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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 30, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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solutions for small businesses and major corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." next thanks for joining us. michael schumacher is the most successful driver in formula one history and remains critically ill after falling and hitting his head while skiing in the french alps. he had an emergency operation to relieve pressure on the brain and is now in a medically induced coma. his family are at his bedside. during two decades at the
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summit of formula one, michael rex tatianearned a as a fearless fighter. tonight, following an accident -- earned the reputation as a fearless fighter. tonight, following an accident while skiing, he is fighting for his life. said they were taking things hour by hour, but the initial reports have left many fearing the worst. conditionn critical and we can say he is fighting for his life. we cannot tell you what the outcome can be yet. we are working continuously, our by hour, but it is too early to say what is going to happen. sone was skiing with his when the accident happened just after 11:00 local time. he was taken by how -- by helicopter to hospital. then he was moved to the larger university hospital at 12:40 p.m. it was here that he underwent
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immediate surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. , leadings growing figures from formula one united in sending schumacher messages of support. thoughts are"my with michael schumacher at this tough time. michael, more than anyone, has the strength to go through this." "come on,r said, michael, give us this qualified pace to win through. you can do it." titles -- morel world titles than any other driver. >> he is to -- tremendously determined. he has fought his way to the top of his profession from very humble beginnings, and
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significantly and i hope encouragingly, he is a fighter. >> michael schumacher's achievement in formula one mark him out as one of sports greatest figures. tonight, all his family, friends, and fans can do is wait and hope that he comes through the biggest fight he has ever faced. >> as david reported, michael schumacher is receiving round- the-clock treatment at the university hospital in grenoble. -- we have been following developments there during the day and here is this report. >> the next few hours and even days will be crucial for michael schumacher. he remains here in critical condition at grenoble university hospital. is receiving medication to try to control any potential swelling of the brain. doctors here say his situation
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remained very serious. they don't want to offer any kind of prognosis about the outcome. but what we can say is there are precedents of people recovering from this type of head injury. star danielmber the al brecht that fell during training four years ago. and also in ad on net induced, for three weeks. he has now recovered and is back skiing competitively. michael schumacher's family, who are at his bedside, will be hoping the outcome will be the same for him. but as his doctors say, it is too soon to tell. >> let's go to south sudan, where the president there has ruled out a power-sharing agreement with the rebel leader to try to end the ethnic violence that has left thousands dead. he shoulde bbc that
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not be rewarded with power for rebelling. our correspondent spoke with the president, who insisted his government did not start the fighting. >> a war with many victims. these people set the first blitz living and are now precarious life. in his camp and in others throughout the country, everyone you meet has a horrifying story to tell. they throw people out from their homes. the president said it started as an attempted coup. his rivals insist he was simply trying to silence them. now it is a civil war. the former vice president is leading the rebels and has seized control of towns. >> they are also fighting the government elsewhere in the country. thousands have been killed. as the tragedies pile up, so do
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the calls for restraint. >> those who have defected must come back to restore the broken relationship through a peaceful solution. if please don't work, force might. today, the president threatened to intervene militarily if the rebels won't negotiate. he believes his country could still pull back from the jury -- the brink. >> we will try a political solution. i believe in peaceful solution is still of more benefit. they continue to suffer and wait until the politicians decide whether to fight or talk. >> the united nations has issued an alert for its troops in the
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democratic republic of congo oner a coordinated attacks the capital city. byy were briefly taken over a group of armed youths. the congolese government said more than 70 were killed at three locations. channels television are back on the air. the united states has offered russia full cooperation in security preparations for the winter olympics. after two bomb attacks in the city of volgograd in two days. they said they would help to guarantee the security of the athletes and spectators. at least 31 people were killed in a blast at vocal grad -- at volgograd at the main railway bus.on and on a crowded >> the burned, twisted rush-hour remains. many of the passengers died
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almost instantly when a suicide bomber through him -- blew himself up as the people around him were on their way to work. a state of emergency has been declared in the city. after all, it was the second bombing in today's, and all just before -- in two days and all just before russia hosts the olympics. >> this is a serious test. a second terrorism act in 24 hours. we have dead people and injured people. >> yesterday, the city's main railway station was attacked by at least one other suicide bomber, killing 17. the explosions are most likely linked to the infamous insurgency against russian wool in the nearby caucasus republic. -- republics. with the one siding buildup to the winter olympics.
