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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 4, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentationd ispossible by the freeman foundation, kovl foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs, and purepoint financial. >> how do we shape our tomorrow? it starts with a vision. we see its ideal form in our mind, and then we begin to chisel. we strip away everything that stands in the way to reveal new possibilities. at purepoint financial, we have
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designed our modern approach to urnking around you -- plans, your goals, your dreams. your tomorrow is now. purepoint financial. >> a now, "bldorbc news >> this is bbc world news america. reporting from washington. trade war, what trade war? the president and china trying staying in syria for a little. loile why the white house said there >> i have seen the promised land. >> remembering a king. how the message of dr. martin luther king lives on. why some dreams are deferred. ♪
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>> welcome to world news america. it has been a hectic 24 hours in which the u.s. announced tarif and beijing has fired right back with duties. targeting the u.s. heartland. the president's top economic a advise trying to calm wall negotiating tactic. a' resolve this through negotiation, but they take two tos ango. the prcretary put the ball in china's court. >> it would be a couple of months before they are implemented.ght thing. china created this problem not president trump we fally have
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a president who is willing to stand up and say enough enough. are asking china to stop the unfair trade practices. >> these trade measures announced by the two countries liur ds medical products andpl even cars anes. how did we get here? we have the report now from the newsn china. >> i24 hours both the united states and china have laid out sans to hit each other' exports. the u.s. has a long list of around 1300 items including ovens and flamethrowers. this is in response to claims that chi has stolen intellectual property. italsout tecadesld policy of forcg foreign firms to share the technology which they invest in china. china is targeting far fewer products, it looks like they want to cause more pain. soy beans, corn, beef, tobacco,
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they are all on the specific farming s thef u.s. hard. china and says they do not want a trade war. >> frankly speing, s se we.ngale es however, china has been clear-cut. we don't want a trade war. the result will be a no-win solution that would not hurt the interest of china, the states that united states and the global economic development. >> just a significant is the fact that aircraft is on the list. ford sells tens of thousands ofa that it ships year from the -- hear from the u.s. gboeing, the aircrant, could see their attempt to make further inroads into the domestic chinese market put on hold if their aircraft fall into the specific categories being
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targeted. all of this is yet to cted on. there is a possibility of the u.s. moving to extend their consultation period before acting. >> none of tse tariffs have been imposed, it seems like the u.s. administration is angling for some kind of notiation settlement. bbc news, shanghai. >> concerns over the ongoing trade dispute between the u.s. and china have spooked markets. ocks closed higher today but for now i am joined by a chief economist. ey a tg toalck fears of a trade war suggesting the tariffs may not e imposed. it is being used as negotiation. r investors buying that explanation? >> i he that is right. am sure they do want to negotiate.
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to be fair, i think there is a gripe against china. it is fair to press the chinese on this. to go down the path it will be in a wrong place. nobody wins, hopefully this ends up in a negotiation and we areet in ar place. it is one of these things, when you go down this path you go down a rabbit hole. h it is ved to know where it will end up. it is very scary for investors y they are willing to sellwhd pretty quickly. >> the white house trade advisor said the u.s. buys fmes more goods from china that they buy from us. that is why china has more to lose. do the markets feel that way? >> no. this tra talk is bad for business -- really bad for business we ha a lot of american companies that focus on the relation with china.
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it does not make sense -- for business people and investors to go down this path. it is just not the right way to go. i think everyone feels this islo going to be -lose. affec e the uncertainty the wider u.nomy which has lyni?going prett iuld py ha ty dera the economy. we have a lot of deficit tax cuts, big government spending increases the way. that is going to help juice up growth this yearut it would take an awful lot to derail things. it is a pretty dark scenario.en my economy should be we shoulble to get by.
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that is the most likely scenario. hopefully they can get it and we can move forward. it really would be a shame to upset this. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> the u.s. it has been a day of remembrance for martin luther king. 50 years ago, his life and work were cut short by an assassin's bullet in memphis, tennessee. has s resonated inhi the dagecae since. his dream remains unrealized a -- fore more i spth our political analyst who is in mempu s. how would m up the mood as dr. king is remembered? interesting day. it has been a day of celebration. moments ago jesse jackson spo balcony wherethe
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dr. king was assassinated. there are a lot of children and older folks bringing t an oppory to reflect on the great life of dr. martin luther king. >> has there been much discussion about the barriers whh clearly his dream of racial equality? there has been a lot disct.sion today to that effec 50 years ago today he was here for a sanitation workers march. there were a lot of people representing trade unions, talking about improve education of people of color and all americans. -- many aspects of his room have been realized. there is much more to go and there are many people here behind me to celebrate that call for greater equality. he was 39n iee evo ish li >> he really did.
