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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the rubric dot com. and now abc world news. this is bbc world news america reporting from washington i'm nora trevally and. the white house communications director anthony scaramucci is our self to less than two weeks on the job. john kenny is sworn in as the new chief of staff. the crisis in venezuela defense the opposition vows to keep fighting on the streets. following a controversial vote which could give even more house to the president. nnova he saw. and a century after the battle of passion dal began ceremonies a how to remember the sacrifices made during one of the great wars bloodiest campaigns .
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welcome to world news america what it was another day of changes at the white house. this morning john kelly was sworn in as the new chief of staff. replacing ryan's previous who announced his departure on friday. i came the bomb shell. anthony scaramucci tapped as white house communications director less than two weeks ago is leaving as well. saying he wants to give mister kelly a clean slate. the bbc's north america had to touch on cyprus been following all the action for us. so i'm really very free doesn't make my remarks informal and that what he was right about that was anti. it stay one on the job and certain things it instantly clear. antony scaramucci doesn't lack for self confidence swagga or bravado but i love the president in a very very loyal to the president this would be his first and last
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appearance at the white house podium. ten days later the new communications director is gone. the white house blowing him a kiss goodbye. but let it not be said it was an uneventful ten days he told the bbc he be straight talking approach and one of the things i cannot stand about this tow. is the backstabbing that goes on here okay where i grew up in the neighborhood i'm from were front stampers who like to tell you exactly where we're from. and what we're doing. turbulent doesn't begin to describe it in a foul mouth tirade he went to war with the two most senior people in the west wing. who want the president? in his conversation with the new yorker magazine missed the scaramucci said of the ex chief of staff. right this is a. paranoid schizophrenic. paranoiac. i deceive baden. i'm not trying to build my own brand of the. strength of the president i'm here to serve the country. by last friday the chief of staff had been fired left abandoned at andrews airforce base. a scout to
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scaramucci. but now irony of ironies general john kelly on day one is new chief of staff. how changes he wanted to make as the president lavished praise on him so i want to congratulate you on having done a fantastic job general and? we look forward to. if it's possible and even better job as chief of staff across the general had demanded the head of scaramucci. and the president said he toppled a plateau. after a dizzying few days the president's press secretary. tried to sound calm the president certainly felt. that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. . and he didn't want to burde. general kelley. i'll also with that line of successio. before will be some folded the president tweeted highest stock market ever the best economic numbers in years. on employment leveraged in seventeen years wages rising border secure
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supreme court. no white house chaos. well actually still quite chaotic as the president went to a ceremony in the east wing. to all those who were prepared to lay down their lives for their comrades. and that country. john several reporting well for more on this latest shake up at the white house i'm joined now by on north america correspondent judy got enough and safe richie. don't tram anthony scaramucci both flamboyant wealthy new york has been the end was anthony scaramucci just a little bit too big for this picture. what he came in to head out the white house communications office that his job was to manage the message but at the end of the day? he became the message in the last ten days yes it was only ten days that he was in that post beeping appointed ending still took the joking she to start. again on the fifteenth of august he dominated the headlines and
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not just that to exclusively to an interview that he gave to the new york wages have touted colleagues. at like steve fountain of its previous but also you stories about his personal life i think in the end i wt he didn't love president trump has said he wants to drain the swamp and. move away from establishment republicans but i think that what they show is blood appointments of scaramucci is the pitfalls of hiring someone who doesn't have the political experience anthony scaramucci. a move street investment banker who owns a hedge funds hadn't really done his time in mainstream politics. and it shows and that yes i think it's a real surprise that he's that left his job i need ten days into it but it's interesting because. i in the. cabinet meeting earlier today when president trump
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was introducing everyone to his new chief of staff general kelley said one of the reasons why he said happy to have. him imposed is because he is not someone who tracks control this thing that is interesting because of course after miscarriages we sold. was attracting it like flies. read about enough and thank you for joining us. but it's no coincidence that anthony scaramucci was out the door on the very same day that john kelly started his job as chief of staff. so what tools will general kelley nate to do his job effectively. also chris whipple a spoken to every living chief of staff for his book the gatekeepers and i spoke to him a short while ago from new york. except chris we can see john kelly already moving that to impose his authority on the white house. board is the single most important tool that he needs to do his job effectively. for you know interestingly all morning i was saying that the first thing. telly needs to do is make sure that he has scaramucci is white house credentials yanked from his neck by friday. eye he moved a little faster than i thought and deserves credit for tha. but that's the easy part now
