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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 18, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in some a working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions.
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we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am katty kay. the u.s. federal reserve will keep pumping money into the economy. -- surprise decision keeps sent the dow jones to a record high. mexico is hit by two designating -- devastating storms. thousands of tourists are stranded. and germany has been cruising and economic fast lane. now voters will decide whether angela merkel deserves to get the credit.
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on come to our viewers public television in america and also around the globe. the federal reserve has said it will not reduce the amount of money it has been pumping into the u.s. economy. instead, it says it wants more evidence that signs of economic progress can be sustained. the news sent markets soaring. our economic reporter has this report. >> for years, the federal reserve has helped to keep global market awash with cash. one of these days, it wants to stop doing that. but investors who tuned in from around the world today found out the end of the cheap money area-- era was not starting quite yet. >> the committee concluded that the economic data do not yet provide sufficient confirmation of its baseline outlook through war and such a reduction. moreover, the committee has concerned that the rapid tightening could have the effect of slowing growth.
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>> a few careful words which produced a big wall street reaction. a main u.s. stock index hit an all-time high -- the main u.s. stock index hit an all-time high minutes after the statement was released. >> the equities skyrocketed. the announcement caused -- caught most of wall street flat- footed. we were expecting minimal action but not this. >> the long-term cost of borrowing for government and businesses has been going up since tapering was discussed in may. the latest decision-making ease the pressure a little. --the latest decision-making decision may ease the pressure a little. you might wonder why everyone was so excited about whether it was a few billion more or less this month. the people in the markets care because they think the start -- the faster the fed stops
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bringing money, the faster it misra -- it might raise interest rates. stay low,ates will perhaps even until the unemployment rate has reached the key threshold of seven -- 7%. we will look at the overall labor, including the labor rate and other factors. were's not any magic number are shooting for. we are looking for overall improvement in the labor market. if thehould be good news u.s. century bank thinks america's recovery still needs so much support, but the world's u.s.'ors -- if the central bank thinks america's recovery still needs so much support. >> when you talk to most people in the market, they thought it was quite a difficult choice the fed reserve -- the federal reserve was facing. the headline unemployment rate
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has been falling. there were quite a lot of things going on underneath that, not least that people were dropping out of the workforce. people thought there was a chance that the federal reserve would make this decision of not doing anything. despite that, i guess everyone thought they would do something. it became a bigger surprise that should have been -- a bigger surprise than it should have been. >> if you were unemployed, living in kansas, does that matter much to you? >> it is a fair question. it's one of the rare times you might have thought wall street and main street both thought it was good news. the u.s. central bank is saying that the recovery is not strong enough to stand on its own two feet. it might make you think this is not actually good news. people are still uncertain about when and if this recovery is going to reach the grassroots, get down to prices and wages and
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income. we found out that income and the poverty level have been completely flat last year. i think the federal reserve thought this was the least they could do. >> aren't they carrying on a policy that does not seem to have done much to revive grassroots economic progress? >> you had to revise down your forecast again. when are you going to have to give up on your forecast or change your approach? progress,still making but this policy created jobs, support the growth. maybe in contrast to some of the federal banks in europe, he wanted to try harder. he wanted to make sure the unemployment rate was really coming down before the eased off on all the special support. i think it was in the right direction, but far too slowly. >> will they like this around the world? >> i think there will be some relief in global markets and we will see that in the next few days. i would not over exaggerate that.
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the overall timetable for winding down this program is still on track here they are not fundamentally rethinking this big announcement -- on track. they are not fundamentally rethinking those big announcement that they made a couple months ago. atthe tap will be turned off some point. thanks so much for coming in. thousands of foreign tourists in mexico have been airlifted to safety after deadly flooding caused by tropical storm manuel. at least 57 people have died and tens of thousands are screened it -- are stranded. .t was followed by a hurricane the double hit made it a particularly dangerous system. difficultbeen another 24 hours for beleaguered mexicans and tourists trapped by tropical storm manuel. dassxico cost western
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mexico's western tourist line, acapulco, famously -- on mexico's western coastline, acapulco, devastated. the main road that connects it to mexico's capital city has been cut off by widespread flooding. as a result, thousands of holidaymakers who had traveled to the pacific for the independence a weekend have found themselves still stranded in acapulco, many without basic necessities and becoming increasingly desperate to get home. the mexican red cross is helping to distribute emergency supplies . the operations continue to be hampered by the weather. >> we use helicopters to transport materials. there are many landslides. >> file tropical storm manuel has caused chaos in the western hilees, in east -- wow -- wo
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tropical storm manuel has caused chaos in the western states, an estimated 1.2 million people have been advised the -- have been affected. peoplere still over 50 believed to have been killed. it is believed that tropical storm manuel could strengthen again, given the streaking -- giving the stricken community little chance to recover. terrifying scenes for people in mexico. ,nd more in ottawa, canada where there was a horrific scene when a passenger car collided with a double-decker bus. six people were killed, 10 others are being treated in the hospital for critical injuries. we have this report. >> the wreckage, ripped apart after a fatal collision with a train. witnesses say they saw the bus drive straight through a rail crossing during the morning rush
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hour. those who died were on the bus. passengers traveling on the train escaped with minor injuries. >> all i felt was a bump. then i saw smoke and we were going off the tracks. i thought we were going to flip over. other than that, not a whole lot. >> can you describe what it was like? >> people were shocked because it happened so suddenly. >> emergency responders were at the scene treating those who were injured and taking them to nearby hospitals. >> tragically, i have to report that paramedics had to declare five persons deceased on scene. nothing could be done. another -- and of the 30 one network rehn sported, we had just been advised that one is now deceased in hospital for a total of -- and out of the 31 , we have transported just been advised that one is now deceased in the hospital.
