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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 16, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their ash work hard to understand the industry you operate in.
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expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." world news"bbc america," reporting from london, i am katty kay. panama's resident shows off what was found on a north korean ship. it is supposed to be sugar, it looks like missiles. the head of the most feared drug cartel is arrested in mexico. tapping into america's shale gas has led to a fracking boom. some say the cost us to hide. -- the cost is too high. easy to get hold of the gas that lies underground.
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>> north korea has some explain its shipsr one of were seized going through the panama canal carrying what appears to be missiles. this was an attempt to break you and resolutions on arms trafficking. >> it has the ingredients of a thriller. in the panama canal, a north korean freighter is seized with what appears to be a clandestine cargo of missile parts. the ship is still being searched after reportedly arriving from cuba last week. hidden beneath sacks of cane sugar.
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this is restricted under you and sanctions. the panamanian president ordered a personal inspection. this is extremely sophisticated. it appears that these are aerial defense missiles. we don't know what is in the other containers. panama is a peaceful country, not one of war. >> here's the breakdown of the route taken by that ship. analysts say the ships transponder which would normally decision, was switched off. they passed through the panama canal, it's stated destination, cuba, then it disappeared. and it wase back
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searched. north korea has few friends internationally and this was one intrusion it will not welcome. >> there is a long-standing diplomatic and military cooperation between cuba and north korea. the northof staff of korean army visited havana earlier this month, the third of july. -- sees her seizure this seizure might be seen in the context of military cooperation. >> the north korean crew but they fight and roque the crates to make it harder to unload. it will take days more to search fully and find the answers they are demanding. >> a lot of questions for north korea. for more on this, i spoke with a nonproliferation expert and the president of the plowshares fund. how much more do we know about what was on the ship? >> we have seen a flurry of
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activity on the internet, on twitter. experts are identifying this cargo as a fire control radar for surface to air missiles. it is a soviet-made radar control system. it is not clear if there are actually missiles and that cargo nor is it clear if this is a radar being shipped from cuba or north korea for repair or if north korea had bought it. the cargo was not still unloaded. there might be a few more surprises. >> it is being speculated that the ship had been monitored in some way. this is by panamanian authorities and perhaps even by people in washington. >> it shows how hard it is for north korea to evade the sanctions despite their
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duplicitous efforts. this is a ship that had been under suspicion by authorities because of the unusual sailing pattern. if it had not been to the atlantic ocean in over 10 years and suddenly it is appearing. it had been involved in other suspicious activities. we knew that it had gone from north korea, we knew it had docked in cuba. of course, you trapped it inside of the panama canal. not a lot of room to maneuver. lex a pretty narrow strait. what is your sense of what is going on? how serious of a violation might this have been of the arms embargo? >> militarily, not a very significant threat. this is not an offensive weapon. this is an old system. i know that the president said it was very sophisticated and that might the bit of an
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exaggeration. this is not militarily significant. it is like they were trying to do this at all and they were caught. cuba is not allowed to have this kind of trade with north korea. he caught them in the act. there should be some harsh words for more countries for violating the sanctions. asyou know that north korea well as anyone can. do you think that they will be shamefaced about this at all? >> no, they will not the shamefaced. there was fierce resistance. the captain had a heart attack first. then, he tried to kill himself. the crew knew they were going to pay a penalty for letting this be seized. you keep raising the cost as much as possible.
