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tv   Frontline  PBS  October 9, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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>> narrator: tonight. faced rsh criticism ader h for launching a bloody oo h>> narrator: the filth beenailed a "street level investigatioatof duterte's murderous campaign in action." (screaming) rk age of cruelty... (laughing) "...apocalyptically real." and, "so ectrifying viewers will have to remind themselves: this is happening now." "on the president's orde",", a frontline special presentation. >> frontline is made possible by contributions to your pbs y st ion from viewers like yo thank you. and by the corporation for public broadcasting. tjor support is provided
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john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundaon, committed to building a more just, verdanr and peaceful world. anby the ford foundation: working withg isioisries on the frontlines of social change worldwid additional support is provided by the abrams foundation, commted to excellence in journasm. the park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical ises. the john and helen glessner family trust.hy supporting trustwo journalism that informs and inspires. and byfrhe tline joe nalism fund,fr with major support from jon and jo ann hagler. and additional support from thomas and karen hamilton. ditional support for thi program from the bertha dodo society. >> hitler massacred re
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million jews. now there is t million drug d addicts. (gun funes)yo slaughter them. >> another night, another killing in the philippine government's war on drugs. >> all of this openlencouraged by president duterte in what has become open season for anyone suspected of being tied to drugs. >> his orders to his people and his lice: ill them." at least if germany had hitler, the philippines would have had, you know, me. li >> vigilante-style ks. many spect policinvolvement. >> preside duterte is delivering with a vengeance on his promises: mass
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extra-judicial kilngs. >> my campaign against drugsp will not stil the last pusher and the last drug lord are... (mimics throat slicing) (cheers and plause) (crowd chanting "duterte!") (yelling in filipino language) >> the public has been largely supportive of duterte's ruthless methods, but that may finally be changing. octavio deimos (speaking filipino languaggu: il
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(sirens g) (man calling to attention) (applauding) >> please take a seat. >> we really want change. we want to make a difference, my dear we want to makfuture of
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caloocan the home of the discipline. (man calling to atteion) >> it's very important to win the hearts and minds of the pele. we do not want to kill. no. if we can resolve things thout having death penalty, then why n? okay, showtime. are you ready? >> ready, sir. >> fire one round and holster. and remember, gentlemen-- (speaking filipino language) ready, up! (guns firing) (bleep) mn it.
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(speaking filipino language) holster. (speaking filipinoanguag you do not know how (speakinpinoanguage)gu n of a gun. do you understand one round? do you understand one rod!? >> yes, sir. >> "yes, sir, yes, sir." what is important in this kind of training is your discipline.i (exhales) up! (gun cocking and firing) (speakg filipino language)
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in order for you to ea respect, you need two things.e they are afraid of they like me. those two things onl (laughs) 30 push-ups. (speaking filipino language) >> two, three, fou five... >> (speaking filipino language) >> seven, eight, nine, ten... as>> the philippine leaderad faced harsh criticism for launching a bloody drug war inun his y over the past year. thousands of people have been killed... >> reports of over 5,000 drug-related deaths. the poor have been mostly b affectthe campaign. >> ...president rodrroo duterte. they sayis so-called war on drugs is a class war-- a war against the poor. axel martinez (speaking lipino language):
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(peoe talking, laughing) martinez: (all conversing) >> one, two, three. (laughg) martinez: (all chatting, laughing) martinez:
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(people talking in distance) ez mart: ♪ >> (singing) martinez: (sirens wailing) deimos:
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martinez: >> the police have faced mounting criticism and accusations of rampant corrupon and human rights abuses..'s a major shift in the will cabrale(speaking filipino language):
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>> oh. (flicks lighter) (hns honking in distandi) jake: >> oh. jake: cabrales: jake: ♪ cabral:
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(dry-fires) (vehicle engines puttering)
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modequillo: ♪
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(dogs rking, howling) (wan shouting) woman: officer: officer: aussa: woman: aussa:a: woman (screams): officer: woman (shouting): officer: woman: aussa: woman:
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aussa: woman (shoutin: office woman: >> what's this? so many paraphenalias. so many, so many. what's this?hi? >> jim >> oh, what's that? woman: officers: (moaning, crying woman (cryin: officer:es
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cabres man: (crying) officer: aussa:arking) officer: woman: ♪ ♪ (barking continues)
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modequillo: aussa: modequillo: (car horn honks) ♪
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jake: ) (ringi
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i saw him with less thanthen grs of marijuana. (people talking backgacund) (cell door clangs shut) jake (in filipino language): (adolfo agustin singing)n (a ♪ and y know sometimes i'd rather be... ♪
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(continues singing) (hair clippers buzzing) ♪ too much love will give you ontinues singing) man: agustin: (baton clattering on bars) (man groans)
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(baton clattering on bars) agustin: (man groans) agustin:
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(engines revving) (people talking) orly fernandez: (vehicle engine chugging)
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♪ ♪
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>> remember that the drug situation is still very, very alive and vicious. (bird squawking) (child shoing) said, "do not destroy thet, i do not do drugs and kill our childrenbedruse i will kill you." so what is wrong with that? (children shtinglayfully)la ♪ modequillo: is
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now e presidenery eager with regard to his drive against drug, drug war. man: >> if you wanto be a good ader... man: ust be a good follower. the approach of the president, coere were a lot of, you know, harsh. but, you know, we do sometimes t neo have a strong hand also. because drugs is the, the evil of all the evils. ♪ (filipino national anthem playing on loudspeakers) deimosim
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(peoe talking in background) deimos: (laughg)gh
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modequillo:lo deimos (chuckling): ♪ ♪ (tv pling pl distance) man (on tv):
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(tv audio fades) (fernandez calls dog) man (on tv): (bird twittering) loremie sella:
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♪ ♪
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♪ e, >> pol just do your duty. just follow my instructions and you do not have anythiyt to woy. i will pi tect you. temurder and homicide or wr, unlawful killing, is not allowed. your duty requires you tohe
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overcoesistance of the person you are arresting. if hifresists, and it is a violent one, placing in jeopardy the lives of my policemen you are free to kill the idiots. officer:my order to you. >> this one! reporter:
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man: >> how many suspects, sir? man: reporter: ♪ (dog barking) (horn honks) fuji:
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martinez: fuji: martinez: deimos:
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(dy: deimos: boy: deimos: (thunder rumbling) drug dealersdrug urs,prth m obe heofle t natio (thunderumbling) those are usually the viims of the shooting. >> (murmurs)
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>> lots of the shootings seem veryrofessional. >> >> you can undd why people mighmithink it was the police. >> yes, the pele might think thatt was a... or it was done by some police officers, but actually, it was not. back.olice kill when they fight (chuckles) if the police do it, it will... it is, uh... it is legitimate, because we the police a law enforcers, so what we ate just doing is to enforce thlaw.
