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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 29, 2021 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". ♪ >> in washington, this is bbc world news america. countries around the world are racing to stop the spread of the old macron -- variant. pres. biden: this variant is a cause for concern, not for panic. we have the best vaccine in the world and we are learning more every day.
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>> twitter's co-founder stepping down as ceo. jack dorsey faced criticism for the way he managed the social media platform. the trial of ghislaine maxwell gets underway. she is accused of trafficking girls for jeopardy epstein. -- jeffrey epstein. plus, a royal welcome for a grand farewell. prince charles lands in barbados as the island becomes a republic, cutting ties with the monarchy after 400 years. ♪ >> welcomeo world news america on pbs and around the world. countries are closing their borders as they try to defend against a new coronavirus variant. in the u.s., president biden urging americans to get booster shots. the u.s. has imposed a travel
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ban eight african countries. african leadersay they are being penalized for spotting th new variant. this as global concern about possible new lockdowns, we do not know much of a threat the variant poses. >> there is an eerie quiet at johannesburg airport. south africa first raised the alarm about the omicron variant but now finding itself increasingly cut off from the rest of the world. meanwhile on the ground, there is a big push to get vaccines into arms. only 23% of the south african population is fully vaccinated. we still do not know yet whether this version of covid is more severe than previous ones. one of those on the front line is reassured by what she has seen so far in her patients. >> for now, we are -- mild
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symptoms that they can treat at home. that would be most probably not requiring admission to the hospital. >> amsterdam is one of the world's cities now disvering cases. 13 people were found to have it after flying in from south africa. the police even had to arrest a couple who try to escape from a quarantine hotel. portugal has announced it has got 13 cases. all involve the local football club about where one of its players had recently returned from a south african trip. in canada, they found two cases linked to travel from another african country entirely, nigeria. in the u.s. so far they haven't got any cases but the president is mindful. pres. biden: this variant is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. we have the best vaccine in the world, the best medicines, the
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best scientists and we ar learning more every day. >> many countries do not want to take any chances at all. switzerland has toughened its quarantine requirements. -- entering the country must produce a negative test and quarantine for 10 days. that is after 11 cases were found in the u.k.. morocco is stopping all international flights. japan, where infections are low, is doing something similar. >> we will ban all entries of foreign nationals from all over the world as of november 30. >> the head of the world health all -- world health organization has been saying for months that better vaccine coverage everywhere is the only way to get out of this global emergency. his frustration is now more obvious than ever. >> we shouldn't need another wake-up call. we should all be wide-awake to the threat of this virus.
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but, omicron's very emergence is another reminder that although many of us might think we are done with covid-19, it is not done with us. >> there is no doubt the world has reacted quicker than it did when the delta variant emerged in india earlier this year. g-7 ministers have met online and agreed to share information from their surveillance systems. the fact remains that large parts of the world do not have the technology they need to track this variant. >> you heard -- talking about which countries have cases of the omicron variant. it has been found in more than a dozen nations including the u.k., france, germany, botswana, canada, israel and hong kong. for more, we are joined by --
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thank you so much for being with us. do you think omicron is already here in the united states? how worried should we be? >> thank you. i think it is very likely that omicron is here in the united states. we do not know how serious variant it is. it is something we need to be paying close attention to. we just got to learn more about its transmissibility and its impact on vaccines. >> president biden said today the government is working with the vaccine manufacturers to reformulate the vaccines, if necessary. that is not very encouraging news. >> it is exactly the right thing to do. it is entirely possible this variant ends up being something our vaccines can handle effectively. maybe a couple of weeks of working on an additional vaccine
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would be unnecessary, but imagine the alternative scenario where vaccines work less well. we will be glad to have a head start on a new vaccine. i think it is precautionary, it is the right thing to do and we will know more in the next week or two. >> scientists across the world are saying southfrica should be thanked for detecting a sequencing this variant, not penalized. would you agree? >> south africa has done an extraordinary job. their world-class scientists have done a phenomenal job. south africa found it and what they did was they very quickly told the world about it in a very open and transparent way. that should be lauded. we've got to find better ways of managing the spread of this virus than travel bans, which tend to not be effective. >> borders are closing across the world.