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>> the kremlin now has a problem. president putin will have to move far to reassure the russian public that he can keep them safe and reassure the international community that he can secure the mental olympics, winteregan in six -- the olympics, which begin in six weeks time. >> today, the international winter olympic committee says it has no doubt that the russian authorities will be up to the task. but doubt is creeping in. for the islamists in the nearby caucasus republics of chechnya and cognex done, who are probably responsible for these bonds, the olympics for the perfect platform to use violence to undermine the russian government and president putin. >> parts of western australia are being battered by a powerful cyclone, which could bring storm
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surges and instructive winds of over 200 kilometers an hour. -- destructive winds of over 200 kilometers an hour. people in the area have been urged to stay indoors. to be alliam is going student again in the new year. you will undertake a 10 week course in agricultural management at cambridge university. the second in line to the throne already has a degree in geography. here is the significance of his study. >> we have seen recently, prince charles taking on more of the queen's roles and duties. and what we will see more this year is prince william taking on prince charles's duties. with that comes an enormous estate and property in the southwest. william the -- will need to know a lot more about them management than he does now. we suspect he will begin learning some of that before he
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officially inherits. pounds a year for prince charles. it is 130 acres of land. it is one of the largest estates in the comp tree. -- in the country. to run it, you have to know a lot about land management. >> more than three dozen palestinians have been held in israeli jails and are due to be released shortly. livenk we have some pictures here at the heiress crossing between gaza and israel where a number of them are excited to be handed over. this is the third of four planned releases. men are leaving prison. they've all been convicted of deadly attacks in israel. between 19 and 28 years in jail. summer toeed last release 104 palestinian prisoners altogether. in exchange, palestinians
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dropped their demands for israel to host -- halt construction of homes in the east bank. it is worth noting that some palestinians are opposed to the deal and has been demonstrating against the release by israelis. these are the live pictures from the crossing where we are expecting the release in the next couple of hours or so. here in the u.k., the french has all -- football or announced he will never repeat a jeter -- a gesture that many in france have called anti- cinematic -- anti-somatic. club says het, the never meant to cause any offense and was amply dedicating his goal to his friend. the english football governing body is investigating. stay with us here on bbc world news. still to come --
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lex we are increased to find out why europe says the attitude toward waste management is frankly, rubbish. >> known for beaches, carnivals, footballs, and violence. but there are so many more stories to tell. -- de janeiro >> one of the most dynamic metropolises.
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>> this is bbc world news. here are the latest headlines. -- michael schumacher remains in a medically induced coma after being injured while skiing. doctors don't know if he will recover. the president of south sudan has been speaking to the bbc. he believes a political solution is still possible. let's return to our main story this hour, michael schumacher. his medical team says he would not be alive now if he had not been wearing a helmet. but they knowledge his outcome remains uncertain. michael of injury schumacher sustained, here is more. >> inside the skull, the brain
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is delicate and vulnerable, and injuries can not only be difficult to diagnose, but to treat. it is a huge challenge to try to understand which areas have been damaged and how badly. the surgeons in france admit there is a lot they don't know about schumacher's condition. they are keeping him in a coma. signs were not promising when he was first brought in. important point. he was overwhelmed, agitated. he was not responding to questions. he showed spontaneous movements of his four limbs but not in a normal state. >> injuries to the brain art among the most -- to the brain are among the most worrisome, because they are unpredictable. be sudden movement can dangerous. michael schumacher was hit on the right side of his head. surgeons said this caused internal bleeding within the brain am a witch colonist
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hematoma. there also contusions, or bruising -- within the brain, which caused hematoma. there are also contusions, or bruising. no one can be sure how things will go. sustain majoro trauma and severe head injuries can take weeks, months, sometimes years of rehabilitation to try to regain function and normal life. almost impossible to say. >> nearly five years ago at this ski resort in canada, the actress natasha richardson hit her head and initially said she was fine. but after an hour she felt unwell and three days later she died. the damage to her brain was worse than thought. with this ski season now at its height, this latest accident will force the campaign for skiers to wear safety helmets to
