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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 24, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering specialized solutions in capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored
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solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> hello, our top story this hour. as the u.n. goes to double the numbers of peacekeepers in south sudan, the numbers dead are in thousands. express appreciation for the response with the secretary- general and the security council are showing to the tragically unfolding situation in our country. >> edward snowden says it is mission accomplished. he says he wanted society to have more of a say in being monitored.
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we have been in rome as pope francis celebrates his first christmas eve mass as the head of the catholic church. hello and welcome. peacekeeping troops are going to be sent to south sudan. thousands of people are thought to have been killed in a week of fighting between rebel soldiers and government forces. has spread across the country to several areas, including the capital of juba. president salva kiir and his forces have recaptured the town
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from the rebels. bentiu and two in juba. our correspondent in washington says despite the vote to send in more troops, it will take more time for the u.n. peacekeepers to arrive on the ground. >> the united states was one of on thiswriters resolution and after the emergency meeting yesterday, held where the secretary-general requested these additional troops, the security council today unanimously supported that. these troops will take time to get on the ground in south sudan. the u.n. secretary-general bank e-mail and said it would not happen overnight. but with the reports of ethnically targeted killings increasing and mass killings and extrajudicial killings, the fear is increasing in the u.n. that the instability will continue. secretary-general told
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councilmembers today that even with this edition no support, helicopters -- even with this additional support, helicopters, the u.n. will not be able to protect every civilian. is no easy resolution. this is a political crisis that requires a peaceful, political solution. we are working with the regional leaders and parties underground to establish a basis. at the same time, i have determined to ensure that they have the means to carry out the essential task of protecting civilians. many thousands have fled their homes as a result of the crisis. >> the conditions are desperate.
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but they are better than they are in areas where we are not .ble to get and the u.n. have not been able to get assistance in their. in juba, there are 20,000 people sheltering at two u.n. camps. we have constructed latrines and organized teams of volunteers from within the camp who are cleaning the camp, people have open soecating in the we have volunteers who are cleaning up and also volunteers who are explaining to children the importance of using the latrines. it has been a shocking experience to everyone. children are the most vulnerable. their lives have been completely turned upside down.
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children have been separated from their parents. juba,n the compounds in which are in better conditions boore, there are shortages of food, water, children are out in the sunshine all day long. there is not enough shelter. and sleeping in the open. >> speaking to me from unicef a short time ago. take you to rome now, the vatican, this is the scene as pope francis is marking his first christmas mass as pope. and his services are currently taking place. ♪
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pope francis holding his first mass on christmas eve in the vatican since taking over the papacy back in march. a newrvice comes after piece was unveiled. thousands have gathered and
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hundreds of thousands are expected on christmas morning where the pope will deliver his blessing to the city and the world that will be his first since becoming pope in march of this year. so there he is greeting the children, and taking mass, the service coming to an end shortly, currently approaching 10:00 past 11:00 in the evening. we will be back later to bring you any developments as soon as we get them. that has been live in rome in vatican city. let's bring you some breaking news coming to us, a report that the egyptian prime minister, arrested.dil, was he was the prime minister under mohamed morsi and was sentenced to a year in prison for not carrying out a ruling.
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his arrest was announced by the interior ministry but it is not clear where he was arrested and further details on that. just a reminder about that breaking news, hesham qandil has been arrested. more on that to come. let's stay with the situation in egypt where it is not clear who has been behind a par 4 car bomb outside of a police -- who has been behind a powerful car bomb outside of police headquarters in egypt. 15 people have been killed and more than 100 injured. the attacked was the fourth of of the attackce was fell 20 kilometers away. the muslim brotherhood has condemned the bombing. from cairo, here is our report. the fullht reveals extent of the damage. it was the first major bombing in the nile delta region but the target was a familiar one, the police. the blast killed away way part
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of the provincial security headquarters in the city of mansoura. most of those who died were police officers. this was the chaos after the explosion, with worried relatives joining the crowd at the scene. it was a frantic search in the darkness for survivors trapped beneath layers of concrete as rescue workers tried to clear the debris. state tv appealed to blood donors. with casualties filling the hospitals, the authorities said those responsible would not escape justice. , whohe interior minister met some of the victims, said there was no threat to the referendum next month. attempt to been an terrorize the people and sabotage the referendum. i would like to reassure people they are safe.
