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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 11, 2014 3:59pm-4:31pm PDT

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and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am laura. israel's prime minister says he will resist international pressure to stop air strikes as the death toll tops 100 in gaza. u.s. secretary of state john kerry meets with afghanistan's presidential candidates to try to resolve the country's disputeded election. and lebron james turns home. he says he will play for the cleveland cavaliers next year. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. israel's prime minister says his country is prepared to use all its military power to stop rocket attacks by palestinian
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militants. that is despite growing international pressure for a cease-fire. at least 100 people are reported to have died in the israeli air strikes which began on tuesday. there have been more rocket attacks on israel today. two people have been injured this week but no lives lost. from gaza, the middle east editor jeremy berman starts our coverage. >> the streets are silent in gaza, but they are not peaceful. it looks as if there is a curfew here, and there is in a way enforced by the israeli military. israel's air raids continue. they say they are after hamas and its fighters. but there was a child among the nine palestinians killed over-night who were buried in this town. more than half of over 100 people killed in gaza by israeli raids were women and children according to the
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health ministry. the doctors in the intensive care unit at gaza's main hospital view things differently. 8-year-old marion has had brain surgery. she was hold her mother at home hen she was hit by shrapnel that embedded itself in her brain. the neurosurgery on says she will survive, but it is too soon to talk about a full recovery. >> given the most difficulty, which i see here, it is with the kids. with other people, sometimes i can put my heart away. but when it is something to do with the kids, it is something difficult. i am a father. i don't care about hamas, but i want to feel my kids are safe in my house. only child. - an
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outside in the corridor, a father waits. >> he said my message to israeli parents is look at our children as if they are yours. look at their human rights and treat them like human beings. >> there is a terrible familiarity about what has been happening in the last few days. that is because it has happened before. the underlying political realities of the conflict haven't been tackled. many israelis would say that is because palestinians one accept the existence of their state. palestinians and plenty of others say the problem is they don't have independence. that if they had their own state, things might be very different. >> the latest penn state talks collapsed recently. in the past, death, destruction and human pain have filled the gap left by failed negotiations. it has happened again. jeremy bowen, "bbc news."
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>> rockets fired at israel from lebanon as as gaza today. hundreds of rockets of struck israel this week. the government said no country could endure that without a severe response. our report is from ash dodd, which came you said attack. >> in israel, even a quick stop to fill the tang can be dangerous. this morning, rockets from gaza hit a petrol station in ashdod. one man was seriously injured. the station was almost destroyed. this may be one of the most serious strikes from gaza to israel in recent days. palestinian militants have fired more than 500 rockets towards israel. many of them have been sperpted. but for some reason the rockets that were fired here this intercepted. ot
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later at the same station there was another rocket warning. so far this week, no one in israel has been killed by rockets. but how do you measure fear? israel knocks down some rockets in the air. to some here, this fight is another round of the country's war of independence against an enemy that refuses to accept its existence. the prime minister speaking tonight from tel aviv demands a normal life for his country. >> no country would accept its civilians being fired out without a harsh response. i said that i would not allow straily citizens to live in this reality. no international pressure will prevent us from operating at full force against a terrorist organization that calls for our destruction.
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>> on the promenade in tel aviv, israelis support the offensive in gaza, but they don't expect a decisive victory. >> as always happens, the first few days we sort of feel good about the military operation going on in gaza, but in time things will start coming out that we will be faced with. > and those facts, as israel masses ground forces are simple. israeli fencives on gaza may reduce rocket fire for a while, but they have yet to stop it for good. >> james reynolds there on the mood in israel. in afghanistan, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry held meetings late into the night with the country's presidential candidates trying to find a resolution to the defeated election. they will continue with a second round of talks on saturday. kerry says the legitimacy of the vote hangs in the balance, as do the chances for a
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peaceful transition. we have this report, and a warning. it does contain flash photography. >> they were elected, and a smooth transition was left hanging in the balance as foreign forces were prepared to go home. so when he met this presidential hopeful, he expressed his optimism. >> we obviously have high hopes that the questions about the election will be resolved quickly, can be resolved, and that a way forward can take place to give the afghans confidence that they have a presidency and government that is capable of unifying all afghans and building a road to the future. > and he has seen his fortunes reversed after he was a front-runner in the first
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round. he is counting on the u.s. to help fix the fraud. and this is what is at stake. the tearing down of a presidential portrait by abdul supporters earlier this week gave us a flavor of what was to come. many supporters have tried to push him to set up a parallel government, but he has stopped short of that, warning of dire military and financial consequences. for john kerry, this is more than crisis talk or arithmetic. it is about ensuring stanton here. after more than a decade of military and financial support. mccarron allen, "bbc news," kabul. >> for more on secretary kerry's trip and the controversy surrounding the elections, i spoke to the director of the south asia center of the atlantic council.
