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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 5, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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thman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like katty: i'm katty kay in washington and this is bbc world news america. donald trump is leaving hospital 72 hours after he first checked in. his doctors aren't quite giving him a clean bill of health, but they are confident he is ready to go. >> you've seen videos and the tweets and you will see him shortly, he is back. katty: he returns to white house his press secry is just the latest staffer to test positive.
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ewthe continues to get worldwide attention. we will be in brazil with the reaction from another country whose leader caught the disease. and the afcan nation that has received international prae for its handling of the pandemic. we take a look at what senegal ♪as been doing right. katty: wcome to world news america on pbs and around the donald trump is getting ready to leave the hospital with a message to the country about having the coronavirus. i feegreat, and there is really nothing to be afraid of. doctors treating the prdident have t reporters that he 72 hours and said he woulde than remain on antiviral and eroid medication when he returns to medical care in the white house. here is our north american editor wit more.
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john: is being dubbed the covid joy ride. last night, the psident, who is still infectious, decided he wanted to wave to his supporters walter reed hospital. cleared, secret see guards fanned out, and the motorcade was moving toward where we were standing. quite unbelievabl seeing the president who is being treated for coronavirus. ha of his convoy has just come down this busy road. all traffic has beennd cleared the president is waiting at his supporters to say thank you for coming o to back him while he hassp been in the hoal. you can see all the vehicles of the presidential convoy accompanying the president. donald trump, probably the world's most impatient patient, even released a video. president trump: it's been an interesting journey. iearned a lot about covid this is the real school, this n't the less read the book
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school. and i get it, and i understand. john: th drive-by broughtit ferocious ism from one of the physicians at the hospital. dr. james phillips tweeted, every single person in the completely unnessary drive-by the president has to quarantine for 48 hours. the political theater commanded by trump to put their liveat risk in theater. this is insanity. the president is returning to the white house tonight a will still require treatment. his doctors say he is not yet out of the woods. >> we are all utiously optimistic because we are in a bit of uncharted territory. that he received the therapies that he has so early in the course.
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john: p he is still erful steroids.n the campaor next month's presidential election is all systems go as he went full cs lock with the whole variety of policy issues. today cpaigning in florida, the democratic candidate, joe biden, was speaking to reporters with his we jill ensuring that he maintain social distancing. m'biden: im not an expert on it, but i think we should be very cautious. i'm going to continue to listen to the science. john: meanwhile it's been announced that thesident' press secretary has been the latest t test positive for coronavirus. she has been speaking to rters over the weekend,as taking off herto discuss the president's health following his diagnosis. astonishingly, the white house itself has become the epicenter of aovid outbreak. katty: so president trump will
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be returning to quite a one he left on friday with the multiple staffers now testing positive e there will be more people insolation a there are now more guidelines to wear masks. the white house will not be the building he left a he will go into isolation himself. for more on the medical considerations surrounding the world's most famous covid patient, i'm joined by an emergency physician at round university and cofounder of the peorganization, get us dr., thank you for joining us. when you listen to the doctors and you see that the president is going back to the white house, are you happy with what you are hearingrothe doctors and how that factors into his prognosis and how they are treating him as he is being sent home? >> a an emergency physician, i would never send someone home from the hospital was still receiving remdesivir. that being said, president tru
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is different from the rest of us. he has accs to a type and intensity of medical care at the white house that the rest of us could never dream of. so it may be safe him to go home, but it may not be. we know that patients who get extra special care sometimes do worse. there is a thing in medicine called vip syndrome, where vips who get extra treatment can do more poorly just because of extra testing and extra treatment. so i am still quite concernedpr abouident trump and hesitant about the fact that he's being discharged back to the white house. katty:ro and fwhat you know of this virus andow it progresses, it is now four days since his diagnosis, with that f timeframr days, put somebody beyond the worst impacts of the virus? >> absolutely not. this virus k iswn, first of all, forgetting much better and then much worsend given moment is not a good measure of
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how they are feeling overall. second of all, we often see its worst effects somewhere around day 7-10 of illness. that's when that hyper inflammatory cascade tak over. people get severe trouble problems, strokes, etc., kidney so his course overhe nt five days will be just as, if not more important, than what has happened to date. katt i don't know if you have seen the tweet he sent out in hospital earlier this afternoon, but at the end of that tweet, he says he feels 20 yearsng y and advises people not to bef afraide coronirus and not to have their lives dominated by it, saying i feel 20 years younger than i did. doctors try to tell people to socialistance and wear masks and wash their hands a lot a take this seriously, is that message slightly counterproductive? >> i think it is more than slightly counterproductive.
