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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 26, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." -- this is open >> this is "bbc world news america" reporting from washington. rival rallies have attracted massive crowds in egypt. tunisia has its own antigovernment protest when it has discovered the same gun was used to kill two opposition leader six months apart. 60 years after the korean war ended, we look back on the prisoners of war whose fate was a major sticking point.
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welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. are packed of cairo with dueling demonstrations for and against ousted president mohammed morsi. the current president says us give him a mandate to fight terrorism. meanwhile, the muslim brotherhood is holding rallies claiming that the new government lacks legitimacy. morsi has been detained on complicity in kidnapping and murder. >> when the egyptian army called for the people to take to the street, it said it was to rid the country of terrorism. and alexandria, it meant violence today. this man fires what appears to supporters.orsi
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the army intervenes to separate both sides. at least five died in these clashes. in cairo, the military got the mandate it had demanded. a massive show of support as they seek a second revolution. >> the army is the only organization in egypt that supports egypt. >> for the supporters of the ousted president, egypt is now under military rule. here are tens of thousands of morsi supporters on the move. they are trying to settle this dispute with a massive show of force on the streets.
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the egyptian grief grows every day this goes on. this family's daughter was shot demonstration. she was just 18. they blame the military. >> did i want my daughter to die? of course not. my daughter is very precious to me. our youth are dying, and for what? why are you killing our youth. cairowas here outside of university that she died. it is not known who was behind this attack. more blood spilled in this crisis. six people were killed here. tonight, on the roads leading to to rear square, the crowd celebrated as their army put on a show. this is a city and a country divided. for now, violence and confrontation is all that egypt has to offer. >> for the latest from cairo, i
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into rearur reporter square. tahrir square. what is the mood? it is like july 4 and a football match. it is extremely boisterous. they are letting off rockets. military aircraft helicopters are low over the square. laseret lit up by green pens fired off from the crowd. everybody lights up these helicopters. this makes them look very year he in deed. a very good-natured crowd. they are bringing in their own numbers.
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this square is now backed up all leading to theds square. very hard to estimate, the people are here. certainly tens, possibly hundreds of thousands. all of them are here in tahrir square are coming out in support of the army commander who specifically asked them to come out to support him and his drive against what he calls terrorism. for many people here, that means a drive against the muslim brotherhood, which of course is holding its own rival event not to many kilometers away on the eastern side of cairo. this is the epicenter of their version of tahrir. supporters of the ousted president to have been staging a permanent sit in.
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they have a very big event very similar to this. very similar to this, but not as noisy and colorful. they think that president morsi should be reinstated. they still see him as the legitimate president of egypt. they say had he has been ousted by an illegitimate coup. , a lot ofiro, so far people. people have been holding their breath. they hope their are not casualties before dawn. >> a brief time ago, i discussed this standoff in egypt with a former c.i.a. officer who is now a senior fellow at the foundation for the defense of democracy. you have these mass rallies across egypt. do you think that the army got the mandate that they wanted when they called for this day of action? >> i suspect that the general would be satisfied with almost
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any demonstration that came out on his behalf. i think it is clear that they want to crack down on the brotherhood. they need as much popular support as they can get for that and for good cause. i think that this represents still the majority of the population. the military is probably backed by a minority of the population. >> isn't this a risky strategy when the country seems so divided? >> and the generals view, it is is the only strategy they have. they're looking to keep them in a state of herman and contests. they are trying to intimidate the brotherhood. >> what do you make of these charges, that he conspired with hamas.