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>> abc news, washington. >> unbelievable scenes -- bbc news, washington. >> unbelievable scenes. the u.s. said even as it pursues a diplomatic option to put serious chemical weapons under international control, it -- put syria'sossum -- chemical weapons under international control, it should still maintain a military option. our correspondent reports. >> in syria, the civil war goes on unabated. this unverified footage from this week appears to show a government airstrike on a rebel area on edge of damascus. forrebels had been hoping u.s. missile strikes against president assad's forces, but that policy has -- that possibility has receded for now. and in rebel-held areas, they
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are preparing for more poison gas attacks after hundreds were killed by sarin last month. , opinion is sharply divided over who fired chemical rockets like this one on august 21. western governments suspect the angle they landed that means they could have only come from government positions. but rep -- russia's deputy foreign minister said that syria has given him new evidence it was the rebels who used poison gas. russia has accused the u.n. inspector's report of bias, but the u.n. is not placing the blame. it's chief does want the people responsible brought to justice -- the chief does want the people responsible brought to justice. justice for the serious international crimes that have been committed since the beginning, by all parties. >> it has been announced today that the u.n.'s chemical weapons
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inspectors will return to damascus within weeks. syria is under a tight deadline to give a comprehensive inventory of all of its chemical weapons infrastructure. the u.n. wants it destroyed by the middle of next year. that buys president assad sometime, but it leaves washington with the dilemma. >> i don't think that anybody in the world community should accept the notion that somebody who kills tens of thousands of his own people, including children, women, defenseless civilians, is that preferable ruler of any country. domestic --e damascus suburbs, homegrown industries that have sprung up, a sign of how much confidence that people have that the war will stop and attacks will cease. other news from around the world.
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iran's new president promised to release political present -- prisoners during his campaign. it appears he is making good on that promise. at least eight women prisoners have been freed, including a prominent human rights lawyer. the white house says it now believes there are "diplomatic opportunities with iran." silvio berlusconi will stay in italian politics, even if his fellow senators stripped him of his senate seat following his tax fraud conviction. the former prime minister made a promise during a 16-minute speech that aired shortly before a senate vote on berlusconi's political future. he says he is absolutely innocent. in response to the mass shooting at the washington navy yard on monday, the bbc has learned that one of the first teams of heavily armed police to retire i -- to arrive on the scene was ordered to stand down by superiors.
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the tactical response team of the capitol police, the force that guards the u.s. capitol, was told to leave by a supervisor. for more on what happened, i spoke a short time ago with the reporter who broke the story for debbiebie segal bomb -- siegelbaum. >> there was a capitol police, the equivalent of a swat team, that arrived on site about 15 minutes after the initial reports of aaron alexis opening fire. officeropolitan police -- they were told they were the only officers on the scene who had assault rifles. and these are highly trained marksman. .- marksmen they were told by supervising officers to stand down and leave the area. >> this is incredible that you would turn away assistance. >> and no official reason has
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been given yet as to why. >> and does that team think the outcome would have been different if they had been asked to engage? >> there is no way of knowing what could have happened. but sources have expressed frustration. they think that he could have helped. it could not have heard. >> and they were quite close to the scene at the time? >> they were right next to building 197, the building that alexis was in. they were right in front of the building when they were called away. >> did your sources give you any indication as to why this team might have been told they weren't needed? >> no here that really has not been made public. no reason has been given yet -- no. that really has not been made public. no reason has been given yet. the capitol police are very much dedicated to rejecting the capital -- to protecting the capital.
