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tv   PBS News Hour  PBS  March 7, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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ca ptioning sednsor by ws neho purroductions, llc oo>> wdrf:uf good evening. i'm wjudyooufdrf. onhe t "newshour" ghtonit, a tense moment: russia offers to open evacuation corridors-- a move widely dismissed as a ruse, whe ilbombing conts inueand ukrain diansefntialy face the >> (tr anatsled ): thi ms isy war. werell a citizens ofai ukrne. are alfel dendg inour cotruny. hoel wseould it be? wdroouff: then, droangeus skies-- ukran inialeerads ramp upal cls for a no zofly ne. what a move d woulme fanor the u. as.nd nato couns trieseinekg to avoilid mity arconflict with russia. and tipolicastl akes-- tamara keith and waamy lt deriscuss grincag lls for the tu.s.o
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n imports rofussian oil. all that a mndore tononig'sht bs"p newoushr." maj forundi fngor t phebs wsho huras bn eeprovedid by: fidelity we malthanemagent. >> consumer cearllul. >>ns bf rawaily.
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b>>do. >> the willindam a fralo hewlett unfodation. for more than 50 years, advancing ideas and supporting institutions to protome a better rld. at www.hewlergtt.o. >> the chan-erzuckberg itiative. rking to bui mld aorhee althy, ju astnd inclusiveur fute rfo yoeverne. at >>ndit wh the ongoinppg suort ofse the itinstutions: >> this progwaram s dema ibpossley bthe corporatfoion r publroic badstcaing.
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anbyd contributioo ns tyo purbs statioomn fr vweiers like you. ank you. w>>oodruff: a df ay oteounus omdiplac ay,nd much moreth dea in ukraine. the 12th dayru of ss'sia insi sonaw both sideets meing aionn small stepsar towd alwi pngeople out, bruut btal viceolen ctionnues. more than mi1.7 lln ioukrainians nhaveowef lt their homers fo surrinoundg uncotries. e united nat sionsaymos re than 400 civnsilia he avdied in the figh, tingthghou they admit atth is likely ast draic undentrcou. meantime, the u.s. said it estimates 4,ru500 ssn iasoldiers bhaveeekin lled. oncie ty that has yenot t meco tintohero cssfire is od, essain raine's far h soutonhe t black that's w nhereicsck hifrin is toght. . >> schifrin: the thrdi laesrgt ci btyegi nsbet is
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beache s, odenssa fill sanbad gs onalg the black t seao defend the city from russian invasion, th aeyre all voluntes,er an assembly lane for wokerrsfo r whom now that th is their full timejo.b ine paceful times this was a yacht club, 58ye ar dol albert is the manager. >> do you father that odessa uld be targr etted very soon? y>>es, we are very afraid because we understathnd at the grsoesr, the russarian mya hs crossel d alrelid nes. when they shot nua clear power anplted, when they shoot at humanitariano crridors, ie hav no doubt tswhaoer vethat they lleh bave in the wsameahey re anon wlye can ostp them. >> sfchiri in:n 121 day-1- 12 ysda they filled 3 4ub,7000 bags their beattlr cyth, e national anem. >> butifth is chorus ilstl rings loudth on is beach, the citynt ceer, it has fallen sigh lebtd-- silent. >> this is the heart of the city usually a bustling and loud street that you can see every inheg re is cometplely closed.
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and at thnde e of this street odessa's w forldamous operouahse nd bagged, protect. thist ciy,h tis country, europe has noet sen this image in 80 years. the tlastimode essa's operahouse cuname d erseige was world iiwar ewhn germanli aled roma niantrpsoo occupied the ty. toy r babed wire and beh-acfilled sand gsba protect ti dveutyso ldrsiep deloyed in sidetheir hoetmown. streets normally full of cafes w strewn hwitan tari-mour hie clbarricades known as hedge has wkand hotels protected byti res a onddessaans who n'havet stlo their trademark humor, liketh is woman who when i asked he rage said ppleoe dot veli that long. our city behas en stan,ding sndtaing and will als waybe anngdi. younrsdetand in that's t.i odessa ies th center of the world. u yoshould knowa tht. why did yocou me hefre i you t don'kn towhat. s hewalked aawy undauntaned d protd ectebylo calm comand3er 2 year old alexi who would only
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give his first name. heut on hisir fst military patceh whn wheas 15. his entireli mitary career dedid catetoe feting russia. >> how itampornt is eodssa to ukraine? >>deass uiskrneai. >> why, exnplai that? >>dea ssis our home, and its i a strategicta rget. erise a porte herth, ere is anirelfid here. we have to defend it abyny s meannessceary. schifrin: and byon anye who is leab. eg is 57. >> why ihis ts your war to ght? >>ec bause this is wmyar, we are all citsizen of ukraine. we are all defdienngou r country. how else wldou it be. c>> shiinfr: a seniou.r s. fense officiaial srud ssia has invaded ukrawiine th00 1 percent of the 150 ,000plus troops deoypled at the bo rderand cupied what is in dark pink. it is making the mosprt ogssre in the south. ruiassn troops currentlys enierk el mar mariupo l,last uthrsday
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th occupied kherson, and now atheyre adinvancg about 80 whiles to od'sessa esat, ptcauring odessa coo cutky iv froff omth e sea. >> oa dessiso cnsidered the southern itcapol of ukraine. ther e isa militartey rm, the ghhi ground. ithats how theye se odessa. >>hiiss odessma's ayor. hesays he is wor riedabout saodes bei nginvaded onhr tee desis from theac blk eas, from the east and from the west, the brkay warepublican mall dova heayhes does not expect aealo bmmebardnt. >>heway nt oda einac tt, es'ssa infrurastcte,ur architec aturend stracitegicay,ll they want all ofho usendamaged. ithatsh wy thi ink odessal wilbe subjected to a spe ocialpern.atio >> wdesaasfo unded in the late 8d cthentury by one of russia's greateslet rurson, e of e russian empire's most impot rtanport, russian prest idenpunti has used that history lto caihem is quoalt liberating ranussi seapkers in ukinnia tciies. >>e spdiells that lie.
