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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 15, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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♪ ♪♪ narrator: fundg infor this estaention of thisgr proam rois pvid deby... narratpeor: diriatc surgeon. volunteer. topiary artist. a raymond james financial advisor tailors advice to help you live your life. lifel welplneand. ma won:he t rules of bunesiss are beingnv reiendte wi th m aore flexibkf woror.ce mbby erangci innovation, by lookiotng n oy nlat cut rrenoprtpounities, t buahead to futonure es.
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man: people who know, know. bdo naatrror: funding s waalso provide,d by theee frmafon undation. byy judanped ter kblumovr lefoundation; puui sngolutions for america's neteglecd ednes. and by contrioibutns to this stpbs atn iofrom ews erlike you. thk anyou. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". anchor: this is amica. aas sndtaup along thede borr of bes laruand poland continues, th eu steps oncf satis.on thousand ps ofeoe plare trapped in freezing conditions. our correspondent is there. >>se the ppleoe want a better life. they are desperate to get to the european union, which igis rht here. anchor: prentside bidreen ppasre
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a foviuartl meeting whit a'chi's president xi as teionsns beeetwn thcoe untrs iegrow. a newor conavirus locn kdowin austria, bnlut oy r fothe unccatined as 2 minllio ppleoe artold to stay home. weil wl hear from our corresenpondt. plus, as concerns abclout imeat gechan ctionnue to grow, we po frtrom denmark owon h ptsar ofhe t country areng goi green by harnessing the power of hydrogen. ♪ anchor: wcoelme to world news erica. we b teginonhtig on e thborder beeetwn belarus andol pand were veseral hundred anmigrtsav he waedro fm their maketshif camp neto o of the mboain rder crngossi ps ointtoet g into pondla. lasiruan picole ma no tempt to stoep thro gup, but htheyav deid -- they weer denied enty ry bposhli forces. eth eu a newou rnd of sanctions
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againstar belus. the country's pderesintas h been acsecud of ohercstrangti this miangrt crisis asay a w to deilstabizthe e european u.nion steev rbeosenrgas h traveled to eth border mandetit wh the grmiantsra tppedet bweenhe t two natis.on he sent this report. steve: in t mheigrant camp, word got out. the belarusian soldiers did not try to stop them. they strmeead towards thrde boer crosngsi that leads from belarus to poland. the closer they came, the more urgent it got. the last fencen othe belarus side swept away. teafr a week in the camp, the
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grtsan are now pouring through ghrit up to the kpchecoi intn pola.nd they a dreeternemid to be let rothugh into theop eurea unnion. >> attenonti, aentttion. ste:ev b, utno ent.ry polish police were out in force and standing firm. >> they babisry cing for milk. we havnoe thing. plea hseelp with theeose pple. steve: the eu saydes larosa is usingig mrants as a wneapo against the west. to pssreure ee.urop a form of hriybd thesope pelean wt a better life. they are desperate to get to the european union. it'r's ght here. bu tt,he eu says theseig mrants are inbeg ud,se explo bitedy larus to srkpa a humanitarian crisn is otheu' '' dteoorsp. backn ithe camp, we heard
