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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 26, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> we are reporti fro washinon. violence and oppression as syria connues its crackdown dissen is ao attempting to keep ws of its brutality from reachinghe wld. >> they a tryg to contro the flow of the information's, to buy theelvetime in the hope that th mig just kill off this upring. >> in lib, rebels prare r the latest battle while the fiting continues to take a terrle tlon innocent civilians. r some peoe, watching william d kate on televisi simply is not enough. we willisit theilgrs descdingn london.
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welcome to our viewersn pbs in america and around e gle. hey gunfi was repted again toy in the southern cityof deraa, syri methan00 peoplhavebeen killed since the uprisingegan in mid-march. t bitish goverent says it is now prepared eacuate any british citize. the untr i accustomed to onomic isolation. foreign jrnalists abound in syria. we have ts rert from the bord in jordan. you mayind se of t image disrbing. >> these are t chaic images the syrian authorities do t want the world to se it is possible t independentlveri them.
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but, filmed lastrida they pearo support claims from man ghts groups thadozens people were killed by srian rcesver the weekend. this is from the town o deraa. wn t road,a mitary ehicle and sdiers, holding the cera, are protected. help us, they shout. suort . th is t army's response. thbattle for deraa is hidden within the rolling hillsf soutrn sia. this ias closes we got today. in the distance, yo might just make out theown. the bord croing here has been closedbythe syrians. there i an eee silence. ever snce these protestsegan ju ove a month ago, t
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syrian autrityas tried to limit pecisely what wknow about wh is going on inside their country. they are not graing vas to ternational journalist they are tryinto control the flow of informationn t hope that they mig buy themsels time to ll off this risi. time is running out. tod, btain, like the u.s., has reatened sanions if ria does not pull back s tops. >> syria at a fk in i road. s governmencan choose pull bkroops anprovide stabity forhe long term. we hope it will do so. more violente ma pression. >> on television toy, they wereonoring fallen soldis, killedthey said, durg th fighti in deraa.
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president bhar -assad say they are fighting exemist groups and shows no sign of backing down >> ieard you say eaierhat yo could hearhootg where youre. describedhe scenon t other de of thatorde fence >> it is diffilt t gain any indendent vification, obously,ut we have heard the shooti jus in th last few nute in fact. thepiceer of the syrian rising is jt a 10-15 mute drive behind me. tre are reportsoming from inside,rompeop on tephon. the policere moving house to house, restg people. even thoseeop w bved the stets to tryo pl t dead bodies inside ar tmsels on occasion, we are td, bng shot at. >> these are hrifi aounts,
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t it is something the sian regime h done before on a mh more major scale bashar al-assad's father did somethingimilar back in the 1980's. >> yes, up 20,0 people were killed by the syrian forces undetheurre president's therwho ordered t crackdown. there have bee brutal crackdown in the past. this isot on that scale in terms of the numbers of de. human ghts orgizatns estite tt the number of dead is abo 400. over the weend, they estimated 0 people killed,o it isarticularly brutal. he syrian authoritiess th are fhting extremist terrorist grps who areerrozing the population, but againwhenou genveriable conversations with people inside theity is
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ing rgeted, they say tt is nowhats happening. th say the authories are targeting people whore cling fo rorm,or fedom and democrac >thank you very much ined. tight e u.n. sreta generaban -moon is exprsing h increasiny gre coern autthe crackdowin sia. for me on the inrnatnal couni's response, i spoke to the ief washington correspondent fothe ew york time" the ct is, syr islready pret isolated from the ternational economy. when western gernmts talk abou sanions, what ectly ar they tkingbout? >> they are having hardime firing out what they're taing out. first of all, the syrian onomy very all. it rouly the size o its bod after the steel industry left. thatig -of pittsburgh ter the steel industry ft.
