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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 30, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news.">> this is bbc world news america reporting from london. gave documents to wiki leaks and is cleared at the most serious charge against him. he may still get life in prison. .haking on the keys peace talks israel is an palestinians agree to keep meeting. it is not clear that they can agree for much more than that. it is a remarkable story of lost and found. three years after this pricey violin was stolen its owner gets a pretty nice surprise.
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>> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. a u.s. military court handed down its verdict in the case of bradley manning, the army private who leaked classified documents to wiki leaks. they found him guilty on multiple charges of espionage and theft of the not guilty of most serious charge leveled against him, that of aiding the enemy. coverage. starts our >> this light lung yes -- lung soldier four stickers to gush out, exposing diplomat in putting some lives at risk here to he was just a junior intelligence analyst working from a makeshift camp and used it to mine data from around the world to read he said this is what made him determined
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to act. u.s. helicopter in iraq firing on a crowd filling iraqi civilians. he said it showed a bloodlust. it was the leak of a quarter of a million diplomatic tables that really embarrassed america with a decidedly undiplomatic frankness. officials called nicholas effective.sarkozy they called berlusconi ineffective. karzai was described as weak and driven by parent nor you. quite he has revealed information to the public and other government that make it for us to carry out effective diplomacy. diplomatic activity and diplomacy is part of our national security. >> bradley manning was ordered to stand to hear the verdict.
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the military judge rejected the argument that because al qaeda could release on the internet he had aided the enemy. she felt him guilty of 19 other charges including espionage and computer fraud. >> not even his supporters doubt that he broke the law. while many in america see him as a traitor, to them he is a hero. >> of anything he has helped people inside and outside the united states. he aided the people, not the anomie. >> we believe he is not guilty of anything and he is heroic for demanding government transparency and accountability. important.critically anyone who published secrets on the internet or on television or in a newspaper could be guilty of treason. campaigners are not happy. >> the fact that he has been found guilty of multiple
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offenses eat caring up to 10 years of imprisonment remains a significant threat to future snowblowers. >> there is no doubt that sentenced toto be longer than light. hundred 36 years maximum. he will not learned this immediate way. they will have their say first. >> bbc news, maryland. >> i spoke a short time ago who left hiswley post after criticizing manning's treatment at a military detention center. >> you left your judge. lost her job might be more appropriate. you criticize the way that he was being treated while he is being held in jail. are you also critical of the verdict? >> i think the judge got this
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right. what i was concerned about at the state department was the undermining of what was a necessary prosecution. this.s about questioning how this is being prosecuted in the way that bradley manning did. they cease to exist. he was sent to iraq to defend the national interest. i think it is important that they sent a very significant message to the military force. if you violate your oath of office there will be severe consequences. i think the charge of aiding the enemy was overreach. >> do you have sympathy at all the some of the supporters? if we are out in the field and
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we see these doing things we think goes against the rule of we or the laws of war should be able to bring that to public attention. >> oeste and foremost you should bring it to the command attention. if bradley manning had focused on the war in which he was are dissipating you could have an argument about being a whistleblower. he eventually release 700,000 documents that went far beyond iraq. in the case of edward stood in we have an individual who is questioning the scope, scale, and oversight of particular programs used to combat counterterrorism. he decided to go to the guardian. i think there is a procedural issue. we are still struggling with the balance of security,
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secrecy, transparency, privacy and where to draw the right balance. this remains a work in progress. >> we know that bradley manning will spend many years in jail. how do we resolve the question of how damaging this has always been to u.s. national security? >> bradley manning by releasing withntelligence is interactions that soldiers have in the batter field with civilians. compromising confidential conversation. he put the lives of real pete will and the careers of real atple risk. many remain risk today. there's certainly damaged on a personal level. there was damage to national interest.
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it has had an impact in certain countries. thank you very much. an ambitious timetable for reaching a peace agreement. they held meetings in washington today. john kerry said they have set a goal of nine months months to reserve outstanding issues. they will hold the next round of talks in the next couple of weeks. >> together for the first time. and negotiators. can this time really be different? >> after two rounds of talks, something have clearly gone well. in nine months he expected a deal. everything would be up for discussion. >> the parties have agreed that all of the final status issues,
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all of the core issues and all other issues are all on the table for negotiation. >> there are major stumbling walks. there is the status of jerusalem. what should be done with israeli settlements on palestinian territory? in the border should be future of millions of .alestinian this they said that this opportunity cannot be wasted. >> we all know it'll be hard. ups and downs. that thesee you negotiations, it is not our intention to argue about the past. andoth palestinians israelis are critical of their leaders for talking to each other. the negotiators try to address
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that. >> they have not gone far enough. no one benefits more from this endeavor more than palestinians. i am delighted that all issues are on the table and will be resolved. >> nine months of talking to deal with six decades of conflict would always the and ambitious targets. it is even tougher given there seems to be so little common ground. the talks do hold out some progress. >> or a deal more than handshakes will be needed. this was a start. washington. >> for more on the future of the stocks i spoke with aaron david miller on it the lead u.s. negotiator for president clinton. i started by asking him if this was over and ambitious. i think this is probably
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correct. there are at least three things that are new. i have my own skepticism and annoyingly negative analysis. this leads me not to discuss it. number one is the radio silence that surrounds these. never in my history have we ever had a situation in which nobody, not the americans or israelis or palestinians or palestinians are talking. i try to gets a call. he would not do it. he committed himself to this radio silence the government and which you have elements that of prose his peace policy, not to have any leaks it's pretty
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remarkable. >> john kerry may be ambitious and have aspirations for an agreement. froms heard something netanyahu this is something they are not able to convey to the other or they are not able to say topically. it leads them to believe that this negotiation has a chance. this is imploding well. have a the injured shins bitter confrontation between the military and islam is. . .ll of these areas are bad the one area that is curiously and strangely quiet as this one. you in youre got
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optimistic mode any set on peace negotiations that have all those there and then they'll, are you saying that you think these feast of gauche nations have a chance of succeeding and nine months with all of these issues on the table? the prospects is a conflict ending agreement. i think the goal in nine months is unattainable. i do believe that it is conceivable that there could be an agreement to define the borders of a palestinian state to can need to talk about the identity issues. you have not only an agreement that you would have a commitment to continue these negotiations. nine months will not be the end of this.
