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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  November 24, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". ♪ ros: hello. i'm ros atkins. welcome to "outside source." at least 31 migrants have died in the english channel as they try to reach the u.k.. for english smugglers have been arrested and we have heard from the french interior minister. >> among the 30 when dad, we know there were five women and a little girl. we will get more information today.
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and obviously, certain rights you -- search and rescue operations are continuing. ros: we turn to the state of georgia in the u.s., where three men have been found guilty in the murder of ahmaud arbery, a black man who was out jogging when they shot him dead. >> we jury find travis mcmichael guilty. ♪ ros: at least 30 when 31 people drowned after about carrying migrants capsize after setting off from calais bound for the u.k.. for alleged smugglers have been arrested in connection with the incident. the u.n. international organization for migration says it is the biggest loss of life in the english channel since they began keeping records eight years ago. the boat was attempting to cross from frae to england when it sank off the french coast. french authoriti say the boat
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set off from dunkirk east of calais with 31 people on board -- 33 people on board, at least 33 people. here is the french interior minister speaking in calais. >> according to our information, 33 people sailed off the coast of calais. at the moment, there are 31 dead and two people were rescued. they are currently in hospital and still in danger. among these 31 dead, we know there were five women and a little girl. we will get more information later today. and obviously, the search and rescue operations are continuing. today, between the crossing of calais a the north part of the country, we had 780 police officers patrolling e coast. 255 people have managed across the channel, but 660 one people who were trying to cross have been stopped. these are migrants who spent
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just a few days or a few hours in france and want to cross into england, and take thisisk. unfortunately today, we had this tragedy. the folks responsible for this horrible situation are the smugglers, criminals who, for a few thound euros, organized human trafficking of people from iraq, iran, afghanistan and asia, and to use these people. they tracked them from belgium to france and across the channel to the u.k.. we need to fight these smugglers. 1500 of them have already been arrested since january 1, and w have arrested for more today in connection with -- for more -- four more today connection -- in connection with these incidents. ros: boris johnson said the people smugglers were getting away with murder. >> we have also used every power
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we can add will leave no stone unturned to demolish the business proposition of human traffickers and gangsters. and of course, we have to work with our french friends, and our european partners. and i say to our partners across the channel, now is the time for us all to step up and work together, to do everything we can to break these gangs who are literally getting away with murder. ros: we also heard from french president emmanuel macron. he said france will not let the channel become a cemetery. this graph i am about to show you has the number of people crossing the english channel in 2021. that is marked in red. 2020 is yellow, and 2019 is blue. you c see for yourself, the difference between this year and the two previous years is considerable. our policy editor of t newsnight program spoke to me from dover a little while ago
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about how authorities are responding to this increase in crossings. >> talking to experts about this, you just had tony on your program and i interviewed him as well, i think many have been taken aback by just how many people have turned to the english channel as a route. it is not as if the english channel just came out of nowhere, it has always been there, but traditionally has not been a prerred route for people trying to make that crossing. one of the reasons why so many people have taken to that crossing is to some extent a victim of the british and french governments' own success. they have been very successful in clamping down and reducing the numbers of the manner people used to go, on trucks through the channel tunnel. they have a lot of technology there, have been successful in reducing the numbers and viability of that route.
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so, human smugglers turned to small boats on the sea. experts thought as we got into the winter months, it would become so dangerous that the numbers would pale off. to some extent, what we have seen over the past 24 hours, being in calais and dunkirk the past couple days, has been many people looking to try to make the crossing today. i believe these 25 crossings attempted because they knew that the weather over the next two or three days was forecast get very severe. it was designed to push on as much as possible and it led to a completely predicted and predictable tragedy. ros: when you were having conversations on the north coast of france this week and asked them, why don't you apply for asylum in france, an affluent western country just like the u.k., why take on this journey, what was their answer? >> lots of people do apply for
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asylum in france. indeed, the numbers who apply for asylum in france and other u.k. -- eu countries like germany far outstrip those we see in the u.k. peered so, a lot of people looking for asylum apply in france and the other eu countries. and to those who nonetheless want to make the journey, there are a number of reasons one could be historic links. people i have been speaking to our countries from iraq and afghanistan, countries with traditional ties to the u.k., either historical or more recent. sometimes it is family. if you lost everybody in your family, you are to escape prosecution -- persecution, you might know someone who knows someone who has somewhere to stay, so the country will give you some help when you get there. they might not know anyone in france or wherever they are. sometimes it is language. a lot of these people speak english, they don't speak french, so they yield they will get on better in the u.k. once they arrived there.