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atpresident duterte rely drugs. a drug addt or drug pusher, that kind of person has no plack already here. that's their choice. w they wanto live in hellre. already.le (chu they choose to transfer, to reassign in hell. i heard that most of the shooting incidents here in the soh was in the way of what you
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have said. >> it was the police? >> some said aut that.e >> that lice werdoing the shgtings? >> yes. >> other police officersaid that >> yes, other police officers. ♪ (people talking in background) modequillo: (cheering and applauding)
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>> these drug dealers know fully well the consequences of their criminal ains. the war agnst illegal drugs is far from over. >> aost every day, dead bodi are being recovered from the streets in manila, on th occasion, a tricycle taxi driver who was shot in ade . (tattoo needle buzzing) (buzzing stops) (buzzingziesumes)
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(buzzing stops) martinez: (buzzing resumes) ♪
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♪ fernandez:
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martinez: fuji: re
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>>dent duterte! you nsciously and deliberately put in place a i permission structure for fass murder. and in due time, you will be held accountable for the thousands of extra-judicialin ki in the philippines. rowd cheers) (speaking filipino language)
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cajipe: >> huh? cajipe: modequillo: >> those shootings, they seem quite professional. can you understand why people think it's maybe police or connected to police? >> uh, you know, there are a
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lot of people, they are thinking that police are involved with that. but no, we are... we're not after for the life of these people. in caloocan, we have 1,000 police there. i cannot see all of them.lw there iss a black eep.e >> and s the police in caloocan told us that some of the shootings were done by do youhink that comes from above? >> i do not know, because, you kn, sometimes, there are incidents that are still und un. investigat l the killings or all the incints that is happing actually is... are allnder investigation. (people talking in background)un was that something that you had heard, that maybe it was police from the district who had
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carried out those shootings?s? >> um, i do noo .. i do nottmmer that. um, but what is importt is, the investigation is rolling. ♪ (birds chirping) >> "shootings get caloocan top cop red. relief prompted by series of nsolved incidents in cdey. more than six months after he promised to ke coocan ty less bloody, senior superintendentemar modequillo was fired from his post effective monday for iling to solve over half of shootingsh h happened during his watch."
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♪ >> our lord ma a lot of sacrifices to save people. so we are not actually god. no one ineperfect and wet re all sinners. but it's somewhat like unfair to me. being a good soldier, we must be a good follower. we have follow. we have to follow. (women singing)
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(siren wailing in distance) (police radiicbes) ♪ (vehicle engine puttering)pu (siren wailing in distance) >> what are your sins?
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(hair clippers buzzing) the drugs war will not be sidelined. (clippers buzzing)g) instead, it will be as relentless and chilling... (clippers buzzing) (clippers click off) on the day it began. (martineexpels breath)
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re on the originof the drugfor war in the philippines. >> until the last pusher and the last drug lord are- (throat cutting sound) >> and the activists trying to reform drug-related policies and laws. (shouting) nnect to the fntline community on facebookat and twitter, and w anytime on the pbs video app or >> i will nominate judge brett i kavanaugh... >> narrar: a supreme court face-off... 30 years in the making. >> you will see a stem thats hacome toxic. >> wbork got taken down, they promised never to forgive. >> it was raw politics and it was war. >> mitch mccnell is a tactical
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genius. >> we're not giving a lifetime appointment to this president on the way t the door. >> unprecedented. >> ' livininhe erafreutd.rage the mcconnell court now. >> frontline is made possible bt butions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. and by the corporation for public broadcastg. maher support is provided by john d. and catherine t. building a more just, verdant and peaceful world. d the ford foundation: working with visionaries on the frontlines of social change wodwide. addional support is provided by the abrams foundation, committed to excellence in journalism. the park foundation, dedicated to heightening public awareness of critical issu. the john and helen glessnerss family tst. supporting trustwort journalism that informs and inspires. and by ton ine journalism fund,un with major support from mn and jo ann hagler. and additional support from
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♪ ♪ >> we all like to think of childhood as this time of joy and innocence. we all like to think of childhood as this time of joy and innocence. but for many of us it's st not true. >> we just pretend all thos things don't happen. >> u know, kids are young. they're very resilient. they don't know what's going on and they won't remember anyway. the child may not remember but the body remembers. [inaudible conversations]