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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 21, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> this isbbc rld news america." the battlen libya amera dloysrones to the fight. new signs that gaddafi's foes are ung cster bombsn misrata >>he isithin range sniper's ns. seral civilians have bee killedn this corner. >> srching for aswer on the ocean floor to two yrs after air france fght crashed in the atlantic. could ts uncked the mystery? e realmadrid football team waited yea to en t kopp. -- win the cup.
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welme to our viewers on pbs in america androunthe globe. deplorable, those e the rds th use to dcribe the coitions in misrata, which has ce under atck from lone gaddafi' forces. esident obama has apovedhe us droneto targ gaddafi's forces. wl th b enougho brk the aleme? >> resti aft a nig of ttle. th call the en-- ty call emsees the eagle fighters. so are neighbors se are cousins. they arell brothers in arms. a steel worker tel me that rebe lt the lastnigh includg onof his men.
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they kept lone gaddafi's foes offf thei streetsor now. they displayed remnant of cluster bombs which lded on homes anaupermarket. theseapons are indiscriminateand adly, and wily banned. theyurpred u with aomb. ndling it, eve though could still explod his neighborhood, erybody knowtheo-g zones. among the wreckage, civilians are a prime target. this is as far we can g lonel gaddafi's forces are in position. they are justround the corner, about fe aninjured meters away. ife advance, we wl be in rangef sniper's gu.
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several people have bn killed thisorner, incding a 1 year-old boythatas ting to reach the shopcros the road. airline pilot is just a few eps ay. his famy ha been he for generatis. he is staying put defd his me. the house has aeadyeen hit once. a bullet landed close to his son. sniperset t rules here now. his teenage daughters have rdlyeen outside for the las two months. she dreams of bei a dtor, but cannot eveno to school. w cannot bear it. no per pass without bombs anthe und of bullets.
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we are dda's people d he isombing us. his beloved nephew out, a 21- year-old udent was one o those lled on thstre. at the main hospitalonig, a desrate attempt to save le. this rebel fighter die of his injuries. thdeath toll pt ring. in all, six fighters were kied during t aftnoonnd eveng. among them, a rebel hero. ot by a sniper. the fights clmed thate led 300 men.
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there was cos as his by emerged. forheebel its a significantoss. they a headingacko the ont ne. theiege of misrata e u. defense dartmt annoced it would take additional steps inargeting colol gaddafi's rces. crety gates tay. >> we have some unie capabiliti. he is able t ue those. he has approved the use of armed edators. i think tay may have been their first mission. >> this comes o top of the rent dision by british -- britain, france, ita to send visers to rebels. they bring thr expertise. i spoke with a cia officer.
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goo to talk to you again. let's ta abt drones. willhey make a differce? >>bsolutely. th move wa almost inevitable with disclos quarter fighting. you cannot cover thi fro satelles oremotely from jets. you have to get cle anlow do. theserones are amazing there are ppl sitting hen scens in nevadaalling in air strikes. >> are you sayinghat is could be the crucial weapon that will make theifference for the rebevictory oefea >> it is not going e crial, but it willelp. it is a desperateituation ther the westanno allow misrata to be orrun. gaddafiouldlmost inetabl
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maacre these people. this is the best weapon. i should als add that this probably a secret policy. am sculating at this pnt. these edats could be ed agnst gaddafi for regime decapitation. >> what out smaroupand on art advisers? ll ty make an difference at all? this is the beginningf greater involvement. ibelieve in vtnam started out with advers. gaddafi will taet tm. either to kill them or kidnap them. thluid lines like i libya that would be a daste gaddafi wan tturn this into an iernational crisis. one way to do that is get hostages. he would puthem trial in
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ipol they would he to be armed. this is okin more andore like an vasi. >> is the west goingo get suckedore d more in this? are we talking aboutoot on the ground? >> i do not see how we can not. gaddafi saide would turn this in somalia. heoes wt he id has going to do. he esotgiveup. i do not see h theest can just turits back at this point. especially becauset is partially engaged. >> and youhink the cia is alreadyn thground? >> i think the cia i it is very mh at e rea it itrying to figure ira who comnd of t reb forces figure o who i icommd ofhe rebel forces. h been nearly six weeks
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since the devasting eartuake and tsumi raged japan. the cotry is thteng restrictions on long th fukushima por plt. >> e area around the nuclear plt nowiesbanned. stray dog roam the seets not long ago, the were family pets police officers wr ovells to otechemselves from radiatn a they sech for those killed by the earthquake and tsumi. is t quiteeserd. a few people have ignored the aice to leave,espite the hazard to eir health. japan's governme is makin it illegal too wiin 20 lomers of theowertation. >> wdecid to desnate the area a caution ze wit the
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countermeasure bic l. >> there isuchsympathy in japan for the people that li arnd the plt. when theabann their homes, manyook little more tn a toothbrush. they thought they we going for hours or days. it is nolearank a will ev breadto return. >>apa's prime minister g a taste of their aer today. many have been lefthomeless. cramd io scol halls and orts stadiums, they plead with him to hel >> we want youo ce earlier. have had enough of this. e pre mister should lead more. and and this suati a sn as possibl am asking h from the bottom of my heart. robots have been sent ito the reactor buding theyave been aessi the magerom explosionand fire measuring t radtion.
