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tv   BBC World News Today  PBS  September 24, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc wld news". >> thiis bbc news. the u.s. reaches a deal to drop charges against while executive. allowing her to return to china from canada. final campaigning for sunday's german election, europe's largest economy chooses a successor to angela merkel. the chancellor herself urges voters to choose her conservative alliance to keep germany stable. chi's central bank tightens a ban on central -- cryptocurrency trading. i look at the move around the world. the nine-year-old boy who survived a high unit attack in zimbabwe is now getting his life
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back with help from fellow attack survivors. ♪ hello and welcome. if you're watching on pbs in the u.s. or around the world, stay with us for the latest news and analysis from here and across the globe. the u.s. justice department says it has reached agreements with 12 executive to end the bank fraud case against her. it will avoid a trial that should allow her to leave canada and return to china by the end of the year. she has been attending a hearing in a new york court from canada where she has been forced to remain for nearly three years after the u.s. applied for her extradition. she has always maintained her innocence. the bbc is in new york.
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good to see you. what more can you tell us about this deal? >> the hearing at the new york court just wrapped up minutes ago. she pleaded not guilty to charges in the u.s. she also reached an agreement with the u.s. government which means the u.s. government would hold off from prosecuting her until december of next year. if she comied with the additions set by the court, the case will be eventually dropped. this also means her extradition trial in canada will be ended so she could be free as early as today. a plane could be waiting f her to return to china. nancy: provide us why this case has become such a geopolitical issue. itas caused tensions between the u.s. and canada and china. >> she is the chief financial
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execute of a chinese tech telecom giant huawei. it has sparked an international uproar. china sees this case as the u.s. declaring a war against chinese tech companies, and china detained two canadian citizens, the so-called two michaels, which is considered retaliation against canada. that is why this case has been center of tensions surrounding china's relations with the u.s. and canada. this dealhe has reached with the u.s. government could mitigate some of those tensions. if expect this decision could dial back a lot of damage that has been done in the past two years. nancy: thank you very much for coming up for us.
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final campaigning is underway in germany ahead of sunday's vote. the election will mark the end of angela merkel's long rain as chancellor. with a dizzying array of potential governing coalitions, that is pretty much the only thing that is certain. what do we know? her consecutive -- conservative party, allies and centerleft have been germany's most dominant parties for decades. pport for them has been in decline. challenged by rising forces such as the greens in the right wing alternative for germany party. if the result is as close as the poll suggests, forming a government will require a publish and -- coalition of three parties. it points to the spd candidate as the current front runner to replace chancellor angela merkel with a narrow lead. with the latest let's go to the european editor. ♪
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>> a mass protest rally outside of parliament today to call attention to the climate csis. it is a big election issue here. >> angela merkel has done a terrific job bringing the climate change to the agenda. i think there are them as to what she was able to do. >> i hope there will be change , a more green change. >> there is potential for germany to take a dramatic new direction after 16 years of angela merkel, and that would be felt here anabroad. this ishe eu's most influential country. in the end, most germans are stability hungry. the calls for vertical change while loud are limited. what we are probably looking at is change but with a small c. these are the front runners to replace angela merkel. the current favorite --
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trailing behind, the green party candidate. all their campaigns have been exceptionally low-key. they fearealienating voters. pplause] here she is with the conservative candidate. hers is a tough act to follow. here at home and on the world stage. she worked with four u.s. presidents, five u.k. prime minister's, and went to 100 eu summits. reputation like hers takes a while to build. it cannot be won over night an election. >> they are kind of waiting literally for what is happening here. it really matters. merkel was a very well-respected leader. everybody is looking at who will follow in her footsteps. >> did might be a long wait.