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sometimes, and i think this is perhaps a thing people appreciate at least, it is about how they have been treated in france. people are basically living in the woods, in the streets, they don't have toilet facilities, they don't have anywhere to wash. there are kids, women, pregnant women and so on. and police go and disburse the camps such as they are on a regular basis. so, many people who try to make it to the u.k., they don't feel they are being treated humanely in france. ros: that is lewis goodall. next we hear from kim brian, a volunteer for the charity channel rescue. she gave me her reaction to the lust of 31 lives -- loss of 31 lives in the channel today. >> there was a human rights observation set up in august 2020 when we started to see more people crossing the channel in boats li these. we were very, very concerned at
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the time. rhetoric was coming from the home office that they were going to be using jet skis, pushing back quotes, so we set up to observe what was going on and ensure the boats were being rescued. ros: you agree though that it is vitally important that these boats stopped making these dangerous journeys? >> is an incredibly dangerous way of crossing the channel. there are fairies five minutes down the road where people are taking the journeys from. we advocate safe passage for people and humanitarian assistance. it is not going to work to try and stop the boats from crossing. people are not going to stop wanting to seek safety and improve their lives. what we are saying is safe routes for people, bring them to the u.k., enable the asylum process to do its work. what is happening at the moment, the rhetoric from the home office is that -- in fact, we launched a home office -- a case today against the home office because they said they are starting push backs in e
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channel and some of our volunteers have observed them practicing push backs in the channel and this is going to lead to more tragedies. ros: although in the case of the push backs, as i understand it, that hasn't happened. >> it hasn't happened, but we observed them practicing push backs and we have heard evidence given to the select committee that there were planningush backs. today, we sent a letter to the government asking if they are planning push backs and if they are, we think they are dangerous. we can see how dangerous. the deaths that happened today are voidable. ros: let me ask about peoe smugglers who i presume you would hold fundamentally responsible for the tragedy we are seeing today. >> the people responsible for the tragedy today on the governments that have failed to troduce an asylum system. we are knocking to stop people migrating. we are not going to stop bullying conflict, fleeing prosecution -- persecution,
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increasing sing the impacts of climate crisis, and we have seen the government cut foreign aid, at cop26 in glasgow -- ros: hold on, this is not a problem specific to the u.k.. we heardoday that this requires a response from the u.k., france and many other countries, so to suggest the u.k. is alone and this doesn't add up. >> we are hearing that from the french government, but not the british government. the british government ha continually maintained an isolation policy. why are they claiming asylum in france? ros: isn't the argument from the government that wants to encourage people to apply for asylum through recognized routes? there is legislation that says we want to listen to asylum applications, but we don't want people taking chances like this in the channel for the reasons we are seeing today. >> we have two small
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resettlement schemes available for people in the u.k., one the syrian, one the afghanistan resettlement scheme. 11 is fleeing their home and the country, they are not quick to sit and think about which resettlement scheme i am goin into, they flee for safety. there are lots of reasons people want to come to the u.k. -- sometimes it is because they speak english, they know somebody in the comnity or remember their family that lives there and fundamentally under the human rights law, you are allowed to seek asylum in a country where you want to go. that is what we are not recognizing. we are not recognizing people have a right to seek safety. it is not a question of finding a resettlement scheme. they are very small in the u.k.. ros: the u.k. government says it already has policies in place to respond to this ends planning further policies, in particular, a major piece of legislation we pect will become law and the u.k. next year. the french interior ministry has given us more details on what
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has happened in the channel today. he says the number of people who died is at least 31, all of whom were aboard one boat. he says five women and one young girl are among those killed. he says the number of people killed is not definitive because we don't know precisely how many people were on this boat. the search party will continue to look for survivors in the channel. french authorities are saying fo ur people described as traffickers have been arrested close to the belgian border. key to this story are the ports of dover in can't and calle on the north coast of france and as the news was breaking earlier, my colleague jane hill spoke to the hd of the porch of calle for his reaction. >> i think the people that pay the migrants to get to their country in such bad weather and
