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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the rubric dot com. and now abc world news. this is bbc world news america reporting from washington i'm john o'brien. it's already america's longest war but what comes next for the u. s. in afghanistan tonight president trump will make the announcement in a primetime address. the u. s. navy or doesn't operational pulls on the broad investigation after the latest accident at sea. ten sailors are still missing from the uss john mccain after a collision. and the wait is over the first total solar eclipse to sweep across the united states in nearly a century. dazzles millions of people and its palm .
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welcome to our views on public television in americ. around the globe it was a war launched in the wake of the nine eleven attack. tonight. steam years later president trump all the nights his administration's approach to handling the ongoing conflict in afghanistan. in iraq prime time address he will talk to you us troops and the american public about the number of forces deployed that and the policies his administration. about plans to implement the b. b. c.'s north america editor john so poll. was up the white house and gave us a preview. john is being a a tricky couple of weeks for the president just how important is this speech going to be and what are the stakes. well i think there's a huge amount at stake i mean if you think of the low trump. the businessman then total trump the candidate until trump the president well in those first two guy sees double truck was absolutely
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vehemently opposed. to barack obama's i've gotta stop policy he was saying bring the troops home enough blood and treasure has been lost it's time to rebuild america not rebuild afghanistan. now it. given what we've seen in the past couple of weeks given what his generals have wanted which is to. reinforce the u. s. presence in afghanistan so that the afghan army doesn't collapse. and the departure of steve bond and. it's probably a fair assumption that without all having happened in the strategy being grieved agreed off to steve bennet was five. that there is going to be some kind of a surge of us troops in afghanistan. and the two things he's got to do is to try to somehow present this is not the continuation of barack obama's policy. but it's something different and to convince the american people with a detailed all commit about why this is necessary. given his previous thoughts on the issue. a lot riding on it than john thank you very much joining that from the white house.
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well for more on the president's upcoming remarks i spoke with zalmay khalilzad who served as both the us ambassador to afghanistan and iraq. musta thanks very much for joining me climbing with you a lot of options are on the table but as john was saying it looks like some form of troop increase in your opinion is not the way forward. well i think if the president remains committed to the objective and that was set the house on nine eleven not to allow afghanistan. i had to become a sanctuary for terrorists to gain. then at their option becomes a in terms of strategy what strategy to. adopt. and i think he is gone through a very deliberate process. i have to say that. looked at various options based on. at even press statement by the principles of participated. and at looked at it comprehensively. so i hope that you will have a a comprehensive strategy. i think if we stay with the
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same objectives as in the past. at surge a modest search by historic standard. would make sense but that that's to be embedded in a broader strategy that deals with issues such as pakistan with the politics in afghanistan and what have you. is general to telling him that the us is not winning in afghanistan at the moment but. off to sixteen years more than sixteen years have you taken other administrations. what does winning look like now? what winning looks like in the country not falling into the hands of the taliban and the terrorists? and with that very dramatic reduction in the number of. a us troops on that president obama remember at one time we had a hundred thousand troops now we have only eight thousand four hundred. as ad that the balance was shifting against the government have forces in afghanistan and this was having a negative effect obviously in afghanistan but also in terms of. terrorism
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high isos aau is trying to get into afghanistan in fact has a presence and that neighbors. were hedging by. working with the holocaust being one of those how. run the shuttle and persistently a problem and i hope what what you hope the president is going to be able to do with pakistan i hope that he will shape pockets on out of its comfort zone that it ca. be a friend of america on the one hand receive assistance but on the other hand. provide support than be a sanctuary for those. terrorists like al. connie network or the taliban were fighting the u. s. and afghan forces. i i think that would be a yeah add to my mind one of the key challenges. of a new approach would deal with this issue of pakistan and t
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obama dead. at e. the problems will increase your not gonna get a better situation. you're forced to go back again maybe and that i'm less favorable circumstances costing you more if you remain committed to the goal of. iraq not becoming a terrorist base afghanistan now becoming a terrorist bi. and therefore abandoning afghanistan would be a mistake the second lesson is that in a place like afghanistan. diplomacy particularly they shove sanctuary of a neighboring state in a neighboring say lock box done is vital. and i think that a president who will have to see what he's going to say about that tonight. ambassador zalmay khalilzad thank you very much indeed for joining me was great to be with you. and i'll be hosting live coverage of the president's speech in a special program here will be to see well tonight that's nine pm eastern. to join the band. not from afghanistan to another major concern for the us military the navy has ordered a por is and its global operations to
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reassess its fleet. after a collision between the uss john mccain and an oil tanker. ten say it is all still missing after the incident occurred east of singapore. it's the second collision involving a u. s. navy ship in just two months or asia correspondent karishma oprah swanee reports. this is what happens when a massive oil tanker collides with the u. s. warship. a gaping hole in the side of the uss john this mccain. an american destroyer with more than three hundred crew on board. it was on its way to singapore when just before dawn it collided with this merchant vessel. the liberian flag all make and see an oil and chemical tanker much larger than the warship. it's still not clear how the collision happened. but ten american sailors are still missing. and five were injured in the incident. an international search and rescue operation is underwa. involving the u. s.