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i think they are trumped up. have known about this for quite some time. they could have used to disqualify him from running from the presidency. a really means for them to try to intimidate. >> do you see the muslim brotherhood as being down but not out? i don't know if the leadership is going to be able to handle this well. it is entirely possible that it will fall apart. the islamist movement is quite strong. the islamist, the various parties took about 70% of the vote. you have written that there
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is an economic juggernaut coming. how soon? >> it depends on how much cash the saudi's are going to throw. obviously putting billions of dollars into egypt. eventually, they're going to have a problem maintaining egypt. who knows. i would be surprised if they don't have judgment day within a year. another in the midst of upheaval. mohamede protests after brahmi was assassinated outside of his home in tunisia. according to the interior ministry, the same gun was used to kill another opposition leader six months ago. >> protesters have been back on the streets of tunis chanting slogans against the governing
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islamist party. the strike has seen many businesses closed. washe capital, the mood not as explosive as a is been feared in the wake of mohamed brahmi's assassination. bullet holes were a reminder of the brutality with which he was gunned down in the street on thursday. mourners paid their respect, his wife accused the islamist of using violence to try to destroy the opposition. >> the people must not miss this chance to overthrow the government. this a system dirty and treasonous. they did not take advantage of the moment. >> she was referring to the very similar assassination six months ago of chokri belaid, and opposition leader who commanded widespread popularity and support. his death trickled protest that took of the government.
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his killers have not been caught. triggered a protest that shook the government. at a news conference with the interior minister had a surprising announcement to make about the investigation. the shocking finding is that the automatic weapon used in the murder is the same weapon that was used to assassinate the martyr, chokri belaid. >> they also named islam extremists as the latest suspects. are not the protests anywhere near the scale of those death.ter mr. belaid's it might be that tunisians have little appetite for more stability. a challengewill be to see how strong this would be.
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>> dozens of people have been killed in two bomb attacks in pakistan's northwestern region bordering afghanistan. there were reports that more than 100 others have been injured and explosions near a busy market. the main town of the tribal region. the first blast was just meters away from a mosque. it was followed by another blast. held three man who women captive at his home has pleaded guilty. this is a part of a deal to avoid the death penalty. castro will spend the last of his life in prison. life ine rest of his prison. as part of the deal, he sentencean additional of 1000 years.
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dominique strauss can't has been accused of pimping. he confessed to taking part in but denies having paid for sex. authorities have arrested the driver of the train which crashed outside of santiago did compostela on suspicious of recklessness. dosh on suspicion of recklessness. -- on suspicion of recklessness. 90 more remain in the hospital. many in a critical condition. >> they held the first funeral tonight. the first of many. there were many that came to pay their respects. 40 years old. on wednesday, he was traveling to his brother's wedding. his girlfriend was sitting next to him and she survived. -- a cruela cool hand.
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the blame is mostly in one direction, the driver. he is 30 years experience with the railways. the train operators said that he has the go shaded the band on which he crashed over 60 times. the brakes should have been applied four kilometers before the turn. they weren't. he is suspected of dangerous driving. at the same hospital where police aide to question the driver, a british survivor remains in critical condition. so too, the wife of this man. >> they were kind of picking and choosing because that is the reality. of course part of it was that there was people dying right around us. they probably saw that my wife had a chance for something and eventually i know it felt like a long time. after five minutes, she was taken into one of the ambulances. >> another survivor remembers very little.
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wave and a strong then i lost my consciousness. , they haverackside been taking away more of the wreckage. it has been transferred to this stockyard where investigators continue their work. the footage will provide them with vital clues. watching the violence of the impact, it is no surprise to many were killed. this is the first of three days of national mourning in spain. no city will feel it more keenly than santiago de compostela.
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they were going to have a party. it has been canceled. they have been told to pack up and leave before the weekend. the railway has reopened and throughout the day, trains have lumbered slowly past the ill- fated crash. >> great sadness in spain following that tragic train crash. bbc world ishing " america," still to come -- the fate of bradley manning lays in the hands of a military judge. we will look at the private he gave thousands of documents to wikileaks. police in italy have arrested more than 100 people across the country in a major operation against the mafia. police have arrested more than 50 people suspected of controlling the distribution of the legal drugs. hundreds of police officers backed by helicopter and
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maritime patrol boats took part in the raid. leading members of two mafia families are among those detained. >> before dawn, the police went into action. hundreds of officers launching a major operation in this town right down south on the foot of italy. lies in the heartland of a mafia network. quickly moved in on their targets. among the illegal activities being investigated was an insurance scam based on bogus claims of supposed car crashes. arrest warrants were issued for dozens of people. the police say they included lawyers, insurance agents, and even doctors. the mafia more than a million dollars a year. cash that could be used to buy weapons and drugs.
