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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 6, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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nth. this isust trial rn for the bate forhe future. at t ente gernmt shutwn or a trial run that ses a siglo the fincial markets. >> let's talk about portugal. i is spain next? cou italy bnext what aut t othountries? >> i do t think porgal expectedo get to the stage, annow they finly not. spain ishe xt o in the firiine.
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its not seen as sml, peripheral countri lik portal,reec and ireland. eryo expted them to come down at some ste. e dividing lin is spain, and ssibly italy. if theontaon sead to spain, europe's urthargest econom we uld have a full- scale crisi on their hds. exus indd we mig. >> indeewe mht. john cassidy of the neyork. anher of economic woes. not t ivo coast with the situatio has -- noto ivory coa forhe situation has reached boing point. shsang outs troops ckin e internationally-regnized nnerf november's poll made their me. uponreaching the gates of e compoundtheyere pushed back by hvy fire. >>evidence of the ferocious fiting which ysterday's
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forced laurent gbagbo to negotiate a cease-fe and t seek way out. but talks broke down. and toops o presidentelect alasne ouattara ban their assault. the aim -- to cture m ggbo himself. sparking panic amongst civilis once aga near theity center. mr gbagbo has appently ill refed to hand over formal control ofhe untry and has taken shelter in bunker and thisuxurus residences which is now being stod. sayse do not plano de ther you have to remember that in 02, we were attacked by rels. act, the same ones there re sries thai was also hidingn the same bunk.
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haveaken sheer in house. >> the rces loyal to his opponents haveeen givenrders capreim ave. they say it so he caerout to jtice today, ather pmine ternational figure cald on . gbagbo to stand dn imdiaty, sayinge had aot to answeror. >> he has created a situation where many innent people have been killed. and i wod hope that when president ottaraakes over, he will do everythin possible to heal the tion >> in the midst of the fighting, the united nations and french peacekeepers a still making their presence felt. this is a critical ment for the country, and the biggest
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fear now is that ivory coast could descend intall-out civi war. ricrd galpin, bbc ns. >> for a brief te, i spoke to andrew harding neathe in citand i aed wha cards laurent gbagbo sll h to py at thipoin not many he has lost the eleion. he has lost pretty muc the war. his generals have p the arms down and tolthei solers do theame riod in his bunker, he istill sround. the one car does have to ay is the threat ofhao -- the eard does ha to play is the treat of chaos. his ty is looking increasing likmogadishu. e daer is if laent agbo do noto quicklyny mitias eakavoc, u couldee a lo, drn-out and game, which frkly, no one wants thear anwoul be misery 44
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million-odd resentsf the city you that endure morhan a week o this and arunning t of fd an water. butheres a much focus on the drama ofhe president -- >> ere so much foc on the drama of theresident. what does this bode r th future oivorcoast? >>the key thing to remember is at lrent gbagbo is not some minoplayer here. sresident for my yes. the last eection in nember, heon 46% of t vot he hadig support base here. well lotf people want to t him on tri or in exile, there are a loof peopleho sll like him, and minoty of ose ooulde prepareto fig on. for alice found t tara -- fo alassane ouaara, he nee to find a w to nulfy tse peop. >> andrew harng there.
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next toibya where gaddafi has se raming three-page lter to barack oba, asking him to halt natair rikes. e rponse is not exact wha he wanted. allied operations continue i misurata i the west. -- misrata and the west. rla guerin has been talkg to theebels at brega. sh sd th report. >> preparing for battle. another sh for the oilown of brega. t aer ds of defeat, th rebelsre sdying the emy more carefly. thks to natoairstrikes, lonel gdafi' men cannot ri movg ianks, snow they tral light, st like the rebels. >> they are emoyintechniques to confuse us they are using the samevehies and uniforms tha we use. we cannot tell the difference.
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they can mov fast and get amont us andarry out ambushes. >>he rebs arloading up their shrapnel bfore moving rward. they say thehavelso cnged thr taics. theyay ty ve me profsional forces iolved in the fight. they are tryin tout o supplyines they a noonger rhing headng, but gng fward on commd. but as the fight drags on, with no victory i ght, the war of words with nato. the he of the rel ay has cuse th allnce being o slow toct and letting people die every dayn th besieg citofisrata. is re to get a glimpse inside theity, but we cannot verify the thought that this city -- the authentity of
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these piures the oppotion claims 400 pple have beekill. the data says it is doing all it can-- nad sayit is doing alit canstepng up missions like thisecen strike. -- no says it is doing all it can. tas have been destroyed, b the regime of's me can be usive targets,iding amon civilians. >> we have citedanks in and ound misrata the last few days, buwe havto be very vigilant about cvili casuales. remember our mandate und resolution 1973 is to protect cilians. >> bk on the road to brega another reberetrt. it ifast bomin a daily tual.
