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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 12, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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america of reporting from washington. i am jane o'brien. a packed train derails outside of paris leaving at least six people dead and dozens injured of head of the holiday weekend. edward snowden speaks out from a moscow airport saying he does want t asylum in russia but the u.s. is quick to warn what that could do to relations. the taliban tried to silence her but today she's proved she is stronger than ever with a clear message delivered at the u.n.. , oneen teacher, one book child, and one thing can change
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the world. >> welcome to our viewers on public television and around the globe. in france six people have died and several dozen are injured after a packed passenger train derails and crashed into a station. the accident happened 16 miles south of paris. president hollande visited the scene and said it is to soon to know the cause of the accident. this report from the crash site. a commuter town south of paris, 5:15 p.m. a trained leaves its track and careens across a platform onto another line. the scene at the station, one of appalling devastation. the crashed train was full.
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for many it was the start of the summer holiday and the platform was also crowded. >> i thought the coach was .oming off the rails creat people started screaming and completely panicked. on the platform, we heard a big explosion and a lot of smoke and everybody was screaming. a major emergency plan has been activated with hundreds of rescue workers at the scene and the injured varied to hospitals, some by helicopter. heavy machinery has been called into cut into the worst hit of the coaches which was mangled in the crash and they fear there may be more victims. president hollande expressed in nations solidarity. >> let's think about the victims, let's think about the families and the injured. let's thank the emergency
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workers. focus is on helping victims but questions are asked my how could a trained simply jump the tracks? experts say it is an extremely rare kind of accident. some spoke of the train almost bucking as it entered the station before plowing out of control. >> the rescue operation does continue and as close as i can et, it is 100 meters in that direction. emergency workers are at the scene cutting through debris. we think still looking for victims because it may well be that in this one carriage which was the worst hit and terribly theen up and mangled in crash, there are dead and potentially injured but probably did still inside.
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the news is coming out slowly. this is from an hour or so ago. the operation is clearly underway. the area is sealed off and hundreds of emergency workers around us. >> how long could this take, is there anything that is slowing things down? >> bad to get this heavy machinery to cut into the worst- hit of the carriages. fortunate they were near a town. it was not hard to get the machinery and the equipment. all we can say is that people were at the scene. because it is so near paris and the activation light went on straight away, the plan was put into action. the french are very good at this kind of thing. and what could be done has been
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done. that is all you can say. butnd very early days yet what sort of thing will the investigators look at when they come to try to work out what caused this? it is an unusual accident. they are suggesting that there was something on the track, and there is an interesting line which may be a false idea. there has been work on the line because of problems and it may have nothing to do with it. if you look on the blogs, itputer it may be unconnected t is one of the things they're looking at. scenese were dramatic at heathrow airport after a plane caught fire. the boeing 787 dreamliner was
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was at a remote stand and there were no passengers. already boeing stock took quite a hit today. >> the world's most advanced airliner on fire again. you can clearly see the damage just in front of the tail after this boeing dreamliner caught fire on the ground at heathrow. no one was on board at the time. it sparks memories of this. six months ago a dreamliner at a rate caught fire in boston. barely a week later we had this, another dreamliner forced into an emergency landing in japan. again, battery problems. the fleet was grounded through -- for three months while boeing struggled to fix the battery. in the end they sealed it in a steel box designed to withstand
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an explosion. .e are 15,000 feet >> i flew on the very same plane that caught fire today. it was full of boeing executives telling me they were proud that their star performer was back in the sky. >> and then we enclosed the battery in a stainless steel case to ensure should there be a problem it is isolated and we will continue safe operation. sharply, have fallen wiping billions off the value. one expert said it should not affect orders. >> airlines have waited three years because of today's production. the plane is important because it has good fuel economics and comfort. there is nothing else available to compare. because of the focus on high fuel prices they need that play now. there is nowhere else to go. i doubt they will cancel orders. >> this was not the only
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dreamliner to have a problem. the plane was diverted back home although it does not seem to be connected. boeing has a lot riding on the dreamliner but it has been riddled with problems. we do not know what caused today's fire. and was nots empty due to fly again for another six hours. the flagship state-of-the-art airliner could be grounded once again. -- at a meeting edwardow airport, snowden is asking for asylum. he promised to stop releasing secret information as part of the deal. according to a russian lawmaker. the white house labeled the meeting a propaganda platform. >> moscow airport today looks more like moscow circus.
