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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 25, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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ofutions in a wide range industries. what can we do for you? and now, bbc world news america. the bc world news america reporting from washington. at least 80 people are dead in spain's worst train accident in decades. in custody asd the investigation gets underway. more than 100,000 people have been killed in serious bloody civil war. aving trouble sleeping lately? it could be the full moon. new research sheds some light.
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♪ to our viewers. today, spain declared three days of national mourning after a plane crash outside the city killed at least 80 people. investigations have already been combing through. most of the focus is on the speed the train was traveling. >> the footage of the burning crash site taken in the immediate aftermath of last night's accident. in the hear the panic voice of this eyewitness. was tippedcharacters on its end.
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a scene of utter destruction. a 15-year-old was a passenger trapped, on her way to visit her grandmother. >> the train started going really fast. , i wast thing i remember --ered by said and -- so it soot and my leg was trapped. >> a warning, it is distressing to watch. you will see as the train hits the middle carriages, it buckles and tips. fromrain was heading madrid to the shipbuilding town on the coast. officials described the crash site as a difficult been with a speed limit of 50 miles an hour. in communication with the control room, the driver told
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them he was traveling twice that speed. trying to make up time, one theory. one hundred 31 passengers were transferred to local hospitals. among them is one rich survivor. he was searching for his friends. three are dead. two from the same group are still missing. >> i am here with the daughter of one of my friends, who was killed. it has been a long night. the most difficult part is when they bring the news. it is generally bad. >> the death toll has been rising. the death toll is so severe it will likely be rising again. throughout the day, families have been waiting inside the building with the news. every now and again, through these open windows, we can hear
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the screams of despair. clothing andmoving bringing them to the families in hopes they can speed up the identification process. >> this is the worst accident in spain in years. there will be three days of national mourning. lee spaniard's are all united at this moment. we are with all the victims and families and friends of the victims. i hope we will be able to solve the problems. >> a state appointed judge is in charge. a carrier will form crucial parts of the work now on the way. it is ultimately the driver and
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the trains black box recorder that will provide them with the answers they are seeking. >> investigators are focusing on the speed of the train before the crash. they will be analyzing the trains black bosch -- black box, which has been recovered. our correspondent looks at the main questions. >> what caused this crash? was this train traveling at -- speed limit around a tight band. and why did they and -- the safety measures not work. this footage appears to show the same slow bend where the crash took place. 120 miles an hour.
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investigators are focusing on speed. the bulk of this line is for trains traveling 150 miles an hour. it tends to be straight. a morein shares conventional, slower line. drops to 50eed miles an hour. typically, the trains are fitted with a variety of safety systems. these devices could be key. some more in the driver about the speed limit ahead. >> one of the questions thattigated now is, did system work and tell the diver what the speed was in the driver ignored it? or did the system fail and give a -- an incorrect indication. is shocking but it
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news.eveal interesting >> the train is going too fast is what this means. we will be able to see where the failure was. the other option is there could have been a failure between the characters -- carriages and the train itself. the train is too fast for the track. network's high-speed is one of the best in the world. until now, it has had an excellent save the record. had just been inspected and did not appear to have any technical problems. the driver was experienced. modern trains are specifically designed to minimize casualties even in the worst accidents. experts will also be asking why the death toll was so high. >> for the latest from the
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scene i spoke with christian. are there any -- is there any news as to why this was going so fast? >> a variety of clues we will help piece together over the coming weeks. the train, as he comes round the bend, you clearly see it buckle and start to tip and roll over and that will form the first art of the investigation. throughout the course of the day, there have been trackside investigations here working and they are working forensic league. crucially, it is the driver under caution and being held in recovery to provide them with all the answers they are looking for. these are comments he made to the control room while he was trapped in the train. "i am only human" is what he
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said to them. bend behind me has a speed limit of 80 kilometers an hour. >> how does this accident undermine spain's faith in the railway system? >> i do not think so. they have the third-biggest train network in europe. they have been saved in the past. they go down to places and they go around the country very safely. there are all sorts of questions for this track. it is a new track. it comes out of the tunnel and goes from a fast track to a slower track. feelnk generally people they are safe when they use the train. sometimes these things happen. three very serious accidents, so it happens.
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>> we will continue to bring the latest as soon as we have it here. more than 100,000 people have conflict inin a syria. that is a new estimate from the united nations. a further 1.7 million have fled to other countries. this comes as the secretary of state says today there is no military solution to the crisis. tom reports. took place in a diverse suburb of damascus. has grownace that survivors. not for the first time, there was chaos and carnage on the street. toos like this, some graphic to show you, are now
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familiar to the people here. elsewhere in the serial, unverifiable pitchers continue to show more violence a few days ago. close to the turkish border. a roady traveling along controlled by the syrian army. tollhis comes as the death mounts. 100,000 people have died in syria in the last two years. on humann conservatory rights says during this fortnight alone, at least 2000 people, mostly combatants, have been killed in the conflict. still, the international community cannot agree on intervening as the u.s. secretary of state acknowledged in a visit to u.n.. >> there is no military military solution to syria. only a political illusion. that will require leadership. yesterday, i had a conversation with the foreign minister from
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russia. we remain committed to the andrt to bring the parties we will try our hardest to make that happen as soon as possible. >> he tried -- he talked about trying to get all sides in geneva. following up on earlier one. it is not clear how the conflict might end. humanitarianin is consequences have reached epic proportions. >> the shocking toll of serious ever more deadly conflict there. in other news now, and opposition leader murdered. the second such assassination this year. mohammed was shot dead outside of his home. thousands of people took to the largest labor's
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organization called a strike. they will cancel all flights on friday. u.s. authorities have launched charges against the hedge fund. now, after a seven-year investigation, he is being charged with four counts of security fraud. was involved in systematic insider trading that allowed it to make hundreds of million dollars in profits. the human rights regulator in france is looking into employment practices of abercrombie & fitch. itsanies excluding from -- staff people who are not significantly good-looking. it employs models to attract customers. watchdog a -- says it expects the employees are salespeople. you are watching bbc world news america.
