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tv   BBC World News  PBS  July 19, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank offers unique
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insights and expertise in a range of industries. what can we do for you? >> some 70 countries are set to return to historic conference in cobble and some of the deadliest violence in the war. -- in kabul and some of the deadly of violence in the war. a new gel that could cut a woman's chances of being affected by hiv. fifi has agreed to keep the cab on the well for the next -- bp has agreed to keep the cap on the well for the next 24 hours, even though there could be problems. coming up later, clarifying the law for a man locked into his own body and wants health to take his own life, and new apartments making it easier for indians to climb the poverty line. for family it might be quite small, but the place's designed
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to make as efficient use of space as possible. there is room in the kitchen for sleeping. >> the afghan president karzai it is used to hosting major international summon designed to help his country -- summits designed to help his country. he will be asking for control of the multibillion-dollar aid package and is promising to take on securities. hillary clinton spoke before the summit. >> it is in the spotlight. never has the city hosted so
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many foreign leaders, but it did match, this city would be paralyzed by now. it is barely improving. it is sobering, as if nato's counterinsurgency strategy is in trouble. attacks in june are up 51%. attacks against international organizations are increasing, and the number of civilians killed is also rising. sunday there was another attack. the conference will call for continued aid for afghanistan to support its government. this should pave the way for foreign troops to withdraw. u.k. has made clear it wants its troops out sooner rather than later. hillary clinton insisted this was a fight worth waging, and she called for several things.
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>> they are not fast enough. >> wwe are a notoriously impatient people. we know what happens when we prematurely leave afghanistan, so part of what this conference is about is stocktaking, bringing everyone to the table and having an open exchange of what our questions and criticism might be. >> mrs. clinton was just in islamabad. a regional strategy is crucial, and pakistan is a crucial ally. she called on pakistani authorities to do more to fight militants along the border. it will be a test for afghan security forces during the for the first time there will be running the show, and the world is watching.
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>> a medicinal gel being tested in south africa has more than half the chances of women getting hiv if applied before sex. it might be able to help protect women from the deadly virus. the u.n. aid agency has called the results groundbreaking. >> researchers have been trying for years to make a protective shell, cream, or tablets then be inserted before reaching a protective gel, cream -- a protective gel, cream, or tablet that can be inserted before sex. it cuts the chances for a 39%. a scientist with the world health organization says confirmation -- is confirmation comes from another study, this does open new frontiers. >> it is a very encouraging
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results. it is the first time we have seen a significant reduction in hiv risk. the search has been on for about 20 years looking for a project -- products such as this. this is the first signal products like this might work. >> it could be of defense for women whose partners refused to wear condoms. new ways of curbing the spread of hiv are badly needed, particularly in sub-saharan africa, where nearly 60% of those infected are when then. many are if forced to take part in on save sex and are biologically more affected than men, making this an attractive option. the effectiveness appears to decline after 18 months. the gel is still at an experimental stage. it will have to undergo several years of extensive testing before a decision is made on whether it can be used widely.
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>> the u.s. appeals court has granted bail to the media magnate conrad black as he appeals his conviction. the british parent and other executives were convicted in 2007 of swindling shareholders out of $6.1 million. but will serve more than two years of the six and a half year sentence. an investigation into american surveillance system says it has been made so they get is near impossible to determine its effectiveness. it involves 1300 government organizations, and no one knows how much it cost, how many people it employs, or how many agencies do the same work. suriname's former military dictator has been elected president of the country. the 64-year-old was voted in after he failed to win
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sufficient majority votes in may. the former army leader is accused of human rights violations. charges of defamation. the author was in the country to promote his new book. he has now been released on bail. the attorney general says statements cast doubt upon the integrity of judges. bp has been given 24 hours to check the cap over the leaking oil well after seepage was detected near the ocean floor. the cap was lowered for days ago and appeared to stop the flow. >> under the sea, the cat is still in place. engineers are checking carefully for leaks along the sea bed.