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they have been invited here by edward snowden. in russia he has been dubbed the invisible man. were his guests sure they were going to find him? .> i got the e-mail he invited me to come and have a meeting. >> the delegation was led to the thatrt to the transit zone he has made his home. weeks therehree meet' has been a media frenzy. we are led to believe he is behind this door but we are not allowed through. a month ago i had a family and home. >> this amateur video from the meeting are the first images of
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edward snowden since he fled to russia. proof that he is still stuck at moscow airport. his guests were back in the spotlight to announce that the 30-year-old american was requesting asylum in russia but only temporarily. pixie wants travel to latin america eventually. >> did he say which country? >> he kept saying latin america. we believe that it was venezuela. that was my impression. >> washington is unimpressed by the publicity. >> providing a propaganda form for mr. snowden runs counter to to the russian government said previous accretions of russia pasta trial the and they have no control over his presence in the airport. >> the kremlin knows that america wants him back but russia's made it clear it will
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not be handing edward snowden over. >> there has been violence in parts of belfast following the 12th of july parade. policeant marches -- responded with water cannons. one woman was injured by a revenue -- a rubber oleg. monsignor is being questioned after his arrest on suspicion of being involved in an operation to smuggle $26 million into the country. in florida a verdict could come any time soon in the george zimmerman trial. the jury heard closing arguments from both sides and received final instructions from the judge. zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, is accused of murdering trayvon art and trade
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he claims he fired his gun in self-defense. now to serial where one of the most senior members of the free syrian army has been killed. he was apparently ambushed by a rival rebel group and his death is seen as another sign of growing division within the syrian opposition. in egypt, thousands of supporters of the muslim brotherhood were out in force again today chanting slogans against the military which removed mom and morsi from power. today the u.s. state department called for his release from detention. for more on the situation in both countries i spoke a brief time ago with the president and ceo of the international crisis group. we thank you for joining us. let's start with egypt. the muslim brotherhood and the opponent seem less likely to reach any form of compromise. do you think it is possible or
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has the situation gone too far? >> both sides have learned -- if both sides have learned anything from their interaction, compromises the only possible way out of this otherwise extremely confrontational situation. >> is it likely? >> it is -- there are some steps that could make it more likely. it is difficult to cover my eyes if you do not have an interlocutor. the release of the muslim rather good leaders, there has to be the brotherhood to be part of the conversation. it is difficult as long as they are going to be incarcerated. on their side they have to be persuaded that there is another chance of participating in some kind of democratic, inclusive process. >> the u.s. is calling for the release of morsi. is anyone listening?
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>> one has to think that this government will realize quickly that they are now in the process of repeating the mistakes that have put the brotherhood in the position of losing popular support and precipitating this confrontation. one has to hope that both on the military side in the interim leadership that there will be a sense that the only way forward for egypt is by building consensus coalition's and a space for inclusion. >> anybody watching egypt would have their concerned-but what is -- by what is happening in syria. one hope is there for unity to defeat the forces of president assad? have to say. i what we see as the evolution of the syrian conflict is moving along very predictably -- predictable lines. further fragmentation, we saw an early movement that was at the
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-- a very peaceful opposition movement. they have been part that provocative. there again i think at this point even though the hope is very slim i think external actors like russia and the u.s. as the leader of this geneva process have to step up their efforts. >> has the arab spring failed? is there hope for democracy in the middle east? >> i think the mistake was to think it was a season. the transformation of society's come a they do not take a season. and the lucky part of history they take a decade. in the west it has taken centuries to we have to
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accompany these processes and reduce the violence is much as possible, increase humanitarian support, and have some patience that it is going to take a long time for democracy to consolidate. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> you're watching bbc world news america. still to come. speaking out for the right to an education months after being attacked by the taliban. she proves she will not be silenced. the prices are gold are up 2.5 %. investors raising their hopes as gold starts regaining some of its value after plunging towards both hundred dollars an ounce. we report on what is next for the commodity. movement ofs the
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the gold market been this intense. every nudge in the price has investors rushing in to buy gold and an equal number rushing to sell. it slumped one third since its peak and there is no consensus of where it might head next. the market is sharply divided into directly opposing camps. the crowd that thinks it is cheaper than the other group think it is crashing down. $1200 anovers around ounce. that is the point when half the gold mines are starting to make . lot of production pil will they cut press is to drive up the price and will it work?