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t that g. their mor bk was sanctioned in 2006. 200 the unid stas nctied a number of individuals and initutns relad to weapons omass destructn. they have been sanctioneso ch, that nobody could me up withnythg more tsancon. soe ar now supposed to believ that theres a huge amou out here. in fact, all they're really is is freezing th assetof se seous -- and syrian officials, which is wt they are ntemplating. but a lo of itsrobayn leban on oelsewhere in the mideast. they probably do notavet under their real nas. >>ne of the things i find strikings thate know tre is a difference inacti between libya and ria. ls ofction in libyabut not so much, or someould say not
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enou, in syria. president ama has be pretty mild in hisebukes of president shar al-assad. why is at? >> he w until friday night, when he cald baar al-assad nam --y na. that is the fir tim he has stepd out and saidt publicly. it has beenemarble t wat how the unit states has reacted. theparticipated in the nato rikeagainst libya theyere ver quiet about bahrain, and even quieter about theaudi as they rolled into bahrain. syria is a little bit touer case becau on the one hand, no love is lostor president assad, but on the other ha, theyo no want a cil war to break out onhe bordert th
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me they're tryingoet isra bacinto aeace negotiation >> if it goes too far, ither is a vuum or civ war, thi could explod >> i is a vacuum the uted stes britain and france are trying tovoi vacuums and raly a well -- vacuums d rarely end ll. there i a conrn tt you could endp with more dictatorships but weer. that is the ccernoday. >> in lya, the fighting ntinued to rage tay in misrata, t onl cityeld by the rebels. the most recent rnd ces a the u.k. warrants tt troops mustrepa to in libya for the long haul.
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rebels are still unable to bak thforc loyal t colonel gaddafi. we have this rept. >> preparing fo e front line rebels today are still getting to grips wh their guns to i paving the way, but he in eastern libya, ty ar not getting far. to has done ok, he told us, but we need more he to finish ofcolol gadda's forces. but thats not the ndat nato is here to proct civians,ot to fight th rebels battles. in the pasonth na has lown hundrs of missions. targets haveoteen hit every
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time,but gdaf'sadvae towas rel rongholds has been halted. in manyays, this was the ea part. th tanks here were clearlyhe visie an destroyed early on. so fr, the air strikes hav done enough to sp t rebels being beaten, but not enoh to put conel gaddafi out of business. the nightre ns getting sucked into a war of attrition. this is the lest otage of the royal r foe in action. it has been targeting t city mista. for my, the casualty toll there ishe gatest indictment of the nato role. the ty is still being shelled. >>every night we have -- we st aot of peopl, a lot of
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civilians. please, please do not kee this for another day. >>0-year-old mamme is in nsta pain. a fragment oa bult passed righ through his skull. aistris didot keep him fe in his owbackrd. asiolence and arrests- and unrest contue roughout the ab wld,oday, italy and france met to discuss the refugees fm northfricwho are streaming intthei countrs. it is a major issue of contention. fr a drum,eres ou coespondent- frome, here our corresnden >> nholasarkozy and prime
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minier br this cing -- berlesconni ha appli balm. theyanturopean states to take i refugees france did not want the each auses the oer of playing politics. today,ot men praised the actions of the other and calle upon the european ion to revise the taty that guarantees freeovement of pele across borders. we spo about thereat neitheof us want t denit, but in exceponal circumstanceswe bot believe therehould be variations to the trea. weecid to wor on that together. > president sarkozy aeed, sayinghat in exction
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rcumstances,the eaty should setside to alw boer controls to bput back in place. >> weelieve weave a common convergence of ideas. we will suggest at the european councilooks into it. >> despite the aeemeetwe the prim minisr an the president to calon t europe uni to do me, that willot solve the immedte problem, wt to doithhe 25,000 migran whore already in italy. how did today's eting were? they gave e impression that they wante more cooperaon a lessbicking,but the issue remains divisi. that has n gon ay. dunc knedybbc news i rome. >> iothe news, russian prident medvedev and his
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ukrainian counterpart visited chernobyl to mark the 25th anniversary of the world's wst nucar acdent. they visitedhe site where a reacr exploded 1986. internationa forces in afghanistan y th they have killed a senior al qaeda lear two weeks o. abduhani was theumber two rget. ey say hean traing camps d pnned attacks on tribal leaders and foreigrs. there is a new dump of docents from wikeaks some governmt official somewhere will end up wi the red face among the latest iormation is a contention that a mosqu in nort ldon served as ahave forslam extremists. >> two london-based prcherof hahat the a i-5 and
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govement badly underestimate -- mi-5 and the govnmen dly underestimated. one wasdismseds a cleric. was rather morehan that. in docunts leased by wikilea, a picture erges of rope as a hotbed oextrism. >> one of the proble is that authoritiedo n fully understand the mindset o clericlikehese. it wasbout creating an army o radils a extremists within british society who uld not just look at targetingountes from abroad, b rgetg their host natio the united kingm. saw numr of ots om 042006. at w very much the legacy of these clerics. >> potentialecrus from north