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the cap appears to be holding. >> we have found no indication of oil being released at the site. there are measurements being taken. it is constantly monitored for volatile organic compounds, and there is no indication there is any release of the surface. >> what exactly is happening at the sea bed? the flow of oil was shut off last thursday watching for it -- last thursday. if a leak is found, the cap will have to be reopened, and pipes will channel the leaking oil of to the surface. the long term solution comes from the relief wells drilled 3 miles under the seabed.
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since the explosion in april between 3 million and 5 million barrels of oil have leaked into the ocean, damaging huge parts of the gulf coast. engineers will continue to keep an eye on the ocean floor. the calf was only survived as a temporary solution. -- the cap was only considered as a temporary solution. >> an official at the ministry of education says a decision aims to protect the country's secular identity, but it does not affect the headscarf many syrian when and where. >> the decision is going to affect many one-and-a-half -- mana women in syria -- many women in syria. we talked to students.
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some of them were wearing their head uncovered. others were wearing the head scarves, and others were covering their face. those are the ones that are going to be affected by the decision, and those are the ones anchor by the decision, saying it is their right -- once anchored by the decision, saying it is their right. -- ones angered by the decision, saying it is their right. they can wear it outside of the university. the government seems to be protecting its secular identity, especially at a time when the country is becoming more conservative. >> a man who was almost paralyzed is taking legal action to clarify what would happen to his wife if she helped him and his life. the 56-year-old has a lock in some term and can only move his head and eyes and swallow. -- locked in syndrome.
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>> he wants jane to be able to help him die. she read out a statement he dictated. >> i need help with every aspect of my life. i cannot scratch if i itch. i can only eat if i am fed like a baby. only i will not grow out of it. >> the couple have started a legal action asking whether the wife would be charged if she injected him with illegal drug dose. >> he wants to be able to be able to take his life at the time he chooses. he wants the same rights as everyone else. you or i can go out and commit suicide. he cannot. that was taken from him today he had a stroke. >> it was a legal decision when
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they forced to clarify the law on assisted suicide, setting out mitigating circumstances were prosecution would be against the public interest, such as when the victim was determined to die. the new guidance on assisted suicide does not extend to so- called mercy killing or euthanasia, actively taking someone's life would lead to charges of murder or manslaughter in england and wales and homicide in scotland. ultimately, such cases and of before a jury, and they are likely to leave that system unchanged. some argue that amending the law would send the wrong signal. >> we would oppose any change to the law on the ground that it sends a signal some lives are less worthy of protection than others, and what would be an option for a vocal minority to choose might in turn become an obligation for a minority.
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>> he was once a key rugby player. his case pushes the boundaries on assisted dying and might perhaps establish whether there is a legal right to die. >> still to come, early signs of revival in the skies. billion dollar deals at the biggest air show. britain's prime minister david cameron has been giving more details about his plan to create the so-called big society. under the scheme, community and voluntary groups which take over the running of services. >> the big society. is it a dramatic transfer of power to the people, or is it really about saving the government money? in liverpool today, david cameron's day idea has supporters. it is one of four areas to put it in action.
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he denied it was driven by saving money, saying it was a huge shift in thinking. >> we have got the biggest deficit, and over the past decade, many of our most pressing social problems have gotten worse. it is time for something different, something that does not just pour money down the throats of wasteful government schemes. the big society is different and bold. >> how will it work? money to fund it will come from building accounts. the project will be run by unpaid community organizers. liverpool has seen major regeneration in recent years, but what will people think about taking community projects into their own hands? >> it is not other people. good [inaudible]
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>> it is a load of volunteers doing something for free. >> it sounds like he is trying to cut costs by giving communities to run some of the services that may be would be better done by people who are professionals in that area. >> some were impressed. it hopes in this age of austerity to give people some sort of power over their own lives. >> this is bbc world news. governments are about to take stock in afghanistan. a television contact warns no preconditions for any talks, and the u.s. says there must be a frank exchange for progress, and bp has been given another 24 hours to check the leaking oil well after reports of leaking from the ocean floor. a great investigative journalist has been shot dead in athens.
