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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 24, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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. we offer tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america" reporting from washington. at least 35 people have been killed after a playing derail the outside of the northern spanish city of santiago. a call for action in egypt. the countries of the terry chief asked -- the country's military chief asked for an and to the mileage. george alexander louis, who was just two days old, is getting some high-powered visitors.
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welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. we start broadcasting with breaking news from spain where there are reports of at least 35 people that have been killed in a train crash in the northwest of the country. their train was traveling from madrid when came off of the tracks near the city of san diego -- santiago compostela. >> we know that it happened at about 9:00 not time -- local time. it derailed right up in the north of spain, and area very popular with forests. the beginning of the summer vacation. if you look at the pictures, a lot of damage, considerable damage. several coaches of the training derailed. one talking about hearing a big explosion.
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clearly am a a lot of damage and destruction. this is coming from the head of the regional government in that part of spain as saying at least 35 people have died. >> what is the local media saying about what could have caused this? >> there's is not much information coming out in this early stage about the possibility of the accident. the report seems to suggest plenty of smoke. spain generally has a relatively good record in terms of rail safety. this is a country which is invested huge amount of money in its rail network. of course, it has a high-speed train. if you like, this is the medium speed train, but it does use the same track from madrid up here.
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it is interesting to note that actually that tomorrow is a regional holiday. quite possibly there were a lot of people that were on their way to vacation. >> is there any comment from the train company? >> the national train company no comment that i have seen so far coming from them. at the moment this is in the earlier stages of this accident. the emergency services are on the scene. some early reports suggesting that there were people that were inside of the wreckage of the train. the death toll has risen fairly quickly. the initial number was 10. now we are at 35. at least 35. >> thank you very much for the latest on that train crash. the head of the army called for mass rallies on friday claiming
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it will give him a man died -- claiming that it will give him a mandate. the muslim brotherhood says it is an open invitation to civil war. the pentagon has decided to delay the delivery of four fighter jets amid the unrest. >> in egypt, yet another intervention by the country's military. this time, a call for action. the general needed a mandate to tackle terror and violence, but he did not mention from whom. >> i call on all egyptians to take to the streets to remind the whole world that you have a will and a decision. if violence or terrorism are used, you should mandate the army and the police to take the necessary measures to deal with this violence and terrorism.
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>> at this rally for president morsi the muslim brotherhood supporters knew exactly who he was referring to. them. >> he claims in his first statement that he has to remove the elected president in a military coup to escape a national conflict and civil war is now calling for a civil war himself to protect his military coup. he is proving that he is the actual president for the country and that the president vice president, and the government do not actually hold any power. >> for weeks now, egypt has been resolving this difference is on the streets. this is the aftermath of a bomb blast that killed a soldier overnight and left a dozen policemen injured. this is yet another escalation of the violence here has left over 100 dead. again, the general and his security forces are calling the shots in egypt. the brotherhood says they will
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not back down until president morsi is reinstated. the lines of division are more clearly drawn than ever. friday is likely to deliver more confrontation and bloodshed. >> now, to russia, where there is confusion over edward snowden's attempt for asylum. it is reported that the man who leaked information about u.s. surveillance programs had been given documents that would allow him to leave the transit area of the moscow airport. then, his lawyer said that was not true. mr. snowden would have to stay there until further notice. this led to a phone call between the u.s. secretary of state john kerry and the russian foreign minister. so, the state department said they would be deeply disappointed by any move that allows mr. snowden to leave that what was the tone like on
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that phone call? >> i would imagine that it was a bit icy. >> was at the beginning of negotiation? >> one does not know here and i think we will have to wait and see. there are some elements of the cold war here. there is some elements of spies taking refuge in one area or another. mr. pugh tim says he will only take mr. snowden if mr. snowden shuts up. -- mr. pugh 10putin says he will only take mr. snowden if mr. snowden shuts up. his lawyer has kgb connections. >> what are the strategic considerations for russia? what's i think they are the relationship with the u.s. and on the other hand, maybe another episode of will i call the series of ankle kicks that russia and the u.s. have been exchanging. i would prefer to see the
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process go ahead sensibly. there are senses that may be a bomb a would not go to the g-20. maybe there are meetings between the two finance ministers. one sees this as not a very productive set of activities. >> how could this be resolved this man here in this transit area, without either country losing face? >> in the end, he has to go left or right, if i put it that way. if he ends up in a holding tank somewhere, on his way to some place that would be acceptable. we use time to solve the problem. howard constable would be --
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how uncomfortable would be if he was there? >> you are saying that it is shades of the cold war. >> i think it is really about the u.s. believing that they have been done in by this combination of edward snowden of vomiting out all of this stuff, much of it sensitive. on the other, his and even up in russia in a way that tends to look like it was engineered. on the other hand, we have unembarrassed mr. putin who is enjoying the company of mr. snowden. at a time when they thought he was going to cuba. cuba does not seem to want him there. even to have them pass through on the way to nicaragua or venezuela. >> mr. snowden will end up somewhere in latin america? >> i think there are three choices for him.
