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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 14, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> this "bbworld news eric" nding for this presention is made ssib by the frean fountionf new york, stowe, vermont, and honulu. newman'own undation. the jo d. d catherine t. macarthur fountion and unn ba. >> uon bank has putts finciastrength to work for a we rae of companies,from small businesses to major corporions what can we do for y?
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>> and now, "bbc worews amica. >> this is "bbc world ns america." porting from wshinon, i am katty kay. trouble in tpoli nato airstrikesargenear t capitol as conel gaddafi towas t strt and in defice. taki bp to tk. ed protesters travel thousan of miles to sh the oil compa they have noforgen or forgotten the massive oi spi in t gul in two weeks lt too to the rol weapon. we wil take you far frolondon erevery marage ceremony gives the cmuni are rare opportunity to cebra.
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weome "bbc world news," broadcast to our vwersn pbs ameca, also around the globe. nato aircrt attacked nar the libyanapit of tripoli today, but it is not easy toonfirm o orhat was being targete coloneladdafippead unbod by the strikes. tevisi showed pictures o him driving throughhe streets of tripoli pumping his fist and laughing. no phaps, without cause. today, t u. and brita rectedn appeal toup tir commitment to the strule against gdafi. we have this. >> u powerl explosionn the lian citol of tripoli. one of four per d. apparently natairstrike. shortly aerward, libyan levision broadcast these pictes, sowin it said, colonel gdafi dving through
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e strts at the time of t raid. yet another gesture of defiance as nato was disssinhow inease the military pssure force him out opowe ministers om britain and franceent to the mtingn berlin calling f mor untries to contribute anes to the a stres in lya. but the natsecrary-general meut afterward t annnce thr habeen little rpons to the ruests. i dnot have specific promises from this meeng, but i ve heardndicions that gi me hope. byature, and am optimist. >> butfor the rebelightg a deeratattl in the besieged city of miata the the,time is ofhe essence. -- the besieged city of
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misrata, the tes ofhe essee. ey have bn firing rocks into the city,urni itnto wasteld. according to the rebel killing more than 20 today. whout sficient heavyeapons milary training to break the siege of misratahe rebels and pleading formore air stris. for tm, it is the only realistic way of tipping the balance in their favor before al momentums lost. richd galpin, bbc ns. >> for morn the struggle of the rebs, ipoke to jn lyon in their stronghold of bengzi. what is it that the rels relyeed from the ternational community they are not getting,nd what can they realistically expect?
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what they would like a high tempo of to attacks. ey wld lov the cmmander of e air operation to the uned states, britain, an franceather than nato, which they do not entirely ust. d it would like a bett decision making procedure whe the desion comes through muc icker. nato would, d mu more uick if theydenty a tank on the ground. they would letquipnt and aini. anwoulalso like -- whic they are getng me of it suly - diplomatic recoitio, oret couries say the siti of a -- seven re countries say theare legitimate a colel gdafi is not. >> his really red tag buncof rels, not a seriou military armntisense you a i might undetandt. are u starting tsee signs th is more serious? >> vy slowly.
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t checkpots ban to look a littlenot rious. there are beginnin to moufge the military equipment. things that reaarmies do. also, t serious soldiers, t ones that ud to be inolon gaddaf's mitar we do not e so much of tm because we think they are at the fron line that is too dgerous or inaccessible for u to get to. ere are getting a b re profsion, but there are ill a t o guys firing in the air. it not a serious enough army to mark on tripoli, but they ae ateast holng the line wi a great amou of resistanc-- assiance from the nato air strikes and theyre pting up a much tough fightn mista ere they're pushi tha coloneaddafi's forces ok, john, thank you for joining us. the grou, the fighting
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rages on any diplomatic cnnel are working overtime. for that board thetory,e turn t a fmer u.s.mbasdor to nato and now aharvd scho of goverent. looking the mting inerlin day with nato, it sms tre isisagreementbout how har to press this lita operatn. natocanngree are weak stock at a slema? but the stalate the ground >> theenat onhe ground is between rebelorces and conel gaddafi. thintheris a scale mount alemate in nato,es. havingecided to iervene in th warha made it less successful. a lot will depend o britain and fran, the stnges members of the colsion in bulk. germy is on the sidelines, criticizing.
