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this is a bbc is america. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny
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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the rubric dot com. and now abc world news. i'm jane o'brien. president trump takes aim at the rupture investigation while his attorney general announces a crackdown on the leaks plaguing the administration. we will investigate and seek to bring criminals to justice. we will not allow. wrote anonymous sources with security clearances you fell out of our country. venezuela's controversial new assembly holds its first session but the opposition takes to the streets again in protest claiming the process is illegitimate. and he's the most costly player on the page but name all says money wasn't the motivation for switching
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clubs somebody pop pretty skeptical. but i tell you one day he must have a very expensive power if that's what is hard to lead them to do. i need he says he wasn't in it for the money can you believe that i mean. these people really think that we are big those. welcome to world news america the rupture investigation and leaks they've been plaguing the white house since donald trump took office. and both were the focus again today. after learning that special counsel robert muller had impaneled grand jury the president dismissed the investigation as an excuse by democrats to justify their election loss. then his attorney general jeff sessions announced a legal cracked down on leaks the b. b. c.'s north america editor jon sopel has been following a tool.
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donald trump is never happier than when he's out of watching. he's where he belongs. an adoring crowd in westwoo. problems of russia collusion special counsels in grand juries. a long way from these kind three roads. have you seen any russians in west virginia or ohio or pennsylvania. are there any rush shoes here tonight at iraq's strong. the rush to story. is a total fabrication. it's just an excuse. for the greatest loss in the history of american politics at so. he didn't mention special counsel by name but how the mini sites when he said these live shows still. the final determination. is a truly honest won. a grand jury is made up of
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members of the public meeting behind closed doors to consider the evidence that's been gathered. they can force people to testify or to hand over evidence. they'll decide whether the material is strong enough to proceed to a criminal trial. but crucially they don't decide if a potential defendant is innocent or guilty that's done by conventional jury. of course it may be that the grand jury meeting at this courthouse will come to the conclusion. that the evidence does not up to much and there's no need for further action. but the fact that a grand jury has been cold. is a sign that this investigation is intensifying. i will lost a good deal longer yet. and the other worry for the trump entourage is that the scope of the inquiry will spread as well. that's a source of fury. another is the endless damaging and revealing leaks from within the administration. and today the attorney general announced a new crackdown. this nation must end this
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culture of leaks we will investigate and seek to bring criminals to justice. we will not allow. rogue anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country. he's been under tremendous pressure the president last week humiliating as attorney general calling him very weak. this was much more muscular with an attack on the media too we respect the important role that depressed plays and will give them respect. but it is not unlimited. they cannot place lives at risk with impunity. the president today visited theme of the federal emergency center to look up plans for dealing with hurricanes. it's hurricane season. but then it was off on his holidays two weeks of one of his gulf results. in new jersey. hoping that a store whipped up by the grand jury. doesn't file down on him. jon sopel bbc news washington. the more i spoke to phillip lack of allah who formerly served in the justice
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department and help prosecute watergate during the nixon era. he joined me a short time ago from baltimore. president trump says there's nothing to investigate but what does a grand jury indicate to you. i think beat the principal loves significance of the fact that bob mallrats impaneled a grand jury. is that he has concluded that there are specific. incidents advance and transactions of that he wants to pursue and the reason for invoking a grand jury this early. is to be able to issue subpoenas that compel the production of documents and in order to. use a subpoena in that way the prosecutor has to be able to identify those particular. events or transactions that he thinks are worthy of investigation. if the president right vote in being concerned about the scope of this invention investigation the tech may stray into areas that. aren't directly involving these allegations of