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iestors ouabt howar belusnia soieldrs had helpemed so grtsan cross illeg iallynto >> they told us you wgoill to they cheut t fence. the barelusiansut c it. weide ourss elveinhe t forest. eyth see us and returacn bko t is side. iits like a fooltbal game and we are in the middle. steve: many of these mntigras from m theidedl eastay s tyhe are escapionng cflt icat home. eythd pai thous oandsf lldoars each to get , herebutht ey are stk.uc eythay she tre's noay w back. but rfo n, owthere's ayno w forward. steveos renrgbe, bbcew ns. oranch: that cssroing point is just one of mathe ny ways that migrants from afghanistan and iraq are trying to enter europe. otanherou rte is passaling ong thrde boeret bween northeast serbia andan romia. theit suaonti there look klstary diffterenha t wnhat's hainppeng
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in buselar. nick thorpe tsenthis report. nick: it ndoesotoo lk like rtssre europe. e therarnoe walls or fences. more like bsan oertivaonos pt on the rlongoafrd om afghanian into the eeauropnni uon. this ishe a trm valision team of e thromanian bor pderole.ic e border is 260 mekiloters ng. 6500eo pple are known to veha tefrosdo sfar this year. the real numisber certainly much higher. e camaser can see fore fiv mekilote irsn thear dk. >> the most importthant inisg to identify all pnserso w thory tonter europe, bec wausee ear mathe in gate tour eope. ty heask for asylum, they will go tintohe pdurocere which mes in this oformf otprection. orth if eyon d't wantsy alum, eyre a going to been tak bkac toer sbia. nick: the pe olicinstsi they
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nerve use fceor to push migsrant back. ose who ask p forroctteion or o whget throughet undecdte end up here. most arefg ahans a rndeached the baanlks before theib talanoo tk por. thisgo n offers clothing, showerd s anthfie rst kdniness stav he met for a tlongime. >> we llwi help them to bring security. eyth call mend a my colleagues --he ty sleep outsindde a iist sool cd. i t mhinkorpee ople are on the roadnd a willal cler he. nick: this is the field where asylum-see tkersratidionally corenggate. in five y cearsomgin here, i have neveeer sn msoany people. almost all of them are in transit. you're afghani? around 5eo00 pple are acmmodatedth in e fiofcial
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regefuep camatt aleast 100 more sleepou rgh. hend a h visolunteers tory t ease t aheirch aesnd pains. romania s seemle hssostile than other trcounies. >> what we arein seeg now, we areie sengup sportive mess.sage we are seeing lepeop s,ay hey, swehould help. you remember how we utosed be migrantsnd a we were haphepy wn somewaone s lateast not judnggi ?us ybmae eyth couldn'lpt he us,ut b eaat lsthe ty were not tinhrowg stones. nick:ha afgnsow n reaching rope hopehe t suaittion cke homeans there umasyl requesilts wl lbeooked on more favorably. this field ists ju o mneore oasi ts onha jtourney. ckni te,horp bbc news. anorch: noprw esidenten bid, is setot hold a virt mualeengti with president xi of chiatna ler tonight. tho e twnaontis surprised many lak wee by issuing j aoint declatarion to address climate chgean. there are rising tensions between the countries on a range of other issues.
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at the top of the aagend for bo ltheaders will aibe twan. fo beijing, tnaiwa is a renegade proe vincitlw aays nt tedo fully reu.nite but, ud nitestesat wants xi to main ptainea acecross tainwa in concerns bngeiji mhtig use force seize the id.slan heotrss iuears e likely to be addressed as well, sh ucas inquiries inheto t ogirin of cod-,19 concerns ovumer han rights abuses against china'' muslimor minity, and growing frusiotratn omfr beijing over restriction ns ochesine telecom mpanies. injoinmeg now for mor te ishe b'c's atste department corrpoesndent barraba platt-usher. no shortageto of pi bcsut what tishe main message that president n bidewas ntto dever? barbara: he wts tndo fi a way to prevent these tonensis omfr veg erinin ctoonflict. thealks about telhe ratnsiohip teehr c's. gragessive competition, cooperation when psiosble, confrontatwhion enec nessary.
