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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  November 18, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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judooy: gd eneving. i'm judy woodruff. judy: on tewhe nshr outonight e debin agenda. e house of rseeprentivates is onhe t verge of pag ssinthe pridt'e's prioributy, ilbad ck tter bill. then erica addicted. drug ovee rdosdehsat in the u.s. hit an all-thiime ghn iwhat the bidemin adnirasttion calls a national crisis. and arseching for jue.stic manyar incceterad women are victims of sl exuaasulsat and dost aicbuse. we latook tirhe unique ruleggs adjusting ifto le afteisr pron. thr peexriences of cg opinwith abe,op cing with trauma, picong wh itill eatrtment is criminalized. : judyalthl at and more on
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nig't's s pbnewsurho. >> major fngundi f torhe pbs newshour hasee bn provided by -- >> jnsohon & jnsohon. bnaisf rlway consumeler clurla fiianancl rvseices firm radymon james thkee ndeda fund mmteitdo tadvancing storative jue sticand megfaninulor wk fornv iestments
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and transformative leade arsnd instntmes. carnegie craorpoti oonf new york d with the ongngoi spouprt of the esinstitutions. ♪ >> this prm ograwamas de possible by the corpoonrati f porublic dcbroaasngti and by contribution ys tooupbr s station fromwe viersik le you. thk anyou. judye : thu.s. house epof rrentseatives is on thspe cu opaf ssing president
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biden's'swpieeng build back better legtiislaon. the $1.7 trin lliobi wllould uch issues fchrom ilcad re and alth care toma cliteha cnge. while deatmocrs e arready to vote yrees, puicblans are lining up in oppoonsiti. >> ectnaing this legtiislaon will bmoe a meounts achievement for congrebuss, t remo importan itly,t llwi change ves, it wille savlis veand lir veon the promif se othe icameranre dam for genernsatio come. t'>> 's'transformati.onal it will lecompte clyhange icamera wase know it, atll a the nsexpee woforking class fami.lies judy: liessa djainrds is on catohil ll tonight wthith e stlate. lisa,t iks loo lei' it's about to happen. tell uers whe we are,t whahave beheen t lt asminute hangups? lisatw: o things,ne o, -- two
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things the h oousef represenvetatis s wawaiting for. one was whatcas ll aed privileged s bcruby e thsenate make sure tthhat isil bl just ss teshe entry reqmeuirents, ntesseiay,ll for the recoiancilti bonudget process that's'needed in the senasote, that in t cagetht rough with just 5te0 vos. it has dthone at. thcoe sendhi tng that the ehous was waiting for was the cost of this bill. the maestitero fm the corengssional budgffet oicjue st ca imin nutes ago, judy. let me tyoell u atwh the congressiobunal dg oetffice unfod, that the l totaspdienng inhi ts bill is $1ri.7 th's about whatex we peedct, however, somngethi tt hawe did nonet cessarily ex, pectth tathe bi wldou add $367 bin llioto the cidefit. at is someththing at t ihink yocod ulexpect repubnslica to lkta about in co dmingays. nohew, trere a some highlights from whao t cbfod.un some of thgge bierss iues, some ofhe t bigger chunf ks oth,is d chilca, repre-k universal, that'a's ou$3t 82 billion worth of this .bill also, anotbiher g-cktiet item, dimecaid expansi$1on, 67 billion. both oosf the emits, judy, among thos te inhibis ll that would ctaffe hdruneds of milliofons peopleth in isou cntry. asou y heard, bothti paresgr aee this bilull wod be ansformational.
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th jeyust disagreer ovewhheetr atou wld be good od r bafor this cou.ntry judy: , wellli, satell us a li mttleorabe out what thepe sco of thills bi i ws,hat the modecrats are aclytual tinryg to he,er and why it's'be seno hard, why i''s ketan so long. li: isth has been a tlongime cinoming for maifny dfentre s partofhe t democratic y,part who have seeedn nes tinhis counthtry athe ty say have been unesaddrsed. so, for exam lple,e''s take this ouantad lk more broaabdly out atwh's in here. wh y toualk about chcaild re, whhiat ts llbi aims to do is cor e thcare of a chalild l e thway,nd a thedu ecati oonf that chifrld, omir bth through ag5.e that is fomor alstve ery parent tinhis country. wsomeilbel subsidized more than others, i butt aldes with ild care froatm th, tinhat entigere a gupro. w,t ialso would ed xpanthe affolerdab ce aract coverage to includlle miio onsf people who ifellntdio fferent coverage ps, as well xpas eanngdi meiddica ithn e out-years to inudcle things likare heing dsai. it would tranm sforhohew alth reca provided by g theovnmerent
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works. init addio tn,here are climate incent iivesn isth bill more thanan in y heotr bill we have severeeinn american hiy.stor cofourse, climadvte aocesat wanted more hiin ts,ut b this is thsomeinthg at would pro,vide eyth say, the kif nd ocaonrb reioductn atth gets us on the toway wa trdheir goal. enth, of course,re the ao lsare erhigh tesax for the wea althynd for orcorpatnsio. that is how bthisilisl paid for. but, as avwe he stju reported, the recongssnaiol budget office found thatdi it d''t go far enough iyin pangor f the full coenntt ofhe t bil wl,hichs i atem docrats have ispromedo t do dy: so, lisame, i anwh, at are democrgoats intog do about that? hoarw e they goingex to plnai it asouai sd, it appearf s, iit esdd a to the deficit, reblpuicans are gotoing itizice that. sot' wh's'e plan? lisagh: rit. wel', i'rim ght now in tngexti wi lth aotf omy democratic sources akto me resu this vote going to ha tppenonhtig. th c oannly spare thvoree tes. everyonefe is elg inconfident, uding modes.rate but i swillayhe ty're going t
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have to atpay teiontn to republic wans,hoil wl raise the cost of bthisill. there wie ll boprtpounity for this bil cl ft,ac we expect i ct tohaeng once it hereacs e thsenate. but thisa is mar jomile marker, a bihig acevenemt for democrats, t nothe endgame byet,ut v aery big hurdhale tt eyth look like theyl wilbeet gting over. dy: and it me ay babt outo pp.en weilsel e. dlisaesrdjains, as always, rertpoing, thank yerou vy chmu. sali: you'reco welme. judy: more haon wt biseing bad,te i spoke with democratic represenvetati eobscar from xates. thinyok u very much jofor ingin us. you were tellmeing ou y tnkhi a ilbad ck better bill ist jus about asto ps ethou hsen ithe xtne few hours. what has takt en isoon lg? atwh arehe t last knotsha tt dha to be un?tied >> it was a vermpy colitecad press. the one hand, theasre w the issue haof wt we could rally