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the election is only the start. the vote is predicted to be tight, withdrawn out coalition talks to follow. the merkel era is almost over, but not quite. it bbc news, berlin. nancy: matthew is politico's chief european correspondent and in berlin joining us now. thank you for talking with us. we heard from katya talking about germans looking for change with a small 'c'. who stands the best chance of replacing angela merkel at the moment? matthew: at the moment it's too close to call. the latest polls show the cdu, angela merkel's party, and the social democrats are just one point apart with the social democrats leading. they have been leading for the past several weeks. i think the trend suggests the social democrats will win the
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election, maybe barely on sunday. at the same time that does not suggest they will have clear mandate to form the government and that's where it gets complicated. even if the christian democrats finished second, that does not mean they will be out of power because of the weight germany's coalition system works. it's basically a free for all. the parties get together and can decide amongst themselves about a mandate from a president or some other figure to form a government. the closer they are, the more complicated it is going to get after the election on sunday. nancy: it is also fluid. the concerted cdu has dominated politics for decades. what would a loss r ms. merkel's block mean for europe? matthew: it depends what happens inerms of the coalition after
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the election. if schulz, the spd candidate becomes chancellor, he is very much in the merkel mold. i don't think we would see a huge difference there. you might see in terms of access he exerts on certain issues. you might see some differences. these are people who wt the status quo, stand for stability, campaigning on stability. schultz has been going around germany saying he is the true heir to merkel. i don't think we are going to see any sort of radical shift in germany if either candidate wins. nancy: after 16 years in office, this does feel for observers like a landmark ection. what is the public mood? is there excitement around this election? tthew: there is not as much
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excitement as you might expect ahead of such a momentous election. i was listening to the german public radio this morning, the main morning program. they were discussing dante. i think that suggests there is a bit of fatigue with the campaign. i think a lot of germans just want to geit over with and move on. because they are looking at most likely stability in terms of policy, they are not as excited about it as many of us who are watching from the outside are. nancy: that paints a vivid picture. matthew, thank you. politico's chief correspondent. we will be bringing you live results and analysis in our german elections new spe on sunday so you can follow all the facts. join russ atkins and guests as
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germans vote to decide who was going to succeed outgoing chancellor angela merkel. the separatist former head of catalonia's regional government has been released from detention. he was held while in a tradition request from spain was considered. this is him leaving the court a short while ago. he was detained in sardinia on thursday. spain was sent to return to stand trial for charges linked to sedition to make catalonia independent back in 2017. his lawyer say the next hearing will be on the fourth of october and that he is allowed to leave italy in the meantime. he said he felt fine. officials in spain's canary islands have had to cancel seven flights due to increased volcanic activity. several airline carriers said
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they were ground airplanes due to the thick cloud of hash thrown into the air. it is the first time flights have been canceled since the volcano directed earlier this month. our correspondent in spain sent this update. guy: dear option begin on sunday. over the last few hours, its intensity has increased substantially. that has led to the cancellation of flights to and from the island. also there has been more evacuations of people from their homes due to concerns about the lava flows. there has been around 6000 people evacuated from their homes. rf 400 properties have been consumed by the lava. in aition, the increased volcanic activity has meant ash has been reaching the neighboring island of lagomera
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in the canary islands. the prime minister has been vising the island today. he said early next week his government plans to declare the island of la palma a disaster zone. nancy: stay with us on bbc news. still to come, we hear from the nine-year-old boy who survived a hyena attack in zimbabwe and now he is getting his life back with help from survivors. ♪ >> ben johnson, the fastest man on earth is flying to canada to disgra. >> i'm just happy justice is served. >> it's a fact that these people were in their homes. tonight those homes have been burned down by serbian soldiers and police.
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>> all the television positions have been strengthened, presumably encase case the americans invade. >> it is no use having a secret service which cannot preserve its own secrets against the world. the british government has no option but to continue this action, even after any adverse judgment in australia. >> concorde across the atlantic, faster than any plane never before, breaking t record by six minutes. ♪ nancy: this is bbc news latest headlines. the u.s. has reported to have reached a deal torop charges against huawei executive, allowing her to return to china from canada. final campaigning underway in germany ahead of sunday's
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elections. they will choose a new parliament and successor to angela merkel. china's central bank has strengthened a ban on cryptorrency trading. in may, chinese banks were banned from trading bitcoin, theory, and other platforms. on friday, beijing extended the ban overseas firms. we can speak to oscar williams in london. trading cryptocurrency has officially been banned in china since 2019. what is new about the latest announcement? oscar: i think what is different today is the scope and the extent of the band and the context. we have seen nudges people's bank of china ce out with this statement, but also 11 regial government organizations to this is illegal. all forms of cryptocurrency, be