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he wants m toaksue re the chesine know he is not trytoing steer rdtowason cflict. h''s t noseeking cont.flic that ises a msa tgehat has not always got tghhrou in lower level mees.ting sowe, are expectiaing twaton a core topic. that ishe t most ly ikelsoceur of h aot conflict. ias ig bre aa of concern for the chinese in ptiarcular. they are worriedhe t benid niadmisttiraon is weakeniting s commntitme twho at is known as the one achin policy. that is the americansog recnize lyon one chineseer govnmt enand iins bjieing, not theme arinsca arela armed that all these cheinesar wplesan that veha been flyingo int tn'aiw'' air defense rzoneectleny. th watill be a bigic top. therare e otheron ccerted -- other security conrns. th keey thing is bthatoth men tneeddeunrstand what each other's'boomtt lines. are ehi wteou hse says that is setting the guardrails and says itas h to be done heat t leader lshipev.el anchor: both ofse the ldeears go
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in with reamel dost ciconcerns t mheoment. doouhi tnk that has really led emth to be more eager to areddss thisessu in this relationship? baa:rbar that isba problpay rt ofheix m. they have substantive fferences tarhat e t nogoing toe b fixed. mr. bideamn freshe t relatiiponsh, hisei forgnol picy ou tndhe idea that china is america'ggs biest competitonr i national secy uritanecd onomic isessu. thncat ilus dea competition betwn eedemocracy and autocracy. thehi cne dseo not like this ewframork. thavey he vegin no indication ey plan to ce hangthrei oooutlk fundamentally, b butoth n could do without some sort of internaaltion rtuupre next arye. xi jinping hheas t olympicats th haa s conference oef th communpaist rtlay ter this year atth isxp eected to ape provhim for a third .term mr. biden thand e modecratsav he at lookso tbe q auite rocky ermidtm micong up. it would helthp bof othemo t ndfi a stausinab wleorking
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retilaonship. dana: ilanftion is a real iuess in thete unid atstes at the ment. doe wxp eect trade toe comupt a all in these crsonveatnsio? baarrba: jan yetellen said that reducing those tarfsift tha the ited states onhas cnahi could he tlpo reduce pceris doi n't t thinkhe trade will me up in anyat gre daietl in e t,alks n aott that level anyway. the white h houseasee bn saying mrbi. den will tabolk autha wt heal rlsules of the .road he wantsna chi to obsveer rninteatnaiolms nor wnhe it metos respecting international -- intellalectu property rs.ight tbut,he arere working groups th he avmade some pesrogrs on ceai anspects of thade tre relaontiship, so it isos psiebl mweay see that brea f aruitfter eee mting. nada: that meeting tonight. barbara,ha tnk you scho mu for brngeaki ttha down. now, austria hasro intdud cea paial locn kdowfothr e 2 llnio people who nhaveotad h
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twoos desf othe coronavirus vaccine. for the next 10 days, thevey ha been ttoold syta homcee expt for ggoin twoo rk anden esstial shngoppi. the countryas h one of the highest infen ctioras tein europe, but ofone the continent'l's we vstaccination tes. anbethyl belor repts. thbeany:ar kindoa es not want to get vaccitenad agnsait cidov-19 sohe s's'unde lrockdnow lik2e min lliootr heaustrians. as of today, she's only allowed to leave her home for essential reasons like work orho spping fo frood. met hern i a vienna park where'e s's'allowed to take exercise. >> i w wasalngki that the cafes anitd is strange to linook side knand owha tt if i wanted to, i couldn't'go in andn. joi ites mak y foueel really exudcled andra ostcid.ze ♪ thany: the lockdown thfor e uninvaccat ieds mesok tootohe t streets in
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otprest. cepoli s tayhey will caourry t random spot checksn opeleop in bl places andin fe aenyon who ca snnothoaw cercatifitef o ccvaination or recerovy. austria'' cnchaellor says the government wasor fced atoct beuscae ofhe t surge in new fections. >> we rmustai tsehe vaccination rate. it ists ill shamefulowly l. this vnaacciti ronate will not allow us to peesca fm rothe ndicem. ilit wl epke us trapped in a vicious ci frclerom one lockdown to the nt.ex bethany: sin tcehe mearesus tineghted, more aiaustrnsav he beeten gti jngabbed. as you can see, t aherere long lis neof people threat a fmiorng here outsides thivinaen ccatinion center. some people coare mi fngrom the osboter jabs. rsothe are getting tirhe fst jeioctns. someus atrnsia areon cceedrn the ves inot constitnautiol.