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are we in danger of overreacting? >> i feel like we are in danger of miss reacting, reacting in the wrong ways. if you want to slow spread, certainly border controls like requiring negative tests, quarantining and vaccination requirements are more reasonable. closing borders or shutting down travel just tends to not work very well. people add viruses find their way allow -- find their way around those. i find a more effective strategy. >> is this new variant spreading because the world is under vaccinated, or that this is what viruses do? >> viruses do mutate but we give them more opportunities to mutate when people who are unvaccinated get infected. there is no question in my mind that if we want this to slow down and come to an end, we've got to get more people
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vaccinated. the large proportion of the african continent is a real risk to the people of africa. >> finally, what is your advice for people who just don't know what to do and have pandemic fatigue. >> we all have pandemic fatigue. unfortunately, the virus does not have to take it. first and foremost, get vaccinated. if you are not vaccinated, get vaccinated. if you are not boosted, there are reasons to believe that being boosted will be helpful in this context. i would not make any other major changes at this point. let's get more data in the next week or two. we will have more information and in that case we will have evidence-based suggestions. >> thank youor joining us. the trial of guillain maxwell is
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underway, the prosecution saying the former girlfriend of convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein prayed on vulnerable young girls, manipulated them, and serves them up to be sexually abused. ask well faces eight charges of sex trafficking and other offenses and has pleaded not guilty. her defense says she is being scapegoated. epstein took his life in jail in 2019. >> over the next few weeks, what plays out in this new york courthouse will be a crucial chapter in the twisted saga of jeffrey epstein's sex trafficking ring. as her highly awaited trial began, the world's eyes were trained on what the evidence would reveal. so too were epstein's accusers. some arrived to show solidarity with the alleged victims. the government said guillain maxwell was a dangerous predator who provided a cover of
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respectability for epstein. prosecutors said she lord -- lured victims with promises of a bright future. he said the accuser's memories were corrupted and influenced by a desire for a big jackpot of money. there have been numerous investigations, documentaries exploring maxwell's alleged crimes but the allegations have never been aired in a criminal trial. the jury will be presented with evidence from flight logs to testimony from former staff. the four underage girls in the indictment, now grown women come are expected to take the stand. accusers could testify too, those with stories similar. according to her, she thought she had landed a job as a professional masseuse and instead walked into a nightmare. >> i thought that her and i were making these connections and she did her role, played her role
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beautifully. she was masterful at it. i walked myself to a creditor's home. >> ask well's brother says at least one sibling will be present to support her. our code is impossible for me to think she would have been engaged in these really horrendous charges. >> if convicted, she faces up to 80 years in. >> the boss of the social media company twitter is stepping down. jack dorsey is handing over to the chief technology officer. twitter's stock price went wild. samir, why is jack dorsey stepping down? >> in a statement he released on twitter, he said there were a few reasons. first and foremost is that he
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feels a lot of confidence in the team he has put forth to take over for him. as you mentioned, we have the ceo that began immediately who is actually the chief technology officer. he worked his way up the company. mr. dorsey feels aot of confidence in his ability to lead the social media company through the next several years. he had asked another individual, bret taylor, to come onto the board of directors. this gentleman will end up being e chair of the board of directors in may when jack dorsey finally leaves twitter altogether. for him, there has always been this pull and push and that he is the ceo of twitter, but also the ceo of another company. the payment system square. that is something he also
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founded. there has always been this tug-of-war in terms of how much attention is he paying to each company. that is something investors have picked up on. >> did some of the shareholders feel perhaps twitter was not becoming as big a company is facebook? >> i think that led to what we saw happen in 2020, when one of our major stakeholders in twitter actually tried to force dorsey out. the long criticism being that if you want twitter to really grow, it needs to have a ceo that is dedicated to it. this is in fact a full-time position. but also, remember this is a company that jack dorsey founded and he was pushed out of the company years ago, then came back to be ceo and he governed the company at a time where there was quite a lot of people
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were wondering if it would be the end of twitter. jack dorsey was really able to bring the company to the forefront where now they are looking at going forward, they want to double their revenue by 2023. >> how did the markets react? >> it's interesting, the story started breaking before financial markets even opened. we saw that twitter shares jumped 10%. clearly, this is something investors wanted. i want to add quickly another important aspect of the jack dorsey legacy is that this all happened, social media has been at the forefront in terms of how we govern hate speech, especially in america. jack dorsey was among the first so start putting warning signs on tweets that were deemed false information, or misinformation.
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he was also one of the first to start censoring people that was putting this information, or racist information on twitter. as a result, other social media companies followed suit. >> thank you. in other news, iran has demanded that all sanctions be lifted as talks aimed at reviving the 2015 nuclear dual resumed in nash nuclear deal resumed. the foreign minister said the u.s. failed to understand there was no way to return to the agreement without the removal of all sanctions. the u.s. says the window to negotiations won't be open forever. the simpson's visit tiananmen squaren beijing, it has been removed from disney's streaming channel in hong kong as authorities clap down on the entertainment industry. disney has not commented on the missing episode. the white house is getting ready for the holidays.
