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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 11, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." license to kill, two men linked to iran are rest in the u.s. after allegedly trying to assassinate the saudi ambassador. it is a plot made for the movies, says the fbi. child sacrifice in uganda. little allen was lucky to survive. >> the man that he claims kidnap him for sacrifice lives in this village. members of this community tell us that they continue to take children and sacrifice them. >> tiny slovakia deals a blow to the massive bureau -- eurozone. can they ever find economic harmony?
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welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and also are around the globe. the plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador was conceived and directed from iran according to u.s. officials. they announced they had broken up the alleged scheme and arrested two men with links to the iranian government. they vow to iran would be held accountable. dodge the alleged plot was to kill this man, the long servings saudi ambassador. the head of the fbi said it sounded like fiction, but the plot was all too real. >> individuals from one country sought to conspire with a drug trafficking cartel in another country to assassinate a foreign official on united states soil.
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it reads like the pages of a hollywood script, the impact would have been very we'll and many lives would have been lost. >> a senior member of president obama's cabinet pointed the finger straight at iran. >> it was conceived, sponsored, and directed from iran. it constitutes a flagrant violation of u.s. and international law. >> a place that could have been bombed, the iranian agent thought he was hiring a mexican drug cartel and was talking to an undercover fbi agent. he told him to mount the attack wherever he could. let it hit the restaurant. if you can do it outside, do it. he was told there would be more than 100 people there, he said no problem. a section of revolutionary
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guards were sent to have ordered the plot. this could be part of a bitter struggle with a civilian leadership and a contest for influence in the middle east. >> they are engaged in cold war over influence because they are the most influential actors in the region. therefore, he would be the perfect target. >> a spokesman says the allegations are a child's story, propaganda designed to distract americans. >> the north america editor, we will have more on the story with a u.s. state department adviser. an israeli soldier held by how loss -- hamas is going to be part of a significant prisoner exchange. in return, hundreds of palestinian prisoners will be freed by the israelis.
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>> tonight, the israeli cabinet together to confirm the decision that people here have been waiting here for five years. a decision that their government has agonized over for nearly as long. the words from the prime minister confirm that a deal has been struck to release a young israeli soldier. today, he says, i bring to the government a proposal to return home alive and well. this is the last proof that he is still alive, a video released more than two years ago. at that time, the young soldier had been held for three years. he open hatred between israel and hamas has made this an
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extremely difficult deal to strike. he has been in captivity for more than five years. hail release 450 palestinian prisoners, and once he is free, another 550 will be released. for the leadership, this is a huge propaganda coup. it is quick to point out the scale of its success. >> the summary of this deal is 1000 pows with two stages. the first stage, and the second deal is two months after the first deal is done. >> it will also be extremely popular. the captivity has been an open sore in a country where most families send a son or daughter to the military. what they will not do is bring
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in israeli-palestinian peace deal a step closer. it could make a resumption of peace negotiations that much harder. >> in other news from around the world, the white house has condemned a seven-year jail sentence handed down to the ukraine former prime minister. a judge found him guilty of exceeding her powers when she agreed aghast deal with russia two years ago. the ruling was criticized by the u.s., the eu, and russia. but they say the verdict must be respected. the trial has begun in detroit of a nigerian man accused of attempted bombing flights bound for the united states with explosives in his underwear. they said he was on a terrorist mission to kill nearly 300 people.
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child sacrifice, said to be an ancient practice of held by which doctors has reemerged in uganda. the bbc discovered that many cases are not followed up by the police and little is being done to protect potential victims. according to a major report released today, are around 900 children have fallen victim to the practice. chris rogers travels to the capital where he met one victim that managed to survive the ordeal. yours may find the content of this report very disturbing. >> he suffered brain damage. >> they call him the miracle child. a machete was sliced through his head and back in attached to the head him. he was also castrated. the work of which doctors attempting child sacrifice.