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'he's pro vaccination but worrid out the impaf ct othe lownckdo. >> i thit nk iis aat casoptrhe t o divide between vaccinated and not vaccinated. bethany: clothes shoinppg is not onlyor f theci vacnad.te many austrians shaay tt kemas th fl eesafer. >> we alvel ha tbeo vaccinated. that ie s thon slyolution. rwotheis we,e ve a pro fblemor a loimng te. bethany: pe eopldigrsaee on lownckdos, but if the dcovi nus mberkeep risinusg, atria cea s bleak chris.tmas bethany bel bl,bc news, vnniea. nada: le''s turnth to e s.u. ste wofisconsin. jurors heardsi clongrg auments inheas ce of kyle rittenhouse whtao fallshy ot two a mennd injua red thd irwith an assault riflrie dungro ptests in kenosha st year. the 17-arye-old travele td tohe areae, h said, tpro otect peleop's prop dertyurgin riots atru epted after pe olicsh aot
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blkan m, jacob blake. prosecutsaors y wheas a vigilante. 'we're inen kosha tonight. this case reallyts res eirntely wt hathe jury tanks kyle rittusenhoe's motive was. w did the stwoidesnd e closingug armes?nt nomia: tt hais right. thisom ces down to t qheueiostn, wales ky rteitnhouse an armed vigilante or waes th activen i se-dlfefense? it is a case that, as you can imagine, is increydibl disivive. there arote presrste carrying gns that dshowifrefent vipotsin on it. just f aew moments ago, someone shouted "free kyle rnhitteou."se just to show you how tthisrial lais pyi ongut. both sides have sbeenumngmi up ei arrguments. for eth defensee , thwathy ey ar portraykying leit rtenhouse
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is as a agcoureo tuseenager who came to shkenoa thwi good inntteions. they say he came heo re tprecott ildings,o t help to stop any kind oeff tht, and he onlyd use his gu sn ineldef-fense. erwhea ts,he procusetion's argument is'he'ans armed vilaginte. he tdurne up in a statere whe he'n's tro fm,e hhad no businessng bei he,er and inserted hlfimse io nta very lavotile situation. kenowhsha att' 's in hisrd thi nit pofrotests. e thonly killingats th hpeapned ri tnghat entireio perd of unstas w becauseky of le rittenhouse. he's ngfaci feiv charges. ' he'cos nvicted ofhe t most seourisha crge, he couacld fe li bfeehind bars. nada:yo as u veha been mentioning,s thi ians extremely larizinge casfoamr erica, not st kenosha. do you tnkhi any sideil wl be satisfied twithheer vdict and w hois kenosha prirepangor f th matoment? nomia:is it aea rlly good esqution.