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collusion between his campaign and russia. i think that the president is trying to set up a defense prematurely as are some of his. sarah gets an acolytes a in order to pursue the a theory that there was a collusion between the trump campaign. and i and the russian us secret service. it's important to find out what the relationships were between president trump and some of his key aides. and the russian government and russian oligarchs so that the investigation will naturally look into financial relationships between the trump enterprises. and of the russian government and russian oligarchs and i think that's part of the investigation. and it's simply not true that this is. beyond the pale of the assignment that was given to the special counsel. nevertheless there are a lot of mumbling so that the president may want to try to fire mr miller if he owns
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the steps what the president believes is is that. the ground here. as somebody who served in the justice department was involved in the watergate investigation. what would that do what would be the consequences if that happened? well put aside that the fact that the president that might have some difficulty firing. mahler because of the way the justice department depth. appointment process worked up. the firing of. archibald*. during the war so called saturday night massacre was really the turning point in the presidency of of president nixon. and that's what led to the momentum for impeachment investigation. one of the things that i found most remarkable about the last week or so perhaps since the collapse of the. obama care repeal and replace a policy was that more and more republicans and including some of the conservative republicans. have been willing to distance themselves from president trump. so i think if pete and david
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in in fact signaled that they would not take kindly. to any attempt to. to sack. bob muller so i think if the president tried to flex its muscles and and. removed. mister muller from office at this point he might very well. view find himself at the beginning of the end of a presidency that he very much cherishes. well i want to ask a quick question about leaks can the department of justice actually do anything about them briefly. our only leaks of classified information and that's an important distinction. mere political. your responsibility if you want to put it that way. leaks of up information about policy differences and scraps and among the white house staff aides. there's no criminality there there's not much the justice department can do. it's only when a view. cup league information being leaked a consists of classified information that
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the justice department. could drop the hammer on the leakers and i think if you read carefully what. attorney general sessions said. it's. the jeopardy to national security but as narrowly confined not just embarrassing political. disclosures fit like a bar thank you very much for joining me. venezuela's new constituent assembly has been officially sworn in as tensions in the country continue to rise. opposition leaders have denounced the move as an attempt by president maduro to further expand his powers the b. b. c.'s katie watson is in caracas into sent this report. i. side the parliament building you'd never guess that. train crisis. hugo chavez his face and influence is never far away. but today was about his sesame. prison maduro who's remained defiant despite the
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criticism heaped upon him. over what many have called the fujian connection. eat the. she'll need god god will be endless yet that exceed the. criticism was always being here this woman told me. that the people have been on the streets eighteen years first supporting chavis and now my daughter who was legitimately elected by us. this new assembly will have the powers to rewrite the call tuition. this little detail as to what that means in practice what i can never. forget it equitable so it an easy money but the new president gave a hint of what was to come many iraqi. we've not come to destroy the constitution she said adding they wanted to remove obstacles from the government's policy. the assemblies being justified is the only way to bring peace to the country often months of often violent protests. but earlier on friday pope warned it would only encourage a climate of tension. not reconciliation.
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on the other side of town it was another world no government support is here. now what if they instead several opposition rowdies bringing people together to protest what they say is an undemocratic government you know. i don't want to leave you know the data should. and we are you know that they don't. my worry is that traveling all over the club. and i can see. how? he's gone. because mean destroyed by discovery. called for new venezuela. i. well this is. slated. they say they are. so you. so i think that'll. it's another. she did. that isn't in my vocabulary. i was a political prisoner for a year without having committed a crime. i've seen with my own eyes