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, 350 peoplet carried out the operation to arrest those responsible for the main crimes in the past 6-7 years. from 2005-2012, we also unveiled hundreds and hundreds of extortions. >> there were more raids in the north, in the rome area. werected mafia members rounded up in a seaside suburb. men accused of involvement in extortion, drug trafficking, and murder. >> deliberations are underway in the case of bradley manning. the american army private faces 22 charges for handing over some 700,000 battlefield reports, diplomatic cables, and videos, all to wikileaks.
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says that heeam is a whistleblower, not a traitor as the government claims. comeerdict, which could any day, will be handed down by aim military judge. you are in court when you heard of the prosecution on that closing argument. >> they wanted to try to paint him as fame hungry. they said he did not just want 15 minutes of fame, he wanted a lifetime of notoriety. they say that is what motivated him to leak the documents. whichher thing they said was that he was there go-to guy in iraq. he worked as an intelligence analyst. they said that he knew full
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well of the consequences of what would happen if that data was passed to wikileaks. they argue that he would have known that if it into the public domain, it could fall into the hands of american enemies including al qaeda and that is the most serious charge that he faces, aiding the enemy. >> how is the defense countering these claims? >> they spent about three hours making their case. their case was that he was young, well-intentioned man, perhaps a little naïve. they argue that he wanted to shed light on america's misdeeds when he gave the files to wikileaks. they said he was a whistleblower. they agree he might have been negligent but he did not intend for it to get into the hands of al qaeda. >> this case is being decided by just one judge? >> yes, that was at the request of bradley manning. the wrath ofred
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some of bradley manning's supporters. today, she bound him -- banned one his supporters to the courtroom. her colleagues say she is widely respected. the sentencend will be reviewed by the commander of the military. >> thank you for joining us. 60 years ago that to the korean war ended. the conflict conflict did not and in a peace deal but in a hard one truce. the prisoners of war were being held in large numbers by both sides. we look back at the conflict with some of those prisoners. >> this is what the armistice created. the modern factories in the harbor. 60 years ago, this was where south korea cap it's prisoners of war.
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the human spoils of a vicious conflict. nowadays it is not only the museum exhibits that scare the only children. ,t once held 170,000 captives all of them north korean and chinese. held hererisoners were divided. a conflict inside of the barb wire fences was every bit as fierce. >> as soon as the sun set, that is when the witchhunt began and the bloodshed started. it became a battlefield. weredawn broke, there bodies scattered everywhere. ambulances came in the morning to gather them up. the camp became the sticking point in korea's long search for a truce. the communist forces wanted to .he pows repatriated home
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america and its allies wanted them to choose their own destination. negotiators, military men from america and north korea tried to agree on what to do with their prisoners of war while they debated. the fighting continued and the casualties rose. i the time it was signed, more than a million people were thought to have died. the agreement they reached broke new ground allowing prisoners of war to pick sides and change the approach of the future conflict. 60 years on, the man released from the coming of scams on the other side the peninsula are back in seoul. they recall the extra year spent as a prisoner in the north. they knew the truce was real, he said and the food rations increased. >> they could not send us home with skin and bones. we would not the good
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advertisement for communism. it would be a horrible thing. you think communism is great, look at these men. things got better. once the negotiations were successful and the armistice was signed, we really started to see. >> not everyone shared the excitement. moodmer inmate said the was glum. having decided to switch sides, many north korean prisoners did not want a truce. we wanted to keep on fighting the communist in the north, he told me. they still do. will goly tonight, we to brazil where huge crowds have gathered to greet the pope. this reenacts christ's crucifixion. they had urged young catholics up.hake things
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