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there are naaltion grdua on standbusy jt cinase the esprottsur tn viontle. theat niol namedia is here, as you caagn imine. i inthk there areo smany issue at the part of the trial that thefat dtlgoy es beydon kosenha --acliaus jtice, the ritoght presott, the rightbe to arrm as. ky rteitnhouse has become the face of tytwo peofs movements. u yohave conrvseatives who geray llback kyle ey look at hs im aa patriot whaso w sndtaing up against lawlesessns dan he uonlysehid s gutoef dend himself. u veha the more lilberaro gups whoay s kyltte rienushoe is the ce of a gunul ctu trehat is comple otelyutf ocontrol. thbo sides are iesnvted in what the outcome is. if hes i convicted, the conservastive bieelveha ttld cou havehi a cllgin effect on gun tsrigh a tndhe right to self-defense. liberaoul grhi tnk it could be a greigen lhtor f anyone to tentially tuprn u at protests
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armed aacnd fe knoonta what is -- nose conquceens. da:nk tha y souo much,om nia. 'let's take loa ok asot me oerth wsne now. the pderesintf othe ppphiliines will seele colctn ioas a senator nextea yrhe wnis h six-year term ofic offe dsen. campaiergns beevlie thmoe ve is antt aemptev to adpre osecution fohiwas r on drugs w hhichas leftus thoan odsf people dead. presenidt biden heldev an enatt whthe iteou hse today forhe t signin hg ofisip bartisan frinastructure deal. the $1ri tlln iomeasure is cited to crejoate bscr aoss thcotruny by sending bilslion of dol tlarso calol governments soy thecafin xoa rds, bridges anexd tent internecet acss. you are wangtchi b wbcorld news erica. still to ocomen nitoght's, u journt alisdaynn nsfeter has been asreleedro fm a ison innm myaaree wks after inbeg sentenced to 11 years in ilja. wweilhal ve the ♪
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:nada the wome''s nnteis associatioasn h cleald for an investign atioin ato chinese athle'e's aiclms of sexualse abu aiagnsa t top communisrtt pay offi.cial th aellategions have alyread been sbecrubd omfr the chinese internet. rr aiellen has more. >> it is very evintde, the chinese vaequile ontf facebook or twi,tter is having a lfot o sensity ivitarndou this iss. ifou y search, you' do't'get any surelts that areor me tn hatwo montldhs o. you cannveot en mmcoent on sthioricos pts or see historic comments ostn posbo aut her. this is uaa usllsey nsational aim. we don't'seane y criticism from anybody t aboucha'i's top erleadsh.ip lepeop like -- there areos pts atth mention himt thaartae ken ay. u don'eet s steta media porting on this.
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on socl iamedia, it ish suca tight clampdown. dana: mnmyaar has released u.s. najourlist danny ferenst fmro pris aonfteren ssingim h to see y11earsn i jl ailast week. his sudden releaslle foows mo onthsf iequt pree ssurbyhe t bin deadministration. here he rris aivgin inoh da eaierlr toy dawithme forr s.u. diatplom bill rrdichasowhn o heedea ld the negotinsatio for his release. here isha wt . mrfenster hato say. >> i was arrested and held in captivity nofor rsoean. but, psihycally, i waslt heahy. i nowas t starved or bteean. nada:of an fialci from myanmar's military tthold e bbct thamr. fer nstewas reldease after humaniantari rsoeans were taken into account. s it iuneaclr why mr. fenster wares leased now.
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jonathan head mohas re. jothnaan: thiwas s very unpeexcted. i thk inmost people assumed tuevenal tlyhe burmese marility ulred lease danny tefensr. the erwas no reaso kn toee hpim. the chs argeth feyiled against him apedpear tbeo absurd. they related to a news niorgazaonti he already left more thayen a aref bore. wh tathe burmese marility tgo ofout this eris vy rdha to ess. clearly, th'y'vead h some diplom eaticngemagent from vegornor ricrdhason, auglthoh he dootes n rreepsent the u.s. government. the thai foreignis mintehar s al geon to myanthmar is week. ats ia controvers vialisit because, in generalni, mistser are not engaging officially. all tdihis placomy might be the onreas the military felt and needo tmake this cosinceson. ofou crse, now, it will leave the focus ol n althote her najourlis stwho are stilckl loed up in mnmyaar, often iryn ve
