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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  August 13, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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captain. we offer sexe tees and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington. demonstrators gather outside an israeli prison where 26 palestinians are released just before peace talks are scheduled to start. former u.s. president bill clinton sits down with the bbc offering his view on america's struggle to feigned an alternative solution in syria. >> sometimes you are not going to win them all. >> doing nothing is better than something sometimes. >> sometimes. not always, but in this case i think yes. >> and a fireworks show brought to you by mother nature. many looked to the skies last night to see meteors flying
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across. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. tomorrow israeli and palestinian negotiators will meet in jerusalem to discuss peace for the first time in three years. the dialogue has been brokered by secretary of state john kerry, who insist the talks will go ahead, despite israel's announcement it is constructing new settlements. many israeli's object to the release of 26 prisoners, some in the process of being released tonight. kevin conley reports. >> signs of movement at least in the middle east peace process. in spite of demonstrations, israeli prison advance carry a
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group of palestinian prisoners on their generaly tots first stage of freedom. the gesture reopens negotiations, but for some families it reopens old wounds. relatives of israelis murdered by some of these prisoners say the government is freeing men with blood on their hand. >> i miss him very much. >> killers of his brother are among them. he was abducted and stabbed to death when he was 18. he says they should be freed in return for a peace deal, not just peace talks. >> don't let them go out. don't let them educate another generation of terrorists. please, i'm begging for our government. don't let them out. >> palestinians, though, are preparing to welcome their prisoners home from jail. in these homes, the men are heroes. one man who was freed in a
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similar release in the 1990's told us it was a necessary step to build peace. >> there is always a price for war. when people are killed, when there is bloodshed. but there is also a price for peace. those who speak peace been co-existence should be ready to pay the price. >> it has been 20 years that the accord put the two sides on the pathway to peace. to the negotiators are taking a few steps down a road that has already been traveled. >> the israelis and palestinians have taken a dramatic step. >> but that deal left outstanding issues which are still outstanding. israeli has continued building on the land it captured in 1967, lands where palestinians hope to create their own state.
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israel announced further development. the man who brought the two sides showed a hint of irritation at that timing. >> receipt me make it clear. the policy of the united states of america with respect to all settlements is that they are illegitimate, and we oppose settlements taking place at any time, not just the time of the peace process. >> the long gray wall is part of israel's separation barrier. in divided places like this, it is always easier to see problems than opportunities. but the coming days should establish if the two sides here have the political will to overcome the things that separate them. "bbc news," jerusalem. >> for more on the middle east peace process, i spoke with robin wright, a distinguished scholar at the u.s. institute
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of peace. robin, you are a veteran observer of middle east peace processes. how successful do you think this latest attempt is going to be? >> well, it faces enormous obstacles. the fact is you only have two of the three parties actually at the table. issing is hamas, which controls the gaza strip. it has that hurdle to overcome. they also have very different postseason of the israelis will come to the table, and they will want to know about security. the palestinians will want to talk about borders. so they start on dickerson different pages. ey are -- they are not the principle players. none are going to be in the room in the first round, different from the peace process when jimmy carter sat down with two leaders. this is a low-level effort. >> how much of a problem do you think the settlement issue is
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going to be? >> a negotiator said he considered this a set-back and as a result the talks might not be sustainable unless there is some kind of movement quickly. >> how pessimistic are you? is this a killer? >> i am the not sure. it depends on how fast they talk, how much movement is made, whether they feel comfortable with eve other. there are also 70 other palestinian political prisoners set to be released. deal has ine of a been talked about for years. is this goal of reaching a peace deal in nine months feasible? >> it is feasible, but it is always where there is a will, there's a way. i made trips with warren christopher when he was secretary of state for talks between israeli and syria.
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we were told we were that close and it never happened. you look at the tension along that border. >> but the israeli president, simon perez say the arab states really want a teal. >> it depends on who is in control. we are in a period of turmoil. i think the reason they want a peace process, their relationship with them is more stable than my other countries on the border. >> how much has secretary of state john kerry put into in stpwhr >> he has risked his reputation at the beginning. if he manages to pull something off, his stature will rise quickly. if he doesn't, people will call him fool hardy as taken this on as his first gesture. >> can one secretary of state really make a difference?
