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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 10, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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solutions. we offer solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." abc world news america" reporting from washington. ." "bbc world news america the fate of a russian proposal to stop military action and serious unclear as the president prepares to address the nation. we are inside of syria where it is reported that the army is stepping up its bombardment of rebel held areas. has been some fairly bitter fighting in this particular area over the past four or five days. there has been heavy shelling. has a new phone that
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costs only $99. will consumers be buying? welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. president obama will address the american public on the situation in syria in a few hours time. his speech is bound to have gone through some rewrites. the russian proposal to put chemical weapons under international control could stall action but there are can confusing signals about how far that plan can go. our north american editor starts her coverage. and off the hook, at least for a while. president obama went to congress to persuade some very reluctant politicians to back an attack on syria. the vote and the action are on
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hold. face with a humiliation, it is little wonder that he seized on the proposal with both hands. >> i want to make sure that the norm against chemical weapon use is maintained. if we can't do that without a military strike, that is my preference. >> the international diplomacy went into overdrive. in paris, they wanted a threat of action. in london, the prime minister threw his weight behind it. .> this is a serious offer we should treat it accordingly. of course we should be skeptical. know that a war crime has been committed. them todent putin told take military force off of the table. >> we hope that our syrian partners will make a responsible decision and would
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agree to put chemical weapons under control and destroy them afterwards and destroy the prohibition against chemical weapons. continue the prohibition against chemical weapons. >> in damascus, they accepted the russian plan. >> we are ready to hauled the production of come of weapons and them to representatives of russia, the state, and the u.s.. our adherence to the russian initiative has the goal of halting all chemical weapons. >> new york, perhaps a planned meeting of security council has been canceled. it is not just the diplomacy that is torturers him a sosa practicality. putting the chemical weapons on the international control could be hard and take a long time. they would have to set out in detail what they are. it would be if a cold to move they had declared everything. you win inspectors would have to
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go into the country during a civil war to check them. they would need to have tight security including troops on the ground. >> let's not be so eager for a deal that we forget how complicated the deal is. putting inspectors into the midst of a civil war is a fairly unprecedented thing. peacekeepers, yes, but inspectors, no. they would have to go to multiple sites. it is a very complicated process of for one even gets to the point of the destruction of the weapons. >> barack obama would like delay in voting. he is going into this meetings and he cannot tell them the new plan will work but it gives invaluable breathing space. if the u.n. is successful, then it makes a vote here less important but more likely. if it fails, at least he looks like he's someone who's trying to make peace, not war. >> the president has some room
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to maneuver. he can explain where he is heading to the american people tonight. >> let's get more on that proposal and go to nick bryant who is there. what is the latest on this russian proposition and why was that meeting canceled? >> i think that they are in holding pattern. it was called by the russians and it was canceled by the russians. the russianged, foreign minister would be meeting the u.s. secretary of state in geneva on thursday. what was the point of holding a meeting of the un security council when the real work was going to be undertaken by the principles meeting face-to-face in geneva. that is the reason why the security council was called. major divisions obviously exist between the u.s., uk, and
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france, and what is is often referred to as the minority over russia and china. >> of the russian so you have to take the possibility of a military strike off the table if you're going to talk about chemical weapons and the americans are saying that there has to be the possibility of military strikes on the table. areaat is obviously the that the talks will focus upon because in a moment of that difference seems irreconcilable. indication just the of chapter seven of the u.n. charter, that is the chapter that authorizes the use of military force. the other things they object to as well. it says that the assad regime was guilty of the atrocity on august 21. they say it was the syrian opposition trying to get the americans to intervene. it also calls for the assad to be returned to the
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international criminal court. to go.s a long way there is some common ground in that resolution. it is the idea that syria should hand over its chemical weapons. there is a lot that the russians won't mind. will the americans compromise? that seems to be the big question. will the russians continue to block and use their veto? >> there is a lot of confusion in washington. thank you for joining me. as congress debates the next move, the fighting in syria continues. to cameramen has traveled the northwest of the country where the violence is in second -- is incessant. >> syrians live in fear of many things, but it is chemical --
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it is conventional weapons not chemicals that have killed so many. thishe last two years, area has been bombed and shelled. each attack has been recorded by local media activist. he guided us through the devastation inflicted on his village. he filmed the fighter jets last year. this is what he says he filmed a few days ago. was hasaerial attack left 14 dead, many more injured. the rebels have used this as a base. rebels respond, it is usually civilians who died. leaving another hospital floor doused in blood. families in morning. this is not the worse that they