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imgr conditions, t andhe oundsas of political prisoners. there havbee en many calls for e release anatd th h nasot haen.ed wead h one big aesmnty last moh t bua lot of peoreple main in.side i think t whereill continue to be this dipmalocy, yi tngo find a way to establish someer undstdianng wi theov gernment in myanmar andid wen the space to improve the nihumataanri atsituio tno ease the growing conflicthe tre. there'los a t wofork still to de ondespite this r oneare spofark gd oonews. na:da from myanmoar t denmark, hydrogen b hasee hnailed as a future cleanl. fue nyma gerovnments are mgakin iat pakey rtf otheir remsiison -- omissiuton cti pnglans. mostth of eor wld'syd hronge is dero fm fossil fue blsuthe tre ulcod be aol sutnio in denmark as adrian myurra reports. adrian: t gheseias ntof rewaeblrg eney tower over the dashni countryside. aro pject offers wt hamight be a
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imglpse of the fe.utur thisur tbine is hasirnesng enerrogy fm eth wind. that power is being used to oduce another type of clean .fuel hydrogen gas. the plas nt inocot nnected to e grid. the hydromagen deer he supplies local taxis. >> we ulcoddu proce ehtig kilos r urho with the eipqument you casebee hind me. venertlehess, ehtig kilos is what a car d canri 8ve00 kimerste on. adrian: theee nd to slash carbon isemsions has brtough carbon -- oghydrennt io focus. >> when byouurn it, you don'' gee t thcoco2 mmission. adrian: most hydgeron, about %,95 is made g usinfoilss fuels toy.da green hydgeron, howerev, i produced frotem war dan wareneblele ectricity. this facility makes
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elolectryzs,er theec thnogoly needo t produce it. >> wepl sitat wer into hydrogen and oxygen. whathi ts does is thhroug ecictrity, we can alactuly takeut o t hheydrogenol mecule omfr h2o. anadri:yd hrogenas h been toudte asli a cma steolution before, but it nohas t alrely taken off. proponents say it is a ffdierent piurcte today. the danishm fir everfuel is king b aig b oetn grnee hydrogen andol rlingut o a nek tworofue fling stations. there are quite a few hydrogen buses on the market right now. long-ulhack truin igs a real lechalngone batteries bseecau the granid cnosut pply enough. th heyave to charge for hours. adrian: dozs enof new green drogen plante s arnoonw the rin,zout b much needs eto b done if the hopes fhior ts wne ean fuel cane livupo tthe pe. adrian my,urra bbcew ns.
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nada: before we go, we leave you wi sthome snowyht sigs down deunr. stauralia's tasmania state was blkeanted by recoread-brking snllowfa or vethe weeken it was c theolstde novbeemr ght therend a morthe an 60 it looks like taiasman's may nap stowih tctheir fliopp-fls for issk. k thanyo u narrator: infundg r fothis enprestaonti of this pro is pderovid rrator: naiancl services f raymjaond mes. man:. bdo countants anvid naat: orfunding s soal provided by the frn eemafodauntion. by judd y anperte blumle kovr unfodaon; pungrsui sutolions for eramica's neglecneted eds. d anby contribut to this pbs iostatn omfr erviews keli you. thk u.yo ♪ ♪
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rrat: oryou' wreatchg inpbs.
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r homework done? well, an internet connection's aoo gd start. t bukidsls ao edne comtepurs. and sometithmes e rdhaest thinoug abt mehowork isin fding a placeto dito . so why not hook community centers up with wifi? r foki ldsike us, andal l the amazing things we'rnne goa arlen. ov terhe next 10 years, co mcast is cominmittg $1 billion toch rea 5mi0 llion locow-inmeme aricans with the tools and resources they need eto b ready for anything.
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i hope you're 'c ause we are. ca ptioning spoednsor by ws neho purroductions, llc >>oo wdruf gf:ood eneving, i'm dyju woodruff. on the nouewshr nitoght, the road a--head psiredent biden sis s hi$1 trillion rtbipaisan infrastructuilre bl toin law, as the refutu othf e rest of his agenda rem iainsn ubdot. th, deunr fire-- theta pengon faces neruw scti fnyor its lihandngf oan airstrike in syria thilat kledod zens of vicilians. and, seangrchi f jorustice: a rmfoer iatnme hes lpothers navigateir the reaelse from is, onand mentors isat-rk h youtstl ilincarcerated. >>y thema ukes feel like rewe a in thees sho a tndhat we can do bierhi tngs with oure lifand dweo have a future. >> woodr auff:llha tt and more tononight's pbssh newour.


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