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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  February 12, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world news america." funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, and kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. >> wow, that is unbelievable. ♪ >> i'm flying! ♪ >> stay curious. ♪
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[applause] >> and now, "bbc world news." jane: this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am jane o'brien. guilty on all unts. the jury in new york convicts joaquín "el chap guzmán. the notorious crime lord faces life in prison. lash out at the u.s. --n exclusive interview with the bbc, venezuela's embattled president takes aim at america and president trump. and a nasty disease makes a comeback. weeport from washington state on the misinformation spreadin measles.
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jane: welcome to our viewers on public television in ameri g and around tbe. tonight the infamous drug lord joaquín "el chapo" guzmán is facing a life behind bars. it took 200 hours of evidence and more than a week for the new york jury to find him guilty on all 10 counts. the head of the murderous sinaloa cartel was extdited to the u.s. from mexico in 2017 after two daring escapes. prosecutors called the verdict a victory for the people of both countries. tawfik reports. this raid by mexican marines put an end to joaquín "el chapo" guzmán's rlign as the wod's most powerful drug lord. it was his extradition to newio york and convithat sealed
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his fate. >> this will bring a sentenc tof life witho possibility of parole. there is no escape and overturn. -- no return. nada: in a major victory for law enforcement, the anonymous jury und el chapo guilty of all 10 of the charges against him. when the verdict was court, el chapo sat stunned. for months his wife was president to hear the overwhelming evidence. but on tuesday, she left the court for the final time without giving any reaction. lawyers say they pl >> he was very clear to us and he brought our spirits u, which is surprising.
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usually it is the other way around, we are consoling ients. this is a positive guy. nada: prosecutors argued that el chapo's many escapes proved his guilt. of jury was short a video mexican marines trying to ram the door of one of his secret hideouts. e drug lord was in bed with his mistress at the time, and to together they escaped naked down into the sewer tunnel. when he was captured, it wasn't for long. the jury was shown one of his brazen escapes from prison in mexico through a tunnel in the shower of the cell where a motorcycle waited to speed him off. the trial allowed american prosecutors to detail the inner workings of the powerfulinaloa cartel and el chapo's rise from a humble farmer to the world's most powerful drug lord. jurors were told that el chapoug
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ed more than a line of cocaine for every person in the united states, using decoys such as plastic bananas. the trial featured testimony from many of el chapo's closest associates, painting a picture of how he consolidated his pow by being brutally olent. he ordered the murder of his own cousin and was known to personally torture and kill his enemies. security has been a major feature of this trial, and now that prosecutors have won the conviction of the infamous drug lord, he is expected to spend the rest of his lifehen prison undey guard. jane: nada has been following this case from the brooklyn courthouse and she joined me earlier. law enforcement says this is a phenomenal victory how significant is the conviction? nada: yeah, jane, that is what inwe heard over and over at the press conference here, the word "victory." victory for americans, victory a r mexicans, and they say anyone who has losved one to the drug war.
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deel chapo guzman as the lof the sinaloa cartel was the biggest supplier of drugs to the unit states. he rose from being a humble farmer to a billionaire kingpin. for prosecutors, they had tried for decades to get him here to the united states. he became almost a mythical figure for his ability to evade law enforcement for so long. after all the work that authorities have put into this, they have been celebrating this as their greatest prize yet in this decades-long drug war.y jane: d the jury take so long to convict him, though?nt nada: it wasesting, jane. they did take six days. i think it is simply because of toe overwhelming amount of evidence they haomb through. remember, he was facing 10 crimal charges -- running a criminal enterprise, drug trafficking, murdering, money laundering, conspiracy -- and each of those charges has
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several different questions that the jury had to swer. they showedt tey were sophisticated and understood the evidence when they were asking for certain pieces of testimony to be brought back to them. t it just took time because this was a very complex case. tawfik in new york. has called president the trump administration a gang of extremists and compared iklto the ku klu. bbc, interview with the nicolas maduro called washington warmongering. supporters have called for a convoy of u.s. aid allowed into the country here is the bbc's orla guerin. orla: people power on the streets of caracas today. still keeping up the pressure. on t ground, the charismatic
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young leader, juan guaido, already compared to barack obama. swift,ent has been elde by little more than the power of hope. but is now recognized by western countries as the interim president. hola, president maduro. nice to see you. we met the other president of venezuela, nicolas maduro. embattled, internationally isolated, but still occupying e seat of power. though many of these people are going hungry, he is accusing the u.s. of waiting across the border in colombia. statesaduro: the united intends to create a humanitarian crisis to justify military intervention.