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africa andhe mdle east entered brita fm mainland eupe. once here, thequickly became radilized. given mon andontact numbers, they were sent fst to kistan, and then on to aini camps in afghanistan from camps, thousands were trained on machine guns explosives, booby tra, and dnapng. police have not been ae to st the pipeline. they have plugged ny of the gaps. i ask the man who was, and seetary in 2011 if he tnks authorits under- who was homelandecretaryn 2011 if he thinks authoriesnderstand thrisks. >>their whole raison d'etres touse our democracy andreez them -- freedoms t car out
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their lives work which ito deroy everything we stand for. >> recruitment has not stopped completely. is now underground and are harder to dete. >> 1 corp ys that -- the sony cporaon sayonline ers y have had information stolen. they shutown st week aft detectgyber-hacking. ey a suggesting tha use mes, passwords and cdit card numbersre liky coromise. stil to come tonight, getng inear early. with days to go before throyal weddin somare takg no chances on miing e view. r deces, the 14th dalaiama has be theace ofhe
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tibetan communitin ele. recently he announced that h will be giving up all of his political positis. that b will n be do by an elected prime minist. after vong iarcha foer winn is pected tbe announced tomoow. it is expectedo ben acadic who spent theast 15 yes at harvard university. we haveone to meet him. [chting forgn language] >> do you sti bieve it is feasible that tibet could ever be an independen coury? >> y could n rule it in o rule i out. >> but your staf is, as n
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-- your stan i as of w, that you exct tibet being pt of china a lo as it has full tono. is that coect? >> w want genui autonomy within cna or witn the amewk of the chise constituti. if tibans e granted a genuin autonomy, ten his holine thealai lama hasaid he is wiing ccept tibet as partf china. >> and you accepthat sition? es, who ever is elect pri minist has to sucrib tond exce thapolicy. >> tell me how youee conditions inside tet now. >> it isragi reay, reall
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tric. its under theccupion of ina. there isoliticalepreion. anyone whorieso organize a peacefulemonstration wille arrested. just twoears a, in 28, a massive urisi. people from all walks o le, noma and frmer young and old. everyone came out io t stres and risked their liv. many died. >> do you sport those demonstrations? >> we do not encoura the >> the chinese say you do. >> wdo n. do not encoure,ut we understand their frusttion >> e dai lama is now in his mid-70's. when he pass away, the chise will appoint a successor dalai lamanside tibet. at ds that mean for tibetans?
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i do lieve that his holiness will live very lon havingaid that, hiholiss has suggested a couple ofays to reach -- through which the reincarnation procs is conducte high lama couldppoi his successo whe he is alive. i kin of support ttoncept. >>he potential next prime minister of the exidibet communy speakg to am brooks. now to the roy wedding, which is st three days away. thnumb of guests pes in ompason to the number who will be waiting outde t get a impse of throyal couple. the firstpectors are already staking ou vete
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spots. > red top in casit is cold. >> packin jst t eenti spirit >> d whe and blue weing bells. >> red and ite d blue paper flows, d a last-minute addition, charles and dna slippers. this is one of thousandsof americans their wayo london this week. e is herewither sister. in the fir job is woing t whereo std on friy. nally, they check out clarence hoe. >> so many decions. > they paid arod 3,000 pous for theirlights and nsiderations, -- flights and ccommodations, and conder it worth every penny.
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>> they seeso i love. at hom are going crazy th are sxcit. >> it is notustmeran tourts itown. media havelso scended on london. it seemsheir weddi appite isnsatble. [cers and appuse] this is good morning america broadcasting live. their speal wedding coverage started months a. in a w, we are a b more co about it, i suppose. >> of crse you a reserd, you are brish. i did feehen i got her a i was weang my william and ke
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t-sht that the locals were looking at me liki s crazy. come onyou guys want to do it o. >> the ddinforecast is cloudy with a chance of shers. bbc ne, ceral london. >> do t forget, you can find complete coverage of the ral wedding oour website. you wi get the latest newand featur, including our guided tour of the rou the coue will travel on theirig day. it is the carriage cam, and you can see it as what view yocan also follow usn facebook and twitter th doeit for this brdcas thk you for watchg. e you back here tomorrow.
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>>ellond welcome. >>ee t news unfold, get the tostors from around the globe and click-tolay deo ports. go to t experience t in-pth, expert reporting of "bbc wod ne" onli. >funding was made possie by the freeman foundationf w rk, stowe, vermont, and honolu. newman's own fountion the hn d. and catherine t macahur foundation. and ion bank. >> uon bank has put its glal eertise to work for a wide range ocompies. what can we forou? >> "bbc worlnewsmerica" was presented bycet s angeles.
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