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how people are killed in venezuela. human beings who all they dreamed of was a different country. then suddenly they were placed in the feeling it today it's very difficult so it just. hello with confrontations between police and protesters but what people here are saying today that continue. to protest peacefully and what's needed most. pacey wasnt bbc news incorrect has. a short time ago i spoke with noises naima distinguished fellow at the carnegie endowment for international peace who formerly served as venezuela's ministry of trade and industry. was this like you very much for joining me thanks for having us what could be done at this point to the assembly has been voted and can anything be done to stop it rewriting the constitution probably not the. bad they in the international community has to start. becoming more effective and more active in that as well. there is a massive. humanitarian crises brewing in venezuela the economy's going down the drain it has
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been the worst economy latin america for more than a year now. things are going i will get worse there's nothing in the old constitution or the new constitution that they. want to write that is a solution to the problems. the programs that they have the average in israel at. suffers saw hunger my nutrition lack of medicines. public's lack of public safety have nothing to do with that the constitution on its not desperation of course that's driving many people into the streets are you concerned about the prospect for. escalating violence yes it sir. ad for anarchy and chaos and. and people desperate peopl. without food people that. really desperate for to finding a way out to to try to get and make a living. what then that would be the effect of the sanctions that the us has imposed given that they could presumably hurt the very people that trying to support well luckily ended now the united states has a has been quite careful? in using just
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highly targeted the us sanctions to individuals that have been accused. of being human rights violators or. king beings of drug cartels or. i'm in that i involving massive corruption a in the country. they they've. possibility the is there that they will escalate and they impose some sanctions on the oil. either an oil exports or try to curb did they operations of the oil industry. and that of course will have consequences beyond. that people responsible for the crisis and may hurt the people there are victims of the crises that are already being hurt. by this situation. bush is a somebody who knew and lived in a very different venezuela. did you ever think that this country would come to the state no no one i i don't think anyone could could have imagined remember this is one of the wealthiest countries in latin america has. largest or oil reserves possibly in the world that has all kinds of five meter a well. it had then educated
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middle class it had a long democracy at one of their. loss. longest democracies in latin america and that here we are. facing. what's equivalent to a failed state that. icon to read a government that cannot believe it basic public services to its population. noises nine thank you very much for joining thanks for having. and in other news today the former hedge fund manager martin scrawny once dubbed the most hated man in america. has been found guilty of fraud by a jury in new york he was convicted of two counts of deceiving investors and his failed hedge funds. scully is best known for drastically raising the price of a drug used to treat aids from thirteen dollars a pill. to seven hundred and fifty dollars. watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program. they've attended the edinburgh festival for the past seventeen years one couple still company for the acts they've seen.
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based in sydney say a terror suspect tried to smuggle a bomb onto a plane by planting it on his unsuspecting brother. investigators believe the improvised device was due to be smuggled onto an idea that white and waste flight last month but was never checked in. the two suspects were allegedly aided by the so called islamic state cole griffith reports. described as one of the most sophisticated teraflops atheroma strahan soil. officers say they have ended the plan which could have caused catastrophic loss of life. they believe that khalid coming into my mood because it was sent military grade explosives but the so called islamic state. on a cargo flight. they allege that they then put together a bomb packed inside a meat grinder. on july fifteenth it's alleged the men planned to take the improvised explosive device all id. onto an active how their
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ways flight out of sydney. they also say it was never checked in. we will be alleging in court that saddam a fully functioning on a daily was to be placed on that clyde. on the on the fifteenth of july. one thing that is important to strike the ice. is it did not get through security. having aborted the first attack. it's alleged the men took parts of the bomb to try and create a chemical device instead. which would admit poisonous hydrogen sulfide. officers say the men were arrested before thought plot became advanced. detailed forensic searches are continuing with that man is still being questioned by the police. enabled security routines have now returned to normal. passengers are being assured the threat has been disrupted. but new questions have been raised over how explosives could be sent it to australia by the islamic state. and how the terror threat is evolving.
