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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 16, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> bbc wellness is presented by keith e. t. los angeles and for this presentation is a big possible bank honolulu. millions upon foundation. union bank. by kcet, los angeles.
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funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, the john d. and catherine t.and union bank. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a widewhat can we do for you? >> bp said it is cast of the coils and gulf of mexico. the biggest of all of a financial bank of asia and has been approved shinny u.s. plan -- the biggest financial reform has been approved shanty u.s. u.s.e >> welcome to bbc world news. the oil leak has been halted
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40 cars times since april. cracks in the dark of the ocean floor, s -- >> in the dark of the ocean floor, oil in the gulf of mexico. these new set of avows has blocked the flow of oil. -- valves has blocked the flow of oil.
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this structure had been burning out of control and the well was flowing freely. since then, there has been an unprecedented effort to stop the leak. the greatest concentration of resources ever seen. time after time, the efforts to stop the oil failed. soon the slick reached the shore. it was a nightmare long dreaded on this coast line. images of pelicans struggling for the sludge flashed around the world. this was quickly being described as america's worst environmental disaster. for bp, it was a nightmare as well. the chief executive attorney was in the firing line. he had become eight figure. >> and nobody wants this thing over more than i do. >> the leak has threatened the standing of president obama. he has been challenged to show his administration is on top of
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the crisis. he has repeatedly visited the gulf coast. today he gave his reaction to the news. >> i think it is a positive sign. we are still in the testing phase. i will have more to say about it tomorrow. >> what has been achieved on the seabed is only a temporary fix. it is the beginning of a test of the pressure inside of the well. finally shutting it down may still be weeks away. bbc news. >> ever correspondent art in washington with the latest. >> i think it is a significant milestone. you heard david say it could be weeks before the cap is finally closed. what they are doing now is carrying out very carefully monitored tests on the cap. you can no longer seek oil coming from it. they will test it every six hours. if the pressure is low, and the cap may not be able to handle
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the oil, and they may have to have the will go back to the surface. the cap may work and if not, they will release a valve with for tankers on the surface to siphon it off and take it away. this is still a containment operation. the well itself will not be properly cat and tell the next couple of weeks. >> this is a temporary fix. it is a significant move. residents across the gulf must be holding their breath. >> yes. given their history of this whole thing, they are very skeptical. this is the sixth cap and the previous ones failed. to see no oil coming out of the well -- that is the first time
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it has happened in three months. along the gulf coast, they are waiting and holding their breath, as they have been doing the past month to see what will happen next. the obama administration is making sure the entire situation is closely monitored. they know they are at a pivotal moment. irreversible damage could still be done. they are going very carefully and slowly and hoping they get it right this time. >> the u.s. congress has approved the most radical reform of america's financial system since the 1930's. it is in response to the credit crunch of 2008. president obama is expected to sign the measures into law next week. here is the report. >> today was a big day for the obama administration. the president let it show. >> because of this reform, the
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american people will not be asked to foot the bill for wall street's mistakes. there will be no more tax under -- tax funded bailout by the people. >> they are tightening the reins on banks and lending institutions. after a year of rising in rewriting, three republicans joined the democrats in pushing it through. it was 2300 pages. >> the report is agreed to. >> we are giving taxpayers the strongest protection they have ever had. we are giving wall street the strongest oversight it has ever had. not to stifle it but safeguard us. >> it creates a new agency designed to protect consumers and their dealings with banks
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and credit-card companies. it gives new power to the government to wind down failing financial firms before their problems rippled into the wider economy. it regulates derivatives, the complex financial deals that contributed so much to the recession. the republican leadership fought it until the end. >> as credit titans, regulation multiplies, and job creation slows even further as a result of this bill, they will have a hard time convincing the american people that this is a victory for them. >> the public opinion will determine if this bill is seen as a success or failure. many americans have not even heard of it. president obama has not turned health care reform into positive feelings.
