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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 18, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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♪♪♪ narrator: fuinndg for this prenestation of throis pgr isrodevid by... woman: architect. bee keeper. orment. a onraymd mejas financadial vir sotailors adcevi to help yo u veli your life. li fe wplell womahen: t resul of nebusissre a being reinvdente wi mth aorfle exible workf.orce by embngraci iovnnation, by looking noty onlat current rtoppounieits, but ahtoead furute
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man:eo pple who owkn, know bdo. atnarrorfu: nding waal psorovided by, the freefoman untidaon. by judy peand te blum kr ovlefodauntion; purs suingolioutns for amicera's neglecteedd nes. anbyd contributio this pbs stn atiofrom vis ewerli ykeou. k thanyou. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". despermeate asesur. i'm gigeorate r this afghan filamy has tried to crs osto europe more than 40 times. wee hav aep rort fm rothe border tweenos bnia dan croiaat. tennis staper ng shuai has not been seen sincace cusing a top chinese le oaderf xuseal assault. u.the sretary of state antony blinken is in africa.
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thebc b presses among u.s. policy towards ethiopia. sharpen your pencil for test th catouldun f you lrife. soutkoh reantu sdentses t foanr exam todayle cald eth hardest under the world. >> the only thing they can do now is theistr be. isth it ei brest -- >> welcome to world newsme arica pbs a androd unthe globe. egwe binit wh the latestm fro the borderss croing between poland andar belus. the government of belarus has cleared the migrantam cps, moreving a major flasht,poin at t leasfothr e moment. more t40han 0ra iqis who were waitg inat t bheorde bretween mevetarse d anpoland werfle own back tour ckro.
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this cleared. auitthoriesov med remaining migrants to a nearby warehouse in belarus. there otare her routes lepeop use to enter the eu. one of the mostop pulars ithere iabosn io ntcroatia. since 2018,00 75,0 oppele have moved throuosgh bniina to ignehbinorg countries. fergal keane traveledh wita family of anafgh mraignts as th teyried to cross from bosnia in cro aatianden st this rertpo. rgvio: near the border a rugefee falys iwaiting to c.ross lea tevionsi engineer inab kul. e shwas a policenwoma in herat but fledn i20.16 ba sbyarah was born in gree,ec ere eth famy ilhad pra evious asylum request denied. >> we are country less.
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what sdhoul we have to do? fealea kne on they say -- fergal keaneol ran--d virgo >> they say thevey ha bn eepushed backro fm cro 3atia9 times, ceon, with force. >> they camde an hit my husband handit me also, in my face. they saihud, stp. u who hwillelusp ? feli has become likel helfor l alof us. >> some migr wantsaiint abandon ctfare tes -- orfacties. otherste in mparory reception cent lers,ike this one run by e united nat.ions how concerned are you by resport of pusachbk in the region? >> we e semany migrants themselveies bnget rurned back. we seey theha bveeen deprived of shoes.
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thavey he enbe deprived ofas bic odgos and sometimes rlleay, of their dignity. >> theat croia gnovernmentid d not respond to a rsteque for comment,ut b, hasie dend a policy oshf pubacken st as it houplds its legal --us phback's and says upholds legal gaoblitis onto asylum-ses.eker threeol piceneme wpe susnded r aftebegin accused oolf vience ait nsmigrants. lyon tshi no do herone so is li tkelyo slow the desperate attempts to hreac the eu. >> it is after0 5:0inhe t inmorng dan the filamy is preparing afornoerth attempt at ossing the br.orde we wil wl goit thhem as far as we are allowed to on the bosnian side. l't's see what happens,f i they are tableo oscrs. this fear tt ha-- trehe is for your that babyah sar wl ilcry d alert -- there is frea that
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by sarah wily l cranald ert rdboer gs.uard she is fast asleep. >> if sheak wes up, she will theeo pplcle ose to theor bder in theouir hseil wl call the lice. >> we areus jt coming up he t border. eyth see a car aet th side, icthh ey suspect is ticroaan police. what youn platoo? d >> wvee ha tcro oss. isth journey has aealrdyak ten nely00 40 miles. several hours later, a video of the family inside croatia. >> we are here in croatia now.