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wde id not k asanyone to come he. did inotnve itanyone to come with weaponds an ocpycu . us we dinoast k anyone ltoiberate us, hes lp uosar ve us froym an one. soe wwill be defending our city. >> schifrin: the also city t eheast between odessa and ruiagrn ound trp,ooru ssian continues to bomb abord civilian targets. >> he edfilm wtha was left of his tmaparent. >> svourvirsn ishock. and ukraine said russian torops aradvnganci towards the clr eapower plant 75 hours north. rsiusana hd-- thek uraisnian wod veha had to flee to russia alliedbe larus, eth very vegornment tryin g tokill them. and in char kif where the stetres stl illookom bbeoud t anky wivhere residentstr ying to flee yerstedawey re killed by anrich eshlls, nobodty ook moscow u opn its offbuer, t
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ukraine and moscomew t for a thid o dayf talks no eakthrough. >> this usedbe to a onyster and arkling winer ba, own it's full of bags of clothes. d anbasics that osieldrs ofnte lack. it is run by 45year dol nik o neli. >> the people, th aeyreci viailn d they y--ou se, eyowu ill see nobut w they are ready tost ay for odessa. >>dea sshisritocayll was a lelitt tbi oprruiassn or at lemiast xed. homuw ch raukinian pride is e thertod?ay saodes. >> 1er00 pce.nt ithissea rlly pride, now, to unders jtandustwt o weeks ago peleho tught that thsse ruian iarmys the best. no, our army is the best. e therispr ide. s>>chifrin: that pride is evidenn t ieverything here from how iukranis antalk about their
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own countr y tohothw ey think t abourusisa, in20 14 when russian -- rusa siannex criame and incity ddate a-- stinigated waa r in eastern a d. >>0% 3 considered thsemselve ukiarainnsth, at number y todaof o desans who conserid thevemsels ukrainian is 80 percent. w>>oodruff: ni ck,wear e hearing thope peleof odessa lko tyou, do they believe ey can withstand the the ssian onslaught? >> the m cayorerintaly does, in bpartecseau he does no tthink that ruswisia lrel sort to the nd ofin discriminate shelling the'at wvee sen inth oerci ties in eastanern d southukern raine. thbut atme ans that there could be urban arwarfe he,re strt eeto re fetighting between russians and ukrainiandns a tath would unubdotedly cause rmajo dmaage iits clear talking to u.s. offis cialth tathey do not evbelie atht the seige of eodssa can begintn u rilussian forces ke over the down 80 mesil to
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e stea and so faruk rainian soldierse havmagenad to rtesis ssn iaefforts to oy ccupthta city. w>>oodruff: i kyonow u avhe be rorepting for days and daysat, wh iyos ur sense nofw o ju how dire this humaniaitarn tuioatn has grown for people acsshe t coy?untr >>l, wel trehe is that big mb, er1.7 million peoplhae, tt is mo rethan 3 percofent the country hawho vfee lt that they had to become refugees, cross ternational erbords twih only wh ty hecould c oarryr they coult d puinth eirr cas. haand lfh tat number are children. and of ce ourstheer is an known inch raukinians who have hatole fe theirom hes but are ilstl inside uknerai but that ernumb is undoubedteddly high. t there is thanoerum nber toghnit. onofle gnlsky's top aid sesaid the number ownf tos dan lvilages ssacro t hecountry that that don't ha electricity, plbiumng, powers 1,000, 1,000 villages t andowns across the country t don'ofrfe the basic servichaes tt so many ukrainians
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need. andyd ju, iths is on lyweek two of w aar that u.s., western officials arheco uld last months. woodruff: v, eryvery tough. nickscifhrin reportitong nhtig frdeom ossa. an kyou, nick. >>ooufdrf: russia is o of the world's eslargt erengy oducers of bcroth udoie l and naratul gas. pr ficesorot bh commoditieves ha skocteked since the war testard moalst two weeks, ago d they are nreear cord teorrrity. peeuro eecspially relies on russian nal turagas. t w,no the biden w hhiteouse issi raingos psible new, harsh ncontis on this visetal ct.or geoff bennpiett ckups the story fromre the. >>epteorr: the biden administrationon tig ihts idconsering a ban on u.s. imports of russianru cde oil to punish theml kreinor f its insi oonf ukraine and to rther isolatsse ruian prenesidt advlimir putin's reme. secretary of state tony inblken sa sdauny the u.s. itis acvely discussing tathe mtewir th roanpe allies.
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>>ar we e w notalking to our euro apeanlls ieand partners to looka at codiornated way at the prospectba of nng inthe import usof rsi oanil while maksuing re ere sistill an appropriate supply of oil on world markets. >>ep rorte or:utrage over pun'bls oody war witrah ukine s haprompted lawrsmake fmro acrohess t pitolical spectrum to madend the u.s. imban pos rtof run ssiaoil. sersnato j moeanchin, a west virginia draemoct,nd a lisa murkowski, aasn alkaep rublican, ntrecelynt iroduced legiioslatn th wldou block the foflow run ssiaoianl d gas into the u.s. and hospuse ear kenancy pelosi balsoac tkshe idea. >> ill'm a f torhat. ban it. thban e l oicoming from iaruss. yeah. reporter: pderesintid ben, th, oughhabes en reluctant to curb rus osianilhi spments to thu. os.r impose energy sanction ws inayths at would reduce suppliny, sceis ring inioflatn d anhigh gas prices haeeve bn y keconcerns for deatmocrs tashey try to ddefen their fre agilmarijoties in the
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hoe usand e thsena iten this midterm election year. across c theourynt, gas prices are nearing tiall-meig hhs, vering just e abov$4 g aallon, wi t cheost of gas hgavin edinch uevp ery day sincee th ssian invasion. >>es yterday it wa.2s $49 wno it4.'s $39. i t don'kn wowhat to do about it. >> repr:orte t pheresident also riskcks bala fshrom vinmroentalists whguo are eth u.s. shoult d nousrue ssia's ukinrae invasion tpao exnd dome osticilr ogas drilling, icsoh me republicaavns he enbe urging. yobend the political considerations, two administonrati srcoues say the whhoite usise still assessing etr hea u.s. ban would actu hallyurtht e russian omecony,in sce russia semonds st i ptsetroleum pros ductto rope and asia. e >> wdot n'import a lot of russial,n oi b wute are looking atptnsio that we cane tak rit ghnow if we weo re tcutht e s. consumptif on oruiassn engy. buwh'sat really mostor imptant e-is w- atth we maintain a steady supofply gbalol energy. >>or repte rr:ussian oil mupade
