always done and will do and i think that that is right. >> david cameron is the first western leader to visit china since the jailed political leader was given the nobel peace prize. for many in china, this will be the test of his visit. will he publicly called for the release of the leader? if he does not, this will send a signal that he puts trade above human rights. another critic, an artist, says that china will trade with britain come what may. it is important that the british prime minister does not caved to pressure. >> if you not talk about this, certainly will see how those in
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the western world retreat the human rights just for temporary profit. -- if he does not talk about lists, certainly many will see that the western world will prefer profit to a human rights. >> the results are no surprise, not after such a carefully planned general election. the military leadership in burma has won the elections by a landslide. this has been denounced by western governments as a sham. refugees are continuing to pour across the border into thailand. >> counting the votes. the living conditions here are harsh. while these people went to cast
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their votes in this much criticized election, many homes in this area are empty. they have migrated to look for work elsewhere. the military-back party is claiming victory. president obama insisted that this would be a hollow victory. >> one of the challenges that the world will continue to face is burma. i commend to indonesia for standing up for the people of burma and their rights. the election was not free or fair and we will continue our efforts to move burma towards democratic reform and the protection of human rights. >> all the arguments to one about the credibility of the election, longstanding troubles along the border with china -- along the border with thailand have reacted problems. people are fleeing the fighting between ethnic rebels and burmese troops. >> i could hear gunfire this morning. the sounds were in a -- this
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sounds were distant from my house. >> at least 15,000 people took what they cut and headed for thailand. many are in camps along the border. the authorities say that they are illegal immigrants and they are not formally recognized as refugees but they can get a basic relief assistance from 8 groups. >> we would like to send some of these people back as soon as possible. when the burmese army says that they are good to go, we will send these people back. >> some were starting to go back home again. more were making their way into thailand. the signs are that these underlying conflicts in pharma -- burma have not been eased by the controversial first poll in 20 years. >> a man is calling for his
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entire village to be called in disaster zone. there is an epidemic of a type of cancer. this lies in the cappodaccia region of turkey which is where many tourists go. apparently there is a geological feature which can be a health hazard. >> if there's anything as a curse to village, this might be it. the people living here have suffered astonishingly high cancer rates. until recently, no one knew why the doctors have discovered that the cause lies in this local rock which has been used in all construction here. this contains a rare mineral which if you breathe it in gives you a very high risk of contracting lung cancer.
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the doctor who first discovered this link is now 80 years old. misspent the last 20 years trying to convince the villagers and the government that the people must be moved. >-- he spent the last 20 years trying to convince the villagers. >> you cannot run away. this is a very bad disease. this causes pain. you cannot sleep, you cannot eat. this is a tragedy. this is horrible. >> we came across some people living inside of the danger zone even though several members of the family have died. three children live with this woman. they play in buildings whose walls almost certainly contain the fibers. >> once we get the cancer,
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there's nothing we could do. of course i would prefer to move into a new house so we can not because we don't have the ability to get a new house. >> the government is finding the construction of a new settlement up the hill. there are not enough houses for everyone and they have to be paid for. the village mayor says he is pushing for more construction and more government funding. he would like to bury the old village and cover it with him -- >> money is a big issue but people a dime from this disease. hopefully, we can find a way to resolve the issue. -- money is a big issue but people are dying from this disease. >> without a government handout, there is no hope that this family can escape to a new home outside of the cancer is down.
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-- the cancer zone. >> when the berlin wall fell, there was very little regret and much euphoria. as time passes, a nostalgia for the old government is growing. and there are hotels that look like they might have backed in the old gdr. >> you can still find remnants of the berlin wall if you search but nearly all has been demolished, turned to dust and memory. elsewhere in the city, the old german democratic republic is coming into vogue. a gdr-styled hotel has opened. >> we wanted to bring it back. there was a lot of good things in gdr.
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the good food and kitchen was one thing. >> this is a radical chic, a restaurant that looks like the gdr but without the secret police. welcome, we have a guest chef. we will make that a great gdr classic, what is left in the fridge soup. let it go back one hour, fall back 20 years. here we have it, everything that is left in the fridge soup. not too bad. what it really needs, some nostalgic. -- nostalgia.
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