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around, whatvi prosisonco we uld lal actually support thault wod go inte o thbi.ll by all of us, i meamon decrs,at cabeuse we didn't look at it as a go iont ale pssroce. we have a very diverse caucus so e therwe are lot of diffteren dends. i fknoworhe t american pubcli htheyavtoe ch wat t sheausage making, that wree we all unified d wanting to t gethe most possible for the american blpuic. and i could benot me orexcited ouabt voting on it. judy: wellng, corewossman, we kn dowemocrats arete unid,t a pthisoi, ntfinally, as you apprchoa theot ve onas psage, t republicane s arunedit nsagait .it ju lstast night on p theroamgr, inrvteiewed a congworessman, reicpublanic nole malliotakis from newk. yor she and r othereblpuicans say th iiss just a lotso of ciisalm thibis ll. ato dyou say to them? re eobscar: you knowth, i ink, juwedy, he avgot to look at what they dhaveonove er the ur osef the last salever months. ery piece ofis leglaonti that weavdee livered for the americanli pubc,he ty will vote
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agnsitt on capitol , hilland tthenhewiy ll go into their districtd s antrtoy take credit for it. i have autbsolelnoy doubt that, ashe tse provisiongis ben to continue to t boosouecr onomy anlid upftme arican families, e thesve sryame republicarans e gotoing bdoe g everything they cantr to y ttoake credit r the work twehat d aidnd the wo trkhat we had t oo don rou own usbecae eyth were mia. theyfe prer ftoocus on very divisive issues. eyth are fetishi vzingionclee, pl augosar has. th aeyre pushing xhoenopbiasa rdha as they can. we'r' hd arat work. weand 're not goingle to t emth ctakeret difor the workt thawe did. weou lldove their vooftes orsuppt. wweould love foemr th tjoo in isun pporting thinds, a tnhe eyan c help take ct.redi butht i inyok u're goio ng tsee that, as thines befi ttsheir constituentsey, th're going to be sin aging dfeifrent tune. dy: you do rseeprent b aorder
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diristct in the stofate tasex. u ntwaed more generous nggeua in there nofew ofrs -- wh itregard to treneatmt of and document immigsrant but instead of oinfferg p aath to citizenshi'p i's'our detarsnding that the limited the languageff oers work peit as,nd there's's meim te mi.ts 'you' dreealing with iccritism frheom t lt efand the right on this. the left is ngsayi 't's been too watered down. atwh are you saytoing tm?he re eobscar: i agree twithhem. hor,weve trehe were massive constraint os onurbi ality to get whe at wwaednt done and across tinhe fislih ne. but wh wat iou slday to the amic paneople is tha't i'' t abouti tmehat we recog tnizehe lue that immntigras ovpride to oucor untry, not jthust e luvae tinerms of theichr ri htoisry d anthe way thaty thecorintbute to theri fabc wofho we are as icameran bs,ut there is a teral fiscalue val to imatmigrioann d to offering a tho tcitizenship.
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so, while,ef hopul, lywe will t this acrose s thfishni line, e thwork permits t andhe otprections, th't's t nothe end the work the at wne tedo do on immtiigraon. we hgoave t otopen up more lepagal thyswa, especiallywe if want to seree a duioctn in irrer gulamiatgrion, some of the gsthin tt hawe're sg eeinathe t bo.rder thlye on w waye can do that is opening egup lalat phways. judy: and oui shlday s, when you retofer iuesss in the senate, that ho as tdoit wh how narrow the vote i ts inheen sate, it's 50/50, ando alswi sthenate rliamentary s.rule t i do want skto a y fouurther iigmmration. if, when it , getsifhi ts lang guageettos the senate, and ital olsut, because juyou st don't, yonou d't have the pport or the senate parliameiantarn yssa it doesn't ngbelo trehe, are you still intog support this leslgiation finally? rep. earscob: ami still going to support tlehis giatslion, ev ienf, unfortuna, telyweon d't meet thede guilis neas set out those senatlee rus. i ththink ossee nate rules are terrible foroc
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thi ink the filierbust is rrleib for democracy. thbut eyre a what we have to ope eratwiinth. amon cfident thougudh, jy, at we are gotoing g tethis language in ugthroh e thbyrd le. s it ive nryarrow, very ortailed. an wd itason de specificaloly s at it can gestt pa tseho two hurdles. i am confidthent ate wwill geth disone. dyan: d we will, ourf cose, watotch s weehat happens. but very qui, cklyagn,ai on the gh ft,rom republic yans,ou ha tvehe argument ithiss no ttimeo gbeiving special befi ttso immigrantsen, wh eranic citizens arale deing thnf ilation and other allenges in wothe rkor fce. how do ynsou awethr at? erep.scarob: you know, yif m reicpublan colleagues think that erthe's a lashbor orgeta, and, ju, dywhat we have a, were seeing ulonempymt ennumbers trending a andlmt osat papre-ndicem levels, theeyn th oushld welcome tbihe ali ftyor migrants, imanmigrtsho w've been
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viling in our coitmmuniefos r dede ts,hey should wmeelco th hemaving accesswo to rk itperms. if 'hey' creoncerned about flination, as we a allreth, en weantot get producty ivitback up. theaat mnsha tt this will help in that catypaci awes ll. at the ef nd othdae y, judy, the unfoatrtune alreity is that most ofy mrepublican cagolleues alactulyre pfer chaos over solutions. and this is thwhy eyta snd in thwae y of every sioolutn we brg inforward. anthkfully, recoiancilti, onwith atro pcess, we do''t edne .them 'w're goingge to t osthe solution ts toheme arican public with or withthout em. w''d efprer it be witemh th, tbu ilwe wl idot without them. judy: last qiouestn. the e housceurnse of congressman gosar ofzo arinaes yterday for vthationtle video showiimng h attacking cossngrewonma ocioas-cortez, whasst meagdie d yoliu beevthe at sent, that cee nsurinhe t house? escobar: wee havse, eni veee bn in congresr s fothere
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yes,ar judy, and il wiltell yo dorecum and dignimoty ang e members ane d thwathy at we trt e onanother, it's'relyal resoly lacking. anitd is terrible. in athny oernv eironment, bevihaor the likeswh of icweh haven seefr pomaul gosar, and, fran fkly,roa m number of other republic tans,hawot uld have anmet immediate three mo tt hawe are silendt an alloalw relygr eegious behavior, acin ft,ga ain, the fetiinshizg of vnciolee aiagnst, frequently, 'it'wos men of colorco in ngssr. e thmore that weow all i tt,he more twehat nmaorlize it, and allow that tobar ctionnue to lower. we shonould t loalw for that ndf obehavior. nweeed to standto up it. an ai s said on the rfloo yester wday,heyon u give racism anhad tred and vioe lenccor,ve giyou vet ilife. not on oatur wch.