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singapore and neighboring malaysia. this is not normal no this is a big deal this is international zoster for them it's possible that. at number. some combination of. for. for seamanship or some combination of of things going wrong with the ship actually physically wrong with the ship that could lead to this. this collision couldn't have come at a more awkward time for the united. it's in the midst of its annual military drills with south korea that launched this week. and it follows another collision with another u. s. warship early in the year with a merchant vessel. this trend. demands more forceful actio. as such. a director and operational pause. be taken and all of our fleets around the world. one our fleet commanders to get together with their leaders and their commands. to ensure that we're taking all appropriate immediate actions. to ensure safe and effective operations around the world.
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and the u. s. defense secretary james mattis says that will be a wider investigation into u. s. naval operations. after the collision. yeah chief of naval operations broader inquiry. will look at all related accidents. incidents at sea that sort of thing. he is going to look it up all factors not just the immediate one click will fall rightly under the. three commanders. investigation. all of this is raising questions about just how effective the world's most powerful navy is. in this part of the one. christmas funny bbc news singapore. well for more i spoke a short time to go to the b. c.'s report wingfield hayes who joined us from singapor. but just how worried as everybody else who has to shed the warts is in this region with all the accidents but the happening to the us navy. well probably not as worried as the u. s. navy itself i i
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think you know what we've heard from the leadership of the of the u. s. navy. it shows just how concerned they are that these incidents have happened very you know we've now seen three incidents in the space of two months i started off with the. seventeenth of june in japan with the collision that would cause the death of seven us sailors. there was a collision with a fishing boat off the coast of korea. last month and now we have seen this again a very similar almost identical to what happened of death because japan in june. here in singapore early yesterday morning. ands. i understand that ad will scott swiftly put the pacific a navy commander the command of the us said. pacific fleet is on his way here to lead the investigation there's these polls that we've heard about the operational pulls across the globe of old. u. s. naval operations to try and that you know make an assessment of what has gone wrong. the u. s. navy understands very clearly that this site has
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implications for their credibility particularly in this part of the world when i have a number of hot spot. not just the korean peninsula but of course also the south china sea with the u. s. navy faces off. with china so very serious and that will be a very large investigation now. rita wingfield hays that frost in singapore frankie. quick look at some of the day's other news now and the iraqi government forces fighting to recapture the city of telephone from the islamic state who were kidn. r. in talla far and its surrounding villages. the university of texas has removed three statues commemorating the u. s. civil war era saying they had become symbols of molten white supremacy. the operation to take down the confederate monuments including one of general robert e. lee. began overnight to avoid confrontations. a former american soldier who defected to north korea mobile five decades ago has died the death of james does
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not coup fled across the demilitarized zone from south korea in nineteen sixty two. was confirmed by his two sons mr does what was one of a handful of american servicemen to desert to north korea. he went on to appear in propaganda films. spanish police say they've shot dead at the main suspect responsible for carrying out last week's terror attack in barcelona. authorities say the man appeared to be wearing a suicide belt it came a short time off to twenty two year old eunice abu yaqoob. was named as the man who drove the van which hit pedestrians on lots around let's boulevard last thursday. killing thirteen people the b. b. c.'s tom barges in sue barracks where the operation took place. the hunts for a young man who murdered so many. ended here. but normally tranquil politics catalonian countryside this afternoon swarmed with arms place. in the sky offices checking
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for accomplices. but hunted for days eunice abu yakub died out here on his own. just before five o'clock yesterday. the other one police shoot dead. universe only apple. driver. of iran and iraq perpetrator. must the attack in barcelona. until today. causing the death of fourteen people. it's all happened up in the hills above barcelona. but what does that always stein book loss per se it shocking for a terrorist to be in the village. joachim patrol told us. everyone knows each other here. locals say abu yaqoob was spotted by a woman this morning he ticked off place. he apparently then ran off into a field. in the space of nearly four days eunice abu yakupov traveled right out into the countryside here. tens of kilometers away from barcelona. when confronted by police he revealed he was wearing what appeared to be