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predentare cozy --an ty get the alliance back together. what are they yingo aieve? tha's the question i he th answer >> the internationa mmuny has themsves and in this position where they ve no chce but to press furth ahead. >> i thi tha rig. this is the62nd year of no's istence. itas always beeled by the united states. youaw t lifting the sie of nghazi, the ver effective atcks by the unitedtates lita. now e unedtates as retired thesidenes, giving the europeans the opportunity to play the leing role. do credit britain and france of havg a very car vision, baing itp, but iact ing ledowny the rest of t allian. it is hard not to focus germany,he largest coury in
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europe, d th are not plang a ro at l and making difficult for t oths. >>do you think the u.s. wiss it neverot iolve in this? >> think it is obvious that the administration felt that lia was not a strategic priority. i think that presintobama had toake the decisionce the arab leae, once the u.n. security council h sai pase come into lya, d we sell the prosct of libn casualties, the esidt may be dision. i ha a lot o spathy for the obama administratn that we are still occupied in iq and afghanistan, trying protect the gf countri fro in -- we d need other allies inort africa i lia, it is not happening. it's - it is to be ccesul, britain and frae will have to t ev more weight on their shoulders
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>> thankou vy much. >> thank you. >> as waves of popularprotest sprehroughout the ab worloday bahrain said it would dissolve the mn opposition group in the tghes ackdown by the sunni-rule morchy internionahuman rigs groups have rned of abus taking place in the gu stas. our security corspondent, he ed to live there, when there d brought up this report. some of u may find it distressing. suburb, bod arris. six guys- si days later, h died in police custody. hi family seeing hisody
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for the fir te. but the wounds are shockg. [untelgible] they e calling the manho died in police custody a mtyr. >> i took this case tohe heal minter. sh said t wounds had been planted the opposition make them look worse. i toer we had seen them ourselves. iould find, you know, the nister in arge of human righ. >>of rn has seen the biggest clashes in the gf -- bahrain has seen the bigstlashes in the gulf. it h polizedhe country. undemartl law, my shi'ites say that they have been uairly
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rget. aft friday prayers at e sunni mosque, i i asked the im what wod happen with the sui royal famy. if they managed to seiz power,unnis in bahrain will suffer. ey a taking their instructio fro iraq, ir, and zbolh. >> anotr man couered that the royal familys going agait the grainf history. >> o problem with the ruli family is aill no accept to gi part of their power and authority to the people and in t absence of the wiingness, thats the oble >> the crown prie entertaed
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a power-shingeal, but they rejected it. haed isbeinsung that could well ept oohe seets. fnk gdner, bbcews, baain. >> in syria, the sta news says thatne soldier was shot dead and another wnded i a pt city the governme has bee cracki down on protests the governme has als detainees, calling f greate freedom and political ice. the ugandanpposion leader ha been iured aer t milita andpened fire after protests in e catol. at least s oth politicians re arrested in e wi to wo prosts.
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veraere killed in an ira army raid. iraq has hadix people shot in the raid. it has be neay a year since an explosion aboard anil rig inhe gf ofmexico sparked theorst oil spi in u.s. history. today forhe fst time sin thatincident, bp had its annual general meetg in london. protesters travelledll t way fr theulf coasto rester theiromplaints. incencand filed this report. --mma simps filed this rert. >> of small, butoisy protests. among them th ladin red. ey tvelled thousands of miles to get in. >> m husnd is dead and it will ly stop when t
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corporations- >> man, i am asng youo lee the ildi. wha'her jouey -- >> her joury eed in a rest. outside, there re calls fr answers. >>i am here becse t claims process - t ierim cims are not bei paid. the firs anniversary of this dister proaches. bp says it h already pd $20 billn in a compensation fund. itays its no responsib r how payments are mad the lesns he been learned. >> we are different company than thone ar ago. are emerging fro t chalnges of 2010. a wiser andtronr company. >> bp was expecting protested at, but it s al hopg for aandmk dealwith our russian
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tatewned oil comny. th is w hanging by thread although bp es haveaope to salvage this bill. it setthe seal on a truly terrible year for . bbc news,ondon. from one comny's troubles to a growing proem facing the global economy t president of the worldbank warns th risg od price have rched dangerous heigh and post theingl biggest threat to poor people around te worl his mmen after the imfworld nk meeting gs underway re in washingn. our corspondent soke tthe presidenof t world bank rlier. y dihe bring u this issue? we've been hearinabou this for a year now. >> basicallyatin forwardnd said, lk, this is an iue and has not gone ay. we have sn food prices cre
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back to thei peak of 2008 he was particularly woied because of the disoportionate fectn theorld's poor who spena mu larger perceage of theirncomon food. in fact, he says thawe a at a tiing point. but thwor's poor cannot wait. -- >> the worl'poor cannot it. ere is nearly 1 billion dernourished people on our plet. thiss free -- this is ineased by 68 peoe every minu. thats morehan one every second. me is not o our side. we ll he to ru hard to catchp if we'reot to lose a geration. at hthought about the pric up things li wee - wheat. d cornaslso sen sharply. thnly prize that hasemained stab is the price of rice. >> fo prices sparked se of