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judy: congremasswon rovenica escobar ofas tex, twehank you ve mh ucfor joining us. rep. escobar: thank you. appreciate it, judy. ♪ stephanie: we llwi retnuro tthe llfu program after theat lest heneadlis. updating our top story, at this ho,ur the houfse o represtientaveiss finishing nal debate on the expsienve cial and envirntonmealil bl beg shpued by democ.rats eyth sulhod be voting momentarily. youan c sytato up--de atonhe t bill'sgr proesons our website, s.g/orneurwsho. the au.s.rmisy sued a memo to all iesoldrsef, fectively wainthg ey'll hnoave furute n e rvseice if they serefu covid-ac19 vcitinaons. ayit ss eyth will be barfrred om re-anmssigen rt,e-enlistment, protomion and awards. so, far92of% active-duty soldiers arely ful vciacnated.
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thar pmyolicy could e servas a del for the r otheseicrves. a e judginew n york city today onexerated 2 menth in e assaatssinioofn malcolm x. the icicon ciliv rights figure wanns guedow dn in manhattnan i 6519. muhammziad az d anthe late khalil isleram we nvcoicted, and imprisoned u tntilhe98 10's. but,ew a n iesnvtigation found there nowas edevince that they wereol invved. 'we' gllet the detailals, teinr thoge prram. e defense hasts reedn ithe iaofl 3 white menus accedf o chasinwng do a mndurdering ahudrb aery in georgia. thate camafr teone of the 3. trisav mcmichael. acowdgleed today theasre w no overt atthre borefe he shot ryarbe. on c erossxanamition, a prosecutor wd alkemcchmiael thugvih deo of the nfcorontation. >> at thisnt poi rhtig here, ha't said anythtoing y,ou travis: noha he s t nosaid anything. dunikoski: h anda'n't, hasn't shyoown u wea apon this enitre time travis h: heasot n. nidukoski: hasn't'sa aid word
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thene tire time. av: isnot one time. dunikoski: h alle s hadone is n ruaway from you. istrav: n rupast me yes'ma'.am nidukoski: and yulou pleoud t a gushutn d anpointed it am.t hi cm>> micelha sd aiare barely ruck him andra gbbed the gun and he had tkeo ma a split sendco decistoion sotho. onheid veo, mcmicha'l's uctrk ocked any vif ew oth matoment. thjue ry in the kyitle rteounhse rd terrial deliber fatedor a thdaird y kinenosha, wiscn.onsi d anwent home, wutitho rcheaing veicrdt. rientthouse killed m twoennd a und dea third duriacng rial jue sticpresotts last yeart, bu hes sayhect aed in se-dlfefense. thade leerofs canada, mexico and the edunit stetas held a trerilatalum smit today. thfor e rsfit time since6. 201 at w thehi hteouse, president demen t separatelyh wit cad''s prime miernist justin tru adeaundex mico's presenidt.
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la ater,llhr tee met for scussions on migratindon a climatd e e thsuitmms had lapsedin durg e trump admiranistti.on pviceredesint kamala ha irriss hibrusngsi ade talk of tonensis twbeeen her offindce a the prenesidt's. the erhaveee bn wsne stories bthatid aenides are quenistiong her pejob rfmaornce and that she s feelsilidened. but todahey, t ve icpresident told 'bc'ges orge stephanloopous thaty thearnoe t true. >> so you'don'fet el misused or unded?ruse >> no, i don't' amer vy, very exciabted out e thwo trkhat we have accomplish, t bui am also absoluteably, soteluly clear eyed that e theris l aot more to do an' we' greonna get it .done stepha tnie:hehi wte house has alenso dieand y tensions. two sutespecd mpcouter hackers from iran noare w archged with tr tyingo tiinmidate u.s. votbeers fo lreast year's presidalenti ectleion. feradel indictmentea unsleind nerkw yo tayod says they sent threatening e-mails spand read disinftiormaon. it's beedliev t thewo are still in iran.
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the e arsigns the miangrt isisen ctereind belusar may be einasg. hurendds oirf aqiser we flown meho today from k.mins they and thousands of others had edcamp o futor weeks aloheng t belarussian frontier with ndpola. the europenian uonay ss belarus used the mntigras rtoetaliate rfo e flood danger in thaest s begun to ease. in btirish colbiuma, crews were ill trying to reach thousands of people stranded by waternd a mud slides reco rrdainsn o ndsuay andda mony. still to, on the nouewshr,he t rvintealol rled trehe psintde of on key cryount pysla in afckfiing cocaine to the united ss.tate i mtwoenon cvicted of kigllin malcolm x areow n being exeronated after mthore an0 5 years. ny women parsolee a vreictims of domestiusc abe,ut b heav few soreurces to aidir the post-ponrisi le.if pl musuch more.
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>> this is the pbs newshour. juthdy: e tinaon's opioid epidemas h nerev been deliader. eh cdysc sa 0,000 peopled dieofru dg erdoses over l theasyet ar. a''s a 30cr% inea fserom the year fobere and an almel-ti hh.ig asil wliam branghapom rerts, thesate dehsre a fueled by the rise of exthe trelemy potent sytinthec ioopid, fentanyl. willm:ia judy, the dy eadlrise enof ftal nyis promptingls cal for moo re tbeon de to battle this crisis. the biden adstminiraonti has noceund it will insecrea fel derasuorppt for so-called ha rrmeduction strieategs dan insecread ndfuing for medicaaslly-siedst addiction treat.tmen jog ininmeow n is doctor awndre kolodny.