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such a rough see, they are murderers. they don't have any success to try to cross with these weather conditions. there are big waves. so, they are murderers, these people arbiters -- these people are murderers. these migrants were coming from their country and were so close to their dream. i don't know what to do, really, but everywhere in europe and the u.k., we must all be trying to find a solution. because there will be some more, there will be some more. >> do you think it will happen again? and i understand how upset you are and when you are clearly describing the weather conditions were very poor indeed. when you say 50 people in one
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boat, is it fair to assume that means that boat was very overcrowded? >> maybe not, but you know 50 people in this sea, some water gets inte boat and they are not able to take the water away because they are so crowded, and then there is more water and the sea is very cold, so there is no chance for survival. that way it is a tragedy. and the people who lead the ship across, -- who led the ship across her murderers. ros: stay with me on "outside source," an important story from the state of georgia in the u.s., where three men accused of murdering black man -- black man ahmaud arbery have been
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convicted of his murderer. the u.s. blacklisted three leaders of the islamic state milita group in afghanistan as global terrorists. here is our security correspondent frank gardner p frank: u.s. state department named three leading figures of isis-k and afghanistan is what it calls global terrorists. it names the leader of isis-k. this is the group that has been carrying out a lot of attacks in recent days in afghanistan, indicating an couple -- including in kabul. they are the biggest insurgent threat to the government of afghanistan. another one named is the spokesperson for the group. has been in that job since june last year. the final one is also involved in the group in planning attacks around kabul. ♪
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ros: ros atkins ros atkins i'm --i'm ros atkins with "outside source." we are in the bbc news room with our top story, 31 migrants drowned in the english channel and four alleged human smugglers are arrested. three men have been found guilty in the shooting of ahmaud arbery arbery in the u.s.. here's more. reporter: this case happened in february last year, one of the big cases that led to a summer of racial reckoning here. everyone knows about george fld, breonna taylor, but this happened in february last year, where ahmaud arbery, a 25-year-old avid runner was jogging through a neighborhood very close to his home when two men, greg mcmichael and his son
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travis, said later that he fit the description of a burglary suspect. so, they armed themselves, jump into a truck and chased after him. the third man, roddie bryan, saw this happening and jumped into his trucks well and also followed him. there was an altercation after ahmaud arbery was chased for five minutes, which led to ahmaud arbery being shot dead. now, bause othe racial makeup of the jury, which with comprised of 11 white people and just one black person even though this is a city that is majority black, there was a lot of speculation about how they might interpret the facts. so, there was a huge amount of relief, i think. supporters of the arbery family cheered when the verdicts were read out. travis mcmichael, the son in the three men who chased ahmaud
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arbery, was found guilty on all counts. his father greg and roddie bryan were not found guilty on all counts, but at least one felony murder account, so the minimum sentence for each of them is life in prison. ros: stay with us if you would. i want to play one clip from in the court earlier because when the judge began reading the verdict for travis mcmichael, he had to stop because there was a reaction in the gallery. >> the verdict is as follows. in the superior court of glen county, state of georgia, state of georgia versus travis mcmichael, case number cr-000043 3,erry verdict, count one jury -- jury verdict, count one, malice murder, travis mcmichael, guilty. >> wooo. >> may whoever just made an outburst be removed from court,
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please. ros: after that, the verdicts continued to be read out. we could hear the relief of one person in the gallery. i wonder if we have heard a more formal statement, either from the family were family attorney? >> i have yet to hear that. we expect to hear from ahmaud arbery's mother. i spoke to her before the trial. she has had a very difficult time over the past couple weeks through this trial. she watched the video that went viral and led to the arrests of these men on the first day of the tribal. i you heard the sense of relief of one person come as you say, but ahmaud arbery's mother had seen what a lot of people consider distasteful tactics by the defense in that courtroom, just in the summing up of closing arguments. one of the defense lawyers referred to ahmaud arbery's