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they hopto have the radiate -- retors under conol within six-nine months and ped at nothingelse goes wrong. >> in australia detainees in sydney have set fire toany buildings while riot poli and fimen thathe bze will be extinguished. e people being hd athe deteionacilyook part in the riot th too placn wednesday ght. for most ofhe night, the deteion cteras ablaze. after what started a a small rftop protesturne into a fullcale riot. out 0 of the dainees set fi tnineuildings. a kchen a laundry, medal filit and aompur center were all destroyed. the flas lept to or10
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meters high. the remen brought this in to quellthe ot. ittook theuthoties most of e nht to gain ctrolf the cility. 400 deinee many of them ylum skers, our house. they include kurds fro iraq and asylum seekers from afgnistan. some haveeen detention for more than a yr. a skesm forhe dartment of immigration id that this i not the kind behior th hooves somebody at wants to be par ofhe straan commity. they haveen a number of violentiots d suicides. there haveeen mplaints out overcrowding m. e leth of time it takes to pross their refugeeapplications. a rece suef asylum seekers
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have made t refees more potically highly crgedo the rmal they said thathe protesters were guilty o criminal behior an should enied residency in australia. >> it maye nely two years nce air france flight wt ocean.ver e aantic th search for answs stl contue. a ship oers e bestew he. theyill derive at the crash site00 milesff of the bral coast. they would spend aholeonth toifti the wreckage. >> from the we coa offric tothe depths of t atlanti ocean, t multimillion-dollar expedition to lift air frce. they are sendingne of the mos powful ships in the world, for well-ited for ts kind of search and rovery.
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is was use 2004 to recover a doed airliner. e sister ships will be operating at far great deps. >> that is 390imestmosphere prsure. its complete dark. it is very cold. ere are a verimited number of machines that c opete at at dth. > they used sonarulses. amg thtems located, the engine and theing. ere e an unknownnumb o bodies, some still strappedo thei seats. they will uncover the wreckage using a rete-ctrolled video like this one. they hve mhanical amsnd remote-conol vicles. the scientists,20 mes from the coast obraz. the ship's werf engines c keep it within aeter of its
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position. the submersible wil be lowered 4 kilometerso thseabed. iwill be winched by a ant cranen the bacof the boat. only1 out of 228 bodiewere recovereout the -- the me of t accent. e families are divided some lik him prefer tt the beeft alone. >> if somebody told you thatou are going to receive ts aft o years under wat, it would a shock. w are t prepad for this. >> the other crucial queion is e wreabouts of those black borecoer is. they hol the secret to e final momes of th flight. wh ty surved o years at e steps under the enormous pressure of the water?