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comes the hard part this is a broken white house in almost every way. it's a white house that it can't get anything done. it can't issue executive orders that are enforceable it can't pass legislation that can't. prioritize the president's agenda. it can't get anybody on the same page. so this is exponentially more difficul. than any job john kelly has had before. what i handle my own kelly is going to have the white house staff report to him chris but when you have? the president's door sat in the white house how is that really going to work in practice do you think. well first let's see if that's true. you mean that the deep fundamental most important thing of all is that kelly has to be empowered. as first among equals in the white house and and the staff needs to report through him. now that doesn't apply to family. you know the reagan white house was fractious and it was. complicated and you had family involved and james a
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baker the third who was ronald reagan's quintessential chief during the first term was savvy enough. to form alliances with nancy reagan. and with michael deaver who a deputy chief who was like a son to reagan. yeah as a result he was able to prevail even when the the hard right ideologues came after him. but you know it's it's it's not at all clear that john kelly is a jim baker. story klee how have generals down and they struggle. i think the record is not encouraging the last third general to be white house chief was alexander haig under gerald ford. and who've stayed on after richard nixon resigned. he lasted if couple of days over one month. then interestingly gerald ford one of the reasons is that ford had a. a white house a model that was very much like donald trump so it was a free for all with people coming and going. in and out of the oval office it was a disaster
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called it spokes of the wheel with. gerald ford at the center. are within a month he was begging his old pal don rumsfeld to come in and and to exert. a assert this a plan which he did. what james baker is a legendary chief of staff said it's good to focus on the star off base of the jo? and not the chief base of the job was i going to maine for chuck yeah do you well that's that's the danger here is that. you can't be an imperial trees don regan who was. famously. james baker's successor was a disaster he was a former. merrill lynch co chairmen he was imperious he was arrogance he was. get a you know he. out nancy reagan said of him famously that he liked the. the sound of chief but not the sound of staff so much. you it's a crucial job you have to have. you have to be at the ultimate diplomat to to juggle all of these competing power centers. and you can't just be start commanding people and and
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and barking out orders at the it doesn't work that wa. chris whittle thank you so much for joining us. thank you for having me. what is the white house wants to establish order is facing two major foreign policy challenges? this weekend the kremlin ordered the last account its diplomatic staff in moscow by seven hundred and fifty five people. or by sixty percent. many of those like i will be russians working for the u. s. but it sends a signal as tensions grow between the two countries. when it comes to north korea second test of an intercontinental ballistic missile within a month. today president trump said it will be handled by how. we've got a guy discussed both issues with former congresswoman and current president of the woodrow wilson center jane harman. jane harman just how aggressive the navy's this retaliation by vladimir putin ordering the u. s. to cautious diplomatic stuff in russia. it's unusual. there was a time last fall when sanctions were raised
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and he did not do it. i think anticipating that. we would have friendlier relations. but i think the inconvenience of this. is much less than that much less important than the fact that the congress and the executive branch are communicating with one voic. and i think vladimir putin responses strains and this is strength. so is it possible band that rushes home to tend to into faye with the u. s. selection is actually back five because now you have as you say congress. acting as a check on the executive a boxing the president and with a sanctions bill against russia. well i don't know that backfires a word i would pick because. they were pretty effective. but have has it caused us to respond forcefully yes our obama did respond in december. and there had been conversation about additional responses. but this is a very serious a complex piece of legislation and by the way it's a victory for bipartisanship genocide of
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the other big foreign policy challenge on the horizon for the president north korea i. second intercontinental ballistic missile test in a month yeah president says will handle it what does that mean. for her. i don't know but the. good news is that the team to handle it. now has. another player on eight is not that. john kelly was no player but now he's chief of staff in the white house and he's flexing his muscles today is changing the team in the white house. so i hear odd. anthony scaramucci is out and. this means that he at least is demonstrating control there why this matters is this is a military man who is. has a deep career thinking about strategy are along with at another a three star general in the white house hr mcmaster who's the head of the national security council. along with the defense secretary. and along with. other parts of our