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if this is credible it'll take more than nine months to succeed. if not this'll be a very short movie. i am not saying this is possible. i do not believe it is. i'm not prepared to discuss the possibility that a significant rake through might still be achieved between israelis and palestinians. in aron david miller there wonderfully optimistic mood. thank you very much. he is being held by the egyptian military for nearly a month. mohamed morsi has been granted a meeting with the outside world. two hours.isited for they are demanding his return. it is earlier this month.
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they met for two hours at a military facility. she does not know where. >> he was in good health and humor. he has been told that i was coming. i know him. he is over advisers. the people around him to care for him. than 70 of his supporters were killed in clashes with the police on saturday. there is an even worse bloodbath at a go ahead and try to clear up the count by force. that is what they're trying trying to abort. talking to all sites in the search for common ground.
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veryry different views. a strong, and desire to find a way through it. >> the situation remains explosive. there is a lot to mistrust. he has been trying to identify steps that might encourage this. >> ashen was very discreet about her contents and the details of any compromise that maybe explore. officials will be continuing to fall up some ideas after she leaves. in the meantime she says she is ready to come back at that would help. tomorrow voters go to the holes to decide if he will get another term. taliban militants stormed the pakistani jail overnight, freeing almost 250 prisoners and killing their team p o.
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they have launched a massive manhunt to find those prisoners, some of whom were top leaders. militants used bombs and grenades to attack this. >> this proved to be completely inadequate. they came in a convoy. they sent 100 fighters to free some of their top leaders. somewhere just dump os unit -- police uniform. they attacked it with a huge explosion. it rattled every house in the neighborhood. they knocked out power supplies before blowing open the walls of the prison and storming into the jail. officials say they used this to call them by name. >> both the taliban and the authorities say around two
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hundred 50 prisoners escaped including some 30 military leaders. >> where the attack took lace is meant to be the settled area. this is the part of northern pakistan which is meant to be strictly controlled by the government. militants have emerged. they have done what they want to do. >> authorities are reported to have received intelligence two weeks ago. officials say they do not expect it to become so soon. it all adds to the embarrassment pakistan's government of scores of people around the country post messages i social media expressing disbelief and anger. oner a successful attack another prisoner last year, many are demanding to know how the militants are able to do the same thing all over again. abc news. -- bbc news. >> he is 89 years old.
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it's been here for 33 years. tomorrow he will assess these will -- africa's people to give him another term in office. it is time for him to go into a let the opposition leader. the two men ran in hotly disputed election four years ago. it has been an uneasy governing coalition ever since i there are fears that -- ever since. there are fears. >> it is still a very divided country. time as theyaceful head toward the poles. you are no native. please go. 33he has ruled zimbabwe for years. at the age of 18 nine he seems determined to cling to power. would he accept a defeat gracefully? >> if you lose, are you prepared
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to hand over power and stand down? >> you either win or you lose. then you must surrender to those who won. those who have lost this are here. >> that was not the case in 2008. they thought this across the opposition party. there are widespread allegations of voter intimidation. they were finally worst into forming a coalition government with his long-term rival. >> there are growing concerns that however peaceful this election may appear on the outside there are already rumblings of a heavily manipulated rule. >> they have received their
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copies of this just this afternoon. would these be any different he believes not. he does not want to get back to power. do not believe that. there is no doubt that a great deal has changed in four years. also let me they have seen this with a new constitution and has delivered relative economic stability. have these changes come far enough? who gain from them. .ne thing is for certain there is expected to be a massive turnout when they decide their future. is askingnly post
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for another term in office. many are convinced that one day it will be returned to us. this is nothing short of amazing. three years ago mensching kim had her prized violin stolen from a lending café. now the 300 year old stradivarius estimated the war than $1.8 million has been found. >> they played a stradivarius violin, a rare and extremely valuable instrument. there are only a few hundred in the world. each reports with its own unique voice. if you're lucky enough to have one, you tend to keep it close by even with stopping off for a quick bite to be. thisey were sitting in shot back in 2010. distracting to a fence --
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friend and learning to check on her own set of areas. only to find that it had been stolen. >> this up the answer meant i have been playing since i was a teenager. -- this was the instrument i've been playing since i was a teenager. i'm bursting to the officer who please help me. this is a nightmare. please tell me i'm going to wake up in five minutes and it will be fine. he said i'm terribly sorry. this is real. like it is 300 years old and worth 1.2 million pounds. a the theft was featured on crimewatch program along with images of the suspects. they were arrested and prosecuted in 2000 11. the violin was not recovered. although the police remained hopeful that it would be. >> that is the thing about instruments and art of that
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value. it is hard to dispose of. it does have a habit of appearing again. >> mean gene kim received a from the police officer. please give mee a call when you get this message i have good news. i mean, it can't be. it can. the police have found the stradivarius and a property in the midlands intact and only having suffered a very minor damage. -- ising kim is latest relieved. the story is if you have a stradivarius keep it very close to hand. if it is stolen, do not give up. it may be returned to you one day. you can find more on that story at our website. if you would like to reach out to as we are on twitter. for all of us here thomas thank you so much for watching.
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i will see you back here tomorrow. >> make sense of international news -- at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic
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