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tv   Mc Laughlin Group  PBS  December 22, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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it's the 32nd annual mclaughlin group year-end award. 2013 part i. here's the master of ceremonies, john mclaughlin! biggest winner of 2013, pat buchanan. >> cardinal becomes pope francis the i, the most famous and popular man in the world. >> eleanor? >> wall street tops 16,000. and markets are doing fine and i'm glad the pope is pointing out all the inequalities that represent because main street is still waiting for its turn. >> martin? >> well vladimir putin, the leader of russia who outmaneuvered the united states
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in virtually every strategic corner of the world. >> clarence? >> the most exotic political race, the new mayor of our biggest city. >> the envelope please, martin. thank you. >> i can't tell you what's in there, john. you've got to read it. >> it is magnificent, yes. johnny had the answers. right? >> yes. >> god bless his soul. >> the biggest winner of 2013 is russian president vladimir putin. he resolved the syrian crisis in the new york times that ended the military action against syria. in december putin snatched ukraine away from the west just before ukraine signed a trade pack with the european union. boosting russia's international prestige. okay biggest loser of 2013. >> barack obama and obama care.
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>> eleanor? >> you've got a small point there, pat. but the president still has his job. i think the biggest loser is the president of egypt, mr. morsi, who was deposed in the military coo and has not been heard from since. >> clarence? >> well, i think the lack of coherence strategy to deal with the obama care setbacks of even a bigger loser than president obama. >> martin? >> i've got a tied. the city of detroit, which went bankrupt, and the average american working class individual whose real wages have declined at a time of relative prosperity. >> the biggest loser is the concept of red lions. obama drew them and then smudged them, and then erased them completely. it will be a long, long time before any president invokes red lions to signal the prohibited behavior. okay, best politician, pat.
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>> the president of iran. >> i would give it to pope francis. he loves people, and that really is a key ingredient if you're going to be a politician. >> are you stuck in that track or what? >> pope francis. >> he deserves all the things we can give him. >> hillary clinton who kept herself out of the dispute of obama care and therefore preserved all that she needs for the next presidential campaign. >> well, i would give it to governor chris christie for walking a tight rope if he doesn't get down by a bridge scandal bit end of the year. >> excellent, pat. clarence. >> best politician is vladimir putin, taking ukraine from the west, took over the syrian crisis away from obama. no other statesman played so definitely in 2013. okay, worse politician, pat. >> mayor rob ford of toronto
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probably. and the silver goes to anthony weiner, your friend. [ laughter ] >> pat, i have to agree with you on that, but i would add ted cruz on his list. as his short year of the senator, he managed to offend all the republicans in the senate, which is really tough because they are his party. >> mark, i'm putting my vote in for the san diego mayor. i think 17 women have now basically asserted that they had sexual harassment moments with him. that's no small achievement for a public figure. >> clarence? >> well, i think rob ford wins the international prize. i give ted cruz the domestic award. >> the worse politician is egypt's former president, morsi. giving him an ultimatum to quit the muslim brotherhood. morsi refused. they ousted him and morsi is now on trial. worse politician, okay, the most defining political moment, pat buchanan. >> august, the american people
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rise up and say no to barack obama's war on syria. >> eleanor? >> the 16-day government shutdown. >> mark? >> i would say president obama has redline that he drew is a public assertion. undermining his credibility both at home and abroad. >> very well stated. it was good from me. >> democrats ending the 60-vote filibuster rule in the senate on the state of gridlock and the city. >> the most defining political moment is obama's on-air apology for misleading americans into believing him when he promised that they could keep their health insurance. okay, turn code of the year, pat buchanan. >> edward snowden. >> that's it? >> that's a pretty good name. >> that pretty much says it all. i would add marco rubio who transformed the reform and campaigned against a bill that he helped create. if you are talking raincoats,
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as a turncoat, i would put anthony weiner as the man of the year. >> governor lincoln chaffey who was an independent to a democrat. the latest change this year. >> let's try some originality. listen closely. the turncoat of the year is french actor. in january, he relinquishes his french citizenship in favor of a russian passport to endure new taxes. you got me so far? that tax bracket from 41% to 75%. so he went to russia. okay. >> he went to belgium. >> no, he went to russia. >> how would you be if you were 75 -- if you were taxed 75%. >> harry reid. >> harry reid? [ laughter ] >> is that it? >> well, yes.