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have known, possibly not even the worst in syria. .he attacks have increased they say this because of the threat of american airstrikes. . >> before the strike, they would show us with missiles and artillery for no reason. , it has gotfew days heavier. it is because of american statements about strikes on syria and the regime would like to prove it is still strong and won't surrender. >> this is where one of the bombs landed in the latest attack. many families had fled the fighting but came home thinking it was safe. they were wrong. old was playing in house when the bomb landed. testament to the random brutality of this war. whatather is angry with
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he sees as the indifference of the world. pulle americans plan to their attack, it will make it worse. >> is this because we are muslims? what religion are you? christian? i respect jews. is our blood cheaper than yours? you have seen the destruction. the chemical attacks, the shelling. what did anyone to? it is almost like you enjoy watching us. othere millions of syrians, he is now trapped in his country from his family on the move, desperate for shelter and safety. few parts of syria offer their comfort. the offense on the ground have consistently outpaced the debate about what to do. up in the hills of the north, the between the army and the rebels is undiminished.
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>> there has been fairly bitter fighting going on in this particular area over the last four or five days. this has been contested heavily. for are bracing themselves what might come from the international community. there is still no sense of a ull.-- of a pause or a lo of movingels talk forward. if it doesn't happen, this could fuel resentment and marginalized groups ready to engage with the west. the struggle for control of syria has left large parts of land abandoned. at night, the lights of government controlled cities seem to taunt rebel held towns consumed by the darkness. syrians have different views on their future.
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the can agree that suffering must and. it does not seem to. another cap ford displaced families has rung up here. the victims of a war that will not wait for president obama or anyone else to decide what to do. alone and desperate for help but without hope or expectation that it will ever come. >> whether they are attacked by chemical weapons or conventional weapons, the people of syria, children and families are going theugh untold suffering at moment. president obama will address the public and members of congress who are wary a u.s. military strike. grayson is one of the skeptics. he sits on the foreign affairs committee on capital hill and he joins me from there. thank you for joining me. is there anything the president obama that could make you change
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is there anything that president obama could say that would make you change your mind? >> is not our responsibility alone to attack another nation. it will not do any good. it is expensive. it is dangerous. betterne of those options this plan that has been floated? >> if you compare the outcome, it is obvious. it is obvious that the president's plan will not prevent a future attack. >> let's say the president goes to the u.n. and the russians before this proposal and it falls apart and the russians don't show good faith, the syrians decide they will not hand over their chemical weapons. how does that play out? >> the u.s. would take normal actions that one takes, make a case that the steering government and the individuals
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have committed war crimes. this is army the opposition. that is permitted under current law. we could genetically increase the two-minute hearing aid for those that are still alive. >> you would support greater american involvement including arming the military, perhaps the opposition in far greater numbers. do recognize that a strike is an act of war and it is fundamentally different from arming the opposition. >> what do you say to those that they feel they have been abandoned by the west, whether it is hit by chemical weapons or hit by conventional weapons? to all of those families and parents that have lost their kids or had their kids struck and hoping that the west will do something? >> that is not true. the west has been deeply involved. they have been the plea involved
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with other humanitarian efforts. the u.s. is the largest single donor in the humanitarian efforts. there is including the 10% among the countries. the things are being done. they're looking to put an end to the civil war. this would not reduce the stock of chemical weapons. >> there was a very limited strike that is being planned. thank you for joining me. >> you're welcome. away fromles washington, d.c., a thriving community of syrian dissent is watching this debate intently. we go to anaheim, keller warn you. day in anaheim,
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southern california. in this section of the city, home to the growing middle eastern population, syrian americans are preoccupied. over tea in a bakery, i met three people. the woman's parents have fled the regime. >> that is all we do, that is that every event. they were very effective by it. >> i really feel like it is a copout and it is essentially sending the message that you don't really get a slap on the weapons takenyour away from you. >> this is an anxious and unsettling time for syrian americans. they have lost the devastating conflict unfold over seven and
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a half thousand miles from here. now the debate over what action should be had. >> we found supporters of president decide. >> they are trying to overthrow a legitimate government. >> the searing people want to kill those terrorist people. >> if you're not going to do serious, stay out of it. don't -- but the countries battle it out. it is a civil war. >> women and children are killed in their innocent people. >> is a very different opinion at the searing american council. this memo seven relatives. america is backing away from airstrikes.
