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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  September 23, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers use their expertise in global finance to guide you through the business strategies and opportunities of international commerce. we put our extended global
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network to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is bbc world news america, reporting from washington. gunfire and explosions erupt from a mall in nairobi on a scene that has left more than 60 what do we know about the organization that said it carried out the attack. how we would all be better off if more women worked. christine lagarde explained why women are the key to global growth. women's -- wax women's
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a woman's>> contribution should be the next thing we look at. >> all day, we have been watching a dramatic scene play out in kenya as security forces launched an assault to gain control of the westgate shopping mall. it is in final stages and the interior minister said that he doesn't believe any more hostages are left in the building. least 62 people have been killed and many more injured in the attack that began on saturday. >> the siege is starting to fail -- feel like a waiting game. , a shot rings out.
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or seven explosions coming from inside the complex. there are shots ringing out, black smoke we can see coming from the top of the buildings. what is going on inside, but this is the most action we have heard in quite a number of hours. on fire,ilding is reinforcements brought in and including an armored personnel carrier. the attackers are not giving up without a fight. the bbc spoke to a commander with links to al qaeda that said it carried out the attack. speaking in a british accent,
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they said there would be no surrender. they have been in touch. we expect them to work with the workers. with militants attacking from them at noon, hundreds of terrified shoppers fled. they managed to escape than that, and were the lucky ones. they are beginning to come to terms with their experiences. they were hosting a children's cookery competition when the gunmen struck. her own daughter and son were injured in the attack. me. had 30 kids with we went in the corner and i was telling everybody to get down.
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they were climbing on top of the kids to get over the wall. i think somebody carried my daughter out. i pray that they look after her. we pushed the kids away and we heard more firing. that had come in and were protecting them, trying to keep them away. >> the government said they killed at least three militants but the crisis is not over.
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>> i also confirm that we have fully cordoned the building. there is no room for escaping. said that theways overriding concern was to get the remaining hostages out alive. gabriel gates, nairobi. >> the gunmen attacked on saturday afternoon and it would be all over from different countries. they report on some of the victims. >> a terrifying experience. , it begins here that the victims of this attack were from all corners of the globe.
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this is a place where they come to relax and shop. --ng those confirmed dead >> a prize-winning architect. ony were partially working projects in africa. described as profoundly talented and full of life. leadership and projects throughout were inspirational. pregnant with a couple child, they met through their work. others confirmed to have died,
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regarded as royalty in his own nation. they are among the dead. with a number of casualties expected to rise, they donate blood. this incident has pulled them together. >> we are a multiethnic -- >> they announced over the weekend that they were among the dead. this is an atrocity.
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involved for the attack took notice. what do we know about the organization? they have been able to cross over into kenya and attack uganda. attracted a number from britain and the u.s.. they publicized their attacks. sending to we are
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the government is and always has been -- >> [inaudible] questions will be asked. the authorities will talk about this country's security system. it won't be an easy division. >> among the ranks of the volunteers, 50 are believed to come from britain. some may eventually return to this country. trial in kenya for possession of explosives. another has been on the run from authorities. gecko a strictnt
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islamic state in somalia. three years ago, they carried out a double suicide bombing to punish uganda. movement that want to see joe hot phot inside of somalia, it is about what happens in somalia. there are other terrorist networks throughout the middle east. >> they have hit the most powerful country where it hurts. hows exposing just tolerable it is. he served as coordinator of
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counterterrorism at the u.s. state department until last year. >> when you look at islamic extremist groups, how dangerous are they act no -- is al shabab? >> pretty dangerous to anyone in that neighborhood, but it is also less powerful than it used to be. this is a group that controlled them except for a few city blocks. it has been badly damaged by the campaign carried out by the africa union's mission. it did not hold much territory anymore and as appalling as it
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is, they show tremendous capacity and shows a lot of brutality and buddy mindedness. it is worrisome in the region but not a major global threat. >> perhaps another reminder that of terrorism has gone beyond that. are you surprised they could carry out this attack? that attacks like this might be in the offing last year. if you have a group of gunmen and a large space with lots of places you can hide, attacks like this are not that surprising. because of the fact they have been squeezed in somalia, are they looking for other
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opportunities? >> there has been this tension between domestic attacks and out of area attacks. we have the show their supporters that they are producing what they want. they will carry out attacks outside of the country. by attacking kenya, they achieve that. a threat to the region, but not globally. without worrying about the number of bridge that have links that are now finding, presumably for other countries. has the somaliy diaspora. they started out in the u.s. coming back to carry out
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attacks. this has been a threat for about seven years and so far, there have not been any major incidents. >> thank you very much. the muslim brotherhood has condemned a ban on its activities. the brotherhood was outlawed until 2011, but it has worked. john kerry will meet with the iranian foreign minister and the five permanent members of the security council. the talks are aimed at addressing western suspicions that iran may be seeking to
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develop nuclear weapons. blackberry has agreed in principle to be bought. the decision comes days after it was cutting its global workforce to staunch huge losses. sales have been week. still to come on tonight's leveling the workplace. beating about the barriers in place and what can be done to eliminate them. the international report on climate change is expected to confirm human activity is primarily responsible for global warming. temperatures have remained steady. we breathe is changing and holds more of the warming gas of carbon dioxide.