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the areas- sparkeprotts in me othe areas of the mdle east >> he said there we oth factorsveryuch pitical faors, but it is sometng they are ccern about. the lp othe next f days theyan dw the attention of the leaders o the g0 countries, the largest econies, to focus ait more and develop agricultural plan because part of t proem i policies tha havbeen put in place. we he seen when there w a drght, ruia introded in exrt b. they were not alone to introduce export ban in the u.s., the oer issue we see i subsidies being gen to coure people. at drop food away from the ople who need it. >> but as a coury dling with
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r around politicalnd receionaryroblems, is the any way toeal withhis sue? >> look, weannot ignore these. we're aeadyeeing the danrs whenou deny the. thesare t justumbers. yoave dealith unemployment. you have to increa foo oduction. the are issues that cannote ignored. >> of . thk you very much fo cing in. y' watching "bbc world ns america." still to ce on tonight's program -- it may noteoyal fair but winning season com with a very ecial mting- meaning. th wee marks 150ears since the fir shots wereired i americ civil war. forhe past fewights we've been looking back athebrut confct. folling e war, many sves toain eir freedom aquir plant,hichheir families woed for generations. among them, the ancesrs of
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credit linln. tonight,he gives us an aount of leaving the cmunity he knew so well. >> i left south rolina out of a high-sool 1964. tha time, i wt to new york. u see your fortune. stayed there and go married up tre. and inew did not want to raise aamil uthere. i kw what it meanto le i close-knit comnity thatime, if you lid inn areahat d not allow for blk fos as old -- as a whole. but tes chaed, this out anged. to beble to vault in the same
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avues that fos will geratis ago. >> my sister. agn, this is another sister. his is my father. my ancestors -- tse lands are bacally our economiase, evenhough se of umay be working mimumage jobs. they could always g aecond nd mile home and me on thr own properties. everythi stas there. th were the first generati that w free. they did notave ything to bud on,hat meone left f them. th is w when i walk ese las, there is certain aunt ofride property in here we not loo to sell. that is why we do t min a
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mobile homeominright in next few uses like the. these properties werleft for us. we did nogo out and buy these properties. it suld not be w much money n i get forhis curious when zoning laws come io effect thate no reect the inteityf these comniti, it creates problem it is l the tax base. thiss the slave graveyard. today, we helpsodern graveyards with headones when you come intthe raveyard, youet a sense of this is where i when they need to blso the the, to be amg thoseeople. ome by myself somimesnd set yr and reali par of my psyche was develed by what
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took place here. >> the cpliced legacy ofthe war. more than 150 years ler, people are stilremeering. fredynn with an account of his return to the sth. >> t to the weddingellsll the rld ll beistening fr in two week'ime with prce lliam and kate mdlet preparing to walk down the aisle. 're lking at w t bring cotries arod the gbe celebrate their special day as part of r extreme wld seri. we go to one of e mo in poor countries in the forr siet union wre wget a glance at one couple'cereny. >>in s brle household, preparations are inull ing. but aditional rice and mea dish is ready to be serve a proud day for the bride'
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father. it has not been easy. >> he says hifriends and ighborsave helped them out, an so hasis son who i rkin in russia. traditnall the weddings havlasted fodays t the government stepped in four years ago and introced new weing w. bu the new law onlyllows 150 -- what the new law oyllows 150 gsts, and only one dish is allowed to serd. >>he bride makes the appearance. shhas met h groomnly once befo. like nyarries, thione has beenrrand bthe parents. they have ao had to arrange a continuous per supply for the g day.
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masse generator peredp the udspkers. it ia very importa social and culral ent. weddings are the main entertainmt inhis world cotry. -- world country. -- rural couny. this is e ma entertainment. >> the arriv of the grooms followedy an officlarriage cereny. and while the gues are celebring, the bride says her last goodbyes. not ju to haren, but so thurt child. is is the first step intthe home of the new sba's mily e hato show them her cooking skills and it is only the beginning of
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her new duties. li is hard but wdding parties keeople -- give people their monts ojoy. bbc news. >> am willing to bet tre is lmost nhing is exactly the same betweenthat wedding and prince lli's weddingn two eks' time, aept the bde looked incdiblnervous, and i that's ke is goingto lok pretty nerus, too. check out our website for the latest on kate andwilliams on a lavish affair. you nind pictures that our ewers have st us. and while y're on line, you can get in touch with me d mo of the team onwitt. i am @kattykaybbc.
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thank you upor watching. see you bk he tomorrow. >> llo d welcome. >> see the news unld, t the top storiefromroundhe obe and click-to-play video reports. to to perice the in-depth, exper reporting ofbbc rld news" onne. funng was made possible by the frman undation of new york, stowe, vermont,nd honolulu. newma'own foundation. the john d. d caerine t. marthufoundation. >>nd uon bank. anroadde atactions presting "the conspirator, directed by bertedford. >> lcoln's been shot. >> you are chaed wh consracyo kill abraham lincoln. >> 1 years after the civilar began -- >> i am no assasn. >>omeshe story ofhat rely hpened when it was over. >> my motheis iocent. frodirector robert redfor >> she must burdnd footte >> you liar! >> based on actual ents. >> there is noimito how far the osecution is willing t
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go. >> "the copirar," ratedg- 13, artspril 15. >> "bbc wod ne america" was presented by kce losngeles.
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