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you saying that the hunger is a show? we have seen people reaching into the garbage with her hands to find od to eat. are you honestly saying there is no hunger in venezuela? pres. maduro: the bbc has created a stereotype and the americans also. do we haveroblems? yes. vebuzuela is not a country with hunger. like tell that to those john, forced to live hand to mouth. a shocking site in oneth of the weiest countries in latin america. promises,e of empty hospitals without insulin, desperately ill patients without
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treatment. but thats all fake news cording to nicolas maduro. you can rest assured that the social health system will reach them. rest assured that we have a medical system like no country in the woror. : the president denied that 3 million venezuelans had been anden from their homeland emed out of touch with hyperinflation. can you tell me how much it costs in venezuela today? pres. maduro: it depends on the region. orla: we the equivalent of a month's wages. we have different but it is notres
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relevant for venezuelan :audience. or this is how he likes to be seen these days, as commander-in-chief. he insists if the u.s. tries any military intervention, he will fight back. for now maduro is demonizing the enemy, claiming the u.s. is in the grip of the kkk. do you really think the ku klux klan are ruling america? pres. maduro: i believe that the white supremacists of the ku klux klan ruleeshe united st orla: does president trump it went to premises? -- a white supremacist? orla: he has stood -- pres. maduro: he has stimulated the neofascists in the united states and europe. orla: maduro says that wa lington shouldt sanctions
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and if they want to help, they ezshould unf venezuela's assets. heg is digg in for a war of attrition. orla guerin, b news, caracas. jane:ck let's have a qook at the day's other news. police in turkey have arrested more than a thousand people suspected of supporting a cleric. they accuse thullah gulen of orchestrating the coup attempt in 2016. britain's prime minister theresa may has promised lawmakers to start debate on the brexit deal until -- but on until she gets changes on theactop. stallingeen accused of until the march deadline.
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britain is scheduled to leave the eu. on march 29 the husband of former congresswoman debbie giffords has announced he is running for the u.s. senate. mark kelly,mfeen here are ting his wife, is a former nasa astronaut. become theigng to democratic candidate in arizona and willcoampaign on gun rol. 26-year-old artist 21avage says he is british and he isn the u.s. legally. indian policele say 17 peave been killed in a hotel fire in delhi. reports say two of the victims
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were a woman and a child who died when they fell from the building. firefighters rescued 35 people. flames,engulfed in the central delhi hotel burned for several hours. emergency services were quick t respond. even so, over a dozen people have died several more were injured. a mother and child attempted to escape by jumping from a window. neither survived. several hours after the fire was put out, the cleanup operation is underway. relativesching for say they have received little help from authorities. brother has been working here for 25 years. we have not been able to find him.
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we have looked for him in several hospitals but we cannot find him. reporter: as investigators sift through evidence, reports suggest that panels accelerated the spread of the fire. police say it will be several days before the exact cause of what happened here is known. ays similar to this one are becoming increasingly -- fires similar to this one are becoming increasingly common across india. putting livesis at risk every single day. tonight 35 people are continuing to be treated. announcedities have an independent magistrate inquiry is underway. bc news, new delhi jane: you are watching "bri world news a." still to come on tonight's program. pres. trump: i can't say m happy. i can't say i'm thrilled.
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jane: lawmakers reach a deal on border secity to avoid a shutdown but will president trump sign it? a bahraini footballer at the battl of an extradition is back in australia after spending two weeks in thai custody. back in the country he calls home. i keen à la robbie r- hakeem all obbie. untilesterday had been in bahrain to serve a prison sentence. his team and adopted country kept campaning.
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>> my country is avetralia and i australia. over the last three years from theemiprofessional footballer lived here isre gee. he figured it would be safe to travelor f his honeymoon. lastk w went before court in shackles to plea for his freedom. insists he vandalized a police station a charge he denies. ai jl, hakeemth al-araibi his home. time to understand that you are duty bound on day one to stand up for the next hakeem al-araibi.