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government thinking about our whole of government strategy to confront what is a growing threat. do you shampoo has done trumps frustration with china and its inability or unwillingness to confront north korea. well yes. by china. push back over the weekend and and. basically made clear that those threats aren't working china has an interest it's not congruent with our interests but china has an interest in confronting. north korea as well out first of all nuclear weapons from north korea can easily reach china that's a lot closer than alaska or. a los angeles that gets my attention since hyper residence los angeles. but seriously china doesn't want imploded north korea. which could happen because millions of refugees would come over its border and what's left of north korea would probably allying with south korea which is in the orbit of the united states in the west. so china has an interest in a at least a freeze in nuclear development in north korea and sought a week gentleman thank you so much
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for joining us thank you. in our news now from around the world the real madrid football star cristiano ronaldo dissipating court to give evidence in a tax fraud case. he testified for about an hour. for the pre trial hearing before leaving via backend. prosecutors have accused him of defrauding the authorities of seventeen million dollars pachachi denies. the international olympic committee has confirmed that los angeles has offered to host the twenty twenty eight olympic games. it's a move that means paris will host the games in twenty twenty four. both cities had five for twenty twenty full bottles and elise is understood to have agreed to go second. when we go. sam shepard the celebrated devil god playwright and actor died at his home in kentucky on thursday. he was oscar nominated for the nineteen eighty three found the right stuff. and starting back court down and steel magnolias. a spokesman for the family said he died of complications from lou gehrig's disease he was seventy three.
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and one of the great names of french cinema jeanne moreau has died at the age of eighteen nine. she rose to international stardom with the new wave of french cinema are in the nineteen sixties. starring in films like as you lay hi. a career spanned six decade. watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program. the u. s. targets venezuela's president nicolas maduro with sanctions thank you undermine democracy off to sunday's controversial election. australian police have been searching five properties in sydney ever suspected terrorism plot to bring down a plane. full mine were arrested in raids late on saturday his how griffith. the police still questioning the full man they arrested we understand that two of them a father and son that that the other two. also related to each other now they were all arrested as part of rates at the weekend on saturday we understand
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the police first became aware of this risk. back on wednesday potentially getting information from another country. they increase security at sydney airport on thursday then started to gather intelligence before making the arrests we don't yet know exactly what this plot maven tailed. the prime minister malcolm turnbull says it was advanced other people said it was quite fairly sophisticated certainly this was a group attack it's been suggested. rosin then a lone wolf attack which we've seen discussed here in australia. the suggestion is that the four were conspiring together to take on to an era playing some kind of improvised explosive device. potentially something that would also have left off aghast midday again we don't have that level of detail yet the minister will being questioned and under the anti terror. laws here in australia that question can continue for several days with told it could be twenty four to forty eight hours before any
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charges. are brought. at australia's airport security not surprisingly has been increased people told to arrive at an and iowa in earlier than normal trying bit bring feel of bags the normal as well. that cause delays in queues at the door at sydney international airport this morning however people understand of course that when a plot is uncovered a when there is a risk. may accept that there's extra measures put in place not means added juni tying this is the thirteenth plot according to the security agencies here. that they've managed to follow in the last three years. australia remains on a probable terror threat. nnova. there's been widespread international condemnation of the controversial vice in venezuela this weekend which could give sweeping new powers to president medora. hundreds of people have died during months of protests against the government and
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opposition parties boycotted the ballot claiming it was a great. today the us government hit president maduro would direct sanctions saying he undermine democracy. from caracas the b. b. c.'s katie watson reports. maduro this was a big win state tv brown his victory speech outlet. but for the millions of people who boycotted the vote it was a hollow victory if that. this morning correct has felt like a normal city people getting back to work after a difficult weekend. but still venezuelans a divided that enables all who wrote it down louise voted because he says he's had enough of the protests but i donated didn't. want any sort and i miss him doesn't let us wait and she says she feels so hurt to think she's worried about have finally got on the. alright i go steam has been managing this taxi rank for seventeen years. he says people hit a fed up with food shortages and spiraling inflation.