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>> the police ce amandut p them inhi ts man. -- this van. because greece refused amsylu, oaa tican reject to them but it must firsect chk eithr back room and --ir thekg bacrodun and instead, they sthay, ey were pushed back n.agai arue yong goi tkeo ep trying? >> yeah. have to. don't twanto be hopeless y everti wmeith the police deporting us. we are saying to ourselves, ok, no problem. we will try to go again. >>ro catia and europe wants to stem the flow of grmiants, but therise no y wahome nowno, way forward. fergal keane, nebbc wsos bnia. thepe desrate jou orneyf eon mily now strd.ande theer is aew n twist tigonht in the story heof t cnehise tennis r,laye y -et- peng shuai,ho w acsed aop t chinese leader of
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sexussal esh has not bnee seen in icpubl since ngmaki t ahellegation. chesste ate media published a atenemt supposedlym froher sa tyinghell aegations are not true and i shese hom res.ting thhee ad of the n'wom's'tennis soatciion says they have a ha trdime believine g thmeagsses geine. >>or f yrsea peng shuai h leter rocket do thlke tainang d has serin to the t, opa star in a spt orwhere there noare t- - are t nyma chineseuc sce wssars. at5, 3 she is onsomee e thruling mmunist partady leercos uld be d prouof. bun t, aalgaletion about one of the srenio partyur figesha cnge at. dan ts sociedal miaos pt earlier thisth mon, ngpe shuai dname the vice premier junk hourly boushey -- who she claimed fceord hero thave sex thwi him.
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ngpe shuasai h n boteen seen in publicse s. >>f irecent historys iny a idgue, few people e aralwelodo t publicly cenhallge sioenr thauorities withpaout yi sngome ice for it. i think iwot uld be tegllin if e were ableo tleave the cotruny, for example, and kspea freely, where she would nacot fe e ndkis of repercunsssio the time -th- e chinese gerovnment caimn pose inside cothe nnteis sta orsld a nndew spoke out worried t abouher. billie jeanin kg d anknowing oonlysaka -- naomika osa weer g amonth.em ithenn eth middlef othe night, anaid eml peapars. from peng shtouai the hdea of e thwomen's istenn aocssiation. bacasilly the messages,' do'' rrwoy, i am fine i and did no me wanhat i said wetwo ekags o. in what looksik le a screen shitot, is claimed sheta srted t saying hellero she went on ty o sathe altilegaonwes re false.
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d,anhe s has just beenes rting ate homanevd erything isin fe. omprinent peoplo e ddippsaear in ina. e chte billionairek jac ma was not seen inub plic for months after he criticized state regulators. but athletes, that is unusual. in a hasty response, the man to whom the email was reportedly sent, steve simon, said he had a rd time believingg penshiua acal wlyrote it. all of this comes as the country epares to be t atheen cter of e orspting world wbehen ijgin hosts the winter olcsympi next ferybrua, a games already facing the prospectf osome kind of ycboott over what the u.s. says is genocide astgain '0's uighurs in the west. hi-- cnese ursighu ithn e west. >> b sidenaithd is afternoon the u.s. is considering a dmaiplotic caughtth of e ymolpic games in ijbeing. mr. biden hdoste the leaders of
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canada aexnd micato the white e housfothr e fstir north amiceran leader su immitn vefi s.year the ndpaemic and migonrati were on thege anda. for more, we areoi jned the b'c's niseor nor amenrica reporterho antnyar stre. when i was in moexic l nastig,ht cioffialwes re exptiecng to get t leapony b biden over migration. there anyn sigf othat in public? >> not ibln puic. we oy nlsaw the openreing masrk that pderentid ben and idpresenopt en doorway made be tforehe mireeting. hind the scenes, we heard from nior adminisiotratn fiofcial yi tnghey would tabolk aut migratiobun, t, the root causes ofra migti,on externalra migtion thh rougmecoxi from placese l southri ameca andtr cal eramica, not specacifilly brorde is.sues though, when youal tk about migration with mexo,ic border suises will be itampornt. the rn emaiinex mico policy nald trump itunstited keeping as-sylumeerske on the mexican side ofhe t border t whatas
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sudespend jby biden but has been it trioed t be reinstated is aub sject of negtiotiaons, whret icot mes up today or not. d anof crsoue, anyal tk autbo grmiation also wbeill ff oset by amiceran concerns heon t environment. united states wantspu to sh mexioco t c butack on coal use, soinmethg ebloer dhaoor s been usenthiaicst autbo andls ao imtr anmethe odpruction. but they cnoant ph ustoo hard on e thclimate bec oausef grmiation coerncns. anthony, a trehere tensions tween the u.nds. a cadana over trade? >>re the e canadian p mrimeinteisr justin trudeau crizeticid a prioovisn tinhe build back better legtiislaonha tt provides tax credit fleor ectc ricar rcsehas in the ubu.s. t lyon for cars manufactubyred americnian uonab lor. juinst trudeayau ss atth atviolesra tde agreements bentwee the u.s. and dacana.
