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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 9, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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decisions wolf we offer expert as it and solutions a wide range of industries. you?can we do for >> now "bbc world news." ♪ [ music ] >> this is a special addition of "bbc world news" america, capital, from the u.s. katie kay. syrian office wants to put control.weapons under the white house responds with skepticism. >> the knowledge to date doesn't give you a lot of confidence. lawmakers have hill to to capitol debate whether president barack obama should use military force the regime, we hear from both sides. and the secret life of a hair
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meet the man who traded scissors to a camera to capture new york city. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and the globe. respondingouse is with skepticism tonight in proposal dismasks has singled interest in the plan, efforts onomplicated capitol hill to win congressal support for military strike against the syrian president bashar al-assad regime, if there diplomating option, would military action. we will hear from two lawmakers moment. first, this report. >> reporter: this is the week that could break a president and happen.where it could many members of congress returns
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to their summer break are deeply skeptical about plans to strike syria. ♪ [ music ] not pay muchwill heed to protesters outside, but russian plan could make them more hesitant to action. >> it is great pleasure to host my friend. >> the started in london, along familiar with the dangers. john kerry made the proposed strike sound hardly anything to be worried about, calling it insignificant and then mused how it could be avoided. >> he could turnover his weapons to the international community in the next week, turn it over, all of it. without delay and allow a full for that,accounting but he isn't about to do it. and it can't be done, obviously. >> the russians beg to differ, up themarkable picked
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ball and ran hard. if syria will agree but if the establishment of chemical control in that country want to strike, we will work with damascus and appeal to the thean government where chemical weapons are stored in international control and also subsequentlye destroyed. >> the chance of stopping this happening again has an appeal, and welcomed by the united nations. that is the proper -- syria to do,t proposal.o the and the international community surehave options to make it is destroyed. >> all of this is the spoken as they wereheels
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gathering momentum to sell the president's plans. interviews lined up tonight, a speech to the nation tomorrow, inside there, briefing a rather gunning acknowledgement of the russian idea. >> we have seen the reports we want to take a hard look at the proposal. theill obviously, discuss idea with the russians. of course, we would welcome and action by syria. >> we never spent out to spend eight years in war in iraq. >> already the no votes were up.ked this from an organization who campaigned hard for the president. >> will no real plan for the consequences. we know it got worse. [ applause ] >> but other old allies are coming out fighting. >> this is about protecting both the syrian people and our friends in the region. the world will have to deal with this threat as swiftly and
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comprehensively as possible. >> the senate will come to order. >> the senate is back in session, although you would hardly know they face a momentous decision, they are determined to take thei their te and have things something new to chew hon. >> this debate is being watched in syria. syria president has denied that his he was possible for month. by charlie rose she warned against military action and the entire middle east is on the brink of explosion. rose over damascus, another morning in the third year of civil war, no one was syria giving up its chemical weapons, but the discussion is whether the bomb and whatd region.ld do to the
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syria are gave a discussion to the cbs and warning that the u.s. might face retaliation. >> they might expect anything through the government, the government is not the only player in this region. andhave this parties different fashions, difficult identities, and it is difficult anyone to tell you what is going to happen. it is an area where everything explosion.rink of in damascus the civil war ground on, with president's forces held by the rebels. and then the news came through from moscow, that syria would accept the russian proposal to get rid of its weapons. >> i declare that the syrian welcoming this proposal to save the lives of our people. trust the groundment of the
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russian people to stop the attack on our country. was a "win-win" for all sides. a face saving way out of the crisis. and the syrians know it will make the harder for the white fore to win the vote military action. so might the violent events, pilgrimagechristian not far from damascus, after fighting in the last week or so, the village i is in the hands of isarmed rebel group that affiliated with a. the christians and many of the muslims fled. damascus, the men were controlled by the greek pate we ocs. speaking the language that they believe was spoken by christ, but some of the men were why the syrian army,
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ther severing -- securing village pulled out without a fight, letting the front move back in. answer is not clear, but aid told the theed an aide thethey were used by regime, to strengthen the anti-war camp in the united states. it was a trauma. they said three had been killed and six kidnapped and the desiccated their churches. >> they took the crosses, one of by --hey destroyed it >> ( speaking foreign language ). >> ( speaking foreign language ). a statue for our they tried also to destroy it. i don't know what they are but theyfor, actually, are against christian now here. thehey were registered for
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church for relief aid, the byest of 4 million displaced fighting in syria in this war. >> it is not easy to leave your village. i arrived in the car, i looked to my village and i looked to my car, i was so scald, i was trying and my gosh, my we going to go back to village. >> and the patriarch had a message for president barack obama. >> it is enough. let's go. now, now -- bombing, saying no don't bomb. >> no bombing. bombing. think by a he will help syria president and qaeda. >> he will make more chaos. chaos is more important, and dangerous then, than chemicals. is about,verything a load, everything is worse and worse and worse.
