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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 14, 2022 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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viewers like you. thank you. announcer: and now, "bbc world news". >> this is bbcs america. after 38 days in office, britain's chief finance minister has been sacked. because he could tank becomes the seconshortest serving chancellor. his replacement the fourth to hold office this year. the same date prime minister announced another major u-turn on plans to cut taxes. >> when he jacked now to reassure the markets of our fiscal discipline. >> the supreme leader warns no one can overturn the islamic
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republic as protesters once again return to the streets. and flying for century. the most famous steam engine of all time celebrates 100 years on the tracks. welcome to world news america on pbs and around the globe. britain's prime minister liz truss has sacked her chief finance minister or chancellor and has abandoned a number of key taxcutting proposals. he has been replaced by jeremy hunt who becomes the fourth chancellor in one year.
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>> turning up for another u-turn. the prime minister invited reporters to downing street and scrapped one of her key policies that she has championed for months. >> it is clear that parts of our many budget went further and now has to change. i have therefore decided to keep the increase in corporate tax that was prescribed by the previous government. this will raise 1billion pounds per year. >> attacks policy ditched and her chancellor also. >> admit the chancellor earlier today. i was incredible he sorry to lose him. he is a great friend and he shares my vision to set this country on the path to greatness. today i have asked jeremy hunt to become the new chancellor.
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>> government spending will be cut compared to what was expected. >> are public sector will become more efficient to liver -- deliver world-class services for the british people and spending will increase less rapidly than receipt planned. >> it never rains but it pours. this was the former cncellor making a -- home. >> should the prime minister go next? >> the formalities look like this. in his letter to the prime minister, he wrote you've asked me to stand aside as your chancellor. i have accepted. in reply, liz truss wrote that they share the same vision and i am deeply sorry to lose you from the government.
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jeremy hunt is a former health secretary and foreign secretary and has tried to become leader himself twice. now he is the fourth chancellor since july. politics has been on fast-forward. it is 5.5 weeks since liz truss became minister. >> we are at beginning of a new era. >> it is three weeks since the now former chancellor set out his planned tax cuts. in less than fortnite since he ditched the cuts for the best paid. >> without that it was just a distraction on what is a very strong package. >> just yesterday, there was this. >> you will be chancellor and liz truss will be prime ministers this time next month. >> absolutely i'm not going anywhere. plaques it is little wonder that political rivals sound like
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this. >> another change in who is running the treasury is not the answer to the challenges we face as a country. the tories are out of time. >> this is beyond a joke. it was never funny, but liz truss has already through her own decisions trashed the economy and heap misery on people who are already struggling wita cost-of-living crisis. >> even this formerly -- formally conservative chancellor. >> the tory party has to be the party of competence in government. i'm afraid we have thrown away years and years of painstaking work. >> so many questions for the prime minister, but she only asked four of us to ask one. >> excuse the bluntness, but what credibility do you have to continue governing.
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>> what i have done today is made sure we have economic stability in this country. jeremy hunt as chancellor is somebody who shares my desire for a high-growth low tax economy. >> the questions from others were in a similar vein and brutal. >> he has to go. how come you get to stay? >> can you explain to the public why you should remain as prime minister? >> will you apogize to your party? >> her answers were similar, then that was it. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> what we have just seen is the prime minister junk a central plank. what she needs to do is restore credibility with her mp's and with the financial markets.