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he didn't want to be identified but he said he voted out to fia boycott i have devoted tells me all the worried about rumors that the government would remove his subsidized food if he didn't. the late hugo chavez is still an icon here. his face a constant reminder that he was the leader he started venezuela socialist revolution. but high oil prices helped support ten. with the economy now in crisis president maduro is losing friends both at home and abroad. not least in the u. s. which today announced it would impose sanctions on the president. when i'm gonna support effective rodriguez is a rising figure in the government and the man who led the campaign for the assembly. he like maduro blames the opposition of the violence of the past few months. but says foreign powers have meddled in venice way to to. is looking support among the chore a kid we said before that the problems of venezuela of venezuela's alone. it's for all people to choose what happens in that country. but that's the problem millions of people boycotted this vote. president maduro
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said turnout was eight million. but many doubt this vigor and accuse the government of voter fraud. they they want to show they are powerful. but the only thing they have it's fear. his repression. and violence and when one woman has only repression of fear. and and and i'm violence is very weak. but as the political wrangling continues people try and live their lives as best they can. government had lifted the triumph of peace anyway to move the country forward. without much anger. the about whether. headed for many votes is only made things worse. this country seem four months of violent confrontations seventeen year old no more nanda was killed in june during a protest. every day he's the head to the streets. now his mother tells me she's doing the same i mean i am one with the second way after me the best justice finnair ma and everyone who's died. is to make sure we achieve what we
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are asking for she says. the government to go. the family says fear isn't something they think about. it's about ensuring his memory lives on. katy wilson bbc news in caracas. venezuela plunges deeper into chaos. now is one of the most brutal and bloody conflicts of wild will one. today europe remember the more than half a million allied and german soldiers who were killed or wounded at the battle of passion data. many drowned in the model of two weeks of relentless rain on the battlefields. the bbc's rubble whole reports on the ceremonies held one hundred years on. nnamdi. there a few more peaceful places in the gentle slope of timing because. today among its white headstones families look back across the years. to another beak pulls.
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the best we know today is pension do. would last for over one hundred days. we remember it not only for the rain that fell. the mud. that way down the living and swallowed the dead. but also for the courage and bravery. of the men who fought here loss log are using. and because overlooks the rolling farmland streams and woods that were once no man's land. a scar of liquid mount and stagnant stinking craters. . good friends folded passion dale he joined the lancashire fusiliers but just a team. but ferns began his attack here beside the german bunker that now lies within time because symmetry. the lancashire fusiliers made their way up hill
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towards passion del village. and a spot which bird later said he would never forget. we came across. . we'll debate about. hello good jobs who are. all of. holidays. the living costs in. . i'm. ladies mellotron. they were absolutely in my second. that it would michael that's in. so it's a good thing. the company. forty fifth battalion. australian imperial private james monroe. one so don't freak and invented digimon my great great grandfather. rifleman stanley tarrant. if the king great great uncle. private world steven senne fourth battalion granitic golf.
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voices in stories that inspire acts of remembrance. like the story of captain no show vas surgeon and olympic athlete who was awarded the victoria cross twice for rescuing man on the fire. when you stopped her understand the man behind. the metals i am i think you start to grow an attachment heroism which brought his great great niece here for the first time. perhaps we won't have such big government funded. events is this today but what we will have all stories that we can post on generations in the way that. i don't think should stop for something that was so significant. flag this means and this intolerance. then this means plot and scraps of human bodies. flag this means or a couch. and faithfulness on today's. the horrors of past and dale have been passed from family to family for a hundred years. flounders is likely to remain a place of pilgrimag.
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for generations to come. robert told bbc news time cult. i'm nora travail and thanks for watching world news america. with the bbc news out. of vertical videos are designed to look around your lifestyle. so you can swipe your way. to the news of the day. stay up to date with the latest headlines. download now for. it does. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the rubric dot com. bbc world news was presented by casey team loss and
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> brangham: good evening, i'm william brangham. judy woodruff is away. on the newshour tonight, ten days in and anthony scaramucci is out. president trump removes his controversial communications director on the same day his new chief of staff takes over. then... >> we'll handle north korea. we're going to be able to handle them okay? it will be handled. >> brangham: the president responds to threat from north korea, after its latest missile test shows they're capable of reaching the u.s. plus, in a culture bound by strict religious traditions, a group of girls pushes against the tide by hitting the waves. >> ( translated ): my daughter surfs and i am so happy. our lives are functioning. if allah blesses us then my daughter will be very big surfer!


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