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on about 3% of all the crude shipments that arrived in the lu.s.asyet ar, according to govemernnt so emexperts cauti uon a.sba. n cod rcfoe other couns trieto llfoow suit, sen odingilri pces sog arinarndou the globe. whituse hoe esprs secretary jen akpsi today said p theredesint isll sti dibelerating. w>>ell, no deci hsionasee bn ma atht is point by the esprident about ba, aann o imports, a o bann poimrting oil omfr russia a anosd the usdiscsis onare ongoing prest idenisos mt focused on is enngsuri ware e continuing to take s ttepso lidever punishing economic cquonseens ceon putin, while ta akingllct aion necessar ly toim tithe impact to prices at ths e >> reporter: german chancellor afch solz is amongse tho shing back astgain bckloing ssn iaenergy exporsats, ying datoy in a state, ment"atht e ment, europeup's splofy energy feaor ht negeration, limobitypo, wer supply and industanry cnobet secured in any other way. it is there eforofss eential
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rtimpoan fceor the provi osionf publeric svis ceand the daily liofves o curitizens." e u.s. oil itrndusy,or f its part, c hasomoue t in support of a ban uson rsi oanil imports. u.s. refinsaers y eyth have alreadyrt staedel rying less on russsuian meantime, assi prede bntiden noceund in his staf te othe union esaddrs,e his releasing 30il mlion barrelsoi of l omfr u.s. strategic reserves, paroft a alglob eorfft to ease oil ppesli amid the uke rainwar, as w thehi hteouse weighs ether to impa ose tol taban on russian oil. for pbthe s wsnehour, i'm geoff w>>oodruff: and m forore nolyt on orun ssia's energy seoran, d the possiby ilitof sancs,tion b outn the wider view omfr moscow, letur's tn w noto spiacol rrespondent ryan chco wteho is in thesi rusan capital. ryan, llo, we are riheangmo re and re talk hereth in e stwe of an bargo on russian oil. yoha lveooked intoth is. wh catould that mean for the
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world andfor rusa?si ll, you know, i think we saw the answoer t taht pinart on thmaetrk today. e so wsaw the icpre of oil go almost 140 a barrel r fobrent, ithats e thbenchmark for oil around w theorld. you know, jstu a month or two ago pe wopleere questioning whether oil would go to 100 a barrel aernd he we are, an aoextrrdariny increase iicn pre. and anyou d i wereki talngb atou othisnr fiday. ifsi rusa is ublnae to exrtpo s tle's say 7.5 million baelrrs when you take inl althe vaouris kis ndof crude products that doe nsn'tesscearily mean if t can'tpo exrt that tothe united ss tateaneud rope, that it couldn't rtexpo itl esewhere. atwh the market told us today is it n'doest think itca n't. ithi tnks that muoich l is oigng tot save off th mearkeort at let asa portion of that oil. remb, ernato ntcouri besuy out half of those 7.5i mllion
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barrels. d anso less oil hon te market, hi pgherrice. so all s weaw was pe ooplen the maetto dbay, asillcay yitrng torectdi the futured an it okloed pretty akble enwh it cos meto eney rgprices. inside russia, kind of the msae y,stor e thruble plummeted. we went, basically the ruble lost-- hoas lst alstmo 100 rct enif you can imagine of its valg ncu sie the begnginni t heyear. went at oone pint down to 170 aru e yoels todaay cme back to to130 the dollar. that is,ee pmenter he in russia, adtrers saying hey, we'ore nt sure we'reng goi to be able to se tllhoseba rerls ofoi l abroad. atth is bad nefows r the russian ony,om what it means for russiansev is ethrying they have to buy frotm ousi odef eth country is g nowoi ngto cost at much more. ointher words, goods that let's y $cost100 rubles jut sa moh o agare now gongi to koses 200 rubs.le inth werords yoveu ha 100
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percent atinflioinn just a mattf er oa upcole of weeks. oo>> wdrf:uf dramatic chgeans. anle, t me turn bayou ck to bathe ttle front. notow day was scheduled the third round taof l ksbetwe enthe raiainns and the srusians, what do we flow abo utwhat has come of ut othose tal.ks >> well, theady me a little bit of proesgrs, holyeful on humanitarioanrrorids out of meso of these conflict zones, but as yknou ow, judy, that has t nobeen easy going. bipiurcte though, y verliltte reprogssa mde. we heard fromthe kreinml today thatths,i as they call ite her in russia, special military operatio n inukinrae will end the moment tthhat e ukrainians age rtoecognize cearim and the two separatist republics ea othf e country ag reeno tto join nato and effeivctely put tdownheir arms andt sop fighting. anosd the are quite simply, or atst lea have been nonstarters thfor e ukrainians. >>oo wdruff: and finally, anry, i know youre a tal tkingo
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thfos lkeverya dy, u yoare there. minoscow. whs at iyo ursense of what ordinary rusansi cizetins think abt ouwhats i gog inon in ukraine? >> i think you've got are ally divided society here. sund whae d th esingllae rgest number of arrests in any day in russian history. today h puspeople turning out to protesd t analmost immediately tting a resdz. theye ar oiobvusly aga winsthat isng goi on ink the other h tand,omroorw is a hodahey re. i sinternationoal wmen's day. tharere e oppele out in the restets everywhere. you know t, ifhey're conrnceed ouabt what is go ingon in the ukinrae, you ceairtnly can't tell it e threstaur antsare ckpaed. op sleeem to be to a large tent ignortving ntmed maybe ey don't ththink ey can change iwhats igong on. e maybthey srtuppo it. maybeye th blieeve what they have beeaen hri angbout what's going on in ukraine. there cobuld e nua mber of asreons. t 'sit not aifs evneeryo is against whsat i hpapening in uke.rain theyac're tlluay appears to be a
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signanifict ouamntf o aphyat or support. >> woodrufnof: dbtou all of that conndecte t hoow much they know, how tmuchh heyave been alwed to know about whaist going on. ryan cothilce eprorting for us mfromocosw, thank you, ryan. >> woof:druf ithn e day's other ws, the spik oe inilnd a ligasoneri pces triggered a se-ollff on wall st.tree majoder inxewes re off 2% to mo tn ha3.5%. thdoe w jones indualstri aravege lost lynear 8 p00oints to close at 32,817. it's dmoown reha tn 10% from its pe--ak officially,ar a mket correc.tion e nasdaq fel2 l 48potsin and is nowbe in arar mket territory, do 2 s0%ince november.