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,> this will be devastating morally and telling the regimes it is ok to use chemical weapons. happens next, searing americans are left watching and waiting. grip by events on another continent. >> they are a very long way from home. in kenya, the vice president crimesd not guilty to against unity. he is accused of orchestrating ethnic violence in 2007. he is the first ever serve in government official to find himself on trial at the icc. the new president will face similar charges at the same court later this year. questions are being raised about the 58-year-old man rescued after spending four months in the depths of winter
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in the andes mountains. on a diet ofved rats, raisins, sugars. authorities say he may have been trying to escape after being accused of sexually abusing a young boy. a handsd the size of ache is expected to reach an unexpected prize. they could sell between $28-30 eight dollars in auction. it is one of two extremely rare gems due to come out for sale next month. if you have a few million lying around, you can go shopping. still to come, could this cheaper iphone grab a larger share of the market in china? apple certainly hope so. found for india has men guilty of the gang rape and murder of a woman on a bus.
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they are expected to be sentenced on wednesday and could face the death penalty. a fast trial by indian standards. nine months since the student was gang raped on her way home from a film. the four accused on their way into court to hear the verdict against them. the case sparking fierce emotions outside. lawyers vowing to appeal. all four men should be sentenced to death, says the victim's mother. >> my daughter said, they should -- my daughter would be happy if she were alive today. >> people came out to protest against the government they saw as indifferent. the student was attacked on this
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bus after being tricked on board by the driver and his friends. they threw her out as she died of her injuries. it was that this bus stop that the woman's journey began. she was a student and working nights to earn extra money for her family. it was that drive that helped to turn her into the symbol for the thousands to came out and protest. attacks on women remain as constant as ever. despite tougher penalties for rape. there were calls for the four men to be hanged. many campaigners say that is not the answer. need a changelly in attitudes and that is still a long way off.
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>> a cheap iphone sounds too good to be true. apple launched its less expensive version of a much loved smartphone with all of the customary fanfare. >> it is the product that turned apple into the world's most valuable company. the apple iphone has been losing ground. the company unveiled its response. what it billed as the world's fastest most advanced phone. unusually, apple apple had a second model to show off. the iphone 5c. >> it is not exactly a budget model but for a company that has pitched its topics -- products to the top end of the market,
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it is a shift in strategy. particularly, to get more customers from china with a phone more people can afford. >> it makes more sense when it comes to business terms and the opportunity for growth. to have relatively little share. this is really the way you can penetrate that. >> if they can make inroads in china, the prize is huge. biggest the world's phone market. right now, phones using the android operative system have 88% of the smartphone business. they are seen sales grow faster than apple. phones inof samsung evidence, not much sign of the iphone. >> i think compared to iphone, samsung has more functions and
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it has a bigger screen. it is easier to use. . think a cheaper iphone can attract more buyers. i need to consider whether i want to buy an iphone as it is relatively expensive. >> the budget phones are only sold online and the chinese company is confident they can beat the competition. crocs we have more advanced sales margin. i don't think that cheaper phones will have an impact on us. crocs -- >> competition is getting more intense as apple finds it may have to cut prices further if they want to reach the customers. crocs -- >> apple takes a camp takes a gamble. you can find updates around the world on our website. if you look at the listings, you find the latest.
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from all of us, thank you for watching, i will see you back here tomorrow. >> make sense of international news -- at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic
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