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a suicide belts. one report says he shouted allah akbar god is great in arabic. the full offices shot him dead. earlier today the manhunt moved up a gear. cctv released of apple yakuts movements. after he drove a fan indiscriminately down last round glass. new images of a man motivated to kill as many as he could. we think this video films by local women shows the call he stole off the last from blast attack. the odor was stabbed to death. and they got out of their cars was all the guns. all this ticket it does lots of police suddenly moved to write in seconds. the police believe that eunice abbia coop was part of a larger network which they have now dismantles. five suspected members were shot dead when they try to carry out an attack last thursday in the town of cumberland's. for more hook being arreste.
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the authorities are hoping to gain valuable information from them. and two were killed in an explosion in the town of al can now. vein clued abdel baqi srt i'm iman and the networks suspected ringleader. the bbc is land that he left a mosque in brussels last year. after being reported for his radical teaching. it was in the sleepy town of ripoll. the tell seti preached where it's believed he failed young minds with perverse ideology and hates. among them eunice avaliar coop. his murderous mission ended here. born in morocco. twenty two he became a killer in spain. tumblr each bbc news in catalonia. they're watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program fighting for the future of libya years off to colonel qaddafi's death the country is still the scene of conflict into pieces.
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it's a case that script and not a shock to denmark a well known inventor takes a journalist on his self built submarine only for her never to be seen again. bonus two weeks peter matson denied any involvement in her disappearance now he says kimball died on board in an accident. and he dumped her body at sea. catriona renton has more. this was kim vile and pizza mudstone onboard his submarine the nautilus pictured on the tenth of august. she had been researching a feature she was going to write about him and the forty ton submitting which he designed and built himself. since then there has been an extensive search of the see to find kim vile. she was reported missing by her boyfriend. peter matson was spotted on the north was the next day his submarines sighing. but he was rescued. he initially claimed he had dropped campbell all. on one of copenhagen's islands. but not he says there was an
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accident that she died. and he buried her at sea. but he denies any wrongdoing me kampot victims tallulah my client has not confessed anything. my client still pleads not guilty to the charges against him. not a police believe pizza matson's sunk his own submarine and has been charged with negligent manslaughter. peter matson hit the headlines in two thousand and eight when he managed to build the nearly eighty meter long vessel. using online tried funding his biographer has been speaking about him. all matson is the was one the one hand his and engineer nerdy engineer type but then he has this the other i'm more artistic in a kind of the. approach to the world. that he builds the rockets and has done for all his whole life yes bill roberts and his plan is to shoot himself. and opera up into the sky. police say they cannot give any further information at this time as the investigation continues to
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find out what happens to kim vile. could you there ensign bbc news. nnova. it's been six years since the fall of colonel qaddafi and since then libya has been torn apart by conflict between warring militias and tribes. in twenty thirteen benghazi libya second city was seized by islamist extremists thousands were killed and many more fled. but any of the some of the city was declared liberated by marshall county for it for. the commander of the libyan national army hope talk stephen soccer has this special report from the marshall space anglesey. benghazi a broken city in that divided come. jihadist fighters from so called islamic state would driven out of here four months ago. hundreds died thousands lost their homes only now are a few like abdullah venturing
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back if this is your house. how do you feel now when you look at it? levin so that i should see a hundred to a food has gotten some no would put that w.. looking system to get the shot looked at the conflict i will. let you look at who would make a wish of. but it's tough to fill him in then and had but i felt that the three out of. when colonel gaddafi was overthrown six years ago the leaders of britain and france rush to benghazi to claim credit for this liberate average of lions ae senator joe courage. the triumphalism was misplaced. jihadist militants turned benghazi into an annex of their so called caliphate. this man looted the jihadists now marshall khalifa if dom. once qaddafi's favorite general now commander of an army which has become libya's
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dominant phillips. marshall half dollars army now controls libya's key assets oil and gas this is the breakup refinery complex. love friends times over the past six years when it looked like the violin from political payoffs in libya. could shut down this bible industry but it is never quite happened. the oil and the grass is still flowing. bachelor revenues being generated. while much of the money is being creamed off. by different warlords. and militia. we feel there is improvement you know no. based of libya. completely controlled by. by. mr have done mister have t. i think in the nearest future. all this problem when. we sold out shows. in pockets of benghazi minutes tempting to believe marshall his style has put an end to libya's kael's.