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john kerry is holding a second day of talks with the rival candidates for the presidency of iraq. what are the chances that the secretary of state can broker a deal. >> i think he is creating a workable environment for them. it will be up to them for work impasse. one is the political basis. what are the deals they work out among themselves that are acceptable to the two candidates. >> how much leverage do the americans even have, given they are looking towards with drawing combat troops. >> well, they have some leverage because they have the money. the government cannot survive ithout foreign assistance. without u.s. assistance, other sorts of funding will walk away from afghanistan. and history will repeat itself.
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>> abdullah is claiming vote rigging from his rival. what evidence does he have? >> he has presented some evidence, but it hasn't been fully documented yet. i think there will be agreement between the two camps on the number of polling stations that will be audited. the credit cal issues are going to be time. july 292nd is when the announcement -- july 22nd is when the announcement has to be made. that is not a drop-dead deadline, that can be extended. but august 2 is the inauguration of the new president. if they can get some afremont on president before august 2nd, that will be for the better because the new president will be in place. he can sign the bilateral security agreement, renew the stages of forces agreement with nato, or reaffirm it, and then some of the decisions that are
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to be made about supporting afghanistan by nato and other alleys can then be taken in the fall. >> how about karzai karzai? is he a neutral figure in all this? >> not really. he has been in the heart of afghan politics, and he will not cease and desist from being a player. but i think at this point the greatest weight really must be given to the afghan people that voted in enormous numbers. of course there was rigging all over the country, but we just have to find out the proof of that. >> are you optimistic that this can be resolved? >> i think so. i think the afghans have traditionally been able to resolve differences among themselves under a term that is sometimes used to describe the process, which is the concord of the people. afghanistan has been a country with national boundaries much longer than its neighborhood. so i am optimistic.
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>> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> today the world health organization issued a bold new recommendation to stop the spre of h.i.v. sexually arging active gay men to take the drug, saying it could prevent one million h.i.v. infections. a baby girl was thought to be cured after early treatment, but now doctors harbaugh discovered she still harbaugh harbors s the -- still the virus. >> do you think gay men should take anti-h.i.v. drugs? >> when one talks about taking anti-viral drug, it is an
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additive additional method. the most important way is to use a condom. but we do know that va many men don't use condoms. either they don't want to or they say they do and they don't. we know that taking a preexposure proffer lacks is pill when taken appropriately is highly effective in preventing h.i.v. infection. under those circumstances, we can have an extra added boost of ur armamentarium prevent. i am in favor of that if it was used with all the other moderate a lots. >> the world health organization is suggesting that gay men should start taking these drugs, and that they may stop using condoms because of that. >> there is always the risk of that. but if you balance the potential benefit of people
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using this, which is highly effective and proven to be so in clinical trials, that the additional benefit on the broad scale of prevention of h.i.v. i think would outweigh the risk. although there will be some people, and that is just human nature, who may feel they no longer have to use a condom, many times people don't use condoms anyway, and this just provides them with a very effective means of prevention. you grant that there may be some people who would be more risky advice i have i not using -- vis-a-vis, not using condoms, it will be better at the end of the day. >> moving to the mississippi girl who was thought to be cured of h.i.v., but now showing signs of the infection, how great of a set-back is that? >> i don't think one thinks of it as a set-back. it is disappointing. a cure is still something in
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the very early discovery phase. it was felt the early aggressive treatment of this baby, which was unprecedented, which was to treat her as she was ineffected, which it turned out she was infected, very early, within 30 hours of birth , was widely thought it cured her. it was thought that a baby in an unprecedented way went 27 months with no evidence of the virus at all without needing therapy. that in and of itself is an important finding and advance. one would hope that would have been an indefinite period of having no need for therapy, but unfortunately and with disappointment, the baby rebounded. so i wouldn't say it is a set-back. i would say it is a disappointment. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> quite welcome. >> you are watching bbc "bbc world news america." still to come, a dangerous trip to find his son.