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the s&0 p 50ga uvep 127 points. the pandem oic'sffiaicl woidrldwe atdeh toll surpassed six milltoion day. hnhos pkins univer ssityays that incs ludenelyar 960,000 deaths ie n thu., s.but it comes asov cid's latest e surgis abating ucin mh tofhe coury. meanwhilhee, t steta of florida announcedad toy witill be the fit tinhe nation toom recmend agt ainsvainccations for hhyealt children. efforts esto rto trehe 2015 iran nucleaalr de he avhit a new stacle: the inwar uaikrne. russiaa is pay rtto the deal, d it is now nddemaing gutearanesha tt western ncsations over unekrai wl ilnot hinder itsde tra wh itiran. tn,ur tehran agreoded tay with the ranussi pitosion. >> ( tranedslat ): what is poimrtant is thae t thretilaons poreaceful nuclcoear opaterion of the isl ramicepliubc of iran thth oer countriesh sucas russia shonauld tullray not be milited to any sioanctns,
3:23 pm
especiallyth if e ncsations are lf-made and ouwitht eth rmsiison of the united nas.tion >> woof:druf t uhe.s. said the russian nddemas e arunrelated to the nuclear .deal inwashgt wonithdrew from the emagreenint 2018 and is not directlyol invveind the talks voinlving iran, aibritn,hi cna, frcege, rmany and ru.ssia stietdre supmeou crt rectjeed republicraan dwndi stricts in rtnohed carinola and pesynnlvania, crafafted tethr e telast census. ineastd the courtls wil adrw the psgi ving democrats ate betr chanofce dading seats. e high ucort also declined to coernsid irenstating bill cosby's sexl uaassault nviction. at mean at means hisea relsero fm pr sisontas.nd enhe wt eefr last june after nnlvsyania's supreoume crt overedturn h cisonviction based on due pssroce vlaiotions.
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coy sbis now 84. sveerd part of a -y3-10ear ntence. e pentagon t oodayrdeder that a akleing fuel sto srageitine waii be closnded a dinraed. thd e rehi fllacility dateoms fr rld war ii, nobut w,ea lking elfu has contamid natewarte supplies aadnd me meso people cksi. e obprlem displacered mo tnha 000 troops ahend tiram filies. and the bidemin adnirasttion is jecting $3.7li bilonnt io puicra tnsit. todaany's noceunment said, in part, it'sef an fo trto shore up ca-saptrped transit ciagenes. fsoar, only abo5%ut 5 of e-prpandemic ridipersh h casome ck. thmoe ney llwi alsfuo nd gntras to buy electric and low-emission buses. still to conome t "henewsurho," maraei kth a andmy wtealr scs usformer attorgeney nelra iawillm barr's new book; how music is giving people hope amidst tarhe w iukn raine; plus
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mu mchore. >>ooufdrf: over the fpastew days t hhereavbee en growing calls for unthe it sedtates and nao to tesbltaish a no flye zon over unekrai. inukraiaprn esident zelensky reiterated p theletoa day. but whs at ia fnoly zone and how d woulitor wk? thfor ate wget two views. retired ariemy lutanent general do lugute served oe n thnaontial securiouty cnc siltaff during both the geow.rge bh usand amoba administras.tion he waso alsu. as.mbassador to to during thame oba administonrati. d kurt volked r haa y23ear cares er aa pldiomat and served uas.s. ambassado or tnato ridung the georg be w.ush adstminiraonti. he was alseco spial represtientaveor f ukrai netiioatns during thume trp
3:26 pm
adminitistraon. we welcboome th of you backtoth e shnewou ir, am igong srtta with youku rtd volker, let's talkabtou that no fly zone, explexain acy,tl you are one of f thee wpeople that has coutme o and enbe outspokend an saying it is something that shlde bdone. whdoy you think son ad how exacwotly uld it wrko? whs at iit? >>et s'start with the moral obliga.tion when wee se civilnsia bieng killlied kthe is and what tpuin isdoi tngo ukranoine w, it's very reminiscenf ts othe worst days of the 3 190s and what hitler dideu in re.op weand tdol oursels venever aiagn. soe veha a reqmeuirento t do somethheing re. he avdone no fly zon iesn the past. evy ercircumstances is ffenert. wehae vdone th iemn bosnia, kovoso, northern iraq but the whole prplincie hibend it is matanirian, it is to save civi llianisve, prevengt emth fr ombecome bombdeard by the y, and i thinnk i ts hicase we d woulha tveo do it difntferely
3:27 pm
th iann other cases, wewould essentiall ty beelilng a putin ate ware not going to attack iarussn ougrnd targets luness fi uredpon. wee t nogoing to attack run ssiaairarcft unless ythe come inheto t zone and reusfe to ave. juwe swat nt to cree ata clear spe acwhere there are nota atcks ait nscivilians to allow huniritaan assistanoce t owfl and civilians it to leave fely. >>o wodruff: and swhatpceas d woulthe osbe. iou wld say overi kyv, the arlgest pula ctionenter in rae inand west of there in western aiukrnek, eengpi it away frruom ssia'des brr bs--h -- border. woodruff: sdoo ug lawsuit, what do you make d--oug lute, wh do you make of this? i'm anotbltoe he ar. sryor, sorry, judy. we should bee xplo ringevrye btald ong the lineats th ktdur said to relievee th humanaritian situation. which is atrocusio. and uncall edfor dan a
3:28 pm
but we ulshod do so in wayna s n'rit skhe t broadening of the liconfct. lothok, ere ality is that most of the human tragedyos, mt of e thciviln iacasualts iein raukine are ca nusedot bythe russiar n aifoerc which would shaveom e,something t doo with the no fly zone but rathbyer groundr foces. sot arilleryoc, rke atsnd mie ssilrefi. so i donhi't tnk the no fly zone wod ulhave mu ncho to doit wh the humanita srianituation. furthermore, r theussianir a rcise among thes mot inctdiedve part of the campaign rit ghnow. soagina, it's not going to have a big acimt tonhe humaranitian siiotuatn,t idoes howeve rhave a bigm ipan ct iterms of debroani tnghe conflict. somebody hoas t impose the no y zone. i wonould t tru stsome sortof baaiwin th a putin that he wod iab deby rueslha ving to do with the nflo y zone. inlaicss terms, the no fly zoeqne ruis retaking out,