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bbc news, washington. >> goldman sachs and has agreed to settle some charges. some accuse it of being responsible -- of leading a penalty. and several people have been killed and injured in southeastern iran. it is the result a horrific attack that secretary clinton has condemned. there was a south korean war ship that sunk. officials reported the crisis.
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one person has denied involvement in the sinking of the ship. the hunt goes on for a renegade afghan soldier. in man says he is the soldier. he says he was acting on the taliban. here is more. >> the conversation was arranged by the taliban. the 21 year-old afghan army soldier says the reason he carried out the attack is because he is angry with british forces. he claimed to the british forces committed atrocities in afghanistan including killing civilians and launching attacks.
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before these killings, he was not a member of the taliban. he says it was his own idea. he says he has joined the taliban. there was a response from the ministry of defence in london. they did not say if this was the man who killed the shoulders. -- soldiers. it is ridiculous to say that british forces are engaged in suicide attacks. the ministry of defence went on to make the point that the taliban and the insurgents regularly make exaggerated claims. the statement in by saying they should not accept this at face value. >> and iranian soldier says he was kidnapped by the cia says he was subjected to mental and physical torture while captured.
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americans denied having involvement with this. he disappeared last year and said he was in the pakistani embassy in washington. some say he had been in the country of his own free will. here is the report. >> it careful union. he embraced his 7 year old son back in iran. his wife was delighted and he received a hero's welcome. american sources say he desired to return to his family and persuaded him to return to iran after defecting to them. at a news conference, he repeated his version of the events. >> i was of deducted in a city in front of my hotel by the cia and saudi intelligence agencies
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and taken to an unknown location in saudia arabia. they gave me a shot which made me unconscious. the transferred me to the u.s. aboard a military plane. >> under the watchful eye of a deputy foreign minister, he gave more details about his treatment by the americans. >> within the first couple of months, i was subjected to mental and psychological torture by agents who interrogated me from the u.s. central intelligence agency. >> the cia has a very different story. sources have told the american media he was paid $5 million for coming to the united states. he came freely and he left freely according to american officials. >they believe the video messages in which he related details of his alleged kidnapping or an attempt to get back into favor
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with the iranian government so he could return to his family. the americans say he has given them important information about a program. he denies he is a nuclear scientists. he says he is a simple researcher. the truth of the matter may never emerge, even as he has defected. he is being treated well. a message is being sent around the world. you are never free from the long reach of tehran. >> still ahead, how one organization is buying up some items in east jerusalem at great prices. the nuclear powers, india and pakistan have agreed to further tentative measures to try to improve relations. it comes at a meeting between the prime ministers.
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india blamed a tax on pakistan. here is the report. >> the relationship between these nuclear powers is full of suspicion. it often boils over into loathing. they tried not to show that today. a high-level meeting was very cordial. it went on much longer than planned. in the end, there were no headline grabbing proposals. steady progress. >> today's prolonged discussions were useful in creating an understanding of how to move forward. >> there was mention of the need of confidence-building measures. and ernest rhetoric from the
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guest. >> the challenges that lie ahead and the promise that a good relationship between our two countries is important for both of our peoples. >> senior politicians from india and pakistan were accusing each other of orchestrating bomb attacks, seven tossing -- sabotaging each other's interests in the area. do not expect major breakthroughs on the big issues just yet. bbc news, is a lot of thought. -- islamabad. >> of bp says it has temporarily capped a leaking wells in the gulf of mexico.
