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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 13, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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woman: this isa. "bbc world news americ" is made le by... the freeman foundation; y and peter blum-kovler foundation, pursuing solutioec for america's ned needs; and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thk you. laura: this america."world news
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reporting from washington, i am laura trevelyan. the queen agrees to a period of transition for har and meghan. iranian officials deny using live ammunition against protesters, as tensions run high in tehran. site where missiles fell near u.s. troops. >>his is from one of five missile barrages. enough to force over these concrete barriers. >> usa! ofura: plus, senator cory booker is dropping out he presidential race. the new jersey democrat uld light up a stage but couldn't raise enough cash to stay in the game. laura: for those watching on pbs
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and around the globe, welcome to "world news america." today queen elizabeth met with her grandson prince harry to figure out how he and his wife, meghan,st wil back from oil life. her majesty had the final word from of course from saying that while she respects the cou, e's wishe would've preferred they remain full-time working royals. the duke and duchess of sussex the u.k. and between royal correspondent nicholas of sandringham house, a family meeting chaired by thndqueen and at by the prince of wales and is two sons, prince william, duke of cambridge, and prince harry, duke of sussex, to discuss how to accommodate the sussexes' wish to step away from the royal family. after the talks from the queen hsued a statement saying "although we woue preferred them to remain full-time working members of the royal family, we respect and
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understand their wish to be more independent members of the royal family well-being a part of my family." oshe weto say that they would be "a period of transition in which the time in canada and the u.k." whatever the precise reasons for the sussexes' disenchantment, it is clear that the royal family is determined to find practical solutions. in a statement, "the sussexes don't plan to rely on publ security matters still to be resolved. before today's talks began,ia willand harry had come together to denounce a newspaper story which suggested the sussexes felt they'd been pushed away by the "bullying attitude william." "the story was false, offensive, and poteially harmful," the brothers said. today's talks and kenexa statement by the queen have emphasized to the family's
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pederstanding and sympathy for harry. le who know him believe his loyalties must be in turmoil. >> i think harry willibe hugely coed at the moment. he loves his wife, he wants to protect his s wife, a can it would seem, is very an unhappy living here in our royal family. on the other hand, he was born into the royal family. he has serd it. he served queen and country in the military setting. hed expec spend his whole life working for the royal family. nicholas: and while harry may be conflicted, it appears meghan feels winded by criticism which in some cases she believes has been racially motivated. however, the home secretary believes thiis mistaken. >> c i am not in thaegory at all where i believe there is racism at all. i think we live in a great country, great society, full of oprtunity where people of any background can get on in life. nicholas: as the talks ended and
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members of the royal familleft a sandringham tonight, it is clear there more work to be done. but the queen says in her statement that she once final decisionabout the sussexes to be reached in the coming days. nicholas witchell, bbc news, sandringham. laura: fore m what is next for harry and meghan, i was joined earlier from new yond by a writerohost of the " royally obsessed" podcast. however they going to earn a living without trading-- ghow ae thng to earn a living without trading on the titles? >> it is hard to imagine they will not trade on their titles or popularity, and it is related to their royal lives, or l previously royes as it might become. working in charity roles, and the basis of that popularity will still be there royal les. laura:ve the queen made i clear today that she wished they had stayed on as full-time royals. this is something of a royal
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rift, isn't it? >> i'm not sure about the rift. today she clearly expressed disappointment, and the reports coming out of the palace of leaks, srces say they are disappointed. but i think this has been coming for a long time. p we saw the first ste a royal rift last summer when the cambridgees and sussexesap broke t charitable endeavors and began to work separately. this has been coming in bits and bytes slowly ovelast two years, i would say. laura: but what kind of royal duties are harry and meghan ligoing to assume as they their time between the u.k. and canada? katilin: it is hard to s say, ad i er interested to see how it will play out, because for example, they said in their initial statement they hope to still work with their patronages, but the word "patronage" suggests it is indicative of their lives as royals. how do yourk continuing with i the charity ifis not officially a patronage? there's