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it trading it, mining it, ings like that. the context here is key. across this year we have seen the chinese government lead a pretty broad-based crackdown across the technology sector, names like ali baba and other major players in the market like didi have felt the wrath of beijing. that underlines the controlling technologies is a priority for the regime at the moment. in the past when they said cryptocurrency and bitcoin are banned and troublesome, they carried less weight than they do now. this is very high up on the roster of priorities for beijing at the moment. that is why we are seeing more of a reaction today. nancy: could you tell us why this is so high up the roster? why is china so keen on banning cryptocurrencies? oscar: across their actions they
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are taking on the tech sector, what we see is more of a desire to exert or re-exert control over the chinese populatio the chinese economy. there is a feeling the tech sector has become too powerful. in the private sector, the traditional private sector, things like alibaba, it's abt controlling data. in cryptocurrency is about the ability to circumvent the traditional financial system china has quite a tight control over. by offshore exchanges serving chinese companies -- customers. people can move their money out ofhina, circumventing capital controls and awareness of what is going on. the government does not want that, they don't like that. the other thing inching is they working on their own digital
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chinese currency, which could launch as soon as next year, making them one of the first countries in the world to launch a central bank digital currency. they want to try to encourage adoption of that. as long as they are mainstream alternatives such as bitcoin circulating and undermining that aim. nancy: thank you very much, oscar. joe biden's week of diplomacy is coming to an end with the first in-person meeting of the group known as the quad. it features mr. biden, india's prime minister at the japanese and australian leaders. they discussed security and it is seen as part of it to commit to giving effort to counter china's growing influence in the end of pacific region. -- indo-pacific region. the u.k. government is hearing calls -- lori drivers will cause
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further delays to degrees of food, good and petrol. ministers are changing feasible to bring in drivers from the eu or using soldiers to drive fuel tankers. katie alston tells us more. katie: the governmental people not to panic buying, but it did not stop these drivers. >> this is the third petrol station we have seen ques at. we have to get petrol. we are not panic buying. katie: they are waiting to hear when his neck supplies would arrive. >> they are saying we hope you get it but we cannot guarantee it. we are just not sure until we get in about two days time whether we get it or not. we don't know at the moment. katie: the firm that delivers for bp sought to restore motorist. -- reassure motorist. >> i thi i will be clear we
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will adhere to the normal buying patterns there is mohan enough for the service station network to deal with that. there is no need for people to rush out and fill up their cars with fuel. the country is not running out of fuel. katie: there isn't a shortage of fuel. we are seeing issues because of a problem, a lack of available lori drivers. there is a shortfall of tens of thousands in the u.k. e problem hasn't building for years but made worse by factors including the pandemic and brexit. this firm in northampton has never found recruitment so hard. >> we have increased salaries twice in the last few months. by a significant amount. which would then need to pass on to the customers where we can. katie: it is driving up costs? >> it absolutely is. katie: this business trains w drivers. >> drive as slow as you can. katie: it is getting plenty of
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interest from locals. the testing system is said to change soon to make it simpler. the manager says that is not a quick fix. >> the idea is they remove the middle test so you could go from your fiat 500 to and articulated vehicle class one. in actuality you probably find the pass rate will drop in the course link will have to be longer. you will be delivering fewer test. katie: the government has resisted calls for temporary visas to help plug the gap. today the transport secretary did not rule it out. >> i will do what is required. i have been hinting at this, i don't undercut cheaper european drivers. then find our drivers drop out because they e being undercut. that does not solve the problem. it just creates a new problem. katie: after a week of warnings
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dominated, businesses say action is needed fast to prevent the wheels coming off the economy' recovery. katie alston, bbc news. nancy: to south africa where a team of doctors are using their skills to help a nine-year-old boy from zimbabwe after he was attacked by hyena earlier this year. he suffered life altering injuries. now the volunteer surgeons are beginning a series of operations to rebuild his face. the bb followed their groundbreaking work in the heartbreaking but ultimately life-affirming story of his road to recovery. >> rodwell was asleep outside church in robles and bobwhite when he was attacked by a hyena. he survived. he and his mother arrived in johannesburg to begin his
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reconstructive surgery. to build his confidence, his mom is taking him to meet two other young men who were attacked by hyenas. >> both have been through the same experience as rodwell. obviously way back, more than five years back. >> i was attacke on the 12 of june, 2011. >> i am very happy to meet them. >> it is tough being young and going through something like this. being so young and wedding to go to my family's arms i was 12. >> i was 15. he is nine. >> this is basically my road of
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recovery. it is actually kinda nice to look at it now. you can reflect on where you came from and where you are now. see progress. you forget quite quickly. >> the words get lost. all the feelings. i know in the evenings when he goes to sleep and he closes his eyes he will go back to that day. does it happen? >> it is so touching. it really hurts. >> soon they will return to zimbabwe. rodwell needs more surgery. >> whei saw the young man
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entered like rod well, i felt happy to see my son also recovered. well. >> when i grow up i want to be a doctor so i can help others the way they have helped me. >> the biggest lesson i have learned out of this experience and rodwell would, the situation can only get better. as long as you focus on the positive and not all the negatives. it will be an amazing outcome. nancy: you can watch a longer version of that living report this weekend on our world. tuning at 3:00 and 20:30 gmt on saturday. a quick reminder, u.s. prosecutors have struck a deal to allow the chief financial officer of the chinese telecoms
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