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the 9-year-old's mutilated body was found a mile from his home. it was a month before he woke from a coma. doctors are surprised that he survived, but he will need a lifetime of emotional and physical therapy. child sacrifice, the ritual was rare here until three years ago when it reemerged, coinciding with the booming economy. it is widely believed that some members are paying which doctors vast sums of money for an ancient practice in the belief it will bring them greater wealth and good health. but these people did not sacrifice their own children. in the villages, i hear horrific stories. >> this is where you found the body. >> they found the decapitated body of her 6-year-old grandson
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that had been missing for 24 hours. the local witch doctor admitted to sacrificing stephen. they said the police did not want to investigate. >> they offered me money to keep quiet. >> she refused the offer. >> there is a child sacrifice police task force. family complaints of corruption and slow investigations. >> they sold as on to pay for his medical treatments and moved near the capital. they're also waiting for justice. >> the man that he claims kidnapped him to live in this village. they were arrested and released without charge. members of this community have told us that they continue to take children and sacrifice them. >> we asked around for a witch doctor that could bring success to our local construction project.
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we were introduced to this man. during the first meeting, he sacrificed the go to bring luck to the business. a few days later, we are invited back to discuss what he regards as the most powerful spell, child sacrifice. >> there are two ways of doing this. we can bury the child alive on your construction site, or we cut the child and put their blood in a bottle of spiritual medicine. if it is male, the whole head is cut off, and his genitals. we will do the whole year construction site in the very iffy and the hands. and put them all together in the hole. >> be recognized this man? is he one of the men that took you?
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yes? >> is too dangerous to confront him, so we informed the police of our findings. official police figures show 38 children victims of sacrifice since 2006, a number based solely on conclusive investigations. charities claim that 900 cases remain outstanding. >> if we know someone is involved in doing criminal activities like this kind of deal, like human sacrifice, and if we prove the case, we will take them to court. sometimes the case is, the contents are not proven.
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>> there is such an legality and human sacrifice. >> in the last year, there have been more victims from his parish and then the official number for the entire country. communities like this one are backing the charity jubilee campaign that is lobbying the government to regulate which doctors. >> the children have no voices, they are linked by the law, by the police. but people that read the papers and do nothing, so we have to do what ever it takes to fight this evil. >> do think they will listen? >> we pray that they will. >> and no one from the government agreed to do an interview.
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the police deny an action and corruption. charities claim that without the full force of the law, there is little that can be done to protect the children from the witch doctors that kill for profit. and his attacker remains a free man. >> a horrific practice, hugh are watching bbc world is america. adding to the woes of the euro zone, slovakia says not so fast on increasing the bailout fund. police have arrested the captain of the container ship that cost the country's worst environmental disaster. >> is new zealand's biggest maritime and environmental disaster.
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12 kilometers, the abandoned containership, still perched on the refit ran a draft on, leaking more toxic fuel and the country's coastline. >> it is very tragic and quite a saddening situation. there will be an environmental disaster. there is no doubt about that. >> the first toxic sludge begins to come ashore. teams of volunteers do their best, but they know that much worse is to come. >> despite the cleanup operation, the arrival of oil on otherwise pristine beaches has brought home the reality of a crisis that threatens environmental disaster. the weather is making the situation worse.
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>> a tanker has had to return to port and because of the severe conditions. until today, 30 tons have escaped, but that has increased tenfold. conservationists fear an impending wildlife tragedy. >> we consider this very serious. it we don't know what the implications will be, and we don't know how long it will go on. >> of the question of why the vessel had a well-known reef remains a mystery. but for now, the priority has involved an ecological catastrophe. >> returning to the top story, u.s. officials say they have foiled a plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador which links to the iranian government.
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they have this to say about the message that will be sent to iran. >> will be consulting with our friends and partners around the world about how we can send a very strong message that this kind of action which violates international norms must be ended. >> hillary clinton. with more on today's events, he formally served as a senior adviser for the u.s. state department. when you look at the facts of the cases they are alleged, it seems unbelievable that iran and would risk incurring the wrath of the united states on u.s. soil like this. >> when assassination or a bombing that happens in a country, it would have put relations and a whole different plane, and it already has. in the sense that the united states is going to have a far
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more difficulty with iran and the level of conflict between them is going to escalate substantially. >> what is going on inside iran that they would try this? >> we don't know, allegedly, who ordered this and what the objectives would have been. it is much easier to see that iran and saudi arabia had been at loggerheads for sometime now, the iranians may have wanted to send the saudis a very strong signal after reigned when this plot was hatched. but why would they want to ratchet things up with the united states while carrying out an act of terror? that is quite baffling. >> this is the line of sunni and shia relations. it will get trickier because of this. >> of the arab spring has brought this to the fore.