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there are also discuss aionsbout oiipl pelesin and the like. when it comes to.s u. canada laretions, it is alwsay about trade fianrst d refomost. >> anthony, brilyef, is this summit aboutho swing china north ama ericca bne a powerblful ock o? >> chisna i always a shadow cast erov u.s.el rations, whether it is with soutmeh ari,ca europe, , asiaafcari. ghtow n with bli iand,n rtnoh america. i tnkhi the u.s. wants to show they are engagited wh modecracies arouhend t wldors coteunrbalance to a.chin >>nt ahony zerurch, anthk you. staying whit u.s. foreign-poliancy, d sendi-ng - as ant shonyaid now,ri amec''s crarety of state i as infraic andas h extended the decistoion suspenhid etopn iaaccess to a lucrative u.s. trade raprogm. mr. bnklien sat down owithur seniacor bkgunrod forgot- - caafri creorspondent andye sawr. >> wt haisou yr prognosis heof t
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siiotuatn? anonthy:>> -- re the i as real risk if cthisonnuties. a sllides continu be toelveie e theris m ailitary answoer t their proembl, then, we lyreal iswhk -- risk seeing violence increase, suinfferg irencase, and, in chile, -- pottienally, the state, ethi, opiapuinllg apart. so, this is ofee dp nccoern not on tuso but many criountesn i rethe gi aonnd around the world >> yavou he plapied pssreure by indenyg access to the u.s. but are''t u yoaiming at the ontag rget? the people who willfe sufr,en ts of thodsusan ofen wom --eo pple, molyom wen, w whoork hard to make sure thavey he e thbest prtoducn othe. u.ske mart are threatenedh wit t lheossf o liveli bhoodutet y, they have
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nothing t doo thwi thear w, they ulcod be victimsit of . >>st fir, a countryt thas i engage sd inerusio rights olviatn iocannotef benit froam goa. wh iats happening in- - ift wha is hapngpeni ietn hiopia continues janryua 1 w, weill veo, t under the tmser of the law keta away the benitefs that ow from agoa to ethiopia. were a trying to make seur that e thhumanitarianis asstaenc they ne aednd are bngei deprived of manyar pts of the coy untrin nfcolict that tt hagets through. we are alstao sndg inup for eithr rights. wtha iyos ur msaesge to these won,me mostly, whok worinhe tse factories, stitgchin fabrics th eatnd up beingd sol ithn e u. market. they kwno thatja in nuy,ar they mit ghnot have jsob becseau of
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the onacti y houave taken. >> we are makg insure we have do eneverything polessib tmao ke su aissstance is flg owinto peophole w ndee it and as we are workin tg onhis and hopulefly ethiopia mesov forward, alsoe w will fwaind yso tsupport and ncadvaera tde andes invtmt enin e thcountry. >> the. u.sseetcrary of state speangki to e thbbc's ansod y. in other news now from abound theor wld. oklahoma's government -- rngoveoref daulted the ecuxetion of prinesorul jius jon hesours befo hree wadus e toe bput to deathor f kliilng a man in a carjngacki iidncent. mntaiains innocence. his sentence cowas mmedut to fen i psorin without parole. hundreds protesto ed tha tlthe th teri oalf more than 20 aid rker throughpe held grmiants ac ghreece was arndjoued. the wrsorke wereng bei crghaed thsp eionage. the judge ruled the cou wrtas
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not competentot hear the case. human ri gghtsrosup have condemdne the talri as polillticay timovated. tueyrk has reld easetw iosraelis deedtain for nearly a week on spngyi chaesrg. the maredri couepl returhome. both were bus drivers on hidolay in istanbul wn hetheyer we arreedst aerft takginho ptosf o e thturkish leaders residence. israi elofficials say the pair n wotork for raeli inllteigence. pajan is set to allow foreigners rkg inin some bluela-colr bsjo tato syn ithe country indefilynite. the imoves a mon -itor- maa jor apyolog -- policy shift for the cotruny which hasra tditionally be cenlosed to egrmiants, allowinlng oy meso workers to stay fyeive ars. you are watching wobbc rlned ws amica. sttoill come, throughout europevi, cod secas are on the rise. gomevernnts aream scrblgin to impose new restrictions. we will hear from our correspondencrce aosths e coint.en ♪