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>> i feel compelled to defend harry reid. he's a good legislative mechanic. he's not the front man on tv. most boring as the 40 audit attempts to appeal obama care, going nowhere. >> ron paul droning on for hours and hours and hours. >> martin? >> ted cruz joining on for hours and hours until he got to the cat and the hat. that was the high point. >> all right, now, here is more wisdom for you. the most boring reports on international tests, americans fall behind on math and science. what you don't hear is that america ranks number 2 in the world top 10 countries for economic innovation. so there. most charismatic, pat buchanan. >> will and katherine the duke and dutchess of cambridge. >> the u.s. senator booker from new jersey who went from newark mayor to becoming the only elected black senator in a body
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of 100. basically on the strength of his use of social media. he's got a great twitter following. millions. >> well stated, eleanor. >> mark? >> well internationally it is pope francis, but domesically it is chris christie, the governor of new jersey. >> that's good too. >> i would give it to the late nelson mandela who is a charismatic leader. >> it's the world trade director, general roberto. he has resurrected the wto back into relevancy. and it includes a trade facilitation agreement that will make it easier to flow goods around the world. next successor, the 12-year- old round of negotiations. good work roberto. check out the story in political. >> can you stand the excitement? >> i know. [ laughter ] >> you realize the importance of the wto? >> i know.
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>> okay, pat buchanan. >> the big lie that the tea party shut down the government. they never voted to shut down the government. >> eleanor? >> the big lie, susan rice doctored the talking points on benghazi. she had nothing to do with it. >> the question and risk in new york that it is a racist policy. the stop and frisk, yes, excuse me. because it was disproportionately focused on the ones most vulnerable to the crime that they were trying to protect. >> clarence. >> i will back your accusation of the benghazi cover-up. just happened to hold water. >> obama is the rap that apple evades $9 billion a year in u.s. taxes by keeping their earnings overseas. the apple's ceo was hauled before the senate committee, which finally acknowledged that apple is in full compliance with the u.s. tax law.
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senator ron paul, the ceos who have not done anything illegal should not be dragged before congress. and paul is right. okay. pat buchanan. >> the charge that barack obama did not tell the american people the truth in the fact that the credibility has sunk has a democrat. >> were you thinking? >> no, another candidate. >> i would phrase it slightly differently. i think the president underestimated the difficulty of remaking basically the sixth of the u.s. economy. but obama care will eventually be a huge success. >> the absolute incompetence of the website for obama care. that basically revealed the
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unbelievable competence in dealing with the issue. >> yes, let me sum it up. it's that barack obama, he thought that obama care was going to sell itself once it was passed. that was the biggest mistake. close, but nothing. and it is the republican wrap that it should have been delayed for a year. the major embarrassment is not with the rollout, the october 1 rollout of the law, coupled with obama himself, delaying the key features of the affordable care act. they proved that the gop was right, that it should have been delayed. >> the egyptian army. they came back overthrowing the muslim brotherhood and seized power. >> that's clever. >> speaker boehner finally in the last days of the congressional session, rising up against the right wing forces saying that it is ridiculous that they have this hold on his party. >> martin? >> the secretary of state, john kerry that came from being innocuous senator to being a real force in the obama
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administration as the secretary of state. >> well stated. >> i would say the former south carolina governor who was walking down the trail and now he's in congress. >> okay, brace yourself. the best comeback goes to the nra. which appeared after president obama decided to push for gun control. after adam lanza's sandy hook elementary school shooting spree. taken by two million new members, handing obama a political defeat. okay, most original thinking, pat buchanan. >> the scientific team that found the missing particle. >> right. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> eleanor. >> jeff who envisioned drones delivering packages from amazon to our front door, and who also purchased the washington post. and i look forward to how he's going to reinvigorate the favorite property of this country. >> pope francis who brought the catholic church into the 21st
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sentfully a brilliant and widely appealing way. >> google's free cars-driver- less free car. momento has pain stakingly documented the predictions of climate change computer models. and now a growing list of scientists reject the so-called consensus that manmade climate change is real. that the orthodox makes him the most original thinker of 2013. okay, most staggering thinker. >> the neo cons take on the freeze of the nuclear program to them again. >> i'll get in on that. and i would add the republican governors who are refusing to expand medicaid and they are hurting their own constituents. >> thank you, eleanor. >> amen to that chorus over there. >> the tea party would be my candidate here. i think they have just repeated
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themselves to the point that nobody is listening to them outside their own constituent city. >> well they're coming back. >> senator ron paul for plagiarizing wiki leaks. >> the two brothers were sfixated on the passage of obama care in the first term that they let michelle obama make false promises about keeping their own insurance. and staggering thinking that the emanuel brothers. okay, best follow up. >> obama at the mandela funeral, flirting with the danish pastry while michelle gives her stare. >> the danish pastry was the prime minister of denmark. >> have you seen a picture? >> yeah. >> but pat needs a little educating in how to talk to women maybe. >> okay, i like the photo open on air force one of president obama showing photos of his paintings to hillary clinton. i like that kind of