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there is a security plan put in place by us and the armed forces to secure all of the police stations. is the latest in a series of attacks since the ousting of the president will home in morsi in july. most have been confined to the sinai region where militants linked to al qaeda have killed about 200 police and troops. now once again, attackers have shown they can hit hard and that the security forces themselves are at risk. >> the former national security agency contractor edward snowden has said he has achieved his aim. hetold the washington post wanted the american public to have a say in how they were governed. he fled america in late may, taking secret documents with him
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and now faces espionage charges. post described the fugitive's state of mind earlier to my colleague. >> he seems completely at peace with what he has done and confident he launched the debate , the assessment he was looking for, on the boundaries of surveillance in a democratic society. ?> much more to come >> there is, i would guess. he is not in control of the stories. he handed over documents to three journalists, one of them being me, about six months ago. he has not tried to play a role in what stories we write or documents we publish. i do not think any of us are done. ofgiven that, there is a lot rumor about whether he might be offered amnesty. certainly that would be contingent on the leaks
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stopping. >> i do not think that is what is being talked about. the nsa estimated he may have taken more than one million documents. closernalist has anything to that number. if it is true, then there are documents he has placed a some way and the nsa would like to get those back. it does not have illusions a candidate from the journalists -- it can't get it back from the journalists. >> barton gellman, how do you assess the way the u.s. public sees him? whether they tend to see him as a whistleblower oh as a saboteur? , over time the polls have generally said that, as many people, about the same number of people think that he has done more good than harm.
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certainly there is no doubt he has had more impact than any whistleblower i can think of. there have been six intensive months of international reaction on many fronts, the technology companies, congress, courts, united nations. that degree of impact is beyond anything. >> you say edward snowden is at peace with himself. an indoor cat. he is confined to his room in russia. it is a strange existence for anyone. >> i do not know how strange it is for him. wholl know certain types sort of live much of their lives virtually, online. he was like that in hawaii, he says. needs. not have a lot of he does not get out. >> can he can continue with the current status quote? >> he was
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not making predictions. he was not aiming for russia in the first place. he got caught there because his passport was revoked. he wants to silence somewhere. asylum somewhere. in bethlehem where christians are gathered for midnight mass at the church of the nativity. the richest people, dubai is my city. >> there are other ways by --ping it right but here it keeping it private. express.where i can
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>> a great war city on the black sea coast of ukraine. it is my city. >> there were many hard times in the city. to get through these, they came to the rescue. "abcllo, you are watching world news." could to have you with us. united nations security -- bbc world news." good to have you with us. thousands have died in the country. edward snowden, who leaked the details of the u.s. surveillance program says he is achieved his aim. the former nsa contractor said he wanted society to have more
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of a say in what is being monitored. have droppedrities criminal charges against the first of 30 people accused of taking part in a green trees protest in the arctic. the 28 activists were arrested in september after staging a proud says -- staging a protest. one of them, anthony perrett, could leave russia on thursday. >> i am only feeling relieved at this point. stamps on to have the my passport to say i will be leaving russia. i would prefer that to have been guiltyult of a not verdict of an independent judiciary. what i got was a presidential pardon. but i feel like i will be taking liberty wherever it comes. >> anthony perrett there. it has turned midnight in bethlehem.