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>> these people are getting ration whose just lost their homes are not for military action by president barack think it could make might benefitnd the jihaddist. the people face very different lights. syria waits for president barack obama's choice, to take the russian plan to remove chemical weapons seriously, or to keep an attack. issues are precisely the which lawmakers are debating as we speak. to hear from people on both sideses of the argument. we start with senator ron hesen, he is a republican, voted against the resolution -- his came before hives
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committee last week. senator johnson, you voted no week. >> i'm still leaning that way now. the information it vote yes. i not sure this is the proper strategy. there might be better options. we might see an opening of almost being forced to condemning, not quite condemning certainly condemning the use of chemical weapons and possibly urging syria president stockpile.his >> so the issue for you is not the syrian president bashar al-assad launched chemical weapons against his own people, but the how. anyone whothink that has seen the surveillance video is questioning if syrian al-assad didhar
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this, now we must respond. military action taken by the u.s. and a small group of allies, would divert attention war crimes, and give our adversaries the opportunity to attacking that action, we assembling the coalition of the willing, strong condemnation about the global red line that we all want to.onse >> are you concerned that if congress votes no on the request, you are undermining president barack obama's authority not just here in the united states, but around globe. >> that's the risk. the problem is that president barack obama has been silent the disaster in syria in the last 2 1/2 years. now that chemical weapons have used. he drew the red line, that undermines his credibility, that is a huge concern, it is up to president barack obama to make the case to gal viennese against the syrian president bashar
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garnerd regime, and action that he might be considering taking here, and the garnered that not support. that is a problem. if you want to submit military action, you need to backing of the american people so you can committed. i'm not sure that this is a success.n of >> is there anything that president barack obama can say yourrow night to make change your mind? >> again, i'm going to continue the intelligence and seek answers and questions, but are about answerable. who are the rebel forces, their strength,n, their what is the possible of betterng coalition be than the syrian president bashar al-assad regime, these are difficult questions. reasons we have not provided arms support to the fashions within syria
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they are hard to identify, these are difficult questions, but the problem, should we be initiating military action without all of the answers. pretty dangerous position to be taking. you.nator johnson, thank >> thank you. >> well, from the opposite point view, bob casey prom pennsylvania. and i asked him if the news came decision ifis america should act. >> no, it doesn't, i don't put a russia andk in what syria says about chemical weapons. don't have much credibility in chemical weapons. administration will weigh this as they do every factor. in terms of senate, we're going have a vote this week in should gohink that we out with the vote. the senate delay it
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while this is playing out. but don't rule out a delay, i don't think this is the proposal to delay the vote. they make the proposal, but no details in terming of timing when they would do this, how would do it, i think it is a delaying tactic. wrong abouti'm that, but in the end we'll have a vote and senators will have to basicnt that very questions about whether you condemn the act of chemical weapons orac as well. >> taking three weeks of the .cts of august 21st is there a downside to waiting further and giving every diplomatic opportunity a chance? >> well i think already there is the senatee between vote and the house vote. if we vote by wednesday or thursday, i don't think the house will vote until several days later. maybe the house vote the next week and all of the way the consideration of a lot of factors. will see tomorrow and tuesday
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and wednesday, when we get more see, at thatto point we might be able to weigh case and be able to weigh if this is a real proposal sense and can be effectuated quickly. vision,eem to support not acting is worth the acting. a correct that is statement of what i feel. house does not vote to authorize military action. should president barack obama, important, launch a military strike anyway? >> i was for this kind of an theoneration before proposal to bring it to the congress. i think she should, i don't know whether he will. i get concerned about the crime, which i think it is, is, is essentially, message ite larger sends to the region. especially with regard to iran their nuclear program number