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this is how international cooperation we have in restricting any kind of proliferation violations from this regime. >> pretty risky. let's get some other news. russian authorities say that the former u.s. spy agency ever snowed and has applied for a edward snowden has applied for temporary asylum in russia. he revealed details of american government surveillance programs. unions in greece are increasing the pressure on the government as they continue to try to head off the latest unpopular reforms. transport and public services were brought to a near halt as the two main unions went on strike. municipal workers are already out on a strike would started yesterday. athens has fallen behind on its
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land to redeployed 25,000 civil servants. scientists have developed a skin patch which they hope to prevent malaria. this is designed from -- designed to prevent mosquitoes from detecting carbon dioxide in onallows them to hone people. egyptian army chief, who led the coup, is now the deputy prime minister. brotherhood has denounced the new cabinet as illegitimate. -- themonths of ramadan month of ram again is meant to bring peace. ramadan is meant to bring peace. egypt still has its nights of violence. on monday, supporters of the deposed president made a stand
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against the security forces. this was egypt's most serious outbreak of violence for more than a week. in the hours after the clashes, i met the military spokesman. have an rare chance to extended conversation with a senior officer. the colonel agreed to answer one question on camera. do you think the egyptian armed forces in recent days have used excessive force? what's that was not a peaceful protesting. -- >> that was not a peaceful protesting. order of the military is to defend the units, facilities. -- the egyptian military was not created to kill egyptians or be killed by
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egyptians. >> the military is extremely keen to explain and justify its intervention. video released this showing the size of the anti- mohamed morsi protests two weeks ago. the army insists that it had to respond. this afternoon, the military was there as egypt's interim president swore in his new ministers. the armed forces argued that civilians are now in charge. somewhere, here in cairo, security forces continue to hold the deposed president. the military still has the final word on one of the most political subjects of all, the that theythe man overthrew. >> indeed, the future of democracy still in troubling time in egypt. mexican authorities are celebrating the capture of one of the country's most notorious
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drug lords. ,he head of the zeta cartel miguel angel trevino morales, was wanted for a series of reticular we d -- of particularly brutal murders. in addition to trafficking and other charges. ,> miguel angel trevino morales in mexico his name is synonymous with brutality and his face, the final image that dozens, perhaps hundreds of victims would have seen before he ordered their slaughter. now, he is in the hands of the authorities. members of the, mexican marines detained 40- year-old miguel angel trevino morales. seven arrestas warrants by different federal judges and is involved in at
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least 12 investigations. of legiblycades involved in organized crime, the charge sheet against him as long. >> he is accused of organized crime, murder, torture, money laundering, and carrying weapons that are exclusively for the use of armed forces, among others. by other names, he was unlike the other top leaders. rather than having defected, he was a civilian that displayed a particular penchant for extreme brutality including dissolving some of his victims and acid. he is wanted in connection with 265 murders and two separate massacres. for a man with such a reputation, when it came to his own arrest, it was a surprisingly calm affair. he was detained by the marines
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in a pickup truck with two associates carrying around $2 million in cash. not a shot was fired in the operation. this pleased the mexican government. indeed, the removal of the second overall leader of the feared ordinal -- the feared , will be aganization source of pride for the security forces. the hope must be that the power vacuum this would have created within the organization does not provoke further bloodshed. >> a big fu for the government in mexico and the suggestion that the possibility -- coup for the government of mexico. look at what hubble has found. up space telescope picks another moon orbiting neptune.
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weeks time, pope francis will arrive in brazil for his first major foreign trip. huge sense of anticipation in brazil. they have the largest number of catholics of any country in the world. he will also visit some of the poorest slums. a week before he arrives but in rio de janeiro, pope francis is everywhere you look. for its playful carnival and parades, is getting itself in the mood for a party. it has taken a lot of planning, not the least of which is taking out the dry runs of the popes route. youthl preside over world day beginning on the 23rd of july. more than one million young catholics are expected to arrive in the city. >> in the history of the country, it was never an event of the magnitude that world youth day and what it brings to
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the city. >> one of the highlights of the visit will be a mass on copacabana beach. a man known for his simple and austere approach him a it is thought that he will lead the faithful in an open top jeep. one of the stops in his visit in a poor area. where drug trafficking and violence are rampant until recently. the police moved in or so-called pacifying operations. >> i would at least try to get close to him. i wouldn't want him to bless all brazilians and ask him for peace to brought upon us because violence is present. >> brazil has the highest catholic population of any country in the world. it is these children who the pope will be reaching out to.
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>> now, to our continuing series on the future of fuel. yesterday, we looked at of the american oil boom. today, we focus on the controversial process known as fracking. this has allowed the u.s. production to soar and u.s. exports could increase more than 500% over the next 12 years. our science editor sent us this report. .> a glimpse of the underworld a few revealing the geology beneath our feet. >> each area is an area of rock. >> this is the type of rock holding so much gas. this is transforming the future of fuel. this has changed the face of the energy picture. this is because of the revolution. we are looking at exporting gas.
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one of many new frontiers. deep rock.into the america produces more gas than russia and the key as fracking. a technique to break up the shale. fracking has been around for years but new techniques keep making it easier because it can get hold of the gas that lies deep underground. then, to turn the drill horizontally and run it right through the layer of rock. the aim, to get a tiny fissures in the rock. millimeterss than a of rock. inside of them are molecules of gas inside. there were chemicals, they are pumped in a high-pressure. this is to widen those fissures.