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christians from around the world have gathered for midnight mass at the church of the nativity. the palestinian president referred to jesus who would become a guiding light for millions and in his message, the latin pager arc called for a data latin patriarch of for a peaceful resolution. -- that latin patriarch called for a peaceful resolution. crowd even after darkness fell and temperatures dropped, waiting for the midnight mass to be led by the head of the catholic church in the 1700- year-old inativity church. we have been entertained by musicians, singing traditional christmas carols in english and in arabic. we had a band passing through
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earlier. it was the arrival of the patriarch from jerusalem, this 10 kilometer journey he made to get here, where he met the christian communities on the way and was met by residents of bethlehem as he entered into their city, coming through barrier, theration concrete wall that surrounds bethlehem. he made his way the same route mary and joseph are said to have taken to come into the city and was greeted by a huge crowd of people in the square behind me. i have met people from all the continents of the world than this has been a very good day for the local palestinian economy with the restaurants, souvenir shops packed. thejust like in times of bible when we were told mary and joseph could not find a room at the innm, there was not a hotel room free in bethlehem either. >> it is christmas day in china and the catholic bishop
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disappeared almost 80 months ago is being sent political lessons by the authorities. in shanghai last year, the the rulinglenged communist party by announcing his resignation from the state- run body that controls the church. he has not been seen in public since. from shanghai, here is our correspondent. this church on the outskirts of shanghai, they are preparing for the christmas pageant. despite the festivities, all is not well. where theplace tension between the catholic faith and the communist state is palpable. for almost 18 months, this nearby seminary has been used for the house arrest of the missing bishop. is a good man, this woman tells me. her friend stops her. seen as a direct
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challenge to the communist hisy, the bishop used ordination speech to resign from the government body in charge of the church. it was met with loud applause, but he has not been seen in public since. ironically, china's control of the church means the atheist spate -- state reserves the right to appoint and dismiss bishops. his ordination has now been revoked. to see the allowed bishop but friends of his told us he is allowed to come and go from the seminary but not to leave the shanghai area. they said he has been sent a communistlesson, indoctrination, three times a week. once again, chinese catholics will be celebrating christmas
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aware of a crisis at the heart of their church. although once thought to be improving, it shows the risk between beijing and rome runs deep. >> now force boats and the england cricket team have upped their game -- now to sports and the england cricket team have upped their game. we have been speaking about the team's troubles after a disastrous tour in australia. our correspondent has the latest. >> you know things are going well when neither -- when these people on your side. giving their supporters very little to feel festive about. to turn thingsry around. we owe it to a lot of people who have paid money to support us. we have let a lot of people down. we need to turn ourselves on and
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that starts today. be job, do youd want to respond to that? >> i have the greatest admiration for what he achieved but the way he plays and i play are totally different. >> a few wise men have made melbournernments to and somehow they remain faithful. to melbournerimage and somehow they remain faithful. >> we are here to win. we are here for cricket. that is the main thing. we're going to show the aussies. >> england having to prepare without the man who was their best spinner, graeme swann, who has retired. and the fallout from his parter continues. to accuseg shot was certain players of arrogance. he denies suggestions it was aimed at his former teammate
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kevin peterson. do you think he was referring to you? >> you should come on the field with me and see what i get called on the boundary. there are a lot worse things. stewart will want his stocking filler to be in the middle, that's men have en haveed -- bats m struggled. turing is often described as a genius who founded modern community. 1952, he was prosecuted for homosexual activities which were illegal at the time. now, he has been given a posthumous royal pardon. mathematician, computer pioneer, but alan turing is remembered for what he did during world war ii at this
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base. he led a team that cracked the enigma code, used by the nazis to send messages. historians believe it shortened the war by two years, saving countless lives. in his personal life, he suffered immense anguish. he was gay at a time when homosexuality was against the law. in 1952, he was convicted of indecency and had to undergo chemical castration. he was no longer allowed to continue his security work for the government. two years later, alan turing died of cyanide poisoning, a verdict of suicide was recorded. it took more than half a century for the state to acknowledge the injustice of his conviction for homosexuality. he has been given a posthumous pardon. >> the injustice done to him is corrected today by this
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parliament. i think that is the end of that part of the story about the appalling treatment of gay men. >> the pardon was granted by the queen under the prerogative of mercy at the request of the government. she described it as a fitting tribute. >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: on this christmas eve, scenes of celebration from the vatican to bethlehem, from the typhoon-ravaged philippines, to american bases in afghanistan. good evening, i'm gwen ifill. judy woodruff is off tonight. also ahead, violence and instability in south sudan and the central african republic. i'll talk to u.n. ambassador samantha power, who's recently returned from the region. n.s.a. leaker edward snowden declares his mission accomplished. we talk to the "washington post" reporter who interviewed him over two days in moscow.


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