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how will griffith? bbc news sydney. money was never a motivating factor that's what world class football the name of said today about his transfer from barcelona to paris on him on. the most of us a two hundred and sixty million dollar transfer isn't in the cult's. name has now become the most expensive player in the history of the sport william i spoke with football analyst tony smith in new york. tell me thanks very much indeed for joining me this is an early popping figure seem worth it. i don't think anybody's work did never mind him i mean that's the probably just simple as answer i can give you but i guess whatever the market dictates your work your work. now and then i'd say is that he was following us howard but i tell you one day he must have a very expensive power. if that's
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what is hard to lead them to do i need he says he wasn't in it for the money. can you believe that i mean these people really think that we have big fillers well i was going to ask you that do you believe that one of the motive would he have to leave one of the largest clubs. but i think the motive was that he was that you know he was always going to be in the shadow. of messy and messy. no matter what anybody tells you is one of the two top players in the war between messi and ronaldo you can debate which of them is the best. and people are nice and all of a sudden because they name hours being paid this kind of money that makes him the best player in the world that doesn't. he was standing there in his trade he rested in the shadow of messy. and i suppose if somebody wants to give you a boatload of money why would you turn it down to twenty five years of age. you got enough money to keep you going for about four lives well i wouldn't turn it down now but i suppose the bigger question is at what impact does it have on these clubs if you've got these vast sums. of money changing hands
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what's it going to do to the gang. yeah well i think first of all it's going to have a domino affect wit of barcelona because barcelona have a lot of money now that they're going to spend. and obviously they're talking about going after continue fun never appeared on there talking about going off the various other players and as dave go to different clubs. then they're going to have to be replaced so you have this whole domino effect but i think somewhere gender somewhere along the way. maybe reality which is set in and somebody is going to turn around and say what are we doing here what are we doing two hundred and something million. for one pair that we began cannot sustain that i don't care how popular it is i don't care how many short he's going to sell. and they're telling me that he's going to sell something like gas. and ninety thousand shorts in the first month or something at a hundred quid a piece which is an awful lot of money to get back. but i don't think that you can sustain and soccer around the warrant panties kinds of prices and i hope
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that somebody is going to realize that hey. we better wake up a one of these days we're gonna lock out and the soccer fields might be empt. but what he's going to be the tipping point because as you say soccer is growing around the world in the u. s. here the money is pouring in. at what point is somebody gonna have the guts to say not. yeah i'd i think you must come now i i think it has to if this doesn't set it in motion. maybe it clubs in td be involved in this kind of a money situation and that's manchester city and psg so the two of them that one of them has become involved has paid a huge amount of. money the other club man city have paid huge amount of money for transparent and i were talking no jan about. players who where just a little better than average
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players and it sure as you look at them going to be transferred oh yeah there were fifty million of their work sixty million. a you know some of them are definitely not worth the price is this being paid for them but hey the market says you have to pay for them. and on disease you know my mother always said foods on the money are easily power. i think this is a good guess that. how well will wait to see whether namer is is part of that as well tony smith thanks very much indeed? it's been a pleasure. today the edinburgh international festival gets underway marking its seventieth anniversary created in the aftermath of the second world war its aim was to provide a platform for the flowering of the human spirit. now the arts and culture extravaganza is the largest in the world. over the next three weeks thousands of performance will fill the venues once again and tonight we meet one couple who's been that since the beginning. i mean nineteen thirty nine i came by kindertransport. i took my picture on it i train to chairman in hollan.
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and eventually we landed. in great britain vietnam's got of the first five thousand jewish and non aryan tired refugees from germany. and nineteen. ninety two very carefully. and i know i'm not like getting. your idea. you were always interested in music. and when we heard there was music going on. or can we possibly go can we afford to go. edinburgh stages conference first international music and drama fest. the big flag streets of scott. though have come. but your house. ebay young we had very little money it it was critical sold out and i mean but we didn't mind standing at the back of it. orchestras from many countries from europe or even from a medicare came within a chest kept the fus. all of a sudden there was life there was a. ernie kindling off of life of art can music but people ready to thomond people determined to to. lead a better life. and if it did work it did
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because all japanese lawsuit if if my scuba determined. that it should change and should be better than me. this iconic figure. kathleen ferrier who became an international star in a very short time but is fantastic. and once having case that of course. there was no stopping us weibo hooked from that moment on. i soldati mula and jonathan miller and michael peeling. and all i mean if it's absolutely outstanding. you may only knew these people target beat me. every now and again on television but here they bear. there you have it there a god like. if chris if you really made it. and they're also bringing back this year liberated back level in. because the paint that in nineteen forty seven so. they're bringing back things which. it is seventeen years ago. the festival is changing. it it. it has to change. and it has to go. well it certainly crying to my great regret though i don't think i've ever been
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must put that right but of course you find all of that new. on our way. i'm john o'brien very much watching and have a good weekend. the bbc news out. oliver tickell videos designed to occur in your lifestyle. so you can swipe your way. to the news of the day. and stay up to date with the latest headlines. trust. download now from selected apps does. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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