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russia, not good. leiden -- latin america might be neutral. the u.s. would be overjoyed to mr. putin would have to swallow pretty carefully. one could see men headed for central or latin america and any not in the u.s. maybe there is some guile here that could be put to work. >> pope francis has given his first mass outside of italy as pontiff today. the pope held a massive. he warned against the dangers of what he called passing titles such as money and power. police in india state have arrested the head teacher of a school where 23 students died after eating food contaminated with insecticide. there have been widespread protests in the aftermath.
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hundreds of thousands of teachers have pulled out of the government free meal plan and children across india have been refusing school meals. like so smithkline has admitted that the bribery scandal surrounding its operations in china will have some impact on its performance. it is alleged that some paid out hundreds of millions of dollars to doctors and health officials to try to boost sales and prices. the swat valley in pakistan has gained widespread attention for its lack of women's rights. it was there that malala was shot in the head of the taliban. most disputes are settled by a meeting of local elders. until now, the system has been all-male. rulings have recently discriminated against women. now a new version is looking to give women justice.
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some of the images in this report you might find distressing. >> the picture perfect valley once controlled by the pakistan taliban and conservatism still runs deep. for young girls, this can be harsh terrain. oppression starts early here. this woman was married off at the age of 12 to a middle-aged man. her mother claims her husband and his parents abused her for years. then, they inflicted a lingering death. they claim they deny. >> she was far from home without her mother to turn to. she could only call on god. those cruel people made her suffer for days.
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>> as she lay dying it was a suspected acid attack, she named her tormentors and said that they should burn like she did. in her search for justice, her mother has turned to a new outline, pakistan's first women's forum for resolving disputes. we sat in on proceedings on claims for unpaid salaries problems with the water supply, and murder. a local lawyer was on hand with the device. this gathering is making history and perhaps making enemies. -- a local lawyer was on hand for advice. the members say they have had enough of male injustice. >> the men treat our women like slaves. they even do not give them their rights.
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they consider them like their property. >> what about the risks for you personally? what about the dangers? >> there are many dangers, but i have to fight. >> and she is fighting for women like this woman who was tortured to death in may. her husband and his parents have been charged with the crime. her mother says that her lips and eyes were glued shut. she was strangled and her arm was broken in three places. initially, the courts were ignoring the case. >> whenever we brought applications of the judge, he would tear them up and throw them away. now, our voices being heard. -- our voice is being heard. >> in this community, women are little seen or heard inks to culture and tradition for -- thanks to culture and tradition.
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men usually make the key decisions. women and girls often have little or no say over their own lives. male relatives dictate whether they go to school, who they marry, when they will marry. how did the men feel about this council? the men's council is dismissive saying that women have no power to enforce their decisions. in the streets, a surprising response. it was in favor of the women having their own counsel? most of those we asked were behind the women. back in her village this mother goes to pray for her daughter. she visits her grave every day. those accused of killing her have just been acquitted, but she is going to appeal that verdict with help.
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>> a brave and historic attempt to bring justice to the women of the swat valley. you're watching "bbc world news america", still to come. his royal highness has a name. prince george of cambridge will be third in line to the throne. weeks after the miami heat went home with the second consecutive nba championship, the team's biggest star is now in asia. we sat down with him and started by asking about the chances of a three-peat. >> there will be teams gunning at us. we have to be ready for that. we are a better ballclub. we have to come back better. we have to be a better team. we cannot be the same team we were last year.