3:29 pm
tacking,op posing ira defense sys.stem that wd oulpu tthe forces ofe th nol fy zone in dirt eccontact with the ruanssis. >> ruwoodffle: t's takeh tose points a onet tia me. cko tyou kurt volr,ke on doug's pointat th much of atwh iso ging on griht now in ukraine is oe n thgrunod, that th ereis munot chi ar action, so this ulwodn't make tmuhat ch fference? ukrainians thaveak oenut i evbelie e thnumber now is 49 fiwixed ng aircraft, so yes, the russians hbeave eusn ing them. s, the ukrainiaavns he been inweg ll. t itdoes mean t thathe air force irts pa ofth is. he is abtesolulriy ght, this is noe t thmnai part of it now. but it's wthhat e ukrainians are askiorng f. and theyll wi do thgre odun work. theimr ared forces, their litary, theior peplare e ready and in fact effectively siinstg the russionans the ground. and that will continue. isth airspace styafe is something th tat ihk inthe op olef ukraineo wuld see as exemy elimportant foeir thr
3:30 pm
frdoofm movement aband ility etto g to safety. >>ooufdrf: whatab uto that point,g doule,ut and then i do want to back to kurt volker out the widg eninthe conflict. but what a tbouthpee ople of raine seeing that asth e west suppngorti nem? >> well,e clar lywestern or erican air support in support of z theelensky imrege, in support hof te ukrainiane pople wod bea major ps up for eth ukinraian people, ibut inthk the is an american from and nantto iert esand the tcouner invailg teinrest is notot widen thnte cointaenl flict annod t to becoa me direcd teparcipate, a protisagont tinhis war. why,au becsef othe ghhi tentiathaatt th direct liconfctco uld lead to uninte ndedcoeqnsuences. and an ealscatn iothat could ta u sall the way up the oo>> wdrf:uf kurtd volker, speak to thap ipontat, th once you tge-- oe ncyou have u.s. planesvo inlved,u' yore risking
3:31 pm
a ch widecor nflict between the u.s. and russia. right, firsft of, wehave to take tvehat ryse rusioly. ithiss tno somet hingyo duo litlghy or not soinmethg uyo do lfheartedly. it s iserusio risk th wate have to pay tatention to that. bucot a uple of pois nton this. one imvladirut pin's forces are g doinbay dlin ukraine as it is withanout y utoside help. thste la tnghi vladimir putin ntiss to wdein thewa r. edosn't want to bring in u.s. and or othnaer too cuntries to make his effort harder. hes ingog to beer vy careful about what hese do i fwe do something like. this theon secd inthg is if putin succdsee vin oertakgin inukrae aiagnst all of juour dge alam, l f oour mor salense of iwhats ghrit or fair and takes ov uerkraine, hel wivel mo to the nelxt pace. ihe wll move toll ma dova he wi illn--al ml dov, eatheree h wintll iim gate orgeiag, there ais risk to the balticta stes.
3:32 pm
satome point wee havto nfront vladipumir tin. i d woulraerth do it with a ukrainiaven gornntme and liryta ready to fithght an waunit t wile are on much worse fog.otin >> whabt aoutht at. >> i think kurt made my point. if the asim i to confront a putin ine th air over-- in the skies of ukraitne, hen i think a no z flyone uwold accomplish that. bui t don't thihnk tat is inou r teinrest. >>au becse. >>au becset iruns the risk aiagn, judy ofthis unintended escalation oaf wr. ceon we start dirt eccoantct with truhe ssnsia, there is no intellg erwhe that ends. and i ceairtnly would not, i certy ainlwod ulnot trust ar wod ofdi vlamipur tin to abibyde somer sot of humanitaanri gesture byy waofh te noly f ne. look, weou cldt n'tru sthim in any of t shetatenemtedsov er the last decade. and olhe td us as wethll at he wouldn'tva indekr uaine. sodo i n'tht ink therise any trheust reo tbe had.
3:33 pm
>> kvurt olr,ke there clearly wod ulbe the skri of this inning out oonf ctlro and we hate to thibonk aut nuclear but at is par t ofthe equioatn, isn't it? i>>t cerlytain is. as i sawid, e have to take this very i'nosut ggesting t ahatnybody truspt a utin. m suggestingat th a putin can raid the s lineonh te baltte fid eland realize t thahedo es t nowant u.s. forces engaged. ifhe tre is ay nculear use, i thk inthis is somngethi wte heed to commune icatvery clelyar. there ulshod be neerv any use of nur cleawepoans. we dt on'wa tnto do it wedo n't twanto ese russiait do . and thif esre i, thait s meinthg that we w ouldvery filyp opose andla vdimir putin oushld know that. wen do't want isth, evee ryonhas ide wdon't wanti ths to get t of land or any larr gethan what i.t is wo>> odufrf: i do want to ask both of you about one rothe thing thand ats i the plan or conversation now, serious diusscsion, doug l autebtou
3:34 pm
hangvi poland provide planseesd to the ukranainis that they could use. which would then be replenished or panold would then be supplied s. plaesnbu t what abohut tat sche.em d>> iou btthat the firsta prt ttha swa jp,udy wouldha ve a majopar imct. tharese e sofer tye aircraft that thels po e aroffer together ukrainians, e therar ae lot of questi aons, l ootf coletixies, are there ukran iniapoilts avail, ableair s baseavlaaible who isin gog to ove idthe moniaeyicns, who willte dotd imantenance of these airarcft, this is no simple swap. the secondt parofh te deal however i'erm vy tratacted .to ths at ithme otion that ithf ere arame erican f-16th avblailae ptorovide today to our easteren ureaopn llaies that swehould be mangki-- immediately. >> woodr auff:ndui qckly do u yosee this ask maing a difference otr no? first of al dl, io ees it as ki ang difference. and on doug'is pontab out part