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-- these dehs under the enormous pressur othe water? >> that suggests that the plane felllmos verticay into the ocn. they areopin tha the boxes e in tact and will providehe answers tprevent aimil accide in e future. > some oer news from around the world. theigern president sayshat state eltion will go aad a anned next week. he sdhat security has en reinforced arosshe country ahd tuesd'elections. tensf thousands of nirian were fleeiheir homes. goodluck jonathan won e presidenti vote. officials in mexico fou another massrave in t nor of t country. they fod inear t city o
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taranto. expts connued to identify the remainsf 145 pele buried in the north. returning w to the conflict in libya. the deaths ofwo joualis haveighlighted e dangers of covering that area llarclinton had this to sa >> we are particularly saddened today about the loss of tw journalists. we extenour condolences to their families. we also call for themmedte relee of amerins who are ing unstly detainedy liby authorities including at ast two reporrs. >> an american freelance was worki for th atlanc an usa day. shand twother journalis
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were detaine byibyan curi. i spoketo h pents what motivated yr dahter to go into journalism? shis a academic. whdid she go for this partulartory? >> we weuite surprised. it s aboutwo years ago when she told me that she w makg planfor at s wouldo aer shehad the doctorate. shsaid that i decided i wan to go to the middle east and a reporter. i looked an i sai whado you know abt rorti? she said tha iknow some people at le in e mile et. will make arip ovethere ter i finished e deee. e opportuni prented itlf. things we heating upn cairo. sheicked the rig part of e world at theight ti. re youorri? >> aother always worries
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would have liked r to go someplac else you werot court to stop her. th was h calng. yo found out abouterdoptn on feboo w did tt work? >> wento work onhursy morng. when ipenebymail they sa, do you want to becoma iend? it was fom per of human ghts watch. th name d not read a bel- ring bel he sd th ihaveome dturbing news. she has appareny go missing in libya. >> that was te fit you heard it. that would cause a bit o a jolt. >> ient home and bob came home. i se my msage back to peter. he called rom geneva d
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told us whawe kw. >> iis qte possible thathe other joualists might watcng ts broadcast. what message do you have for heard? >> the message uld be, we lo you very mh. we wanyou to know thathere is nothing that we would noto for you. rest assured, at it you have friends allver the place. are working very hardo kee this maer in the public eye we basicly wt to get you home. > beluidy of the situation and the state of play o the grnd. >> it . >> we wish you all t bes thank you very much for cing in. >> we lened ter thatlai haeen able toontact her parents. he is in od heah and being
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held ia won's prisonn tripi. tang a major tumbl riyalmadrid waiteyears to w ba -- rl madriwait years to w back a vete prize. now theyay nd glue tout i back together again. nobody has ever accused the argeinian of not being crazy abt it. they hav taken home the world cup twice. what there is n shortage of fan support or great players, there are not enough referees to go arou. a n program will be coming om an unlikely place. from buenos eris, re ware. >> all smiles ahead of the ge. these plays are rdy to go. it is a matchup between tw teams tsida buenos aires.
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e men in black are t refere. ey a being trained as professionalalsothat when th are released,they will be abo work in y of the professional fooall agues in argeina. >> theirst tng w need to do is to teach them the res of the game. need them to at least know how to read andrite so that th can file a match repo after the ga. >>herere 20nmates signed up so far. >> it is very grafyin to be partof thi program ihink itmakes you a better person. >> this ione of the penitentia's that has more orts activits than the province of buen air. there is also atenn, bxing and adied.
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on the me ends, players and referees g back toheir reality. thisaximum security prison hold 150 inmates. most of them are in fviolent crimes. th referees see to tch respt. >> those who have violated the lawsre now in a positn to be here. that is an interesng message for ciety. >> there are no convis curreny refereeing in the professional leagues. the program isuccsful, ey m be lacing up their boots soon. fr bues aires. >>romeferee is behind bars to royal blund. just hours aer scori a major
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ctoryverarcelona, real maid's celebration came with annfortunate tst. >>t isinevable that in the heavy aosphe afterig windhat few thingslike the manar are thrown around. realadrid spent 18 years trying to win this back ifou are fanf the men in whit or the precious metal, you willot eoy what happens next. members of the emergency seices scrambled around picking up theiece thiset the frontheel of the uble decker bus. the guilty partyas ros, a dender that is clearletter th his feet an h hands. hes nothe first to a failed to look after a prized pie of vil r.
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liverpool's asnishing comeck. that was back in 05. they did notlose the trophy tirely. >> wfind out where it is. >> months before the close to the world cup in 196 the world p was stolen. a dog o for a walk found in a week lat. realadri saidhat they wou prepare ts. once it i fid, expected to stnder lock and keyn th club's seum >> that is it for today's broadcast. you canlways finduch more coverage onour website. for us tt b world news amica, thanks for watchi.
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