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i think what was remarkable about dr. king is he understood of to harness the power television. the marc wssaw in birmingham and so many other places, they awakened americans to the herors of racism and what used to pressure john f. kennedy ba let more diligent to protect people of color and break down the barriers that havehackled african-americans since they came over 70 years ago. >> thank you. f the legacy. king is what today has been about it and that spirit, the bbc has been out and about to learn more about how that is playing out. ♪ >> it is open mic night in memphis. a chance for poets and musicians th come together to reflec
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reality of what it means to be black in america. >> the black man is ashamed to be successful. with her intelligence -- for she has beenn sold. >> the poetry involves the trials of african-americans. police brutality and the importance of being proud of who you are. >> we are a team for dr. king. the instinct comes in between me and my dream. >> a younger generation like dr. king is using the power of words to affect social change. >> they feel that they can be more. they know that they can be more. that is why this space is important. it is about the dream. >> i have seen the promised land. i may not get there.
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we are the people who will get to the promised land. >> this was dr. king's final speech delivered here in memphis. >> i am not worried about anything. i am not fearing anything. my eyes have seen the glory of the lord.ri >> many n-americans are still waiting for the promised land. one man said artis have a duty to explain. >>iton't get it twisteds not great. me tave a long way to go. ed hle intog avhawes stopped. ♪ >> dr. king gave voice to the voiceless. his words had energy and life. these performers helped -- hope their social commentary has a similar power to at least make people think. bbc news, in memphis.
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>> remembering dr. king's legacy. in other news, facebook said the dseer ofrs b ueea atas high as 87 million. most of the united states. facebook announced that cambridge analytica had access to the personal information of 50 millionsers. mark zuckerberg will answer questions from congress next wednesda a village the supreme court is working to decide if the former president of brazil can remain out of prisonle we appeals against the corruption conviction. despite protests, he remains huly popular. he is the likely front-runner for the pres october.lection in a conviction could bar him from standing. ordering troops tothis comes one day after he voted the ideof protecting the border on till his wall is built. this are trump has long advocated for a physical barrier
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on the border with their southern neighbor. to limit immigrants in the flow of drugs. as the u.s. moves towards the south the trump administration said they are keeping boots on the grnd in syria, for now. hoat is despite recent signals from the presidentants to bring them home. today the white house called on ttheir allies in the regi step up and do more in syria. for more on this i spoke earlier with ade former defensrtment official who is now at the brookings institution. are we seeing the president rhetoric about bringing the oops home coming up against the reality of his national curity adviser? >> it is quite possible. i would like to think he madend these commentshey would involve a good strategic look as to why the u.s. military is in syria and how their presence is under a broader strategy. u.s. military personnel are just a piece of a much larger puzzle. given that, quite recently the
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trump administration said they would hold back $200 million for reconstruction. what are they trying to do today? >> the president wants to bring the troops home, the administration has agreed to keep troops in syria for it longer but he does want them out. how realistic is that? >> it would be worrisome if they cannot precipitously. is not that it terribly difficult.t it is not abgistics. what are they doing? if they are not there, who fills the space? >> what is the answer to that question? if the u.s. withdraws, who was going to stop islamic state tting a foothold? >> what we have heard from the commander in the middle east is that 90% of isis has been effectely destroyed. it is that 10% and preventing those remnantsrom rising that the comments of today seek to
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enhance the confidence of isis ruminants of hezbollah, of iran, of the assad regime and russia. >> the president said he was -- once allies and they gave it who are they and will that? >> probably the gulf states and the jordan military. they will probably not. t,at is most worrisome about today's comme are hearing from the president about his discussion with the saudi leadership and paying e military. the u.s. military is not a mercenary force let alone a force at is instructed. >> there was a summit today on syria with turkey, russia, and iran there, is that where the real power and influence lie with syria. >> i think the problem here is the power is in a bunch of different places. that is a piece of the pow the assad regime and their goal
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for a piece of it. the european community, you name it.on we have a soluf power among the different actors. none of them can deliver because their visions are so different. >> what about the former allies? those kurdish fighter b are they jung forgotten? >> at the end of the day they countering isis. it made sense for the united stat at that moment in time. however, their long-term vision looks different than the u.s. long-term vision. given that they have a pretty problematic relationship with turkey who is a nato ally. it is not surprising at the end of the day united ates will focus on geopolitics rather than a local issue. >> thank you so much for joining us. you are watching bbc world news america. still to come onto ice program. >> it is very easy to get to sears.