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it will be even harder to win it again. >> how important is asia to the nba? what's i think is very important. i have been here numerous times to see the fans, to see their excitement around the game. they love the game. >> what are the challenges for asian players to make it into the nba? >> i think the challenges -- it is much as asian players, it is for everyone. the challenge is where ever you grow up, the extent of the game, how many times you play each and every day. it is not just here in asia. every kid loves the game of basketball, both men and women. they have challenges on a day- to-day basis.
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>> you have two olympic golds two nba championships. what do you hope to accomplish? >> everything. i am just getting started. >> you are getting married in september. howard going? >> good. >> will be wedding cake be a basketball? >> hell no. [laughter] >> it has long been a popular food throughout europe and the middle east but now it is catching on in the u.s. the biggest hummus producer says they need more chickpeas to keep up with demand. that could be a lifeline for tobacco growers in virginia. we went to go see the cash crop. >> james brown has grown tobacco on his family farm for more than seven decades. in this part of virginia, it is
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a way of life. less people are smoking in the u.s., a habit they have ditched in favor of eating hummus. chickpeas are poised to become the new cash crop. >> the tobacco is a little expensive, you have got to buy a lot of things like plants. then you have to pay for the labor. i think that chickpeas will be a little cheaper. >> former brown is one of the first two experiment with a new variety of chickpeas that can withstand the region's climate. >> that tastes really good. >> it does taste good. >> i have never eaten fresh chickpea before. >> is my first time ever eating a chickpea. my first time. >> is the largest -- this is
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the largest hummus maker in the u.s.. it will top 750 million dollars. with the opening of a factor in virginia, the company needs local chickpeas. >> you have to make sure that you have enough chickpeas. you want to make sure that we reduce risk. we don't want to grow this only in one place. >> this is a typical tobacco farm. it has fallen by the wayside. >> william grew up on a virginia farm like many others, he left the region to find work. >> this might be the catalyst to start a whole new cycle of people coming back to the land growing chickpeas, and introducing hummus. >> what i like, you don't have to put a lot. >> with so much riding on the success farmer brown has
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become something of a chickpea evangelist. he encourages other small farmers to give it a go. >> that is different. it does not appeal to me that much but i will grow anything. >> ironically, this year's tobacco crop has been one of the best. former brown is not giving up on it just yet but there might soon come a day when these green leaves will be replaced by chickpeas. >> the chickpea boom that america embraces with hummus. the duke and duchess of cambridge announced that their baby son will be called george alexander louis. he will be known as his royal highness, prince george of cambridge. the queen met her great-grandson for the first time. our royal correspondent reports.
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>> he will bear one of the most familiar and favorite names of british kings in recent centuries, george. it is the name william and kate wanted but it is also extremely traditional, first used by the queens over 300 years ago but the name of the queens late father a man who took the throne in the abdication crisis. they helped to restore the country's morale during the second world war. this morning, george the sixth elder daughter, our president crean, went to the palace to see her great-grandson, a child with the promise of returning her father's name to the throne. but this is a heroic name. this is a way of honoring the queen. >> bridge george will have two
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other names, alexander, which is said to be a favorite of kates, and louis him a name from william side of the family. the choice of george seems a popular one. >> george is a beautiful name that is a lovely name. great congratulations. >> we are happy for them. >> george alexander sounds good. >> his name was going on the souvenir china where as companies seize the opportunity. for prince george himself it was a journey. his parents took him to the middleton family home. the car seat was visible in the back. there was a wave from her as they left london for what they hoped would be an entirely
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private a few weeks getting to know their son. two days old, but already, prince george's cambridge. >> there have been six king george's. at least 35 people have been killed in a train crash in northwest spain. the train was traveling from a trip when it came off of the tracks. rescue workers are on the scene assessing the damage and helping those in need. the spanish state company that owns the train says 218 passengers and crew were on board. that brings today's program to a close. remember, you can continue watching "bbc world news" for constant updates. to reach me and most of the team, just go to twitter. we are 2bbcnewsus.
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