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1 and number 2, we tend to forget, their daily commitment terrorist organizers around the world. consider iran and hezbollah, a restaurant, up and foreign diplomats around the world. if they get the sense that we when it comes to chemical weapons, you can only imagine with the acts of terrorism. >> senator bob casey. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> well, view from both sides of debate, and, of course, any vote still very much up in the air. you're watching "bbc world news." still to come on tonight's program, there has been a thorn president's side, now, he votes that he can pull in at the battle box. a norwegian attic, a newly discovered pointing
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to lightgogh came years after hundreds of his death. in 1888 two years before he died. it belongs to the most period in was life. it was quite a find. >> a rare, and remarkable moment. >> are you ready for it? >> yeah. full size the first canvas by the dutch master to be discovered since 1928. stature of van gogh's familiar brush stroke. it was back to the day it was painted. in a letter to his brother in the 5 th of july, he said that sunset the day before on the 4 th of july, 1888. especially notable time in the dutch master's life. pieces in theg
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jigsaw of such a portfolio helps to understand how he develops such a distinctive style and formulates a picture of what makes van gogh such the dumptial member of golden age. disappeared from view, until it was in the home a norgenen. it was banished to the artic, after suggestions it was a fake. now thea then sitty was verified. it is a once in a lifetime discovery. on displayg will be here in after a stardom from the of december. >> for the first time in ten years the people of moscow have
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been electing a mayor and the results came as a surprise, putin's critic got more than a quarter of the votes. steve reports. >> the real surprise was how votes this candidate got. alex says that president putin jail.hould be in he secured 27% of the vote. an opposition figure in recent russian elections. [ applause ] of the more remarkablewhile you consider two ago he was sentenced to five years in jail for a case hist, supporters are say was politically motivated. he was bailed, though, and allowed the run in the election. he might not have won the but the stronger than expected support he got, his growing reputation as russian's
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leading opposition figure and the thorn in president putin's side. the authorities maintain the and fair, butfree he is demanding a recount. riggings it was vote that pushed the candidate passed the winning post. have sparkeds street protests before. if this willering happen again . there inse election moscow. freedman was a high society hairdresser, customer of places where he worked included jackie kennedy but at nightonroe, his other passion, photographer, years he spend his free time capturing the lives of new york city residents. is his story. ♪ [ music ] >> here comes a shot. so they just come at you here. it is great. here comes together one.
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♪[ music ] >> my name is victor freedman. i'm 83-year-old. a hairdresser. and i'm also a photographer. a living for myself and the other a living for my soul. is great. worked that beauty salon for many, many years, i have retired running there. kenneth was jackie kennedy's hairdresser. on a trip with her husband to text. earlier, he was there in the morning, he was there, and he was shot and the whole on, i think he closed the shop that day. the hairdresser is a life of people and communicating with them and talking to them, besides that giving a product you do better than somebody
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else. photographying is another more from thes cut. wherever i want, i took my neighborhood a that i recommended at a kid and the street. on ♪[ music ] we're down on the street where i used to live in the neighborhood. was about 7 or it -- a lot of people on loved it here. that loved going to areas bee -- kind of earthy might the word for it. you get things that are kind of people are real, and --
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note are many times i could home.o get back i have been reward would it. to respond it gives me a good feeling. pleased. pleased with what i took and what i saw. ♪[ music ] i'm still doing it. old. doing it, 83 years still doing it. i love it. still cutting air still. suckers come along and ask hair.cut their >> from hair to photographer and still going strong. a very busy day here on capitol
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hill, america lawmakers are at syria and looking at the latestruption proposal. at "bbc worldhere news," thanks for watching.
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