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-- youou see the price might see that coming through but the bigger issue is .xpiration spending the gold mining firms have under pressure. strikes and violence in south african mines and with prices slumping. cutting on expiration might keep them in the black. firms without finding new seams put their futures in jeopardy. >> khat is a plant whose leaves are chewed as a minor stimulant. much of it is grown in central kenya. our correspondent has this
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report. thet is early morning where central highlands rise up. this country.rowing a gang of a dozen or so men said to work to gather it. only the youngest stems will do and for optimum freshness it has got to happen fast. this can be a curious work created >> this farm belongs to my uncle. tree.s is the >> like many here he and his family have been cultivating khat for generations. they have used this stimulant to stay alert and when discussing matters of importance to the community. i see you have got some here. can we have a go?
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you chewed the twig. >> a slightly bitter taste. the habit has spread and cultivation is integral to the local economy. afford the not basic things like clothing and food without this. >> this breaks are stripped of the more mature green leaves and sorted into small bundles. each one of these bunches sells for about $10 locally which is not bad money here. the community is getting involved in the sorting process. the community relies on the business for living. local producers and dealers say exports account to about 15% of the total production here.
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they're angry about potential losses worth millions of dollars. the british government has an interest in africa. they know that this is not a drug. sacs will stay fresh only for a few days. speed is of the essence. campaigners say addiction to the stimulant is pulling families apart but that is not how they see it here where it provides a living and a way of life. the economy there. education is the only solution, those were the words as she birthday ater 16th burstin the united nations. it was last year that the pakistani teenager was shot by the taliban for promoting the
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right of girls to gain an education. today she proved her determination is stronger than ever. >> it is a teenaged takeover of the united nations. diplomat but young people from across the globe here to demand education for everyon child. malalanspiration is yousafazai. >> my ambitions are the same. my hopes are the same. and my dreams are the same. >> the taliban tried to kill her and pakistan because she was campaigning for girls to have an education. she survived and was flown to britain for treatment. now her campaign has gone global. , onee child, one teacher
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book, and one pen can change the world. .ducation is the only solution education first. thanks. >> for her family this was a proud day. quick she conveyed her message and a very powerful way with powerful words. i think it should be heard by where women'ss and children's rights are violated. >> they were energized by malala's message. >> she was telling her story and the story of many. >> when she was speaking every word that she said was powerful. worldy are here to remind leaders of their pledge to halve every child in primary education by 2015.
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there are 57 million children who are not in school. how will that goal be achieved? children are in charge of the u.n. today. teamchool report questioned gordon brown. >> i am happy to go to pakistan or nigeria or india or afghanistan and say to them, the rest of the world as well as your own citizens think it is not good enough that so many millions of girls and boys are not at school. drive hasgan as her become a global rallying cry. a leader on the world stage. >> the extra ordinary message. -- the extraordinary message of malala. you can get constant updates on our news network.
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from all of us here at world news america, thank you for watching and have a good weekend. >> make sense of international news -- at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu,newman's own foundation giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions.
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we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: the fate of george zimmerman is now in the hands of a jury, to determine whether the florida man is guilty in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. good evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> suarez: and i'm ray suarez. on the newshour tonight: we recap the trial's closing day, as the defense attorney argued the prosecution did not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. >> woodruff: then, we return to the saga of edward snowden, amid reports the leaker of u.s. national security secrets may cut a deal for asylum in russia. >> suarez: we update the probe into the plane crash in san francisco, where crews are removing wreckage from the runway nearly a week after the accident. >> woodruff: spencer michels reports from california's san joaquin valley o


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