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-- will reinforce the campaign for skiers wear safety helmets. doctors say without the helmet, michael sherman crowe -- michael schumacher would surely have died. >> a blow to the head can be very dangerous. for more on this, go to /news. mikhail clout across the was released from prison by putin. he will be allowed to travel an area that includes switzerland and much of the european union. he also has business interests there. takes over the rotating presidency of the european union on the fifth of the new year. but there is one big issue that brussels has kicked up a stink about, and that is, waste management. the european commission has taken athens to court to close
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dozens of illegal dumping sites. economy may be rotten, but other problems are piling up, too. the country buried 80% of its rubbish, twice the eu average. in a year, this athens landfill, one of the few plants, will be full. finding a solution to all of this is now urgent. we are dealing with waste and we have not been doing the percentage that we should do. to have a lower impact, we can recycle and find other ways. the problemrs west, gets worse. nestled in the mountains, one of 70 illegal dumps. taken greece to court to force the closure. running fines of 70,000 euros a
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day. the locals here have occupied the site to top an environmental disaster. >> it is killing the river. it is very near this area. it is affected badly by all this toxic waste. >> and it is a threat to human health. >> of course, breathing, drinking, eating. >> within this wonderful, rich forest, you have a decaying mass isthe pungent stench absolutely vile. i can tell you. in the midst of the economic crisis, they still have the natural beauty of their country. but even that is now being destroyed. blockade of the site, a nearby town is overflowing with rubbish that was previously thrown in the forest. is government says it
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building new official landfills, but local resistance as well as the years of the waste issue has said the illegal doma -- the illegal dumps. every time we try to build a proper site, residents have acted to stop us. nobody wants waste in their backyard. we have to work together and deal with the monster of bureaucracy and corruption. it is totally unacceptable that we are in this situation. landfill, somes waste is recycled into alternative fuel, but not enough. there are so many problems to sort, but time is running out to create a sustainable, clean country as it rebuilds from the financial rubble. bbc news, greece. >> let's take a look at some of the images that are coming to us in the last 24 hours. let's start in china, where teams of electricians have begun the annual job of clearing ice from the power cables.
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his is in the southwestern province where they would -- this is in the southwestern province where the lines were close to breaking. i can clear about four kilometers each day, but at that rate, there is no hope of deicing all of the cables in the area. event in thennual policy underway. -- in nepal is underway. it features of offense, spread by being nearby center. the winners did get asked to pose for photographs with fans. and an unusual sport of another sort. the u.k.. this is the self-styled national car jumping championship. winner drives at the ramp as fast as you can and hopes for the best.
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thousands in el salvador are leaving their homes after a bouquet know erupted sunday morning. erupted sunday morning. they said they heard a powerful .ruption >> locals describe it as beginning with a powerful explosion before ash and smoke came out the top. it traveled five kilometers into the air. it was billowing from the summit. the volcanog near were quick to evacuate. many were re-sheltered by authorities. >> because of what happened with the volcano in san miguel, the national civil protection system entered into a state of alert at the national level. >> it is 50 kilometers from the
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city of san miguel and is one of around 20 volcanoes throughout el salvador. it sits on the much larger pacific ring of fire. a 40,000 kilometer ring that borders a volatile tectonic late. it is an area that is home to 75% of the world volcanoes. so far, two people have been treated for respiratory problems. the government has been monitoring since increased activity was detected in mid- december. but no signs of fresh lava have been found. wethe basic problem that have right now is the ashes falling and being covered from the volcano. >> this is a volcano that last erupted in 1978. for now, it has gone quiet once again. >> a story that has been grabbing our attention for the last few days, the fate of passengers on board a ship stranded in antarctic pack ice.
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around 50 passengers are on board. they have now been told they will be airlifted by a chinese helicopter as soon as the weather permits. so far, three rescue missions have been unable to reach them because of poor weather conditions. person on board we've spoken to has stressed they are not in any particular danger. back to gaza. we have some live pictures of a prisoner release. this is the third of four releases taking place between for hisnd palestinian nurse 26 are being released on this occasion -- and palestinian prisoners. about 26 are being released on this occasion. brokeredeal that was by the u.s. secretary of state as a way to restart the middle east peace talks.
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we will keep an eye on that. i will be back in a couple of minutes with the headlines. stay with us. >> make sense of international news at -- at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, union bank, -- and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture
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