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bipartisanship. >> i love the photo of the president with the danish prime minister, which i have to say. and you know, it kept me going for a couple of days after that. i mean there is hope for all of us. >> did you see the full length? >> yeah, i saw most. >> clarence? >> i think that the reunion of governor chris christie in may, it was what, the 2012 reducts. >> i would have to go along with this. the picture of every chump, taking a selfie with the danish president. at the memorial service for nelson mandela while first lady michelle obama who looked. check out the website for the series that depict the unfolding drama. okay, the enough already award. pat buchanan. >> alec baldwin battle with the paparazzi. >> eleanor. >> tea party. >> is that it? >> enough already, yes.
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tea party. >> well, eleanor, that is quite condensed. >> the italian prime minister who was finally sentenced to four years in prison after god knows how many years of ripping off everything and everything kardashian. those are the two categories. >> the kardashians? >> yes, i've had enough of them. >> clarence? >> annny weiner's political -- anthony weiner's political career. >> the global warming, under the climate change, even the most honest supporters now add my that there has been no increase in the earth's surface temperatures for 15 years. it's time to admit the theory is flawed. okay, the worse lie, pat buchanan. >> if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan period. >> what do you mean by that? [ laughter ] >> eleanor will understand. >> that was the president's offstated comment when he was
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referring to people who already have insurance. and it did not prove to be fully accurate. >> and now don't overstate it. i would give the lie to director of international intelligence james clappe who told the congressional party. he later had to apologize for what he called his least most untruthful answer, in other words he lied. >> did you see that one-hour interview with him? >> on 60 minutes. >> it was one hour. >> yes, it wasn't an interview. he was given a prepared talk and you may have found it on cnn. >> he admitted he lied. that you can keep your health insurance and your doctor, both of which qualifies. but ran paul who said that and i quote, extending unemployment benefits is a disservice to the recipients, causing them to
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become a part of the unemployed. clarence? >> without being redundant, i have never used performance enhancing drugs and i never will, lance armstrong. >> wow, still kicking that one around. >> the worse lie is wind energy is unfriendly. killing thousands of birds and bald eagles. also the broad environment impact of these birds and bats that kills on the insect population growth. the environment is little understood. okay, capitalist of the year, pat buchanan. >> and whom i just discovered, john, has $95 billion in which he has control of. he has done a great job. >> eleanor? >> j.p. morgan chase. the $13 billion fine for their practices that they used in capitalizing on derivatives and home mortgages. unfortunately it is chump change to them and they can deduct a lot of it. but finally some of the big
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banks, the investment companies are getting punished belatedly. >> yes, giving up all the time. >> george mitchell, the fracking pioneer who died. he is credited with pioneering the economic extraction of shale gas through the process of fracking, which has done much to change the entire world as any other business world that i know. >> jeff for suckering up the media and for taking his drone delivery plans seriously. >> 2013's capitalist of the year award goes to the world's richest woman. christy walton, the wal-mart heiress. john was a former barade. and son of the wal-mart founder. vladimir putin, john, who has gotten a dramatic move, not only in the middle east, but worldwide. trying to make himself the leader basically of
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conservative traditionalists, the national forces against the cultural and immoral purism of barack obama. >> it makes me want to point out that michelle just wanted an extraordinarily strong victory for a second term, not con secttive in chili -- consecutively in chile. and two women faced off against each other and the socialist won. but actually my real honorable mention is the victims of violence in this country from the boston marathon to the washington naval yard to the 28 school shootings that have happened in the year since sandy hook. and so maybe the nra has come back, john, but that's not good news. >> well, it was a tough year.  we're going on that. >> stephen harper, the prime minister of canada that has lead that country in the most extraordinary ways, being able to resist the creeping effects
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of the weak american economy, directly to the south to have a huge impact on canada, and has done a major job of keeping the country together, in terms of all the problems and the tensions between the french and english-speaking people. >> and also a fan of the mclaughlin group. >> yes, did they not? >> yes, they do. >> and more of a policy of the toronto mayor, rob ford, coming out of canada right now. but my honorable mention goes to pope francis, who really revived the dimension of the income and quality debate that needs more attention in this country as the global views and the other economic forces. that they have put new pressures on the working class. and now that they will be increasingly showing you the middle class. >> if all that, why not give them the honorable mention? >> because, you know, the 16- year-old pakistani girl who was shot by the taliban. and just for advocating the girls. that they are carrying on the global crusade to make a real difference.