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there are tiny grains of sand that are added to the makes and they are designed to hold the cracks open. what it has done is to release the gas. it is then flushed along through the drill pipe and back up to the surface. new research is enhancing how this process happens all the time. it means that the gas boom is underway. amid ass of machinery swarm of pipes. the process is about to begin. of the the heart operation, you need fireproof clothing. they mix the water, the chemicals. , a high-pressure along the pipes after the down into thehen
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rock to fracture it down below. one risk our tremors, but they are very rare. another is polluting the water if the work is not done carefully. country, there are few objections, but it is highly controversial next to people's homes. >> instead of a rose field we now have this oil field. >> this man had it right on his doorstep, just beside his house in california. the company would not comment. the fracking was for oil, not gas, but the process was the same. >> it was a major inconvenience because of the activity around the clock as well as the smells, the dust on the road from the amount of trucks, the noise. >> fracking is worth billions. this terminal in louisiana built to import gas is now being converted to export it. american shale gas will be sent from here to britain, spain, and other countries, intentionally
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huge business. this is speeding up. there is a lot of opposition, there is huge demand for the fuel, and a gold rush is on. >> the economic benefits of fracking are indubitable. billions being added to the economies of individual states alone. many want to set up their businesses is speeding up. there is a lot of opposition inf the cheap energy. speaking of discoveries, we have an exciting one that we want to share with you. scientists have found a new moon orbiting the planet neptune. is just 20ittle moon kilometers wide. it is the 14th moon.
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it is around 65,000 miles away from it and it was discovered the hubble telescope. it does look extraordinary. i am joined now from philadelphia to talk about this more with an astronomer. i hear they have given this rather extraordinary discovery a rather boring name. couldn't they have come up with something more exciting? a fewwill take them minutes to figure out exactly what to name it. there is a naming scheme to be used. it will take them a while to get this one named. as you said, this is the 14th moon. they have run out of names. them ally just give number. >> it is an incredible tribute to the work of hubble. new things ing
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space. >> the amount of information that hubble telescope has gathered over the 21 years is pretty remarkable. thosel identify immediately as a telescope goes along. wealth of buried information that scientists can dig through to make the discoveries. will beu think that we finding more? are you expecting more discoveries like this moon? how many more are there out there? the largest moon was found over century ago. >> yes, you are right about that. it is 1846 that neptune was discovered. the hubble has a lot of life left in it. there is so much information that is gathered, there will be discoveries made from the data
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that has been collected for decades going into the future. it really has been an incredible instrument and well worth the money. >> if you are watching this from kansas, nevada, why should you care that a new moon has been found orbiting neptune? >> well, one of the things the discovery does for us as it continues to confirm the fact that we don't know everything about not only our solar system at the rest of the galaxy in the universe. there is a lot more for us to learn. the technology that goes into this eventually does benefit us. we might want to do this immediately but it takes a while for them to trickle down to us. we now use them in our everyday lives. the knowledge that we gain, plus the technology that helps us do this. >> if you could ask hubble to find one thing, one mystery
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you're still looking for the answers to out there in the universe,, what would it be? >> i had a great pair of socks that i lost in the laundry somewhere a few years ago and i have not found them yet. am hoping that they are a lot brighter than that. >> i do think that there are a number of great things we need to know. if the hubble space telescope could give us more information about planets orbiting a star someplace that is most like earth, it shows us the possibility of life out there, that would be the most amazing discovery you could find. away if you find a pair of socks out there in space, they belong to derek. thank you for joining me. that will bring today's show to a close. you can find more of today's news on our website.
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if you would like to commit a kid with the team, you can find on twitter. thank you for watching. tune in tomorrow. >> make sense of international news -- at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: a brutal druglord, the ruthless leader of a mexican cartel, has been captured near the texas border. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, we get the details of the dramatic arrest by mexican marines, and examine the impact on the notorious zetas drug gang, which reaches deep into the american southwest. >> ifill: then, the "nuclear option" is off the table, for now. we talk with senators jeff merkley and roger wicker about the deal that averted a showdown over the filibuster rules. >> brown: ray suarez updates the latest turmoil in egypt, where new clashes between islamists and police left seven dead and more than 200 injured. >> ifill: fred de sam lazaro has the story of a school that's transforming the l


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