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otwud san, w 1here5 oppele were shot dead anden dozsou wnded dndaesy. a security force opefined ren o crds meaistrti anggainst last month scoop. csmedi says thi was the deliadest day in a month of nsdemotrioatns against military rule. oucoeallgue sally is in tokharum. >>t iwains tense inha krtmou yeery.da e phonlis neare back now. yestyerda was aot tal counaticion blackout. we cannotak meny a pneho calls hein t cntoury. the internet b haseen down for nearly threeee wks. thishi tng is,hi ts tense moatsphere, thesela cshesha tt took place yesrdteay, they fidenitely have impcalitions on the already licompcadte tipolicascl ene. the people here auire qte angry. thaney wthe t ayrm toea lve wepor. what wvee ha hrdea from them,
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whrethe yteesrday or days fo,re is theyel bie tvehose in wearr eus jt noigring them. ♪ >> is get the latest on the paem nicow. e thworld health organizati'n's wag rninth eaturope faces a harsh winter. countries are seeing a rapid rise ivin codas ces. in germany, new infectionavs he rise tn toheig hhest level since thpaemndic began. om dublin tois par to peragu tonheur eopean governsment are grplg inwith how to lehand otanherav we iofnfections ahead of chris.tmas alookt isthra gphho swing new cases perli miloneo pplen i ensloviaau, stria, croatia, slak,ia and c thezech repuicbl, alavl eraggin over 10 n00ewas ces a day per million residentths wi nsio gns of slinowg. in the last 24 hou,rsan my european citapals imposed new restrict.ions we hbeave en hearing escorrpoenndcecr aosths e
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coint enon how your is respondingth to eis re -- eeurop ispo resndgin to the rise covid cases. >> i am jessica prarke in brlsusse. the iabelgn vegornment announced neasw meur teshat will kick in saayturd. theylu incdeak ming it coulmpsory to work from home four days a weelek unssou y al clyannot work fhorom me. ththen, ela pn is to lnoose that lilett bit in mid-mbdeceer. the idea behind tishis tout c the ernumb of contact ps onubcli sptranort. eythil wl alsteo exndul res arndhe t wearing of mfaceask. it wille comorpulsy rfo children 10 abond aveo twhere face masks in mantty previously theer low a lgeimit s .12 i>> am anna halail agn tinhe ernethlas,nd a country that keeps brea ikingts r ownecdsor. the ctinfeio rnate has doubled in the lseast vedan ys. aoc lkdownig lht has been imposed. ,so b rars,esurtaants, caféaéd suarpermke htsaveo tose by 8:00 p.m..
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eir fst- -the over 80's have be iennvited for t bheirooerst vaincces. there is otalkf remo restrinsctio thathe ty fear ulcod ferol pare iza nation ready deeply didived over how best tovo aid f aull-blown ckdown this erwint. >> a im jamie mnicgins in gey.rman infectionse hav ainga reached a w record. more tha,0n 6500ew n infections in juse t thlast woody four urs. the -e- th lt as24 hours. gela merkescl deridbe it as an emergency siiotuatn. angermy's parliamentde is cingdi menew asesur that wldou include ceacss to public transport to the workplacnle oy r fopeople who have had thace vci oner a ce tntest. already in many resgion across geanrmy you can access leisure services like cafés,s, bar the gy orr haiseicrves,y onlif you have the vneacci tgeo t feioctn rates dowutn, b oy,nl to -- buto, als teno courage remo people to get the jab.