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down by the queen to meghan. it is difficult to say how that ll work, and that is what i'm interested to see and that still has to be hammered out, as the queen sa in her statement today. some of these things have to be worked out. laura: indeed, and as the queen said herself, the royal family has to be seen to be believed. how difficult a moment is this foryo her, these populaung royals stepping back? katilin: i think her statement today was a special momenty or her, realldicative of what she is going through. it felt very intimate comanche cap using the word "family-- internet, and she kept using the word "family" over and over again. the queen has had a long life and had a lot of public and especially related family, over t last 90 years. this is a small chapter in what has been a while the life for he laur briefly, is prince charles going to be footing the bill for the well couple's
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listyle--royal couple's lifestyle? katilin: that is something the proposed in their frequent asked questions on the site. outhey said they divorce themselves from the sovereign grand but still take 90% of the ney from prince charles how is that going to work, to william when the time comes? i think that is a real sticking point for a lot of people, how exactly is that going to work, how are you independent but still living off of charles's money? i'm not sure how that is goi to work. d't know how much we will not publicly. laura:g thanks for beinwith us. katilin: of course. laura: iran has nied using live ammunition against its own people after protethers took to streets of tehran. they were angry at the downing of the ukrainian passenger jet by an irani missile. sofficial say the plane was shot down by accident, killing everyone on board including many canadian inians. the unrest comes a week afteran ired a dozen missiles that air bases housing u.s. forces in
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iraqia that was reton for the u.s. killing iran's general soleimani. one of the bases hit was al-assad from where quentin simivr was the only british t correspondent to see the dage. entin: the united states embassy in baghdad on a mission, to protect american resilience in iraq. the embassy below was under siege, and its bases under attack, but the message to the asseled press pack is america is still a commanding presence here. and that is despite this. >>odmn! quentin: new footage filmed by a u.s. airmen of iran's attack on coalition forces at al-assad airbase. e attack lasted two hours. the reason theri an-led coalition has brought us your face because they wanted to show that iran was not messing around--brought us here today is
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because they wanted to show that iran was not messing around. look at the enormous blast this must've come frome enough to foer these concrete barriers. on the other side is a concrete bunker, and insideraas a u.s. coor. he was there throughout the attack it is blast holes probably saved his life. america is under pressure in iraq these days, so this counts as a success. advance warning meant to the troops were hunkered down in bunkers. no one died. it is rare for e u.s., with all its firepower, to be attacked face-on with here.ntional forces you could > >> very loud explosions. bright white lights. the shoulder weave, it is open, so it is outside. you can literally see the whole skyline, and then a few seconds later, you hear thaju tremendous boom.
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quentin: iraq is now a more it was custom soleimani-- qassem soleimani's assassination which triggered this attack. foreign troops escape unscathed, but the same can't be said for its mission. iraq wants its foreign guests to leave. relations between the u.s. and iraq are now a tangled mess. baghdad says they have a year to clear up and get out. america says it is staying put. all thead while, i atches and weights -- iran watches and waits. at al-assad airbase, they say they are lucky, but america may not see the next attack coming. quentin sommerville, western iraq. laura: president trump has faced many questions over the rationale for the attack that killed soleimani. even his defense secretary says he did not see the specific evidence backi up mr. trump's
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claim that soleimani was planning attacks on four u.s. embassies. the president tweeted this morning, "doesn't reallyte m if an attack was imminent because of his horrible past." i was joined earlier by p.j. owy, former spokesman for the u.s. state department. does the president have a point that it doesn't matter if the attack was imminent because soleimani was aaddie? p.j.: in terms of politics and political legitimacy, he has gotten considerable support for the decision to take out general soleimani. as a constitutional matter, given tt we are not in a declared war with iran we are more like a shadow administration has not offered a convincing argument that a threat was imminent. soleimani was clearly dangerous, working against u.s. interests, but thquestion of imminence