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i think it is a tremendously instructive and harmful tweet to have sent out to theirs -- to our nation. covid-19 is incredly serious. many just like president trump have dd over the last eight months, and millions more have long-term symptoms as a result of a covid-19 diagnosis. moreover, the fact that he feels 20 years younger, that could just as likely be due to the steroids that he was put on for his severe inf due to the covid-19 itself, i could lead to long-term problems. katty: you mentioned the dexamethasone and we know that can make you a little hyper energetic and can have an impact on you. is that the kind otathing you aring about? i understanding is that a patient and his condition and as his doctor described it would not necessarily have had dexamethasone. is that the vip type downside
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that you were talking about with that kind of treatment? >> absolutely. there are inadvertent downsides to any medication we give and that's why we use t evidence and data to guide us. to my knowledge, president trump is the only person in the world who hasecved dexamethasone, onmdesivir, and this new treatment, regen, the cocktail of monoclonal antibodies. we don't know how those are gointhto work to and for most patients, even the first two are only given if people are seriously ill. there are contindications to giving dexamethasone to people with only mildllness. causes more harm than good. so that is that vip syndrome, it could potentially cause him more harm. he may getucky and it may be e are certain all hoping for that. i wish him only the best, but i'm quite concerned about what
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his course is going to be and again about that combined effect of all these medications. we just don't know. katty: dr., thank you so much for joining us. that is the medigsl side of th let's switch gears and look at the politics of allhis. i'm joined by ou senior northte american rep anthony, last week, on friday, i was texting with the trump mpaign senior advisor and i said how does the fact that the president has bthn diagnosed covid impact the campaign customer he texted back immediately, well, if things go ok, this couldlay to our advantage because he's a 74-year-d man and if he doesn't get it terribly seriously, then perhaps we can show that covid is not as serious as other people have been suggesting. that is the interpretation i'm taking away from the presidents anthony: you already can see
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republicans around donald trump on social media talking about how trump beat the virus, that he defeated it. a public incentive candidatewe from georgiaed out a wrestling video with donald trumpeading off a person who had the virus as its head. we all saw from hist tweet, fits into what donald trump was saying before, which is that the united states can overcome this, that iis turning the corner, now they are using donald trump condition itse as an example of this journey that they see the american people going on. katty: i wonder if it's going to work, though, because look all the recent opinion polls that do seem to suggest that a comfortable majority of americans don't feel that the president has handled this virus responsibly. will one person's experience change their minds? anthony: that is the risk of it.
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obviously donald trump was trailing in the polls going into this. i have to imagine that the 200 thousands of americans who died, ndtheir families ariends are not going to appreciate donald trump tweeting b about notng afraid of covid and not letting it dominate your life. afr he got the diagnosis, the majority of americats are saying he president was reckless in his handling of the disease and this was just the latest exple. as we discussed on friday, fourw monthshe american public has looked at this and said they don't approve of the way donald trump has handled this. so anything that brings a focus back on to coronavirus, the campaign and the president himself or trying tf make the best, it seems. katty: it els like months ago but it was only friday. thank you very much for joining us, anthony privette networks in
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newspapers across america have been hanging on every update the the white house about president status, but how are people outside the country feeling about the story? our katy watson is in sao paulo enjoins us from was ill. thank you for joining in us. has this been a big story in brazil? katie: it is certainly being watched very carefully. the psident here also contracted coronavirus and it is interesting to see the parallels here. john bolsonaro hasn't said too ch, he wished president trump recovery.a speedy he said they are leaving the country and the reelection won't be hurt, you will come out victorious. a quote from a man -- katty: what political impt did
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it have on mr. bolsonaro? did he get a political boost out of this or did he pay a political price for it? can you assess the political impact of having covid on him? katie: the impact of covid on him was not so clear. what we have seen is that his support has risen. he was cheticized foray he handled the pandemic, the fact that he had been giving out generous handouts to -- 60 mo people have benefited from vernment handouts and that has seen his popularit. if you compare what is happening with donald trump just of the elections to win president bolsonaro -- despite the fact that heouldn' 't continue the campaign trail, he still managed to win. it was seen as perhaps a
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sympathy vote and could be translated to what we see here in the u.s., so those parallels are bekag drawn here. itthat's so interesting, happened at about the same timeame close to the resilient election. do brazilians think of donald trump as a similar character to bolsonaro? the people who support him, do they have an affection for donald tmp? katie: his nicknam trumpeter trump, is criticized by some. the fact that bolsonaro looks at donald trump as a model, he certainly wants to have that close relationship with the u.s., and the way he has behaved with the virus, playing it out from the very beginningand also he came out and recovered very quickly from ronavirus. i think people look to the u.s. and look to see howonald trump
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is behaving and at the end of u the day, t. is stillf powerful force. but whether tre -- they are the same kind of politicians, there are someelebrities -- similarities. katty: katy watson, i had not heard that before, trumpeter trump. the world healthrgization says about 10% of the world's population has been iected with t coronavirus, leaving the remaining 90% vulnerable to the infection. the executive board of the yuan body h begun a meeting to assess the pandemic and the global response to euro commissiocopresident hairmed that she is self-isolating after cacing into cowith someone who has tested positive for the virus. in the tweet she said, i've been informed that i attended a