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the early evidee is that plenty on their own back benches are not convinced. all eyes will remain on liz truss. her difficulties are far from over. >> it is now four weeks since the death of -- following her detention at the hands of the morality police. the bbc has been marking it with special programming. it is been marked with protests in iran. masa amini had been detained for
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breaching islamic dress codes women have been at the forefront of the defiant protests and often facing a from the police to find out more about america's position, i have been speaking to a witness -- representative from the u.s. state department. >> you met today with iranian activists. what did they call for and what additional support does the u.s. planned to support -- to provide? box i think we had a very timely discussion this morning with human rights defenders and civil society champions for human rights and iran. what they heard from us was a resolute message of support for courageous iranians demanding respect. well as the u.s. commitment to support the ability of
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iranians to communicate with each other and the world and a commitment to impose costs on iranian officials responsible for this crackdown against peaceful protesters. >> at the end of the day, aside from the sanctions, there is very little the u.s. can do to help the protesters. >> we are responding with concrete action and we continue to engage partners in the international community on next steps. as you're aware, the u.s. has imposed sanctions on a number of senior officials including the minister of interior for his role in overseeing this violent crackdown. on the minister of communications for the government contemptible effort to deny internet access to over 80 million iranian citizens. also on the morality police that
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is responsible for the tragic death of the woman in custody. we also joined to other countries this week along with a total of four nations who signed on to a joint statement condemning this brutal crackdown demanding a stop to the violence against peaceful protesters and mandate accountability. we are also engaging with the tech sector and private sector to keep the lines of communication open for the iranian people so they can tell the world what's really happening. >> isn't the truth that the u.s. faces a dilemma because the iranian regime blames these protests on what it calls for an enemies. the more the u.s. does offer support, the more justification the regime has for claiming that. >> i thi it's very clear that this is a crisis of iranian
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governments making. what we have seen is state-sponsored violence against women and girls and that iranian people all over the country different regions cities taking to the streets to demand respect for their univeal rights. if there is anyone to blame here it is absolutely the regime itself and its continued efforts to kill and maim peaceful protesters which are only driving more people into the streets. >> iran's supreme leader was quoted as saying that no one should dare think they should overturn the islamic republic. what do you make of that? >> i think the actions of the iranian regime and intensifying its violent crackdown have only served to further fuel public outrage. ultimately, the regime has to answer to its own people and
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listen to their demand for respect for their universal rights. >> thank you very much for joining us. over 1000 venezuelan migrants have set out southern mexico toward the u.s. border in what amounts to a direct challenge to washington's announcement earlier this week that those seeking to cross the border illegally would be sent back. this week, the u.s. and mexico agreed that venezuelans who tried to cross over would be returned. a decision migrant activists have described as on humanitarian. it would seem that u.s. officials underestimated the determination of those fleeing poverty and political instability. >> i think there's a few things to bear in mind. one of them is the conditions, the sheer hell that so many
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venezuelans, migrants in general have been through on their route first to get to the u.s. southern border with central america then to the mexican southern border and the u.s. border with mexico. having made that journey, so many are not going to be inclined to turn around at that stage. what they are going to do d this is the worry of rights groups is they are going to turn to people smugglers. they're going to turn to terminal gangs to get them over the border. that includes those who have already been deported back to mexico after this announcement was made. other things are at play. for example, there is a consideration over the relationship with caracas by washington. amid the war in ukraine, venezuela's oil is looking increasingly attractive to the united states. there is a consideration going on about improving ties with
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venezuela. we recently saw members of maduro's family returned and a prisoner swap to venezuela in return for americans being held in venezuela. those are considerations being held also and of course the midterms are around the corner. the people caught in the middle or the venezuelan migrants themselves. >> many thanks for joining us from mexico city. israeli forces have killed two palestinian gunmen in the occupied west bank. it comes as fears grow further violence with confrontations breaking out a crossed east jerusalem and the west bank over the last 48 hours. a major protests by palestinians has now subsided inside a refugee camp in jerusalem.
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>> what you can see here are men and boys leaving noon prayers. this is significant because it is been happening pretty much every day over the last week is people have been holding the prayers up by the israeli checkpoint and that has led to big confrontations. today what we see is a calming of the situation inside the camp. people are now able to exit the camp and enter jerusalem on the west bank and that matters because what people have been saying is it's been like a prison inside the camp over the last week. as the military his severely restricted entry and exit the camp. there are tens of thousands of people any of them work inside jerusalem. apparently some kind of limited resolution to that, but the wider situation remains really concerning at the moment. that's because the israelis are still searching for gunmen who