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first lady jill biden unveiled this year's decorations on monday. her theme is gifts from the heart, featuring photos of former presidents and their families including donald trump. you are watching bbc world news america. still to come, early results suggest honduras could be on the verge of electing its first ever female president. we will have the latest. >> authorities in china have recaptured a north korean man who evaded the police for 40 days after making a dramatic escape from prison. the video of his escape has gone viral. here is our asia-pacific editor. >> here is the video that shocked millions in china showing a rare escape from a high security prison. a north korean man had been in prison for nine years for
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robbery and illegal border crossing when he made a break for it. he scaled a two story wall to a prison yard shed, then runs across the roof before quickly disabling its electric fence. then he jumps, escapes with only one shoe in freezing temperatures only to disappear for 40 days until he is caught dozens of kilometers away near a scenic fishing spot. it is widely believed he fled prison so he wouldn't be sent back to north korea, where he likely faces torture. >> let's go to honduras where the next president could be a woman for the first time ever. castro has a commanding lead according to early results from sunday's election. arrival has not conceded and it may take days before the final
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result is known. >> [speaking foreign language] >> we won, castro told her jubilant supporters. words they had long to take here for 12 years. ever since the last election was taken under vias circumstances, opponents have said change is needed. the former first lady pronouncing herself as president elect, and appears to finally have achieved it. >> let's have direct mocracy. let's have participatory democracy. today, i reach out to my opponents because i have no enemies and call for dialogue. >> the vote itself was peaceable -- peaceful, but not free of problems. arguments over when polls should close occurred at some locations.
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but mostly, it was a day of high voter participation as people took the opportunity to make history and honduras. >> it will be historic for a woman to win. the first women to govern honduras, unheard of since the return of democratic rule in 1992. >> it would be something unprecedented here in this country. society, where there is a lot of sexism, to have a woman president would be a great way to move forward as a society. >> 70% of hondurans riven poverty and their anger was placed at the on -- outgoing president's administration which has become a watchword for corruption and he was implicated in his brother's drug trafficking conviction. he denies any wrongdoing, but phot -- voters have had enough. the governing national party's candidate ran a campaign insisting he was different, in
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part to distance himself from the tainted president. -- delivered by the electoral authorities, he faces a near impossible task. there is optimism and honduras for the first time in years. the incoming president -- but most hondurans are just relieved to turn the page. >> as honduras may be about to welcome its first female leader, sweden's first female prime minister has been appointed. -- when her coalition collapsed. social democratic party leader will try to lead a one-party government until another round of elections in september of next year.
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written's prince charles has arrived in barbados to mark the moment the country cuts its ties with the queen and becomes a republic. the monarchy has been head of state in the caribbean island for the caribbean island for nearly 400 years. thatnds tomorrow. >> gearing up for a moment in history, this island nation is making a strong statement about how it sees itself. the prime minister of barbados says the time has come. >> we believe the unfinished business off not go past the anniversary than dependence. i am one of the biggest respecter's of her majesty, but equally i need to know that my people can also do the same thing in respect the same thing. >> a nation with a complex past, slave ships one stocked here. africans brought and exploited by the british.
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it's the sugarcane fields where many were forced to work, cutting down the crop before it was processed. the backbreaking labor led many to die young. after safely -- after slavery came to an end, barbados remained a british colony. despite gaining independence in 1966, the queen has remained head of state. it is about to change. the transition comes at a time of uncertainty. the pandemic has had a sharp impact on this island posse economy which relies heavily on tourism. >> we need to be free. >> people here still have strong views of becoming a republic. >> it is not going to be better tomorrow. we are going to be a republic. is it going to be better? are people still going to be living from paycheck-to-paycheck? >> but her daughter sees things
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differently. >> becoming a republic means we end the subservience to england, the monarchy and so on. >> signs of this island pot school alone he passed our daughter throughout but there are plans to choose new symbols of national pride. for now, ceremonial welcome. prince charles will attend official events to mark the occasion, a controversial move for some. the most crucial part of the story of the nation that has fought hard to stand tall on its own is how young barbadian's view themselves and look back on this moment in the future. >> end of an rap. for bigo, thailand's monkey festival returned in all its glory after being paused in the early days of the pandemic.
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thousands of monkeys in thailand feasted on over two tons of fruit and veg. it much loved tradition. tourists flocked to the area. -- spent around $3000 putting the event together. thanks for watching bbc world news america. narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... narrator: financial services firm, raymond james. man: bdo. accountants and advisors. narrator: funding was also provided by, the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ♪ ♪
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening, i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, omicron raises concern-- as a new covid variant spreads, president biden urges calm and implements a travel ban from eight african nations. doctor anthony fauci joins us. then, covid's toll-- tens of thousands of children face a difficult road ahead after losing a parent or other caregiver to the coronavirus. >> our instinct is to say how horrible a child has lost mom or dad. what will that lead to? it could lead to the loss of income, it could lead to food scarcity, children could lose their home. >> woodruff: then, political stakes-- democrats push for a senate deal on the president's build back better legislation in the final weeks of the year. all that and more on tonight's


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