3:35 pm
e, the ukrainians e aralrdyea flying m9ig 2s. ey do have traedin opo lopits and aryie flngut o of ukinraian aipa ceand airfield so this would be an additive element to wh ukrainnsia are alr aeadyble to do. at would be porntd. unfortuny,atel ire a learned ethisvengni that thel polsre a nosaw ying this nois t going to pphaen. thk inthat is a shaame nd i inwek should be lookitng a other alttiernavess ump as slof ia and roma niabecause the overall pae ckagisa good one to gemot re apcabilities to the you yainian-- yoinu yaia.ns oo>> wdrf:uf the conversation is mpso iortant ase pople are feeling des itpa-- desperate as they w watchhat is goi ngon. no question that is how many ukrainians afere engli right now. do, ugkurlt, thanuk yo very much. thank you, judy. oo>> wdrf:uf in washington, timounngre pssure to bansi rusan
3:36 pm
oipol imrtiss putting prentside deinn a tough sitonuati. anfoerrm republican rnattoey genebiral llar br is back in the adhelines with acon upming me omoirn s time in the ptrum admiranistti.on lisaja desrds inhas more on the week in tipolics. desjardins:t' thas ghrit, ju, d ani'm joined hinere st budioy r oupolitics monday duo: amyte walr tofhe cook pocalitil porert with amy erwalt and tamaeira kthf onpr. day gentleyoman u veha all over ag iain,'ma hppy to see ynou i person. >>oo gd to be backa agin. >>oo gd to be bacak aginag, ain. >>et 'sstart wither engy priceso , twthgsin are happening ncat oe rhee, raukine is tifighngfo r its existence. athe t same time it is also uetr that ihin ts ryc gas prices are rehi ngpotentially a record average natilyonal. m ay, howo d the o twthings ivle sidesi-by-deo plitically inis th counritry ghnt ow. >>an c i add a tirhd >> yeah. >> we are at a 40 year high with inatflion. every president ewhn gaspr izes
3:37 pm
have spik spiked durg inhis ministrationve, ha flte that, atwh can we dos, i there a short term soln,utio terhe never s tbu yot u puono tp of it we are in thdde milef o this geopo litical crisis, and weha ve thatsu--ts puts so muoch mre pressure oe n thadnimistration anfid nally the eroth pceie of isth that is sepe aratbut also importtoant merember is you have a andministration t chatame toin office with a very aggres siveclimate pcoliy. they wanted to redpeuti ron--ede uccarbon emissibyons 5020 to 0. there is a tremendous call among blrepuics anright now for rolling backo th seexpectaontis anbld angmi the adminisiotratn for e somof its previsou cidesions whethert iwas the yke one xl pipeline or the desion by the madinisiotratn to no longer allow leases on puicla nd. now we w knothat those two thing as loan wouldn't sudy denlhave solved thea gso pressh.
3:38 pm
s uwoldn't come flowifrng om e thostwplo aces tod.ay bu dt itefitinelray isesth e esqution fore dmocrs atwho wanted to d useissue of climate chanf ge oa oglbal yies is on this-- crionsis tihs. as a posivite thing to be able ttoalk about in upcomgin renow ay llon the deivfense rhee bee caustoa mke thela cim that we goto t fix theim clate, a lot of voters saying i d on'tknow, vegin the cothsts at e aralready co tmingo .me >>si prede bntiden is under prsuesre to bring in oil stop brgiinng in oil. it is by pt arsanpr sseure in congreanss dwh en gas prices go upre, publicans arhie ttg inhim d anblaming him. so it is a verdiy fficult positionbe to .in thite whe ushoe also apeaprs to want tro wowik th other goblal leaders. they have edmov l ink ocstep on evytnghi else. ithissn'ta snctioners te dosn't reirque them to nof ino lck step
3:39 pm
utb they arse till tryg into moitve wh heotr euroanpe trcounieans d it is, the reffot stabizile global energy markets withig a b huge question rkma over russia isn sengdi them in t aherms vofenzueala and sai abaria andot pentially iran, if an airn deal can be red.ache >> noten fridsf o america. ot>> n pitycally nfrie odsf amic ca,ertainly noten rectly. pariah sstate. i saudarbiaa is a somewhat erdiffenret lationship but certy ainlir aannd venezuala are not t greafriends of the united states and are t nopeople who, yokw,no have enbe sppulying oil thto eni utedst ates. but the ert to stabilizee th gl mobalart keis leading toall ndkis of unusu althings you ulwodn't expectt wihin eth foerrm attorney gealner blil rras h a book coming tou toowmorr. you t mighha hveeard about it because he d hasonnoe t just one t butwo interviews on n nbcews ouabt that, hain tt among the relavetions gettineg th largest head ilines shi recounting of
3:40 pm
his wotrds o presintde trump whe wheas presidenent wh trump puwas snghi the eida of eceltion fraud,e herisha wt he ho lester holt, attorney geranel barr, hawt he told the president, pderesintru tmp. ito ld him tathl al this stf ufwas [b]leep . and about election fra.ud anyod u know, it is wro tngo be elshovinitg tou t wheay shi teamswa. >> a we're f ariendly opramgr, i k thinevyoerne know what that word was, when yooku lo as this, wi pthresident tmpru still tryitong be viable as a ndatide next timeou arnd. >>ouav he many membofers his canet, former members have co t ouand renounced the presids ent'aioctns on january 6, as bill barr did,ad leing ups as the ectleion fra, udwe have a y,part t rheepublican pathrty at is still vercy muh eth donald
3:41 pm