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goes to whether the administration needed consult with congress before taking this oteri step. --military said. laura: when you look at the mass protests in iran over the shooting down of that ukrainian airliner, h the trump administration contributed to e undermining of the iranian leadership with soleimani's killing? p.j.: i think the president can count himself as fortunate here. yes, there is no pressure on the iranian government -- now government due to the tragic downing of airliner.inian if you go back to the nuclear agreement, that reversed the tables for a period of that. rali is mie in iran, and for a while the regime can say this is the fault of the americans. now the pressure is back on iran, and candm theistration stay out of its own weight and let-- own way and let the
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political pressurercontinued to the government into reforms and perhaps a negotiation? laura: p.j., what is the strategy here when the president says he wants a better iran nu p.j.: well, i think that whil the strike could be viewed as legitimate, the question is whether it was strategic. certainly if you look at the objectives, one is avoiding further costly wars the middle east, and the other is a better deal. it is hard to see in a few seeable future --the foreoweable futurehis strike moves as closer to what the administration says it wants to there is considerable risk that the existing legal and economic war will morph into a military conflict, and it is very hard to see givehow close general soleimani was to the ayatollah
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that he is going to give a green light to negotiations as long as president trump remains in office. laura: p.j. crowley, thank yous. for being with one last note on this i --a new interview, canadian prime minister justin trudeau said that if there had been no tensions and no escalation in the region, the ukrainian passenger plane would not have been brought down, andwihose on boar still be alive. at the 57 canadians were killed in the crash. nethe u.s. attorney l says the killing of three americans by a saudi airorce officer at a florida a race last month was an act of terrorism. the u.s. is sending 21 saudi litary trainees back to their homeng country follon investigation into the tech. 17 of the trainees were found to have some kind of jihadi material on social media. others had contact with ild pornography. david calhoun has taken er as billing's chief executive with-- boeing's chief executive with a message to staff of the company
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needs to focus on integrity. replaces dennis muilenburg. the plane has been grounded in march of last year following two fatal ashes. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come on tonight's progra-- you introduce me a joker? can laura: "joker" leads thek p for oscar gold, but once again there is drama on screen asrs female directore passed over-- off screen as farale directorpassed over for the nominations. officials in the philippines are warning that a hazardous eruption of toxi gas may be imminent from the country's volcano which has beenco spewing mns of ash into the sky. more than 8000 people have been evacuated from the area surrounding the volcano, around 70 kilometers south of the capital, manila. one province has declared a state of calamity.
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howard johnson reports. howard: organic lightning, a-- all caps lightning -- volcanic lightning, a spectacular event. the warning means a has a srtion could occur within hours or days. today, thicklack ash billowed out of volno as scientists nfirmed it had begun to spew lava. a steady flow of local resents left aio 14-kilometer exclus zone. at a petrol station, there were scores of motorcyclists by infield hit elsewhere, -- buying elsewhere, people vnly attempted to clear ash from their properties. >> there were many dtroyed houses. it is him is like a desert because of the thickness of the mud.
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howard: elsewhere, manila's main international airport reopened today, but many flights are subject to cancellations and the country's second most active volcano la experience a sustained period of volcanic tivity between a kcd five and 1977,--19betwee and 1977. tonight, families taking refuge in evacuation centers are hoping that history w't repeat itself, and today'fllimited lava ow is as bad as it gets. howard johnson, bbc news. laa: turning to u.s. politics, cory booker is dropping out of the race for the presidency. sen. booker: today i am suspending my campaign for president in the same spirit with which it began. laura: the democratic senator
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from new jersey had an uplifting message on the campaign trail, using story, but that never translated into big polling numbers or cash in the bank. e c's anthony zurcher is in iowa, site of thfirst presidential caucus in three wee' time, and he joined me aor time ago. cory booker was preaching an empathy and not division. how is that message going down in iowa? anthony: people like cory booker, people like his campaign appearances. a lot of standing ovations when he took the stage. cory booker was able to get the crowd to give him a standing ovation when he left. he was that captivating even from people who were not supporting him. the is, there were not a lot of people supporting him. if voters who wanted a candidate who had a sharperwedge, they with someone besides cory booker, and if they wanted a unity candidate they went with the joe biden omore and more