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he't's e dimecal director of idopio picoly research at brandei'' hleelr school for social polanicy d namagement. dr. kolodnrey, gato thave you ckba on the "newr.shou" esthe are just ucenpredeednt on te ofheta stistics was that one amer iicans indyg every five minutes fromov an ersedo. i anyo, u have been yistudng these dstren touhrghout this entipire edec.mi d these numbsuers rpseri you? dr. androlew kod, nybrandeis iversity: thidey d. i haped exct tedhat we were going to be ivreceinbag d news, budit i d''t anticipahete ty ulwod get this mh ucworse. 10000,0 deaths in -ma 12onth period ines a w ryve grim milestone in this very long crisis. william:en i mtiedon that the rif se ofeanntyl is one of the isesri dving this. n u yohelp us whate elsis rtpa of it? iist largely feylntan? d anwhat else isvi dringhi ts? . drkolodny: ovelmrwheiny,gl these deathsol invvell iicitly hesyntsid zefentanyl. beand fo creovid hit, the
6:22 pm
feylntan pblroem had mainleny be affecting eathe stn erhalf of e thunited states. after cohivid t,nd a this may ve been relatoted lses cross-bo trderraicff, which uld favor thuge smglg inof the mo preotent opioidnt, fean vyls. heinwe, started to mosee re fent ianylmptiacng the western lff othe united ss.tate and egso rio onsf the country th eerxpienced some heof t grteeast increasesr ovethpae st 12th mons veha been the states atid dn't expecerien the ear rlieskocyrketing in feylntan deaths. lliam: and ier undstd anthat its n medisproportiolynate. i thitink 's 70% of these overdoseth deas e aramongst men 25 t yo 50ea orsld. is it the mpassuti tonhat these lepeop a arelso prior toir the ath sufferinomg fr sstubance abuse disos,rder aicddtion su?es dr. dnkoloy:ha tt's absolylute right. e stva majority ofoi opid
6:23 pm
overdoseth deas e aroccurring in op sleuffering froiom opid diadction. anamd ong the popuonlatis of amanerics o whare io-aidddicted righw,t no we have trowo gupths at have been relying primy arilonhe t black maetrk, on heroin. we havyoe a unr gewhite group, disproportiolynate wtehi, people inhe 2ir0s, 30s, ear0sly 4, thate havbe renelying on heroin, actu sallywihitcng to inhero, teafr having fireest bn adeddict tpro escription opids. d anwe have an older dispporortiotenaly bckla and tino group. in t hheseern-oiusing groups of op-aioidddteicd americans, the deaths hbeave enky srocketing becathuse e rohein supply is now so mh ucmorean dgero busecause ofen ftanyl. llwiiam: and, ofrs coue,hi ts is all enhappining the midst of a ral pandemict thaisls ao imctpaing every as opectf rou cisoety. in what wayss doeth patandemic
6:24 pm
fect this epicidem? dr. koy:lodn s wo,e understand that mos tt ofhe dseeaths are cuocrring in peowhple o ear diedct, not in induaividlsho w arsangyi, gee, usingoi hern or feylntan wldou be a fun thtoing do. these are lepeop w ahore really suinfferg d anwho need help. and, unfortulynate, 'i's been muasch eiefor r these diinviduals to as ccesheinro or feylntan tn hao access effective treatment. d anit does appehaar tt,s a d covihi tt,he ability tceo acss effecttrive eaentmt for opioid ctaddiioben came even more diicffult. , soif someone's'wangki up in the morning, t andh'y're already elfeing sickaneyd th kwno atth, if they usroe heinr o feanntyl, they canrt sta tfeo el be, tterth'a's what 'hey're going to dato, rhethr an seek eatrtment. the other prm oblehabes en, for oppele who are od-pioiadctdied, weno kw that psychiaosocl dist, resssoalci isolation can
6:25 pm
cobuntriteo trelapse. and years aago, sp lior a relapse t mighnobet the end of thwoe rl but alnow l titakes is one slip. thwi such a dangs erouilcilit idopio splupy, one slip can sily lead toov an ersedo ath. wiiallm: presidenten bid mpcaaigned on rag mpinuped feral support drfor ugre pveion and dr tugreatment. ist uryo sense that ashe h lived o up tth patromise? d anwhat kinds oraf stteesgi infog rward should f theedaler governmentdo be intog try to dress this? . drkolodny: wheesn pridten biden wamps caaiingng, in his plfoatrm, he put theogetr a realooly gd anpl on how to drs esthe opioid cs,risi but h nasot yet impleedment ttha plan. e onof the thingats th whae ve to do, ao nd dimdimeately, is ma skeure that effveecti treatmisent eieasr for people to access.