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case ofrible interchurch fighting -- inter- turf fighting. thank you. and in response to debbie's reporting, we now have a statement from the united states capitol police saying that because of these questions, they will be conducting an independent review into what happened surrounding that shooting. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come, a dangerous new drug is causing major problems in south africa, where communities are being torn apart. in light of this week's shooting at the u.s. navy yard here in washington, d.c., the issue of gun control is again raising its head. the debate is spilling over to starbucks, the store you usually go to for your latte. it is in the center of a route -- row over whether customers should be allowed to bring
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weapons inside. the company issued a statement saying they would appreciate it if weapons were not brought into their establishments. we have the details from new york. >> it is not the sort of brand you would expect to find in the midst of the gun debate, but that is precisely why it is. gun advocates have taken to holding starbucks foster the starbucks'n days, -- appreciation days, celebrating the decision not to ban firearms from their coffee shops. this is youtube video of the starbucks' appreciation day in alabama, where openly carrying a gun is not illegal. >> [indiscernible] we appreciate it a lot. it is a growing number of appreciation days that sent the company's -- the company to ask customers to leave their guns at home. >> we are not pro-gun or anti- gun, but we do believe that guns and weapons should not be part
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of the starbucks experience. >> and customers we spoke to agreed. >> it makes me feel safe. >> after what happened at the navy yard, i think our country has too many guns and guns commit crimes. >> it says a lot about how perverse the gun debate in america has become that two days after 12 people were killed a mile and a half from the white house, the argument is not over the easy availability of firearms but the ease of access to a coffee shop. bbc news, new york. scourge of drug abuse is an issue around the globe. south africa is dealing with the impact of a deadly drug that is tearing communities apart. drug related crime is tearing the country apart.
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this report is from johannesburg. >> they light up in broad daylight. the drug contains low-grade rat poison, with sometimes even crushed up medicine for hiv patients. the white powder is added to marijuana, a highly addictive, life-wrecking cocktail. >> one day, i hope i will be able to stop taking it and live my life like a normal person. >> i don't have to go to church. i don't want to go to jail. a better option would be a rehab center for girls. >> it is relatively cheap and widely available. as lives crumble, addicts turn to stealing.
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>> i met efrem, a recovering drug addict. he tells me he has been clean for two months. stealing from family and neighbors to feed the habit, he made enemies who wanted him dead. >> i was caught by the community. -- wanted to the people who caught me were not people from far away but from my next street. her sonother now has back. she is rebuilding her family. >> they don't understand. the drug is destroying the parents. you don't -- where did i go wrong? >> the south african government says it is doing its best to fight the drug problem in the community. but it is clearly overwhelmed.
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what is staggering is the speed at which this drug is tearing through south african society. while we have been filming here upsoweto, people have come to us to say they are desperate to get off this drug. one teenage girl looks at me through glazed eyes. she was hooked. she was just 14. >> i cannot really understand what our parents are going through. >> a volunteer is lending a hand in one corner of this day care children -- day care for children. >> we know children of high- profile people, two kids in soweto. it is moving a generation of young people to utterly be lost because of drugs. >> consumed by the urge to fund the next hit, they sell scraps for cash. it is a devastating addition -- addiction but seizing more people every day.
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>> cheap and addictive. that is so sad. in germany, there are just without two days till voters go to polls. evenesults will be close, though the chancellor is still expected to win. our european editor gavin hewitt has that story. >> it looks like a car cat walk, a kind of automotive fashion week, the frankfurt motor show, a showcase for germany's economic strength. even here, germany is not immune from europe's troubles. >> the automobile market is declining. we see a decline of more than 6% in germany. what europe's second -- happens in elections matters to the rest of the continent. hanover. a big band warms up the crowd for a campaign stop. two of angela merkel's cabinet
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ministers and closest allies are here. there is little mention of europe. for germany's political class is largely united, committed to saving the euro and comfortable with further integration. >> it is widely considered as a sign of stability and reliability in europe. >> on the streets of dusseldorf, a new, small, eurosceptic party challenges the consensus. the people want no more of bailing out of weaker euro zone countries. there are plenty of shaking heads when the candidate says each country should be responsible for itself. this man says, "i find that good." >> the euro has proven not good. >> do you think it brings europe closer together? >> no. ask other countries. they do not like the germans as
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they did in the 1990's. if it gets any- seat in parliament, this party will be a new factor in german politics. tonight, angela merkel was at the old fish market in hamburg and she defended fighting for the euro. >> yes. we help each other in the eurozone, but we help each other with the understanding that these countries put things in order and are accountable. >> the outcome of these elections matters to britain, where the government had been positioned to renegotiate its membership with the eu. angela merkel is not an ally, but she may be willing to consider some of the reforms by david cameron -- reforms proposed by david cameron. the audience was told the election result would be close. gavin hewitt, bbc news, hamburg. >> that result is being watched around europe as well as in germany.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: defense secretary chuck hagel ordered a full review of security procedures and clearances at military facilities worldwide in the wake of the massacre at washington's navy yard. we have an exclusive interview with secretary hagel tonight. >> the highest responsibility leaders have is to protect their people, is to take care of their people. when something like this happens something fails. something broke down. > >> woodruff: plus, u.s. financial markets shot up to record highs, after a surprise announcement by the federal reserve bank that it will continue its economic stimulus program. >> ifill: and we travel to the northernmost tip of north


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