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a company rich and legacy but short on cusmers. . retailer has fallen on hard times. ♪ >> british companies employing more than 250 staff are submitted figures show that the average difference in pay for male and female in ladies. over 9000 companies have published their data. it has been -- been revealed that more businesses paid men than womenav showing theyno pay cap. >>h how m earn? it has been a stubborn problem betwn the sexes, for the first me our biggest employers have been forced to reveal the pay gap between their male and female workers. the results are pretty. pay, theyl do the same job for the same pay.
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that is the law. the gender pay gap is the differen between the syllabus of all men and women in a workforce. whatever their job. here at the tsb that cap is 24%. higher than otheran, they say it is going to come down. , a pit stop for workers, every sector of our economy, men get paid more than women. >> you always want to know what they are goi to do about it. t the problem is we have promoted women higher up in the ranks. until we do we will not create equality. >> that is what they have managed to do at this technology services company. it is a record that they are proud of. >> we can't get away from the fact that women are still taking time off to raise a . often they have to work on a part-time basis. employers have to be cognizant of this and be much more
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flexible in order to shift the dial. >> it is not going to be easy or quick, with the numbers laid erre, thil wbel u ♪ues with thea their bid poisoning of a former spy on his daughter. the british government points the finger squarely at moscow for the attack said russia calls for such annquiry perverts. russia has denied any responsibility. we have more. on theone month investigation continues into a nerve agent attack that britain believes was carried out by russia. has theher country capability, the intent, and the motive to carry out such an act. >> the head ofhe military
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laboratory hasuddied thewaters e b iscists s where the nerve agent had been made. contrary to what the foreign secretary had appeared to ggest. >> the people were absolutely categorical. i asked him myself, he said are you sure? he said, no doubt. >> the foreign office deleted a inaccurate tweet that it had been produced in russia. all of which gave russia another ance to question britain's them as thesa chemical weapons watchdog, looking for a joint investigation with the u.k.. accused themer has of a anti-russia campaign. he struck a less confrontational tone. >> we are not waiting for anything. re senseaiting for common shouldil so international
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relations are no longer damaged as we saw a recently. tish ministers insisted that the job was always to identify the nerve agent it was the police and intellige services to determine who used it and why. >> they identified fairly quickly e strength of that -- strain of that nerve agent. you remove from the list of suspects, 99.9% of people know that the russians designed it and we know that the russians are the only ones to stockpile this. >> the international coalition behind the u.k. appears to be holding. they issued a statement saying they helpf confidence in the assessment and the investigation wand attacking russia ft they call a flood of insinuations. >> the labor leader remains more skeptical, question what he sees with the foreign secretaries rush to blame russia, he believes other explanations could emerge. >> boris johnson seems to have
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theletely exaggerated information he was givenldhendel s not bandcked , from the information he claimed to have gotten. accusinghnson hit back germ corpsmen of playing russia's game. he said heas sided with what he called the russian spin machine. the diplomatic impetus from the ta continues. russia isor going meeting at the un security council on thursday. >> the u.s. retailer sears was once as much american landscape as the rocky mountains. until the business started to crumble. the ceo said recently they were fighting to survive after a merger with kmart failed to spark a turnaround. what has happened instead, there have been stored closures, layoffs, and the decline of his stable.
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put an end to traffickers, it is easy to get to sears. >> sears, spectacular. where america shops for value. >> it was the american retailer for much of the 20th century. sera sold everything under the sun from home goods to actual hous. >> at what time it was the world's largest er in terms of sales, reference, and employees. w the number for employer in this country. >> starting as a mail order included the timeteb trahenc hy right world war ii, that was the postwar optimism. theythe suburbs and they follow their dreams. >> then there was the catalog, became abook it just staple in the american household. three ouof four americans shopped or read the sears catalog. it was what the internet is
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today. >> you probay knows what comes next. are shutting their doors and second 5000 staff. mid-1990's sears had about 1300 outlets. now that number is lesshan 600. >> sears has been dying a long death. >> that may be true but they are not dead. not yet, anyway. ac>> it was a one to shop. books.ld comment, i get i like to see it. >> i don't do the mi and shopping. my wife does all of that. she gets the money. >> the fal
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, ll >> woodruff: good evening. i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour to aght: americiety over a looming trade war with i talk with ent trump's lead advisor on the new tariffs. then, we are on the ground in onchina, to track their re to the rising tensions between the wod's largest economies. >> this idea that you can pressure china into different positions, that's proven to not be true. and china isn't afraid to do things that markets struggle to metabolize. >> woodruff: plus, the lacy of martin luther king, jr. 50 years later, we remember th civil rights leader, and take a look at wherthe movement stands in america today. >> it can be summed up with two sentences: we've come a long, long way, and


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