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dirty toenails. they suggested somehow ahmaud arbery was in the wrong. he chose to run, he chose to fight, they said, and that is why not just the family, but a lot of supporters worried that this would not be the way the case had gone. another pivotal momt in terms of dramatics in the courthouse was last week. the arbery family invited civil rights activist al sharpton to attend court, be inside the courtroom to support the mother of ahmaud arbery. wellone of the defense lawyers said he objected to prominent members of the african-american community being in court, because it might put undue pressure on the jury. we had one day last week, last thursday, when more than 100 religious leaders from around the country came here to protest. that gives you a sense of why there was so much tension ahead of this verdict, with people
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feeling that it might not go this way. ros: we have at reaction to the verdicts from president biden. he put out a statement saying, ahmaud arbery's killing witnessed by the world on video was a devastating reminder of how far we have to go in the fight for racial justice in this country. while the guilty verdicts reflect our justice system doing its job, that alone is not enough. ♪ now, let's turn to a huge moment in german politics because after weeks of coalition talks, three political parties agreed to an agreement that should see them for the next government. the parties are promising a radical modernization of the country. the heads of the parties arrive for a press conference earlier. you can see them there. leading them to zoloft schultz, said to be the next chancellor. -- olaf schultz, said to be the
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next chancellor. yellow is for the free market and ftp come of and then the red is for olaf schultz's spd, the social democrats. >> mikey message is, we have the traffic light. and on our negotiations, social democrats and free democrats agreed to the social contract and therefore a new governing coalition. we will put the contract to a vote in our parties. we will campaign strongly that all three parties will sign off on this grievant within the next 10 days. ros: while the parties agreed on a list of policies, among them are major climate goals including ending the use of coal by 2030 and germany getting 80% of renewables by the same date. there will be a minimum rage -- minimum wage of 12 euros and a plan to legalize cannabis, something younger voters support . all these voters will have to be voted for by parliament, but the
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three parties working together will have a solid majority come so that should happen. here is more from damien mcginnis in berlin. damien: this government is described as a modernizing young force. members of the parliament and ministers are younger than usually the case in germany, and the faces that members of these parties are younger than average. we are talking about a fresh breath of wind, that is how they describe it. it is also because of other measures such as reducing the voting age from 18 to 16 and reducing the age which you can get a driving license. all these policies, really to shake up germany and bring it into the future, because after 16 years of a conservative-led ange merkel government, that is what a lot of voters say they want. ♪ ros: just a reminder of our top story, at least 31 people have died, migrants trying to cross
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from france to england. ey died after their boat caized in the english channel. we have those details, but can't confirm how many other people may have lost their lives because we don't have a definitive figure of how many people were on board. we heard from the french interior minister, who says four people -- who says four people alleged to be human smugglers have been arrested. the french president says respect for the dignity of each person, grieving tonight over the death of the 31 humans, and he wanted to express his unconditional support of france. i sure them we will do everything we can do to find and condemn those responsible. the french and british have had a sometimes tense relationship on this issue in recent mths, although they also have a
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working relationship, with the british putting over 50 million pounds over two french operations on the french north coast. he would imagine all the plans the countries have in place revisid after this loss of life, the worst in years in the english channel. think you very much for watching. i will see you tomorrow. narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... narrator: financial services firm, raymond james. man: bdo. accountants and advisors. narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ ♪
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