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>> it is right time-right place as well. at some point president obama will probably have to get involved with his people to sit down for that final phase. but then of course any deal will probably have to be taken to a referendum on both sides, particularly among the palestinians since hamas is not a part of the process. you may get the terms of a deal, and the key is whether the populations go along with. that will depend on what they come up with. >> in egypt today there have been more clashes between security forces and supporters of mohamed morsi. human rights cam paperers have -- campaigners have warned of more attacks on christian minority. according to church leaders, more than 100 members have been killed since january of 2011. last week a 10-year-old girl
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died in the violence. our correspondent has spoken to her distraught parents. >> this mother's life changed forever on tuesday. her only child, 10-year-old jessie was shot ted as she walked home from church in cairo. she says her daughter was just ecoming a young woman. she and her husband, egyptian christians believe that she was targeted because she was a christian. >> she was everything to us. the killers didn't know that jessie was my life, my future.
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i lived for her. >> muslims and christian stood together in tahrir square. radical islamists have blamed the christian community for helping to remove mohamed morsi from power, and jesse and others are paying the price. cop particular and other christians make up the christian population of over ail million people. she was one of several christians killed. churches, homes and other properties have been targeted. many christians have left already. hostile messages are written on the church walls. this catholic church in cairo is luckier than some. some have been burned down. >> up to now we have every day sectarian problems. burning churches, killing people. killing this small child. she was 10 years old.
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it is not only the crips. it is everybody who receives this message -- it is not only the christians. it is everybody who receives this message of terror. >> many pray that the current violence will end soon and that the darkness of sectarian strife will be lifted. "bbc news," cairo. >> the plight of koptic christians in egypt there. in other news, the u.s. government has filed a lawsuit seeking to block an $11 billion merger that would create the world's biggest airline. the justice department warned that the proposed deal between the parent groups of american airlines and u.s. airways would reduce competition and increase fares. but u.s. airways has rejected this claim. the leader of a group said it s not behind the attack that 44 people.
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it is still unclear who carried out the killings. transport authorities canada have suspended the operating license for the rail company at the center of the accident that culled 47 people in july. they say the rail network involved didn't have enough insurance for the clapes made against them. north korea, one of the word's -- has developed its own smartphone. the president made a visit to the assembly line. north korea has two million users, but almost everyone is pro vopted from dialing outside the country. >> bill clinton just completed a tour of several african countries, including tans yeah and are wanted.
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america's involvement with the konta inept has not been without controversy. my colleague accompanied the former president on his trip. we hear the former president's views on several issues. >> rwanda is one of the biggest recipients of aid and support from the clinton foundation. but progress has been blueprinted by accusations of human rights abuses domestic and abroad. the president's government has been accused of funding movements in the represent of congo. rwanda has defenders, among them tony blair and bill clinton. i don't support the oppression of journalists. i don't think human rights tramped in the congo
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to protect the rights of rwanda. i suppose i do make more allowances for a government that has produced as much progress as they have. that is the way it is. very few situations are perfect. >> but the politics has already changed, whereas the clintons are out to win hearts and minds across africa, the united states has already opened up a new and more dangerous phase with the continent. africa is now one of the magic fronts in battle against terrorism. >> we are in a very unstable per in the word, particularly on the con tint. many of the experts i have spoken to link this to what happened in libya. libya has now become the primary source of funding and arms for al qaeda. was it a mistake to overthrow
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gaddafi in that manner? >> well, first of all, it doesn't work that way. there is no way that you could -- unless you thought the united states or you should do it directly, should invade the country. he was overthrown in no small measure by a popular uprising that other countries supported. >> gave them guns, gave rebels arms. >> yes. but was it a mistake to help them overthrow him without knowing what the outcome would be? i don't think so. >> and in syria, what should america do? >> what we are finally getting around to doing, which is provide arms and other support, do it through the channel that we believe is the most trustworthy, and hope for the best. the syrians have not asked us to put boots on the ground, nor should they, no -- nor should
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we. there is no good choice there, but if iran, and russia have made a choice and they have jimenez jimenez -- blah as forces to fight. this is something you should do. sometimes you are not going to win them all. >> doing nothing is better than doing something? >> sometimes. i think when this is said and done, if we can ask ourselves how will we feel if assad is replaced? how will we feel if he prevails? i think in both cases given the facts on the ground and what has occurred, the united states will feel better if we tried to alternative. >> you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come, forming a family online.