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for now,hereeems to be a stalate. unless the regim cmbles from thinthe rebels and nato could be facing protcted fit. orla guerin, bbc news. >> more news from around the world. the ilianoast guard has rescued at about 130 migrants fleeing libya. their boat csized. 20 bodies have been seen in the ter. conflict and libyaas l to e influx of ousands of migran to aly. otestors and taken to the streets and in yemen dandi theesignation of prident saleh. the's increasingresre for e pridentoeet r talks in nghbong saudi arabia. ou a watchg "bbc worldews america. coming up --cades after world war ii, and soal media
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lockedhe mtery of wha happened to thesehildren -- casoci mediathe myste of what happened to these cldre a ravictoryodayt th fukusha dichi nuclear plant. they had ud liquid glass to plug a cckdo in the storage tank. the in challenge is getting the nuclea daster under ntrol. om tokyo, here is rachel harvey. >> from the air, it looks straely cm, buthere ia battle raging below and it mayook le -- imay not look lik much, b tse phographs represent a sma, but significa vicry. workersave last managed to em the flow of continat water. butome ch radioactive buildup iide the plant, ty have been rcedo dump ousands ofoles o it in the a. officia inst thathe ter
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is only mildly toxic, but it is cleay a desperate measure a the strain is beginning to ll. for friends and relivesf those working iide the plant, thes are woring mes. me have bee evaated her to anld high-schoolell outside the gernmt-imposed exclion zone. forears, they lived in th shadow ofhe fukushima nuclear ant. pele here are reluctanto talkboutukushima. we did fd contractors who re inside the building wh t earthqke a tsunami stru. th wou not talk on cara, but they described t ear shakin vlent and the turbe roomilli up with du. they sd if they had too back d work the, they wld do so willingly. others have doubts rired six years ago from his jobt the cleaplant. >> the menorki in there now are probably doing it because it
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is theirob. it is a dangerous place where no ordinary peoe wod go. itas me, i would n do i evenor t sake of the untry. >> as of th radioactive wer was t enoh, now hydrogen is buiing up theore of reacr one. this crisis a long way fr over. rachelarv, bbc news, tokyo. >> the specter ofhe crnob nuclea disast still looms large. years ago theourt teray meltedway, which meanthe entire structure had to be encased in aoncrete sarchagus. now that protected tim is crumbling ay. our coespondent traveled to the plt foa rare look. >>p closand ill dgerous.
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chnob's rctor, thecene of a tot mtdown 25 years ago, disastrou scenao th authories japan believe ey have avoided. it w the worl'worst nuclear accident. dons killed, manyore got canc. unlike japanhugeamous of debris werehrown into the atmosphere. we wereiven rare accs io the contamated blocked b only befly and in special clothing and fac masks that remain on site. theradiation which isort s carefully monitor. bubbs are lower now. is tt deep inside t reactor -- we steppedeep side the reacr. and this i t control room o reactor four, the pce where the n running at tt day wer working. for awhile,hey ew that someing was going on.
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there was masve explosion in the main hall 30 ters away and holdeactor wan meltdown. unit four isn eerie place, and becae radioacve debris is not properly coaine it mains a threato the wider world. >> it ok better from the outside than insid if you were able to go intthe central ll a look out, y would see hles e sizup picture wdows -- of picture windows. it is a problem that needs to be dea with. the structure will be radually completed- >> thereare ambious, but expensive plans to bld in new cover for the reactor. this uldinally make chernobyl safe f 100 years, ntaining any radiation the nearbyity fro which 50,0 people fleds still
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coamined and abandoned. andrei lives here and w due to opere reactorour at day. >> there ithe kindergarten where my childre sle, and i see the buildis whe my fries ud to live. so of them are no longerith us. it i emotional. this isad. >> there is a sign of the 20- le exclusion zone aund e reactor en lifted, a reminder that when nuclear wer es wrong, it can go vy badly wrong. bbc news, ernol. >> its more than 65 years nce the second wor warrew to a cse. now th u.s. hocaust museum is usg modernechnology to search forore than 1000
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children who survi th war came separate -- became parad from their famies and in the afterma. the new clause is called a remember me. >> these e the faces of some of thmillns ofhildren if fod themsels of the u.nand thas ithe aftermath of world war ii. thphotos were takeny rief workers efugee camps. the childr's whereabouts are stl unknown. in wt ma be the last opportunity to findut what haenedo them, the u.s. holocat memorialuseums turning toocia media in the hopes that somebody may help solve the decad-d mystery. >>singocialedia and fabook and twittere were ab to hp thsands of people sit our web site. they let us know what they thoughtabout the photos. ty shared the site wh thr frnds and families. and we got lot of interest
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from survivors to think they are pict in the photos. >> thiss not the first attem torace job survivors of the holocaust. in 1945, the bbcegan a series of brocasts to find relativ of cldre stranded throught europe. >> lost her job in lonn, o behalf of his cousin, dora kivash, a 16-year-old polish girl. she has be reccenttion mps and lo all the famy. >> anyone with information was asked torite letter to e red cross. today, the spe of the inrnet isroducing insad a result. chel was identified two hours afr his sister saw theicture facook.
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srother and fath we dea and himoth too traumatized toook afr hi heav hiseactn fromis homen fnce. >> the photoas a bit of a shk, and the kind of funny because i had nev see that e bere. athe theroject and my moth's story is impornt because itllowus nowven in the rkest periods o history there are people who do od, but therench policeman hesaid my mother from beingent the -- likeherenc policeman who sent -- to get my mother from being nt tthe camps. >>abt half a don survivors d relivesave already been idenfied, and their sries wi nowe added to the seu's permanent colction, insuri the memies will nevebe forgotten. abc new, at the u. holocaust memorial -- bbc news, athe s. memoria-- u.s.olocst
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memorial museum. >> the remember me project. you canheck for updateon our bsite. while yo' on line -- you can catch up with mend mt of the teamn twitter. i'm @bbcmattfrei. thank y foratching. see you ler. >> hellond wcome. seehe news unfold, get the tostories from aroundhe globe and click-tolay deo rerts. go to expeencehe in-depth, expert reportingf "b world news" line. >>unding was made possib by the freeman fodati ofew york, stow vernt, a honolulu. newman's own undaon. the john. ancatherine. macahur undation. and union bank.
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>> uniobankas put its obal expertise to workor a wide range ocompies. wt cawe do for you? >> "bbc wod ne america" ws presented by kcet,os aeles. isisis program
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