6:26 pm
it has to ssbe eenaltily free. during the acrids is, isas a naonti, we made a sidecionha tt, if somebods y wahipov-sitive, they shohauld vecc aess to antiretralovir trahepy regardlessth of eiabr ility to pay fo.r it atth's whatne we edo tdo for the opioriid csitos day. ind,stea wt hawe're hngeari fmro e debin administra itions abt oumore one-yea tr orwoea-yr feraapl propriations to states. that't s noaduaeqte. for statesbu to iloud t the tmtreaenprt ograms we nethed, ey haveha to ve c aommitment to lo-tngerm funding heor t new ndfuing streams. wim:llia a rllight, dr. andrew dnkoloy bofrandeis'le helr schothol, anyok u very much for inbeg here. dr. kolodnhay: tnkou y for vi mnge. ♪
6:27 pm
judyth: e drug crisiucs tohesos many parts or f ouwod.rl rehe now is a lot ok aa lareted sty orabout drug ticraffking thh roughourndas. that cryount wl ilhold its elections inda 10 ys. anild whe s itcurrent prest,iden juan orl handoerndnaez, is not on talhe blo ht,e may soon be in thruinnng for sometheling se, a fu.s.edaler indictment for trfiafcking cocain te tohe unittaed stes. asci spealor crespondent tania rashid and pcerodur-deviographer ilne brandvold rt,epor the cerantl american nn atiois w aay station for enviolt ugdr elcarts,nd a the first fy amilof hondurasea apprso tbe deeply involved. tanibea gins r herept orin a ctn ioof the deadltyy ci san pedro sula. tania: it's after dark in rivera hernandez, one of thmoe st daers outowns in hons,dura a uny trwith the highest homi rcideatine the world outside ofar a w ze.on stthe res etare deserted. resideconts weinr their homes. ahead of our ride-along with the
6:28 pm
military police, we learned that erthe's beenec a renspt ike in micides, wit th 10o m15urders day,uc mh ofhe t vionclee eledy bdrugs. so, this is a heavily gang-controlled area. erthe are numeroanus ggs erinatg here. they aavll he nsgu and are also selling drugs. mothe stro pminent drug ithats so ithn is area is cneocai. spite a polihoce sw foforce agnsmst -13 and 18thee strt, the mostow perful gangs here, e therarale legations thheat t policert, caelans d gas ngare woinrkg tothgeer. is vleionce s haforc tedens of thsaounds of people to flee north rdtowa t uhenited states. honduras hecas bomane internatl ionatrsiant point for cocaine trafficking to the unitedte stas. in of ne othlae rgest drug conspi cracyas eesver prosecuted u.s. federaurl cotsho, nduran presidenant ju orlando hernandez has been aedccus oacf cepting llmiions of dollinars bberis dfromrucag rtels to provide
6:29 pm
tsaferaitns of cocaine ugthroh the onregi. in hosis mt cerent statement on tetwitr,e hdenied both inlvvoement with tarhe cte alsnd allegas tionagnsait him made by s.u. prosecutors k andey witns.esse e president msclai tseho testifyingin agastim h are rtcael members sngeeki aea dl to reduhece tiren stences. tharis mchth, e president'' hebrotr,or fmer honduran cossngrematon ny hernandezs, wa sentenced in u thenid testates toif pe,lus 40 years in pronaf, ter being cotenvicd of stspate-onresod drug trafinfickg. trial evidenevce read lethat he had smuggl85ed 1 ts onof cocaine into the u.s. so, for , daysweav he been walkinrog thugthh e streets of n pedro sulad , anweav he seen signkes li ts hithat sayfuera jowhh," icbah sically meants ou with pderesintua jn orlando hedernanz. and that baslyical sakpes to the senttsimen oa f lot of the people here, a whoreed f up with e thgovernment atsnd i corruption atsnd i cneonctions to the drug e.trad socictal aivt ishugo ramon maldonado haves instatiged
6:30 pm
thousands ofap dispeanarces --ears -- alsoci aivctist hugo ramamon ldadono has investedigat thous sandofis dappearances linked to drioug vlee ncand fears he coue ld bmuerrded at any ntmome. he sa ays cuurlte of silence and fear permeathees t rioegn. >>k, loo wn hewe talk abouugt dr afckfiing, organizried cme, viand olt endeaths in the coun itry,t's a critical situation indu honras. e thpolice, mili,tary tipolicis,an and businessmen th a irenvolved, we thaveo ke them accobluntae. but oeachnef othem has to take sponsibility t forheam dage us tedo the country. evy ersingle famil ty inhe counhatry s enbe affected by ugdr traffickingga, ornidze crime,gs gan, veporty, and the misery we i taniama: suemal drid, a leader hein t oosppition against president anhernde sz,ays the vegornment strucs turewith direiect ts ttohe cartels are''t ingog anywhere. >> the entire e statstctruure is on c thearlste side. th iats why this cnarimil structurate th gerovns the cotrisy more dangerthous an gathe ngs. beevlie we have a th he avused all of stthe ate inutstitio fnsor the drug e.trad tania:ee thr othf e most
6:31 pm
poulwerf ctearls operate here. these elcarts e arresponsible for the trckaffiinofg several otonsf cacoine into thete unid statwies, thon hduras serving as the marain tns pitoint between coialomb a tndhe united st.ates afr ekwes of waitingr , outeam was granexted clivuse access to an active inrankg mbmeer of a ndhouran cartel hein t mntouains cofopan. sowe, havdre ivenhr toughin wdy ros epde in the mounstain about tfouro five hours away toin this remotea areth iats dominated heby t ctearls. ere's nol celphe onservice .here inus jt three days earlier, ree people wshere oto tdeath in this smalral rul llviage. s.nt ielligence resport confirism th ia s key opaterional center d forrug trafinfickg omfr several hour canartels. here ie n thhourndan heart of e thdrug trade, cathe rt helas evytnghi under their control. from the moment we arrived, our evy ermoves ibeinmog groups of young men took
6:32 pm
pictures of our car's license ate. julian pachethco, e nimister of curity, says c thearlste contthrol e tienre village with e-statli sketructures ince pla, inclg udininllteigence, and counterintelncligee cuserity. ev surecity ministerhe pacco uernd investigatiy on bthe der a fohials leged ties teo th cartels. accordtoing rorepts published by u the.sst. ate departmeannt, timated 86% heof t caiocne th aivrres in north icamera goes through cen atralmecari. omostf e thcocaine passes thughoh nduras in light aircrafts. isth town is oneth of e inma drug routeous, hsi mngany of hondura'' eimstated 200 clanindeste rsaitrips, established l by echo apguzman, noa torious mexidrcan ugor ld who in 2019 wases ntend ceto fe iprn isonpl, us 3ye0 ars at racolod''s supermaxil facy. after hoofurs wtiaing, we were guid tedo a crseet latocion
6:33 pm
erthe e cartel leaagder reed to meetht wi u as,s long as his identity wonas cceedal. homa ynyears have yoenu be inworkg tinhis business? n: 18 years. nitaa: how did yetou g iolnvved? man: i use wd toorwik th cattle, feeding athemndle caning, also farming. and the nehixt tng k inew, i was dealing with h theigrah nks. xthi tng, you needo ed tbe armed. t'ere'dis strust becauhise ts is a erdangoubus siness. ta hnia:owoe ds this business rk? man: we ivrecee e thorders from the high ranks. they senu d yoonis msions. and yo au gos eanmployee, drug shipments aland l tofhat, ght? taa:ni is it an inatterniolna erioatn? n:ma yes, it is rninteatnaiol, inrnioatnal and very daoungers. wh wate are doing rhereig nhtow vy erdangerous. tania:s doethpoe lice or the military helu?p yo man: yes. hinonduras, therere a toraednk police orgatinizaons. they are o thenewhs o protect the shipmethnts e stmo. thavey he atth respect witeh th cas rtelinex mico, the strstonge ones. they did besusins thwi chapo om sinaloa. o chapjouiaqn guzman, hee cam here. nia: how manrty caelars e erine honduras rinoght w?