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there are countries that iran and saudi arabia are competing with one another. it used to be 11 on and iraq, and now there is rain and assyria. things have become quite tense over the last couple of months. this is likely to get even more tense. assassinating a member of another country posing government is not something that any country will take lightly. >> let's get to the consequences of this, she says it will not be tolerated. what can the international community do? iran is isolated financially. >> it goes without saying that the attorney general of the united states has put this case before the american people. they're almost duty bound to make a reaction. whether or not to the international community feels that it has to follow the lead of the united states, it remains to be seen.
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china and russia have not been helpful with sanctions in the past, and they will not be jumping immediately to sanctions, so we have some work to do to get there. >> the parliament has voted against a crucial bailout fund for the euro zone. slovakia as the last country to decide. the country will eventually support the vote in a later vote if that makes sense. our editor has more on the latest bomb. >> slovakia has introduced a new uncertainty into crisis, its parliament has rejected the giving of the bailout fund increased powers. they are begging them to support this new measure. she said it was a question of trust of their standing in europe, but she did not get the
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votes. one party objected to giving more money to countries like greece. >> it is hazardous, and we think it is extremely irresponsible to the citizens of the countries because we are trying to save. >> they are waiting on the small, central european states. all 17 countries have to approve this new fund. so what does this more powerful bailout facility do? it'll have a fund of 440 billion. slovakia is being asked to guarantee 7.7 billion. the fund would be able to intervene in the markets to help countries in difficulty. 16 of the 17 nations have ratified the facility. slovakia is the last. >> we're one of the poorest
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countries, and think we should pay countries like greece. >> every country should manage their money like themselves. >> it reflects a wider problem. in the face of markets that can react immediately, there is huge pressure on leaders to act decisively, and there is also the question of democracy, the need to get voters on the side. >> of the fundamentals are not good and unless they come up with some speedy comprehensive solution, confidence not only in the markets but in the wider area economy will continue to collapse. >> they may get to vote again. some opposition voted to get rid of the government. they may support it next time around, but the vote risks unnerving investors, causing delay, holding up access to
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crucial funds at a critical time. >> from slovakia to the u.s., the scale is different, but the woes are similar. america's financial crisis prompted wall street protestors to take a tour of the swanky as parts of new york city today. and tonight, one republican presidential candidate has there agenda, so what are they going to say. a question i put to tom. >> we are going to be about the economy. always the economy. i would say right now, and is then -- herman cain man of the moment. >> i want to point out a new poll that suggest that 44% of americans don't think it makes a difference for their own economic well-being whether
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there is the republican or democrat. can the candidates change that perspective tonight? >> i am glad to bring that up, because a thing of the poll is accurate. people are exhausted about this crisis whether it is in england or slovakia. there is a removal of the president and removal from his republican candidates. they have to engage those people, particularly in new hampshire to get the independent vote. it will be interesting halfway through the debate or an hour through the debate with charlie rose, if the candidates can stay focused to go after those disaffected americans. >> is it too much to hope for concrete plans and proposals that might do something, anything? >> the conversation this afternoon made clear that rick perry is a mystery.
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there are 59 items from romney and 999, whatever that is, from herman cain. economicrick perry's plan? that has come up a number of times. >> people focus on new hampshire, but it is events around the world that will affect the american economy. if europe goes under, it will have a direct impact on americans and american voters. >> i ran a slide today, dial four years ago at 14,000. it is now at 11,000, so those events really tie into the equity markets. not so much the dollar currency or spread, but the affairs of europe directly linked to the global economy, china, and the u.s..
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we need a healthier and to keep the demand going. >> will merge editor at large joining me from new hampshire. if you think the campaign trail is rough, wait until you see what happens when you get to the white house. the first lady persuaded 400 students to join her and try to set a world record for the most number of people ever doing jumping jacks. to break the record, more than 20,000 people must be recorded and doing jumping jacks. it looks to me like they are off to a pretty good start. that brings us to the end of the show, but remember you can get a constant updates on the web site. you can reach me and most of the bbc team on twitter. see you back here tomorrow. >> funding was made possible by
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