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the u.s. has approved the biggest overhaul of financial regulation in 70 years. they are reining in big banks and helping with consumer protections. and a nuclear scientist is back home saying he was kidnapped and tortured by the cia. washington says he defected in changed his mind. the vatican has revised roman catholic law to make women as priests a grave crime. the new rules are being seen as a message after a few days after the church tried to ordained female bishops. says theiroups changes are not robust enough. >> this person is ordained as a priest in the income churchlike
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several thousands of others. several catholics taking part in a ceremony will be guilty of a grave crime against the fate. it is an announcement that cannot be any clearer. in the case of the women, excommunication. many anglicans will see it as a slap in the face. it is based on the determination to ordain women as priests and bishops. there is a rift between the churches. groups campaigning for catholic women priests are in despair. >> i think it is appalling. obviously, they do not understand women at all. it is a great crime that they have not ordain women. >> just three days after they voted to ordain women as
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bishops, the vatican says the same action would constitute a grave crime. they will save if they will pray with the archbishop of canterbury. it could be interpreted in a particular way. despite these miles, pope benedict has offended the archbishop of canterbury. he invited him to convert to catholicism. many say neither that invitation or today's announcements were intended to be a snub. >> it should not be seen that way. these are revisions to the universal church laws. they applied to the whole world. [unintelligible]
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>> the data can also change the law today to make it easier to see people of this increase. -- to see abuse among priests. >> the german chancellor is beginning a visit to china. it will be her fifth visit to china in several years. china and germany are in talks. >> what we are going to see throughout friday is the germany -- german chancellor meeting with various people, the president, and others. she is hoping to sign various bilateral agreements and hoping to bring business and closer to
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their counterparts in china. >> are the relation is pretty good. she will discuss other topics such as human rights. >> she will probably follow the formula that most european leaders follow when they come here. the human rights matter cannot be swept under the table. it will be talked about in the bilateral meeting. the focus is on business. the best way to bring about some of the change in china is to engage with this dialogue. >> it touched on the side of the german delegate rush -- delegation. hopefully there will be big contracts? >> we will have to wait and see exactly what exactly will be signed. the kind of people that are
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seen here -- according to the chinese press, they will be taking this relationship between germany and china to the next level for a new strategic partnership. >> argentina has become the first country to legalize same- sex marriage. it is a handful of countries to grant same-sex couples with the same rights and benefits as others. a police officer has gone to court in arizona to challenge the immigration law. he argues that the law would use race as a primary tactic to enforce the law which is a violation of federal law. china has become the biggest
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will lead investor in renewable energy overtaken the united states. the united nations report says this will open new wind farms and produce a lot of electricity several times more that a power stations. an israeli citizen in palestinian areas has a key obstacle in restarting the peace talks. they are persuading palestinians to sell properties and a huge price. here is the report. >> this is what it looks like from a bullet proof of vehicle. it carries jewish nationalists that are selling in palestinian neighborhoods and streets full of danger. a wrist -- risk worth taking? >> it is a microcosm surrounded
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by millions of arabs, many do not want them in the region. >> our guide was from an israeli group that helps jews by buildings in parts of jerusalem that are overwhelmingly populated by palestinians. israelis hope to make it more jewish by selling in them. >> it is building by building, a fight for control over this area. >> he says local palestinians can like it or not. >> they can leave. if they do not want to be part, they should not be here. >> they want it to be the capital of palestinian. >> that is not gonna happen. we went overseas to bomb
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countries in order to keep arabs away from the borders. and you want us to send people away from here? >> the security is paid for the israeli state which says their lives are under threat. down the road, there is another property where the jewish community would like to get at the moment. it is home to an extended palestinian family, 45 people have lived there. when an eviction order came to get them out a few weeks ago, there were serious clashes here. they face eviction from a building they rented years ago. the family says they were offered millions of dollars to move. they turned the money down. >> they told me they will have
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to throw me out in the street. those that have no religion will sell, but those that have faith will not give up on their land. >> is really is marching a religious festival. local palestinians were kept back. israeli nationalists and the state itself have expanded the jewish presence here enormously. with tension rising again, there are new warnings that peace is impossible palestinian rights in this city are ignored. bbc news, jerusalem. >> bp says it has stopped the flow of oil that has been leaking into the gulf of mexico for the first time since the explosion that started it. and they are testing a new cap on this well. these are live pictures of the
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