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a ben january father tries to track down the teenager who left to join the jihadists. >> both candidates in indonesia as presidential elections wednesday have declared victory. the official vote count is still under way. here is our report. >> while the counting continues, the uncertainty goes on. that is because it is not often you get two winners in a race. just a couple of hours after polls closed on wednesday, the furniture exporter turned politician declared that he has won. not to be outdown, an hour later, this man, a former army general, anouned that he is indonesia's president elect. the two men are basing their claims of victory on unofficial estimates. these quick counts results as they are known here have been taken from a sample of votes
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across the country. in the past they have been relatively reliable. this time, though, both sides claim their estimates are connect. widoda's camp says that out of the 12 registered polling agencies, eight point to a lead that his. while the other said the other four are the most credible. >> our task now is to enshower sure that the counting of ballots runs correctly, honestly and without intervention from either party. the fact that it was one hour and 35 minutes after the poll closed is never good. >> this has been the most divisive election indonesia has ever seen, and it was an election that no one wanted to lose. with official results still
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more than a week away, indonesia remains in limbo. .bbc news", jakarta >> the violence in iraq and syria has drawn foreign fighters, including thousands of europe. recruits to jihadist groups include teenagers. parents are making the trip to find their children. here is the story of a father from belgium. >> searching for a son. the manager from belgium is about to go back to syria, where his teenager son, lucas has joined up with isis. >> i have seen my son with the permission of the emir. after a new hours, he goes, and now i am going back to see him
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again. >> are you scared to go back? >> yes, i am scared, but i do it for my son. >> he managed to get into syria with the help of this man, a former belgian soldier who rescued his own son from the country last year. in a dark border hotel, he plans the next trip. with two here today fathers to help him to try to find the lost son and get him out of syria. >> this family video shows lucas in happier times. originally from haiti he was adopted and raised a christian but was converted to islam three years ago. he was also a successful kick boxer. lucas didn't go into syria alone. with t friend with in
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him. his father has also traveled to syria to find his son and remains in the country. s estimated more than 2,000 europeans have traveled to syria since the civil war broke out, many to fight alongside isis. the jihaddy group has declared a straka islamic cal fate and of extreme brutality. the men prepare to cross back into syria. they have no contact with the teenagers in over a week and the stress is starting to show. at the border gate, all is calm, but they are again about to enter a land of unpredictable violence. >> they have just crossed over the border back into syria. they believe they know where the boys are, but what is not clear is whether the boys really want to come out. and even if they do, will they
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be allowed to leave? duncan crawford, "bbc news." >> fathers' journey to find their missing sons in syria. now to the announcement sports fans in america have been waiting for, where lebron james would play basketball next year. after a week inindecision, the world's best player finally said he is leaving the miami heat and returning to cleveland. now he is back on the cavaliers, the team he famously left for years ago. for more i was joined by sean gregory. >> why is the king heading home? >> he said today on his first-person essay on, northeast ohio to him transcends basketball. this is the area he grew up in. even when he was in miami he was return there during the summers, go to akron, which isn't far from cleveland. so the pull of home drew him back to ohio. i think that is the only way to do it.
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he has taken a pay cut. he probably had a better chance at winning more rings in miami or signing with chicago or some other team. he wants to kind of write this fairy tale ending. >> what kind of a reception do you think he is going to get in cleveland given that he did ditch them. >> he did ditch them, but people are willing to foregive. the owner of the cavaliers you may remember wrote a scathing open letter. him and lebron had a sit-down on sunday, and there was a report on yahoo sports where dan gilbert said i made a huge mistake. that letter hurt me more than anybody, and they just talked it out. but it seems like all is forgiven in cleveland. cleveland is very excited to have him back. they now have four number one draft picks right now including lebron. >> so he could restore their fortunes? >> he totally can. they are young, and that is going to be tough. he said in his essay that it is
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going to take some patience. cleveland shouldn't expect championships right away, but they will be competitive. in basketball when you have free agency moves, there are only five players on the court. a guy like lebron has such a huge impact. you pair him with kyrie irving, an all-star who signed a maximum deal. there are rumors they may try to trade for kevin love from minnesota, who is a great passer. it could happen quickly. >> exciting. for all of us around the world, can you give us some idea of the stature of lebron james in american sport? >> he is an obsession here. everybody in the last few years were refreshing their twitter eeds, going to, going to all the sports websites trying to figure out who knew what, when was the decision coming. there were rumors yesterday that he was going to announce it on his website, and his website crashed.
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i guess with the world cup winding down and team u.s.a. out of it, it is a slow time right now in u.s. sports, so it was the pelfrey timing. >> so you think basketball is still the king soccer, not soccer? >> no. this kind of over-shadowed luis suarez's transfer in the morning. interesting news but got lost when lebron made his announcement. >> thank you. >> lebron james returns home triumphantly. a friday fairy tale if ever there was one. that brings today's show to a close. you can find all our news on our website. tweet us on twitter. from all of us here at "bbc world news america," thank you for watching, have a great weekend and see you back here next week.
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