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reporter: for now the 25-year-old's priority is to see his wife. he hopes to return to football soon. hywel griffith, bbc news, melbourne. jane:de pre trump is considering whether to sign a compromise package on bordercu ty aimed at avoiding another government shutdown. it gives a fraction of the money he wanted to pay for the wall, but he says he will build it anyway.he speaking of the cabinet meeting, mr. trump said he did not like the deal but may still sign it to keep the government open. pres. trump: am i happy at first glance? i just got to see it. the answer is no, i am not. i am not happy. i don't think you are going to e a shutdown. if you did have it, it's the democrats' fault. jane: his comments come a day after a raucous rally in el paso
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where a bbc cameraman was attacked by a trump supporter. alexis simendinger is a nationalolitical correspondent for "the hill" and explains it nd--he joined me earlier. how nervous are lawmakers knowing that mr. trump doesn't like this deal? alexis: not only do they know esn't like the deal, but they know that the president is capable of pulling surprises ensed on the media coverage that he watches ively at night and often in the morning. we know that some of his stalwart supporters from fox news have called it a garbage compromise and have actually lampooned or made fun of him. those kinds of words sting, but the president has indicated that n he understands the shutds not winner, 35 days of havin part of the government closed. he has also suggested that he can rhetorally call this a win by saying we are going to finish the wall. he has pivoted his language. regardless of homuch money is in the compromise package, he is
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talking about how its still a win for his argument on security, whether it is 55 miles or 200 miles. ne: has this moved the issue on at all? alexis: it has moved it on -- a lot of lawmakers are eager to say let's move on to other casues. if theput this behind them by the deadline of friday night and have the president sign it o and move on er issues, we know that senator mcconnell, the republican leader of the senate, and the president's allies in the house including kevin mccarthy and even mrows from north carolina has encouraged the president to think about moving on. jane: "build the wall" was one of the chants at the rally last night in el paso, where one of our cameramen was assaulted by a trump supporter. the bbc has asked the white hoe and trump campaign -- we have heard back from the white house in a statement sayinde "pre trump condemns all
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acts of violence against any individual or group of people and that includes members of the press." question is, do you see any change of tone as we approach20 th election? alexis: we know that thet' presi's allies and his supporters at these rallies are very well practiced after the 2016 election and they played to the president. president'sthat the desire to play to them will change. -- the heard it before president has been encouraged to stop doing this from eryone from the publisher of "the new york times" to member of his own staff. jane: will border security and the wall sll be an issue in
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2020? alexis: he really has found a e and heport for it willlking about it regardless of where the funding goes. night,s we reported last measles has resurfaced with the world health organizion warning of a severe and protracted outbreak. thousands are infected. following several cases in the u.s.the has been a growing toate on parents' otrights vaccinate their children. in washington state the government has declared a state of emergency. areporter: famili in fear. leaving home could be a risky guessing game. othe baby, two mont, is still too young for the measles and in thi of washington state, a quarter of parents have decided not to vaccinate their children.
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>> their is kind of imposing on my right. to just takey kid to the grocery store. sometimes i forget this is happening. unlike, wait a second, -- i am like, wait a second, we cannot all go to costco right now. you are putting me at risk and it is not worth it. reporter: clark county is one corner of america where measles comeback, 20 years after officials declared the disease had been eradis.ted from the >> if you bring it into a populationhat is unvaccinated, it is contagious. it will spread very quickly. all -- therey're are alreadyases across the river in the neighboring state, oregon, andt is not just about the medical challenge of continuing this outbreak. there is suspicion and reluctance even complacency over the measles vaccine, and that means there are schools in this county where les a third of the
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children are infected. >> we need you to say no more! reporter: these are parents who fear the measles vaccine because of the widely discredited lief that it can cause severe side effects. >> that is what we have in america, freedom to choose what we want to do and what is the best thing for our families. stake right is at now. no matter what side you are on, the freedom to choose is an american right. >> i am not going to spend my t tax dollars in a state t going to take my kids' rights away. i can't stand for the. they should not be vaccinated and risk injury just to do that. reporter: there are powerful names on their side, people like robert f kennedy, jr. >> we do not know the risk ofile of vaccines and that is
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deliberate. reporter: he refuses to accept the weight of scientifsa evidence tha vaccines are safe. >> do i want children to get measles? iof cours don't. what i am asking you to be responsible and ask the question. reporter: the questions have been asked. the vaccines are safe. >> safe from what? do vaccines cause autoimmune disease? i am in court right now. ceporter: there is no evid they do. >> there is plenty of evidence. reporter: these parents remain a small minority, and vaccination rates are generally high. but with more measles cases across the country, other states are looking at tightening their laws. bbc news, washingtontate. jane:s measles continues to make a comeback, that is not a wabate that is going to go anytime soon. you can find more of the day's news on our website including on
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captioning sponsored by newshour pductions, llc oo >>uff: good evening, i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, a tentative deal-- lawmakers ce to a compromise on immigration, but president trump will not sai if h sign it to avoid another government shutdown. then, guzman is guilty. the mexican drug lord known as "el chapo" is convicted on all counts in u.s. federal court. plus, one year after the tragedy in parkland, florida, schools a are turning nymous tip- lines to prevent future tragedies. >> here's what i know, i know that we've been doing this for three weeks. i kn that we've gotten almos 2400 tips. i know that 900 of them were life safety tips. people didn't have an outlet to go to before to share this information. now they do.
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