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pete buttigieg. he was cght between two different themes and they never translated to real support. biden has got momentum, sanders has momentum, buttigieg h a. -- it. what does this say on the even the next debate? anthony: it is very much in flux . a story over the past -- is rising tension betweenernie nders' and elizabeth warren's cap, the two progressives. there were reports that they were disparaging durant and cost increase support can and elizabeth warren accused him of being divisive qom are was a story that dropped that in a sanders in elizaberen inbernie 2018, bernie sanders told elizabeth warren that he did not think it woman could be elected
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president, something the sanders camp denied strenuously. shows that on the left, these progressives who are fightingsi folar supporters are starting to feel the heat three weeks before the iowa caucuses. laura: how significant in the end is iowa when later in february we have nevd south carolina? anthony: iowa overwhelmingly whe, very liberal, so it is not necessarily reflective of the democratic party as a whole when you get to places across country including nevada, the it is a much more diverse electorate. but there was a lot of momentum comifo out of iowwhoever wins. many democrats have wonus his ca and a few stitches springboard to winning the nomination.--and haven't used it to spring board to winning the nomination. there are three tickets out of iowa and the topic three candidates will be the ones who among the four or five is a
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candidates in the running to be among those three. r meone like bernie sanders or elizabeth warren or pete buttigieg and the billionaires who are ready, iowa isn't going to knom out. when you run out of money, you leave. it is not just because you lost iowa. laura: anthony looks to be freezing iowa, thanks for being with us. anthony will stathere in the cold and be there as the islandscaucus in- three--- iowans caucus in three weeks time. it is oscar season come and joker is smiling. the movie about that creepy comic-book character has 11 nominations. director sam mendes isoping that 2020 be the year for his world war i epic "1917 there is controversy over the female directors overlook d the lack o diversity over the
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the nominees fracking. will gompertz has bee reviewing thminees and here is his >> to bring laughter and joy to the world. will: the income and perhaps are unsurprisingly, with awards using being criticized for lack of diversity, the four leading contendersl tite male stories. "joker," a batman origin story from is out in front with 11 nominations. there are three films with 10 nods each, the world war i epic "17," marti' scorsese's mafia saga "the irishman tarantino's "once upon a time... in hollywood" about a hading star a stunt double. who is going to win what? best actress, who is going to win? >> interestingly black btish actress cynthia erivo is nominatd for "harr." will: policy went? ---will she win? >> i don't think so.
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i think renee zellweger has u ts se for "judy." will:est actor? >> joaquin phoenix for "joker." will: it would be nice to see jothan pryce. >> oh, a brit. will: moving on to the supporti actress, who would you like to wait? >> florence pugh. rising young british star, love her in "little women." will: who is going to win? >> laura dern. she is having a fantastic season for "marriage story." will: and then we have best supporting actor, like a dogfight between beginners. joe pesci and al pacino fighting it out for the same phone, "the irishman." >>n and theyou have tom hanks for "a beautiful day in the neighborhood," but i think brad pitt will win for "once upon a time... in hollywood." will: let's move to best director, which like the golden
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globes and bafta's is an all-ma le lineup. >> i was disappointed, although pleased to see a korean film in the running, bong joon-ho for "parasite." but i think it will be sam mendes. he has not won since "american be fty," his debutm in 1999. will: who do you think should win and who do you think will win? >> i wou love "little women" to win, but i think it is tarantino's "once upon a time... in hollywood" just bause hollywood loves movies about itlf. laura: watch out for "1917," that is my pick. llyou can seehe day's news on our website. to see what we are working on at any time, check a set on twitter. i am laura trevelyan. is made possible by... the freeman foundation; by judy and peter blum-kovler foundation,
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pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs; and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank yo just u that's where... man: she took me out to those weapons. i think we're off to a great start.
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judy:ood evening. on the newshour tonight, backlash in iran. massive publicrotests are met ngth violence followi the admission that iran's military shot down a passenger jet. en, impeachment trial is imminent. as the u.s. senate prepares for this next step, we examine the strategies being employed by both sides. and, caught stealing. major leag baseball tries to root out cheating in the digital era. and, queen elizabeth rains in on prince harry and meghan michael's declaration of independence. all that and more on tonight's pbs newshour.


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