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meet and in accordancend with retilations i'm self-iso until tomorrow morning. i am being tested again today. you're watching bbc world news toamerica. stil come, we will look at pas where boris will closen tuesday as part of new restrictions to tackle the spread of the pandemic since president was diagnosed outlandish conspiracies --nd conspiracy theoriesadontinue to spnle payment let's get the analysis of our disinformation reporter. more on why she believeshese eories are increasing. >> this particular case, at least because president trump is accused of spreading this information about the pandemic
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itself, and the u.s. election is fast. approaching and using this as an opportunity to both criticize and praise trump. over the weekend it became even yet more fertilenf for dimation and conspiracy theories because of messaging from the white house, who were unclear about when president was dinosed with the coronavirus, how ill he actually was, and the treatment -- the treatment he was receiving on saturday. katty: the -- the french capal of paris is once again struggling to keep thero virus under control. the city's famous bars and cafes will b closed for two weeks, starting tomorrow, after the government raise the alert level to the highest possible privette restaurants and bars selling food as well as alcohol will be
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allowed to stay open, but they wi have to introduce further safety measures. meanwhile the country's universities arenglso b told to take further precautions to stop the spread among young people. >> the news from paris is not good. infections are above 250 per 100,000 people, which means the city will automatically have new measures kick in. >> the measures are meant to put the brakes on. the epidemic is going too fast. we have to slow it down. so that our health system is not overwhelmed. >> the headline newss that bars and cafes are goi to shut completely for two weeks from tomorrow. they have already been closing at 10:00, but that hasn't been enou to stop the virus spreading. the main in vectorri for covid t now it is reckoned is
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young people. e young peoe often under the effects of alcohol, dropping artheir covid restaurants and bistros which also expected to be hot -to be told to shut, can stay open if they observe a maximum of six to table and masks on all the time except athe moment you are eating. young people are also targeted universities, which have been told that lecture halls is now only be used at 50% capacity. some are skeptical about the bar closures, >> i'm not surprised that my avage age is the most uninhibited. peoplere still living like nothing is happening, so that's why i don't think that closing the bars is going to make a >> paris joins marseilles in
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what they call a state of massive covid alert. theext step would be a state of emergency. katty: ave we'eported on thiss. program, some countries have harled this virus much bet than others have. many, noticeably,re in africa. rione of the cou given a lot of international praise is senegal in west africa. nce the first case was confirmed in early march, it is only reported 312 deaths. here's a look at h cynical has recovered -- senegal has recovered. >> in the era of covid-19, some places of worship have been hotspots for the disease, but not here. it's experience with preous outbreaks including zika and ebola >>.
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i think the experience of senegal dealing with the other diseases has been key to this crisis. reit'been reused andapted for covid. >> there have only been 15 thousand confirmed cas about 300 deaths. ventilators and rapid testing is the cornerstone of the country'a containment stgy. lab capacity has been beefed up and results come within eight hours privette senegal has seen some small outbreaks. around 60 of his colleagues had it back in april. >> i tell them my temperature was not particularly high, but i d lost my sense of taste and smell.
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i was jusscared because my colleagues had teste too. >> global index by foreign policy magazine get the country the highest possible score for privette weather is on the streets, through music, or in the countries mosques, the messaging is clear. rin countries like senegal have successfully avoided the doom and gloom predictions made at the beginning of the pandemic andy has od about a million cases. it peaked in july and the african center of disease control says more testing is needed, but the continent has evnot had theels of coronaviruseen in other parts of the world. >> i senegalkey to maintain the progress made far. at the height of the pandemic, temperature checks were widespread, but these have largely been relaxed.
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er 4 million people are expected to attend a religious pilgrimage this week. katty: i took away one from that, and that' about the type of testing. herenn the united states it sometimes take five days to get a result of covid tests. in senegal, they've got it down to eight hours. that's impressive, and clearly what is needed if you're going to stop the outbreaks. onfinal story, in holla -- this comes out of the philippines. this sunday was world animal day and also the feast of st. francis of assisi,he patron saint of animals. a catholic priest in manila decided to hold a socially distance lessing's ceremony for the communities animals, kind of a drive-thru blessing. s,that's, dogirds, you name it , little fluffy white puppies. pet owners showed up in oves, eagerly awaiting good fortunes for their animal friends.
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and a bonus, it gave us a chance to show you some be -- and beautiful little puppies. you can checke out on twitter. i'm katty kay with bbc world news america. than so much for watching. i will see you back here tomorrow. ♪ narrator: funding for this esentation of this program is provided by... language specialists teaching spanish, french and more. raymond james. the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler fodation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from thviewers like you. k you.
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♪ judy: good even wg. i'm judruff. tonight -- >> he may not entirely be out of the woods yet. the team and i agree, and all of our evaluations and his clinicae status support president's return home. judy: outbreak at the white house. president trump returns from the hospital as more of his staff test positive for coreaavirus, ng disarray in the west wing. then a race upended. we talk to representatives from both campaigns about how the presidentha diagnosiss up the election. and politicalli stakes. our cs monday team assesses the impact of the outbreak could have the campaign for the white house and the supreme court confirmation


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