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>> already hungry, the coronavirus ctinfeion and death rate isng goi up fast, despite the country busting the hstighe vainccation rates asin etern eupe. justst boaing the highest vaccinatraion teins eastern europe. 6 1.miiolln have had r theithdir jab. fuhertr down the reriv danube in romania and bulgaria, infonecti rates are plunging, conunfoding expertsho w blamed there pvious rgone low vaccina rtionates there. 23% of the bgaulrians are double invaccat.ed >> thaast w nk icthorpe in dabupest ending trehat po brty coesndpoence in europe. yifouhi tnk standardized test in t.she u. e arbad, it is worth w--orse in soutreh koa. onrs thuday, students saidhe t grngueli ehtig hour college entrance examhi wch hasee bn caedhe t toughest tenst i the wod. the esstak a hreigh. thwi sdetunts fee nlingotus jt
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collegeut bob js and even relationshatips sketa. our soul correspondent -- so, korea correonspdencree ports. >> the b digay aivrred. so much des pendonhi ts one pantres cannohet lp b wutatch and rrwoy. and, me aksure the lirovedne os have everything thee nd. for lathe st00 1 days, wsk a three sttsuden t roecord their thoughts as they prerepa for thifis le-anchging test. [sinpeakg n-noenglish language] >>[sinpeakg nenolection w]hich -- nonli-engshan lgue] >>[speinakg noenn-glish language] >> goingo t schooon an island
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thwiy onl19de stuntshe in r grade, there are 10 days to go until the big exam and she has to go to mainland. good luck someone shouts as she leaves. >>[kispeangno ktting less ualangge- - nngon-elish language] >>[speaking nngon-elish lauangge] [speaking nogln-enish lagengua] >> at an alternative sl,choo less esimphas oisn exams and more is on getting reafel-li riexpeen.ce >>[speaking nngon-eli ishn which] --[kispeangon n-english
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lang]uage >> 10,000ic pole veha been sent intohe t strtsee to kema sure studtsen get to school on time. rpailanes wlil be opstped omfr yiflng overhd eain the mide dlof e liensting amex. afr te12 yrsea of eat stu,dy slp,ee rept,ea t ohenly tnghi eyth cano d nows itheiber st. laura br,icke b nbcews, so -- sealeo --sul. >> million osf abcrs are on the
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mo on australia's'chstrimas ndisla, eonf ohe t largest grmiations on thane plet. the redbs cra are movg from thegl junes to the oceo an tlay gs. eth jrnouey happens eveeary yr. after the fstir raialnfl ofhe t weset ason. people on thesl iand sndpe ntmohs ppareringor f this great evt,enve en makinecg spial brsidge f torhe crabs to beclamr over. rrnaator: fundinr g foth presenontati othf is program is provide..d by. rrorat: fiianancl rvseices firm, raymond james. n:ma bdo. actacounntans d advisors. narr: atorfuinndg wasos al pviroded by, the freeman dafounti.on by judy and rpete blum kovleunr fodaonti; pursuingut solio fnsor amics a'neglected needs. d anbyon ctributions tohi ts pbs statioomn fr viewerkes li y.ou thanu.k yo ♪ ♪♪
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narrorat: yoreu' watinchg pbs.
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judooy: gd eneving. i'm judy woodruff. judy: on tewhe nshr outonight e debin agenda. e house of rseeprentivates is onhe t verge of pag ssinthe pridt'e's prioributy, ilbad ck tter bill. then erica addicted. drug ovee rdosdehsat in the u.s. hit an all-thiime ghn iwhat the bidemin adnirasttion calls a national crisis. and arseching for jue.stic manyar incceterad women are victims of sl exuaasulsat and dost aicbuse. we latook tirhe unique ruleggs adjusting ifto le afteisr pron. thr peexriences of cg opinwith abe,op cing with trauma, picong wh itill eatrtment is criminalized. : judyalthl at and more on


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