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killed two soldiers over the last week. there are rates in and out of the camp over the last week. at the same time, at least six palestinians have been killed. tensions are extremely high. you can see in the camp things are moving again. there's a lot of concern about the direction in east jerusalem and across the west bank. >> environmental protesters have thrown soup at one of the most famous paintings at the national gallery in london. the sunflowers. it has not been damaged and it is already back on display. two women have been arrested. the united nations says hunger in one of haiti's biggest slums has reached catastrophic levels. the world food program cleared
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the highest level of food insecurity in the country for the first time. the organization says nearly 20,000 residents in the capital have dangerously little access to food and could face starvation. flash floods have swamped hundreds of homes in southeastern australia. many people have been evacuated while some have had to be saved by inflatable rescue boats. officials say some areas have seen three times the average monthly rainfall and just 24 hours. >> victoria has been worst hit this week and this is what parts of australia second-biggest state look like now. several communities have been ordered to evacuate. including some in the state capital. floods have swamped roads forced
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school closures and cut power to 3000 house -- homes and businesses. hundreds of properties have been inundated with rescue teams racing to reach those in urgent need to leave in some areas the only way to get around is by boat melbourne residents are on edge as they brace for more damage >> it's getting a little bit nerve-wracking now the water is getting close and yeah we can see it in front of us it's rising the luckily, we are insured. the state premier daniel andrews set the number of flooded homes was certain to grow calling it one of victoria's worst flood events in decades >> even moderate rain events will present a challenge for us. this is with us for a while yet. >> more rain is forecast in the coming weeks straining already swollen
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rivers and saturated ground in victoria and around australia catastrophic floods have hit the country's east several times this year and experts say this has been worsened by climate change and elenina weather phenomenon australians are getting used to the fact that these extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and more ferocious bbc news sydney >> the kinand queen of the netherlands have revealed their 18-year-old daughter can no longer move around freely due t the possibility of being either kidnapped or attacked. the princess has moved out of her student accommodation in amsterdam and has returned home. >> just like any other fresher, the princess on her first day of university in amsterdam. the 18-year-old had hoped to enjoy a relatively normal
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student life. her parents revealed the security threat has had a drastic impact. >> that means she doesn't live in amsterdam and she cannot really go outside. those consequences are very difficult for her. >> i am really proud of her. >> the reporter asks the king what does it do to you as a father? >> i cannot describe that. it's very difficult. >> what does it do to your mother's heart? >> as you can see, it makes me a bit emotional. it's not nice to see her child not happy. >> when asked whether she could continue studying, the queen maged to joke the limitations may even have a positive impact on her academic results.
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>> she can go to college, but that's it for the moment. >> maybe she can get really good grades now. >> the princess and the dutch prime minister are understood to have appeared in organized crime communications last month that indicates they may become a targ of an attack or kidnapping. the king and queen say the crown princess can no longer go outside. how is this possible? >> that is terrible news. also very intense. primarily for herself of course. i should add i can't say anything about threats or security measures. i can assure you everyone involved in this is doing their utmost to ensure she is safe. >> in a nation where even the most high-profile royals and politicians can move around freely, these measures suggest that cherished freedom is under
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threat. >> it is the most famous steam train of all time and is celebrating 100 years on the tracks. the flying scotsman has traveled 2.5 million miles. >> the flying scotsman back at king's cross station in london. the plate at the front telling you it is 100 years on the rails. it's important d many of her kis cross to edinburgh. so much history in this amazing locomotive. no visit is complete without one of these. >> the flying scotsman one of the most a of all locomotives eager to be on her way to repeat history. >> the name that eclipses any other remains as a motive today
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asn any time during its history. the flying scotsman. she broke records and set pulses racing. the first to break the 100 mile per hour barrier in 1934 and to make four hundred mile journey from london to edinburgh without stopping. her speed saw her credited with delaying the inevitable takeover by diesel locomotives that was coming down the tracks. >> the flying scotsman its passengers a site they haven't seen since 1941. restaurant cars are back again. >> as britain adapted to postwar life, it was the scotsman chosen to highlight the return of onboard kitchens. >> have you enjoyed your lunch? >> i've enjoyed it very much indeed. it is a very pleasant change after four years of sandwiches.
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>> she was taken around the world to showcase british engineering at its best but often the business of running the scotsman ran into the buffers. her ownership changed hands several times. an extensive 10 year restoration costing more than 4 million pounds was completed six years ago by the railway museum to give the engine a new lease on life. these days, she tours the country's rail tracks much to the delight of those who turn out in their droves to see her. if only for a few fleeting moments as the scotsman flies by. >> just before we go, we would like to pay tribute to the life and work of the actor robbie cole train who has died at the age of 72. he was best known for playing hagrid in harry potter.
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♪ judy: good evening, i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight, vital technology. spacex c.e.o. elon musk threatens to stop funding an internet service that the ukrainian military has been using. then, consolidating power. the chinese president prepares to tighting his grip on authority, emulating his political hero, chairman mao. >> he patterns mao in the way he governs the party. judy: and it's friday. we weigh i on the january 6 committee's decision


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