trump party. th sllti like dond altrump. at the same time there was a cent polokl fos wnes poll that ow edonly 68 per centof republicannts wa h timo run tso ihk inwhat you have right now is a party that iso nt moving awacy neesrisaly from dona trubump tth ey wouldli ke tosee somethiing dfferent. biarll br was also onthe "today showis" th mniorng when asked would suhe p tportrump in 2024. sheaid i will suppoedrt a dientre candidate. what if that cande idatdon'est n thmie nonioatn. sheaid well i would ppsuort trp umwhich is, ithissh were i thk inwhat you are seeing is at, that thaey re loo fkingor somebolsdy ee tbu not necessarily. >> this tris u lythe kruks of it. that theree ar any nuembr of reblpuicans who sawiy i sh it sn't trump. t if it is trump, lbel's vote for trump. yes, and thiat gvehs im cribedle power. pe>> sakg inof different candidates a whoreea rdy to see,rv governor detd sanisint idflora erwhe we see the blrepuic lanegislaturesh puing roh ugmore conservative bills bon aortion, o alsa bill dealing
3:42 pm
th howex suality is taught in olschos,pp oonents sayha tt is a bihall tt uwold make whit ere u yocouldn't say isof meone was gay or not. m,ta plitdicallhay, wt o dyou thk hisappening. is this a hflas ithn pae n or mo lreong-term, eta rurton urculte rwas? >> oone wulard gue th tathe cuurcae rs neverer ally went aw.ay d desanti hstas-- is very good at. is he is very god oat picking upn otheotse h-btoutn issues on the thingst tha are, discussed on the paeln onfox news and at make republicans ang.ry and anger is motd vaiting. anmod-- titivang, what republicotan veras re conrnceed t abouisth at their way of life changing,a tht thcoe untry at they knew is changing. and this rsoted ofri geve and licsti, this stic tk ito the lira plsolitics worelks wl with the repliubcan base which hyis w gveornor de sanistdt is the number two person behind
3:43 pm
doldru tmp in ter omsf people, in temples p ofotential candidate for 2024. >>ot n long okay floor what-- flo wridaas p aurple state. >> par tt ofheea rson aryou e seeindng a s tnot just in idflora. we hseave eno sme of these antrtiansgender bi llsma tkeheir y through some other red esstat, oprhibiting those folks in sports, particinipatg in orts. we have fewerg leistulares now that are divided between decrmoat ande rpubn.lica we have mooretr ifea ctcontrol, lethe gislature plus the governor of one one party. when that hnsappe it lookse lik whapat hpe insn washingttoon o. the legisrelatu used to be that pl race,embmeer we callh tem the acple where things staedrt. e laboratory. and they would ybe move theair wy tuphe federal goventrnme wath is ppening now this eary e just polarized as the federal goventrnme wrehe what are you going eto se then is democtirac
3:44 pm
stesbl, ue states, pushing eir version haof wtth e amer icancuurlte shubd and red ates pusnghi their version of whatey th ithnk them aeranic culturdeal inty ifshould be. anyod u're not seek much pushbackau becseo yu only have one painrty co ntr oolf those stesat. yoha vevery littlese dcent. >>ha wt is natioisnal lcoal and what isc loal isna tional t is all edmixto gether anjud st a lot >>nd a all of it,w alaywis ll gecot vered hoere n lpoitics monday. do you a lot in eight minut,es anyok u souc mh. yam walter, tamara keith. >> woodruff: w ande' blle back orshtly with a pssrofeor t'sake burst fit,ak te a moment taro he omfr youlor cal s 's aha cnce otofferou yr ppor wt,hiclph hes epke raprogmsik le ours on thr.e ai
3:45 pm
woodruff: fhoor tseta stions stinayg with us, ahin exbit tiedtl “liber”y,"n i philadelpheeia skso ttell a re inclusivery sto othf e eramican revolut iion,ntdurocing visitors to people criticatol dibuilnghe t nation-- buost whe names they've likely never hed. john yang vid sitela fstall as pa ortf our arts and culture series, "cs.anva" here's seconokd lo awht at he fod.un >>ep rorter: at figlrst an,ce this paig,ntin atht e museum of the amaneric rolevution in philphadelialo, oks like a pical depictofion t theime-- but atake cselor look. it'sit a ltlkne own moment in u.s. histothry: e odrhe island reme--nt which had two companies olof sdis erwho were tinave american f or oafcarin descenmat-- rcnghi past indepecenden >>s thiisus jt an incredible scene thwhat, en l iaid eyes on
3:46 pm
orit f t fheirst time, just reallype held ctoenter the contrionbutis pofeople of rin cadescent in torhe fmaonti >> repr:orte mhaicel idriss is the museum'sic afranme arican terpretive fw.ello >>higrs oup is primarily african-icameran. ey are led bwhy a ite coanmmding officer. and in thedl mide ofhis is thisng you m wanho is looking at isth snece, and he wiltel lar nameja is mefos rten-- and that these men, wbrere avofe men as ever fought. >> repor fter:orn'tes words,“ brave men asr evefohtug,” give this paintins g it was comiomissnebyd the museum ae s thceerntpiece of a ecial exhibillt cae“ “liberty: dotrn oii'ans paintings heof t revoluartiony r.wa” foenrt is an unherdalde lurevotiarony war figure, a dsgranonf oenslaved peowhple o bowas rnre fe. he fouinght t whear as a teagener and lateram bece a wey althbunesissman and legadin olabitionist.
3:47 pm
adrienhane wleisy the museum's directf or oedatucion and communenity gamegent. i>>f we are notki loongt aa stofory t ahemerican revoonluti ths at iinusclive of all of ospee ople, we're g doinpoor hiy,stor nbeumr one, but nrumbe two,re we' n potroviding people with the opportunity to understand how they themselves and communities like theirs might bhaveeeden aling with the challenges and the complications of this cr cazy,haicot, hopeful, beaul,tifu cllhaenging time. >> reporter:tt sco sphteenson is president c.and e. oo.f the muumwh, ich opened i17n 20. >>e wwanto tteacpeh opleo tbe histor riansatr hethan sort of be passivelyki walnghr tough a museum, justki loongt athe arfas ctand a traditl ionakind elof tli, ngwe really wa intedt to boue, y kw,no interrogative experience. a museum ts hat'abt ouinquiry, atth asks questions.