6:34 pm
ma rhtig now, the bitgges rtel is withhein t hnaerndez falyth, e president,y, ton juan orlandoer, the,he t two cart tels,heer hnandez family. tania: tishis t fheirst time an activebe memr eropating within a johor nduran cartemil adtshe t esident and fahis mi hlyas redict ties to truhe dg adtre. sa mmueladd risays he sees a difficfuult tu arehead under the currreent musael: people aopre hef tulhis governmeilnt wl anchge. with popultrar suge glon the sts,reet wl ilbe hard. th ceyrush us with m theilarity , bootwi bthullets, withks tan. th cshru and humiliahete t lepeop. will be hard. onour lypt oion is to vohite ts vernment outin durg eth eltis onin november. howe iver, fl eethis government enpretdso tstay longer, no matter what. taa:ec rently, santos igrodrueorz ellana, an inpedendent candidwhate o publiclyus accedre psident juan ndorlao rnheandez's hebrotr of connectitoons dg rutrafficking, was arre ostedn nemoy laundering charges. electione s arcuenrrtly heledud for the en td ofhis
6:35 pm
month. anwi hthernandez endhiing s finarml te, nyma american ofcifials believe hthate y mabe indictn ed ineyow rk for drug trfiinckg as soon ase hleaves office. it rnsemai ulencar if he will try to cmvircuentht e constitu ationndun r again or ll even cancheel tse elecs.tion fothr e "pbs newsh" our,i'm taa shraid with neil brandvold, rtieporngro fm honduras. dyea: rlier today dga jue reouw t the verdicait agnst two men gfwronul clyonvicted of assassinatciing viril ghts leerad malcolm x i65n 19. thhee aring came a after 22-month rw evieofhe t nvictions by d theisictrt toatrney's ceoffi a lndawyers fothr e two men. hn yang reports. woman: the j mointotn iois reheby gedrant.
6:36 pm
joinhn: aew n york city urcotrm ootoday, justielce dayed for muhammad aziz and the late khalil islam wrongly convicted rfo t 1he965 assnaassiti oonf civighl ritsea lder malcolm x. from new ydiork stctri attorney cyrus vajrnce .,n aapology: >> a ipologize on lfbeha oouf r natio''s w laenforcement for this dec-ladesoning justice, h whichaers oded public h faitin stutitions that arsie degned touantraee equal proiotectn under lathe w. your honor c, wea''t restore atas w taken away tfromhese med n anthr eifamilies. t,bu by correctiheng t rorecd, peapwes can begin tsto reore thaiat fth. john: afromzi rz,elief that the legal emsyst h aascknowledged what he'ows knn l alalong. >> while i dt o nobeevlie this t,cour tsehe prosecutors a, or piece ofer pap c tanell me i'm innocei nt, amer vy glad that my mi, lymy friends ahend t attornwheys o veha worked and suppormeted or vethese years
6:37 pm
e arfinally seeiheng t tthru th whae ve all known ofalficilyec rognized. malcolm x, civil rights leader: i prob aablym dea ad man aladrey. jo: e threevaluationth of e caselo folwea d six-part netflix cuntmeary, "who ki mlledallmco x?" maolx m was cut downea a yr tehir s bitter breitak wh eth blactik naonisalt nation of islam. sphis ee acht the audubon baomllro inen w york that day was utto oli tnehe mission of a w ougrp he was orginanizg. olmalcm tx:o address thrse fit corengss of the col unciof rican organionzatis. hn: shortly r afteheeg ban speaking, three n merush tedhe stageae, wpo dnsrawn and opened fire, killinlcg maol wm,ho was only 39 years old. rasisompn, reporter and wies js:ust then, thnfe guire went off. and his hand was up. i remember this. i turned ad rounquklicy. anthnee xt thing i sasaw w malcolm fallbaing ckn ia dead john: mud jahiabl duhalim, then knn owas talmadge r,haye was arstreed on the spot. aziz, kthenno awns norman 3x buertl, and islam,n theknn owas
6:38 pm
omas 15x joh, nsonwere arstreed ds aylater. all three were convicted and spt cadedes in prison. liham was parole 2d in01 a0,ziz in 1 a985,ndsl iam was released in98 17 and died i09n 20. for yearzis, az d anislam said they were ceinnontf othe crime, ana mbnuer of histor aiansnd wrerits agedre, sangyi newor yk licend a the fbi cov ueredp essel ntiaevenidce. today'h's arg inwas the cuinlmation of a 2nt2-moh injot investigatio tn byhean mhattan districtor attn'y's office, the innocence prt ojecancid vil rights lawyers. mujahilid ham,ho w acknowledged his irolen lcmaolm x's hdeat and ysalwa sd aithat aziz and ism rewe both innocetont, ld a poerrt from the nerkw yo tesim today: "god bless you. ey're eraxonete"d. sthiorian abdur-anrahm mamuhmad is s acholar of mam lcolx's life and legacy w andasos ht of the linetfx cudomentary seriwhes "o ll medalcolm x?" mrmummhaad, thanks foior jning us. yowe iren the courtrtooom day.