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records of temperature have been said. china, people were desperate to keep cool in heat that no one had experienced. how much is the planet warming. the red area shows computer simulations of the global average temperature. the white line is what has been recorded. ago, they paused. >> there is little warming at the surface. the most extreme projections of warming are looking less likely. >> one is that the sun is given off less heat. industrial pollution is reflecting the sun's rays.
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blogger has raised mankind is affecting the climate but there is so much that scientists don't know. ,> people will learn from that a lot about the climate that scientists don't understand. >> a major report is due on friday. scientist will explain why , andratures have paused global warming in the long run remains a dangerous threat. >> the german chancellor trying to form a new coalition government after winning her third successive term in office. made up of christian democrats and the social union will
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receive just short of the clear majority. the coalition bargaining ahead. germany woke to headlines that declared this the age of merkel. >> we brought her out of the crisis. there are jobs and she has done well. >> this morning, europe's most powerful politician had a message for europe. >> our course will not change and we cannot foresee what discussions there may be. we might soften austerity in her third term. she is five votes short of a government majority in parliament and needs to build a coalition.
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outcome is aly grand coalition with the centerleft social democrats. they are wary of the merkel embrace and it was clear today that negotiations will be long and tough. automatics nothing about a grand coalition. >> the fact that she will be returning here for a third term has been broadly welcomed by david cameron. it is his ambition to renegotiate with the eu. he will need some support from berlin. said that she supports the transfer of some powers back to the nationstates. she is at the zenith of her power and in a position to shape the future of europe.
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>> she shows the potential of all women to succeed. but even if they are not chancellor of germany, the imf wants more women in the workforce. they say they are essential to economic growth. the u.s. economy would grow by a next or five percent if there were as many women as men. we have a time of economic uncertainty around the world. what is the head of the imf doing talking about women's equality? >> i am talking about half of the world and women today that are launching a study about women's contributions to growth.
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market andhe labor contributing to resolving. there are many ways to deal with economic issues. the world economy is important. just a politically correct issue, it is a bottom- line issue? >> one that i feel very strongly about. of development, better access, better financing, better contribution. >> is it possible to measure the contribution women can make gecko -- can make? >> yes, we can.
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japan has a major aging issue. the fertility rate has not been up to renewing population. that, japanese women had access to the japanese would be anre increase of japanese growth by seven percent. >> is this an issue when you talk about it with women? they might pay lip service? and iis often the case believe we can do something about it. we can advocate those contributions by identifying not just the women themselves loss
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-- themselves. expand bywant to joining. of angelalection merkel, is that a positive development? >> it is an indication that .omen can do the job there is a massive personal victory and well-deserved. it is a question that is removed from the economic scene and from the european scene. there were quite a few issues and projects that were a little bit on hold pending the outcome of the german elections.
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there will be other issues i am sure the players will want to take up again. and there is a great confidence to be had. >> the better it is for all of us. are stillorces searching for militants inside the west gate in nairobi after a dramatic day. the interior minister has told the bbc that he does not believe there are any more hostages inside the building and they are either dead, captured, or on the run.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: gunfire, explosions and billowing thick, black smoke at a mall in kenya's capital marked the third day of a standoff between government troops and al-qaeda-linked terrorists. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff in new york tonight, where i just spoke with former president bill clinton, in a wide-ranging conversation about kenya, a possible diplomatic opening from iran, and more. >> maybe we will see an opportunity to see the new president of iran. we have to explore awful those things and work for the best to prepare for the worst.


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