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well. i'm going to go but then there's this evidence seemingly of a mass execution of prisoners by if does man. the international criminal court is investigating this as a war crime. and is issued an arrest warrant for the officer in charge. as heft are moved his forces back into benghazi. they were egregious abuses. of human rights add the seaports came out and he voice of his goals said and he said that you would address them. by investigating these people who have been committed committing these. acts at these outlook acts have you seen those videos and pictures minister of people being shot in the back of the head bound. hand and feet executed unfortunate i have seen them bed these these acts should stop. bringing does he's a young man have grown up with guns militias and war. marshall if top has promised
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them something better. but there are other sides in this crippled country. few believe the fighting is over stephen sacker bbc news benghazi. well they parts of america fell into darkness today there's no doubt it was a bright spot for the millions of people who flock to see the total solar eclipse. on the spectacle didn't disappoint travelers from all over the world gathered along a stretch from oregon to south carolina to see the moon briefly dot com the psalm. it was the first total solar eclipse to sweep across the united states in nearly a century. the bbc's palette gauche reports. they came in the times of thousands like pilgrims. to the tiny town of mattres. they came to witness what. great to. good seats court upon ten in the morning but it seems like no time. with just a few seconds away from the total eclipse of the moon is almost completely covered the sun. it looks like the
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smiley face in the sky. some teams dude eerie pale light. . thin smile in the sky. and then the flash. a diamond ring. then. the mood blocks the sun's bright disc. its atmosphere normally washed away by the so tonight. millipedes. as a halo around the moon. seems like a shimmering black pearl. hanging in the sky. ntfc. experience to me it was photographed and videotaped i got some. i cried. this is doubly. you have to see. and that. i can't describe unless you've here and actually seen it. the clips cross the entire u. s.. ten states.
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a distance of two and a half thousand miles. in just nineteen minutes. from coast to coast. it seemed everyone was interested. people would die soon but the spectacle. the loss time eclipse across the country was nearly a hundred years ago. even american football pitches hippie turned over to science. one across the u. s. amateur astronomers collected dated that they'll send into nasa. we'd like to learn more about how these eclipses affect the planet and how they affect the atmosphere if there's any atmospheric disturbance if it's causing when changes are temperate climate changes in the area. two incredible minutes. tiny town became the center of the universe. is those here became the first in america. to witness one of the great wonders of the solar system pileup gauche bbc news mattress.
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well it was only a partial eclipse here in washington but still a great experience and you can find all the eclipse photographs only all website. and the rest of the day's news thanks for watching i'm jane abroad. with the bbc news out. of vertical videos designed to occur in your lifestyle. so you can swipe your way. to the news of the day. and stay up to date with the latest headlines you can trust. download now from selected apps does. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening, i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, across the u.s., the sun goes dark for a moment, leaving scientists, students and novice sky gazers marveling at a sight not seen in almost a century. >> its the combination of all the senses involved. the temperature dropping, the light becoming this ethereal blue and suddenly darkness at noon for a brief period of time. >> woodruff: then, president trump is set to unveil a strategy in afghanistan-- a look at the challenges of fighting the united states' longest war. and, top navy officials order a global pause in operations after a collision leaves 10 sailors missing, the second accident


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