6:39 pm
seoomne who has s apent lifetitume sdyg inmalcolm x's li a andlso his deatndh, a havingye plad chsu a prominent role in thatfl netixoc dumentary aten rewed interes tt inhis suise, what was ikit le r foyou eeto s tsehe convictionsed wip ay today? r-abduraanhm muhammad, orhistia wn:ell, first ol,f al itasnb uelievable. it was autbsoleliny credible. it'chs su aon lg time coming atth i couldn'b't lie evwhat was it was acty uallsuearrl. bui t was filled wgrith atudite and haesppins atth this day had finaarlly after soy manyes arof studying this issue arynd tintog get it fntro of the publfoic, r it tomi culna iten the exonernatio ofse the t mwoen, muhammadul abd
6:40 pm
iznd a khalil islaftm, aer5 5 yewaars s soablutely incree.dibl and s i wafiedll with happiness and gratitude. john: diu d yothk inthis day ulwod come? abdur-rahmanam muhma id: wanted itco to me. i didn't'kn iowf it would come. i knew thae t thsty orwas too porfweul to be den aied,ndha tt i think wthatasy mdriving titivaon and passillon a of these decatodes falinly bring ttho e public. bui dndi't knowt whathene d su wltould be. it a waslws aya very steep moinunta tclo imb. d so to see ctit auay lltake e plactoy dabefore my veyery es waju astn unreal, anea unrl exenperice. hn: now, thees invtitigaon did nofit nd a police ovor gerennmt conscypira aingast malcolm x, as
6:41 pm
hsomeavspe eculated. it also nodid t plexain why the police and oiafficlser we unable toro ptect him, evhoen tugheh was a marked man, that his house d habeen firebombed. but idit d fd inthat the fbi and the yonew rkol pice had withheld evceiden tt hawould have cedlear these twn.o me wh ds oethat say to abyou out rethe laontiship between the police at tthatimane d the counmmity? abduhmr-raanuh mammad: well, the policeth at atim te had a very stra rinedelioatnship with the i woevuld eno gso far as to say sta hoilree lationship wthith e commy,unit a fndor good reason. i mean, hayou vehe tse two incenont men who c houldavjue st be a tnywo black men. was this, taphe crioucisness d anthe, just whouat y cldou
6:42 pm
sa jt usthe random, just raomho cice of anyonule cod be rothwn away in pn,riso towhr awheay t k, eyand be forgotten ouabt. it a wasbsutolely outrageous, llappaing. anth iiss the reason why afcarin americans orhisticlyal ha hvead such a tredoubl and often confli rctedelioatnship with the pe olicdertpaments. john: couentins ttohis day. d anwhat does it a saybo hutow th tughoht of malcolthm x at th wldou take this aacpproh to thvee instatigion of his kiing? abr-durahman muham wmad:el il,f you study hwhatapneped that day, after tmohey pped evhierytngp, u later that evening, aro7:und 00r oso, there was nca dae tinhe very baomllro iwhn ich he was cut down by a sawed-off shn,otgu a .45 anrud a ger.
6:43 pm
the bus lletwe sretill in the wallnds, a, atth evening, there was a daonnce t vheery site erwhe malcolm x guwas nn dedown. , sothat should ytelloubo aut how gedilinthe ty were in that investigation. johnd : annoont ly were the two meo n whwe creleared todaye, on whhasus bsequently d nied,ot onlye werth ieyn prison for a imthe ey didn'mmt coitor f dedecas,ut b, for all thimis te, e people who c didomt mithe imhae ve been free. abr-hmraan muhammad:se the men could bhaveeeexn onerated four des cadeag ao,nd that'als rely the outrofage t whehole story. it's re oallyutgeraous that esthe men were aedllow twao lk e streets, krsille, , okwho wereno ackwlgeedd by their accomplice. he gave thvee gornntme their names,re whe ty helived, what they did f lor aivg,in so on and
6:44 pm
so f, orthannod thing ever came of it. and i believ'e i's'just because there was olno pitalic will to t ttohe bottom of the ssassainioatn of malcolm x. and there bemay se omsecrets that g theovnmerent doesn'w't nt revealed. this is, howe elsdoou y explain convicting tenwo m w hhoad nointhg to do with it? why hado tt,he wn you could have tuacally convictheed t rlea assassinigs, rht? a''s the ques ttionhanet eds toe banswered. johnst: hiorn iaabdur-rahman muha, mmadthk anyou very much. abdur-rahmanuh mamma id:t's'my ♪ ju: dythe number omef won hibend ba hrsas risen dracamatilliny the u.s. ovee r thla fstour decades. anmad ny of those n womeare rvsuivors of domc estivienolce. tonighmnt, aa wanaz and producer le jnaackson examihane tt
6:45 pm
coecnntion and thers sca ttha inrema f morany. 's part of ougor oninseg ries arinchg for justice. rosemary: i was afraid. and after so many years of coionditni, ngyou just do''t ,do i 'did't'sing, i did''t uglah, i didn'wht istle, because it was forbidden. naam: for more teihan ghyet ars, roma dryyer says she was lelentssly and bruy tallabedus her husband. rosemarywa: i s''t allowed to ta wh itmy husband. speak when sn poketo. amwhna: atou wld happen if you did speak? rorysema: , ohi got beaten. amna: after heanotr olvient episinode 15,98 dyer says she fearored f h lerife, she fought back, and enupded sothoing and llkiing her husband. rosemaryam: i erextmely sorry that my lifee camtoha tt, that
6:46 pm
i tohad te akhis life, beecaus adhe h bn eethe love of ifmy le. : amnaat3 3she was sentd enceto ilifen ispron, served 3ar4 yes, anwares leased in 20wh20, en her ensentceas w commuted. tathe age of 69er, dy inos w .free but threcae dedeins prison did little to ads dresthtre auma of e thabuse that perut h trehe. rosemary: dni di't know that ere were batd dni di't know that e therwaas ftermort. i dii dn't knhaow tt heotr women rewe being treatiked le isth. thghout it was jus.t me amnaer: dy's story is o onef ny. according to the national soreurce center omon destic violence e, anstatimed 70 to 80% of incarced ratewon meare survivofors desomtic olvience. and rtexpes y savery few rvseices exist fheor tseom wen in pn risoorhe wn they're reedleas. won:me god, grant heme t serenityac to ce tpthe things i
6:47 pm