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this couple used social media to help them adopt. tonight they share their story with us. >> panels have been stolen from a chump in england. police are on the hunt for the unique artifacts, and conservationists say the pans are of national importance. >> this is what the pans looked like before the raid. and this is what was left afterwards, a hole where two unique 15th century works of arts were crudely pried from their ancient setting. >> they are priceless. there are no other examples of them. mid 15th century, high artistry, and the only worth they have is' an indigenous part of this church. >> the two stolen panels did he pictured s. victor and saints
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marget. >> a third panel was smashed in the raid. >> it survived revolutions. here we are 600-odd years on and someone has taken them. >> police were examining the church but say it is not clear who would have taken works of art like this. >> it looks like those two panels were targeted. nobody else has been disturbed in the church. they weren't taken out with any great care, one was damaged, but it does look like they were taken specifically. >> there are more than 330 churches like this dotted around isolated parts of britain. the problem for many of them is keeping them secure. although the government and the church of england helps with the upkeep of the building, they have be kept over during the day so the public can give their vital donations. there could be something evil
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with this medieval robbery with of ves ready to take a part the church infrastructure. >> social media. we use it for everything, from keeping in touch with friends to learning the latest news. but now, could it actually help in the process of adopting a child? gay couple from maryland
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found that facebook -- >> six hours after we put that adam on facebook, the mother contacted us. we e-mailed, phone calls, cha also led to skype chats with her. after a few months, she was maybe seven or eight months pregnant, and she decided yes. let's move forward. >> once the decision was made, a licensed adoption agency drew up a legal contract. but social media is changing the way parents and children connect. >> we have friends who are in the adoption process as well, and they are doing the exact same things. they have their own websites set up. they facebook. they twitter to show the world that they are open to adopting and looking for a family.
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>> technology is also crucial in helping kyler forge a relationship with her mother. >> if they need to sustain a relationship, i have been laffoon in his daily through technology. >> he has been growing up seeing videos of himself, pictures of himself, i phone, ipad. it kind of is his world right now. >> they share almost everything through shorblee media. even the -- social media. >> two mothers changed their minds about releasing their children at the last minute, but the community helped them recover. >> even in the process where we had two failed adoptions, we were in lock step. we got on the plane, went to the hospital and the tragedy of
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both where they didn't end upcoming home with us. it was -- a lot of that was art of our healing, too. and it is not for everybody. others would not do it that way. they would be a little more private, and that is completely fine. we are choosing to be a little more open so people can have a better understanding of adoption here. o'brien on jane how social media changed adopts process. >> mother nature had a light show. -- perseid meet yo shower meteor shower was particularly spectacular. >> views of last night's meteor shower. some as small as a grain of
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sand bombarding the earth from space. it happens around this time each year. with clear skies, a new moon, last night was a perfect night to watch it. i joined some amateur astronomers at an observe torii to see for myself. >> we have seen the first few meteors, an amazing sight as they blaze across the sky. at its peak there is will be one every minute, providing nature's own fireworks display. >> this is what we is saw through the night vision camera. eight hours condensed into a few seconds. >> i saw a really bright one over there. >> it has been great. we have seen probably 20 in the last couple of hours. i have never seen so many at one time before. so it has been brilliant. >> the shower is caused by a trail of debris from a giant
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comet called swift-tuttle, coming in from the top of the screen. it goes around the sun just like the earth, but the or pit is at an angle. that means every year between july and august, the earth drifts into the comet's trail. >> we are looking at bits of a comet that originated from a distance of about 8 billion context. to put that into context, its birth place is over 50 times the distance between the earth and the sun. it has come from the outer edges of the solar system. >> there are reports of the spectacle dating back thousands of years. it is a show that will inspire generations to come. >> quite the extraordinary sight there. bringing today's hoe to a close. u can find more at our
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