3:48 pm
atth's the best okindf arlening think that twehat c wane can possibly do for our rising generations. >>or repte tr:he museum's core hibit includanes my ttlile- ted orsties: the fiercely debad tedecision by onthe eida nationna of ti avemericans to orsuppt e threvolution; avensled womeken li pllhiis wheatley, the fit rsafrican amer aicanndnl oy sendom wan in north icamera to ispublh boa ok of poetryd; an enedslav ppleoe of african scent who fo fughtorhe t britis eh inxcnghae for their freedom. that's itrllusat iedn this tableaux cd alle“sometimes frdowom re a red co”t." it dep aicts wanom overhearing a unyog enslaved melan tli ang friend he ruwas nng inaway to injo the red coats. byig desn,ll a the figures are the likeesness opef ople now ling. >> one oe f threonass that we do when you latook aig fure like this, th aat'sctlluay been life cast. >>ep rorter: and yalou tked abt inbeg life cast seand eing
3:49 pm
your... ithiss u,yo this is your skin, this is your face. literally me. this is kimy sn. is is my face. >>epteorr: there areo als esh-and-blooted inrpterers in costumesyi planghe t roles of orhistic faligures. the ummuse'sla bck interpreters portray ebothnsvelad and free op.le rpinterer tekalela williams. >>ou y know, otherck bla fksol will look e at mansad y, you kn, owhow does it tfeelo raporty sla ave? and i ragenelldoy n't. t,ut b not in thisra chact,er but ouof crsi e would. anthd at's somethihang ttha tt's th'sat a role thatou i wld likepo to rty.ra toand m te,here's, there's, ths ere'betyau in portrayihong w was e,ther. >> rteeporr:ur crently, williams portraysen hela rrhais, a philadel sphiachltooeacher-- a re professior n foa acblk won tinhe 1790s. whae ve a very na irrowdeofa e wherblk acfolks playedol a re in h theisryto of the united states. >> w iant people tmeo co aywa with the undanerstdi tnghat black hiy storis.s u. history is worlstd hiorisy family history is all or f ouhiorsty. indigenousto hisrys iu.s. hiy storisor wld history ils al of ourto hisry. evneeryo'sis htory is part of
3:50 pm
who olwe cleivctely are. r>>eporter: mic ihaeldrs,is the tererptive fellow,tr porayas philadelphiaer bak bedas on cyrusts buil al, formerly enslaved w manhown oed a ccsfesul bakery. >> i wan tt toelstl ories that meet people frof aic danescent ated brock, at inconepti. i waeont ppltoe understand that the storofies ppleoe of african descent arcee nter tedheres a llwe, among others. theyre a paroft thias revolutionary story. >> reporter: idriss says it soal serves to dr daw airt ecline omhe t 18th centur ty tood'say -emixanation of racial justice. does that ctaffe y, outhis idbrging of cents urieast iwere wt'has going on nndow a wtha s going on t?here >> pnginni bk achistory is ally important. it aay w of revealinatg th there lwis aaybes en tension. is is an expenerimt atth is ongoing. thsee muumpe saks to that. it r's aevutolion that is ongoing o in sma rnyespects.
3:51 pm
>> i t thinkhawet have this opunportittoy tell diverse orsties at a momwhent eno smany members heof t pliubc are lyreal, alrely hungry foosr the divestrse ep>> rorr:te that resonawites th ma vnyisitors, likrre cuent ala abamscolho teacher shae deason. t'>> is atne to see somethone at looks liouke y, ktonow that, y,ou y do care aboyut m sthiory. you do i seet. you , knowweer we there, too. >> rteeporr:nd a retired teacher ry stringfeloflow cifalornia. ha>> tt'ths e part that tputshe tes arin my eyes bseecau, uyo , knowwee 'rin the room e wherit haenpped. llor brow from "haonmilt,"he t yobut u' arelso seeing erevybody's poin vt ofiew. r>>eporter: poiofnts vw iethat hat ven'alyswa been includned i orhisty okbos. the exhi"bit“liberty: don troiani's paintings of the revolutionary r” runs through sebeptemr,02 22. r e thpbs newshourm , i'john iyangn ilphadelphia.
3:52 pm
>> woodrufndf: a wwae nt to e leavyotou night with atl lite hope. in thest mid osof much chaos and destructinion uaikrne, the sound of musasic h t pheower to brg inlight to dars.knes willm iabranamgh hashi ts look at v theois ceand melodies liupfting a natindon uerie sge. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> rteeporr: c arowded bomb shelter benekyath ivoe gs quiet, as a youngl girsis,ng in ukrainian, "l“t gito” from the mo"vie“f“ozen.” ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ >> rteeporr:n ianother bunker, w belothcie ty of kharkiv, olinist and heteacr rave lytovcheplnko ayfos r those eking shelteomr fr t ahettacks erhead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
3:53 pm
ese organic,nt spoanuseo mos mentreecflt the spirita of peoplein tryg htoold on to eir humanityfl, unininchg in a teifngyi time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ outside e thky tivrain station, ose lining u ep tovaatcue hear thloe uis armstronasg clsi"c“ atwh a wonderfulld wor,” as eyop he to board ts rainin arsech of that w iorldn meso he sr,afer nation. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for those staying,e likthis grofoup vunolteers filling sandbags in pothe rtit cy of esodsa, our nickif schrican ught them pau tsingo ouprdly belt out their nationntal ahem. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ the samehe antm aypled by these ukrainian sorsldie, thgaered at
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thsie te of a russatian ♪ ♪♪ ♪ the t firslyc riof the anthem sa, ys“the glanory d eefrdom of ukraine hat s noyepet rished.” ♪ ♪♪♪ foe r thpbs newshour, i'm wiiallm brangham. ♪ ♪ ♪ wdroouff: all heroes. tibeauful. anatd th'she t newshour for tonight. m judy woodruff. join us on-line and agaihen re tomorrow engveni. for ofall uats the pbs news, hourthk anyou, please stay safe and y seeouoo s >>or maj fdiunng for the pbs newshour heeas bn ovprided by: >> for 25 years,on csumer ceulllar has bn rioffeng noonactrt wireless p,lans designo ed the plpeople do more of wthhat eyik le. r u.-bs.asedus ctomeser rvice am c hanelp find a pthlan at tsou y. ltoearn more, visit
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. ♪ hloel, everyone, andel wcome to "ampoanur & co." here's what'mis congp. u tnsralator: the ranussi tksan tknewhathe ty weer firing with ira dect fire at the station. that is terror of an unprecteedend level. >> russia aacttks a ukrainian nuclearer pow plant, a very oscle call says the head othf e u.n. nuclear watchdog. ra gfaelroiss j moinse to assess the threat velel. then -- >> transla itor:ts i clear we arige fhtgin the neo-nazis, the zis. can seeha tt in the course of th fight. >>ul pitzer prize-inwinng joliurnastnd a historiannne plauebm exposed vlar dimi puti bn'saseselsim clas and inntedis htory. also ahead -- >> what the u.s. andts i allies have donse i to declare economic wa ossn ruia. >> the