cannhaot cng te,he courage to chgean the things ithat c,an d the wisdomkn to owhe t difference. nath: is program ie s onofhe t fe pw,art of a net cworkald lea new ofway le.if iter offs bssuidized housing, lel gahelp, and thy.erap sixtwoy men live in if10 dfentre s homeacssro los angelesnt couy. all are folyrmer iarnccerated. ma anyre survivorsdo of meicst olence. it's'a fesa place for svourvirs li3 ke 3ye-oarld vanessa stooto come aftncer iarracetion and a chano ce >> iav he been throu lgh aotn i myif le. you knowt whai anme? but one thing i can tell you, i am a good mother and i'm a proud moerth of six. amsona: toas h been here seven months. r seven yearfos bereha tt, she strugglethd wi aadn diction to crtamel th, cycling ndin a out of psorin fodrr ug and theft-related charges. here, so stoays she has the ppt orshe needs to h geter feli back on track. 'she'fos und a job anw d nohas lel gasupport to to ry treinga
6:48 pm
custody of c herhireldn. vass ia: love my kids. i do. and i'm determined to get my kids back. amna: rtexpes y sathe kind of servicroes pvid dehere are rare, but badly edneed. womet n noon mlyake up the esfastt owgring segment heof t s. priposon putilaon, but the vast majy oritofhe tm report having sreuffed meso kind of us ee,ither as chin ldreor uladts. >> therese a wenom who are relyal struggling tjusto survive, s andurvevi through these dierffent experiences, difft erenabesus. amnasa: sun rtbuon founded a new waofy life in 1998. she knows stthe ruleggs of these wobemen cae usshe's lithved em. teafr her 5-year s-oldonas w run ov a kndilled by a pe oliccar, e shsays she sta drtedriinnkg heilany d began usinacg crk cocaine. e shwent to prisn on odrug charges,or befe rntuing her life around. rton says poomor wenf ocolor are espelycial vneulrabl inac ft, more than o 40%f acblk
6:49 pm
n womeexripeence physical violence b iy anntatime partner, comparedh witabt ou30% of women aloverl. sun:he tir experiencfes o coping witush abe,op cing with matrau, picong with ill treatment ars e, icrinimalized. it would b me soucmoh re effective upto spo prteople to recover afrombu, seto learn how nigavate around a, buseto ppt orthem to livel fuland pehoful and satid renee: iw knoyohau ve bnee having some ggstrulewis th some suises in your fy.amil naso: cial worker e renewytat s meetwi ethvery single deresint here. when you fin hallyava e chance toit s down with them one-on-onew , homa onyf them have ever hathd a ery apsession, veha been able tlko ta to someone like b youefe?or re onee:h amna: veewry f? re vnee:erfey w, because a lot ofhe t ladies thatha we ve wen't safe. htheyavbee en molested.
6:50 pm
theye havbe tenrafficked. ey have beenel homess. they hbeave enea bt up. they havene be eryvething. amna: matrny suge glwith prsieson, anxiety, p andtsd from thebuir ase. for wyatt't, 's'familiar ground. renee: i w has aern oiaddict, and i'dom a meicst violence surv.ivor wahos meless in downwnto l..a sd kirow for 15 y.ears , i know. so p, myasonsi is real. i lyreal, alrely want to help. amna: in facost, mt tofhe staff he hreave walked sarimil phsat. gridrc ahie s waabused as a child. aadn ult, she fle ad anbuvesi retishonip, taking haber by wi hther. inidgr: so, traumato on p of portstpaumep dression. d ani made the mkeista of leg avinmyhi cld in the car, beuscae i couldn't'ta hkeer in a orste because it t wasoo overmiwhelng.
6:51 pm
i behad ensk aing for helpd, an seems like sni wa't getting .t and the resp wonseaso tremove alofl my childrennd a to nipush by cainrcerioatn. na: archie f sirsterd vetime fodrr a ugha crge, later for oplifting anild chd ngendaerntme, then lanred he when rseelead 2in015. inidgr: a new way ifof le swa ke, we'otre n gngoi to let the system do tho is tyou. amna: thgae ornitizaon helped iearch g heter kids back. noshe w velis with her feianc d antwo youngestld chiren. e worked in caadvocyor f a new wa ly ofiffoe r five years. and justs thimoh,nt she left thore ganization f nor aew pounrtity. in: gridwh yenou're adroun peleho w have been tghhrou some oe f thsa tmehings and you have overcom, e ititll aows for heinmug ch easier. itow alls r foyou to not fsoeel amuchs via ctim. llit aowyos u to take countabilityd , anitll aows for you toe movfoarrwd in your alifendak me better decnsisio,
6:52 pm
and then gllo pu iotn her op.le : amnaburet entry prograikms le this are the exception, and more e arneed, edsaysa uclpresofsor a jorjle.ap studies rshowoulygh a third of formerly incraarcetewod men return to onpris whiitn three aryes of their rseelea. 'lea's'upcoming booenk, "try les,sson" amexines the periences ofen wom reaelsed omri pson. jorja: thet besprraogms give n womea nssee of communithty, at eyth're notne alo, atth there e heotrs who have vbeenicmsti sofexual abuse,ti vicmsf o dost viciolence, thahet otr womeown kn a undnderstand what th heyave gone thr, oughanthd ey support one heanotr. amnad : anwioutht those services, cwhatou hldappen? rjjoa: if they 'on'hat ve a home go to, theyen oft gbao ck to thhoe me of the perarpettor. e domestic vnciolee arstts agn. the -mselfedaticion starts ain. the crimizinalatn ioof trauma starts a.gain d anit ia s revoinlvg do.or amna: maroseryye dr is ready to
6:53 pm
move on with h theelofp another prra fm,ive keys homeee fr, r fowomen like her. e's's now ine fretrsiantional housing neanar s fncraisco. atwh kind of a dreiffencdoe es me akhaving a plaikce le this? romasery dyer: i crean bat.he i cay n lamyea hd down on the bed and sleep. i am proud of my freedom. amna: for the "pbs newshour," i'm amna nawaz. dyju: so moving,se the trrdaoinary women. d,om torrow, we wionll ccleud our loweekngea srching for jue sticseesri with a look at onm'n's efforts ebto rui hldis life afteier bngro wngly impredison f morore than two cadedes. an onlinghe rit w,no whatig b ketaaways from u.the cmate an cgeonference? were bak dowyn kear pts of the cop 26 amegreentwn oer instagram
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feed. that's igrnstaamom.c/newshour. and t'at's t nheewshour for tonight, i'm'ju wdyoodruff. join us hagere ain think, youplseea s stayaf ae,nd we will see you soon. >> moraj funding for p thebs newshour heeas bn ovprided by. >> johnson & johnson. sfbn railway
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>> thi ps isbsew nshour west, anfr oomur bureau at the erwalt cnkroite school of jonasmli at arizona estat univer.sity ♪ >> y'o' wreatchg inpbs.
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