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still to come, a massive turnout to see pope francis. will his message sound the right note? once one of the most powerful party china's communist has been charged with bribery, power, and corruption. the scandal exposed serious cracks inside the community. >> he once had a seat at the top of chinese politics. having been stripped of his position last year, it has been a question of not if but when he will face his day in court. today's announcement suggests china's new leaders believe the time is now right for this most politically centered of trials. it will take place in the eastern city, well away from the
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old center of power, and it -- as is so often the way, the guilty verdict is a foregone conclusion. it is a straightforward case on the face of it. at the heart of it, the murderer in 2011 of a british of, the business partner someone's life who was convicted of murder last year. he is expected of using his power to cover up the crime. there is a political dimension, two. too. he was peddling ace -- a .opulist rant of populism -- hasnfall is its own
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exposed ideological divisions. one thing we can say for certain, china's new leadership has decided it wants him out of the way. >> on the fourth day of his visit to brazil -- brazil, pope francis visit one of the poorest nations. a welcoming ceremony on the beach. hundreds of thousands turned out for his message at the start of world youth day. bbc has this report. clearlyfrancis is comfortable amongst his people. the kind of place where the catholic church has lost ground in recent years to evangelicals. the pope is determined.
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>> no one can remain in sensitive to the inequalities that persist in the world. everybody should be able to make a personal contribution to be putting an end to tone deaf to so many social injustices. >> his visit was credited with helping to deliver real long- term benefits. the expectation here, that pope francis, who has already shown a commitment to the poor, can have a same impact. just around the corner from where he spoke, an open sewer through the community. the impact of a high profile visit can embarrass the authority and to change. it is often not enough. this leaves the same cleanup in the area where the pope is visiting. we need proper sanitation all
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the time and not just when the pope is here. cracks as many as 2 million young immigrants have come here. the church, distracted by past scandal and division, which is increasingly prepared to engage with young people. there is a lot more open dialogue. cracks not everyone here thinks the church is moving fast or far enough, especially on issues of sexuality. >> he is talking about how we do not discriminate. really challenging the church to really rethink what it is teaching. >> these are heady days for the catholic church. it is too soon to say whether
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this will be as radical and reforming as some people think. bbc news. >> for more on the pope's message in brazil, ice ok brief time ago with father james marsh -- martin, a jesuit priest. he joins us from new york. how much of a balancing act is this trip for the pope. he cannot irritate the government hosting him. >> that is true. him are offering hospitality. the message in the slums was not to thed specifically people in brazil but to the whole world. he is working -- talking about worldwide income equalities. >> he said the pope's visit can gain ground to evangelical churches, which has lost ground in brazil. >> it can. the pope's natural appeal to
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people has really drawn people back to the church. it sounds anecdotal but many people have told me they have come back to mass because of him. his approachability draws people back. >> if the church wants to appeal to the young, will it have to change its opinion on same-sex marriage? >> i am not sure about that. the basic message of the church is preaching the gospel and the more basic ideas of caring for the poor are really what people need to hear now before these other hot button issues. >> let's talk about the image of the pope. he is very humble and popular. .ohn paul was the rock star what do you think of the image pope francis is projecting on this visit. >> it is terrific. he is showing you he is a real
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pastor. this very calm will with group of people and they feel very affectionate toward him as well. >> the message the marginalized have not been forgotten, how to has he brought about real change? we saw a rising poverty. >> this is a start. hen the pope speak this way, made some oblique references and he will embolden church leaders on the ground to do it as much as they can or the poor. >> how would you judge the success of this visit. >> that is a great question. we can judge it by people's hearts who make alliance with jesus christ. >> how do you think it will go when it comes to that? >> i great here at i have been
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in huge masses before and even when there has been mud and rain, peoples spirits are not dimmed. the piece comes over you even in the midst of this craziness. >> thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. class the weather, today, it was announced sunday's mass will take place at the beach. the close -- the pope had planned a location in a rural area. could even help explain our sleeping patterns. between how much shut i you get at night. our informant explains all. strange things are supposed to happen when the moon is full. according to folklore, it is a
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time of madness and odd behavior and some people say they have trouble getting a good nights rest. now there is horror -- hard evidence to say the full moon may affect sleep. most most likely explanation according to researchers is that somehow, we are attuned to the moon cycles. swiss researchers monitored the brains similar to this one. when they looked to see whether there was a link with the full moon, to their surprise, there was. on average,found the volunteers fell as the five- , had 20 minutes less sleep, and, crucially, had 30% less sleep, which the body needs to refresh itself. >> it looks like this is the first ever story where there ,ooks like a biological effect
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which makes it very exciting on many levels. >> the volunteers were in totally darkened rooms. it was not the light of the moon affecting their sleep. what was it? >> we evolved on this planet at a time we did not have clocks. it was a celebration. we had a party every full moon and over a million years, it led we nownnate behavior have in our bodies. be neededsearch will but early indications will be that perhaps there is a scientific basis to the myths of old. >> the moon as our calendar. that brings today's forecast to a close.
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