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>> so she is superior to the pope? >> in my view and this year, on that scale, yeah. >> wow, you have had putin superior to that all day long. >> yes, thank you. [ laughter ] >> eleanor is on the right track, but they go to the secretary of the state, john kerry. who has achieved a breakthrough in signing the nuclear talks with iran. to help diffuse the syrian crisis as the president to the january 22, to 14 peace conference. and jump started the israeli palestinian peace talks, and actively mediating the ukrainian standoff between the pro russian president and pro european protesters. it is good to have someone in the job who understands that the diplomacinvolves more than the globe trotting handshakes, which i think you would agree with that, right, pat? >> yes. now, listen, john kerry and barack obama, whatever you say, that they helped cause the syrian crisis. that they would run around, talking about a tax,
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threatening the bombings, the redlines. and they had to climb down from that and they were rescued, thanks to your man of the year and your winner and all the rest of it, vladimir putin. >> i don't think that they could call this an administration, causing the syrian crisis. and that is a civil war within the country. >> but it clashes between us. >> the statement of the president that he was drawing the redline and walked away from it. that they have undermined his credibility, all through the region. that we have lost the alliances, such as they were, with the saudis and all the sunni countries as we would have a real problem brewing in parts because they no longer have confidence. >> and the chemical weapons are being destroyed. >> he has no right to issue the redline, which means that we're going to go to war if the syrians do something. that congress has not authorized any war on syria. >> and did we give any award to the new head of state of iran? >> yes. >> he has the best politicians. now, listen, john. >> well, i would pay attention
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to that somehow, that part flew over my head. >> i would say pulling back from using lethal force. i do not see as a bad thing. i give the president kudos in the end for the way that the syrian confrontation has worked out. >> that's right. exactly. thank you, clarence. >> yes, sir. >> that's in your book too? >> you got it. >> but who is responsible for the pullback? >> the pullback? >> yes. >> the the most interesting man in the world, the dos equois man, vladimir putin. >> the editorial and the new york times. a lot better than the new york times. suddenly broke in half, didn't it? and they broke the situation in half. >> send a tape of the show to putin, john. [ laughter ] >> and dedicated to him? >> send it to him. >> would you sign the letter? >> i will sign it, yeah. >> okay, we'll think about this. maybe it should be a joint signature for everyone. >> okay the person of the year, pat buchanan. >> ping of china who has declare add monroe doctrine in the east china sea and the
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yellow sea and the taiwan strait, claiming every island there is imposing an air defense identification zone that could lead to trouble with the japanese, the americans, the south koreans, the philippines, and the vietnamese. this is historic, john, he is trying to push the united states back away from the first chain of the islands of the pacific. >> interesting. >> secretary of state john kerry who threw his travels and his willingness to take risks and pushing it at the white house and demanding that he press ahead on important agendas has opened up two potential areas for big breakthroughs. one with iran and one in the middle east between the israelis and the palestinians. >> well stated. >> every under 25 techie inventing a new app for the directions that we cannot even anticipate, but it already has had huge effects on the way that the business world and the private world conducts itself.
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>> the 16-year-old pakistani girl who was shot by the taliban survived because she's campaigning for education for kids. well for girls. she is exciting, a new generation that's coming up now. >> and that's great. >> 2013's person of the year is obviously vladimir putin. he sees the world spotlighting on the syrian crisis, and through ukraine, drew them back into the russian orbit. both stunning demonstrations of russia as the world power and e bye. holidays. ristmas
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