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police are searching for to the bureau or three gunmen masquerading as security personnel. they called at all home. he fired when -- they fired when he opened the door. an extremist group was likely to be responsible. >> saugerties have a substantial cut agree for exposing wrongdoing. he was about -- substantial pedigree for exposing wrongdoing. he was about to publish something. condemning his murder, the journal said, someone wanted to silence a very good investigative reporter who stepped on a lot of toes with his stories. >> the government condemns the cowardly and cold-blooded murder of socrates. democracy and freedom of speech cannot be gagged or threatened. authorities have already taken on the case of this heinous
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crime. >> police are looking for two or three gunmen who, masquerading as security personnel, called at his apartment and summoned him downstairs, claiming someone had stolen his car. when he came to the door, they opened fire with pistols. he was struck with more than a dozen bullets. >> while we are shocked. we came up to our about any, which was not a good idea. the shooting stopped, and then it continued. >> early indications are this was a terrorist attack. they see ballistic tests show the bullets came from a gun used in a previousl murder. the police have taken with the journalists computer to see if they can determine why he was targeted. >> ahead on crash between two
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trains in india has killed at least 60 people. an express train plowed into another. it was waiting at the station monday morning. more than 100 people were injured. we have the update from delhi. >> rescue teams working of the crash site, trying to force their way into the wreckage and tried to reach those trapped inside. the impact of the crash was so severe one coach was lifted clear of the tracks into a bridge overhead. others were mangled beyond recognition. crews have been cleaning the debris. the accident occurred when one train headed to calcutta collided with a stationary train. the carriage as most affected were the ones at the back, filled to capacity with low
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fare-paying customers, many of them headed to the city after a weekend at home. local residents were first at the scene, helping to carry out the injured. many have stayed on to help rescue workers and security forces that have been sent in. it is still not clear what caused the crash. an investigation is due to be launched to try to determine why both trains were on the same track and whether it is human error or failure of the system. >> for many of the poor in india, home ownership is a dream that is like -- has long been beyond their reach, but for the lucky few, that is about to change. the government wants the private sector to build more cheap housing, and favor coming forward with innovative ways. >> he sells chinese food at his store.
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the street food brings in a decent living. he does not know exactly how much he earns, but he has still been able to get the loans, and that has allowed him to buy his own flat. >> everyone needs to have helped to live and survive. with no house, you can do nothing. if you have one, you can make your way in mumbai. >> builders have turned their sights on this growing demand for cheap homes. he has a house in the project. they keep costs to the minimum. the aim is to make flat that are decent and sheep but also profitable. >> -- decent and cheap but also profitable. >> the cost was supposed to be about $15,000 to buy. it might be quite small for a family, but the place is
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designed to make as efficient use of space as possible. there is plenty of extra room in the kitchen for sleeping, but there is just one bedroom, whether you can always spend a little less and by the open plan version, but perhaps most importantly, it features many things you simply do not find in slum housing -- running water, electricity, and a bathroom. demand for a place here has been high, but there is one other reason the flats are so cheap. they are a long way from the city. most of those who live here work locally or face a long commute. >> i do not think we, it -- we can be commuting one and half or two hours. they do not have the house. the desire to own a house is so overwhelming that they do not mind sacrificing and commuting. there are people who think you have to have local housing.
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it is not possible. >> india needs millions of new homes to rehouse all those who currently live here, out of the streets or in the slums, but for the country to see an end to housing like this, we will need construction on a vast scale, and for builders, city life rarely gets any cheaper. it was just configure. -- will just get bigger. >> the air show is the biggest of its kind anywhere in the world. it is now under way in the u.k., and boeing and airbus have taken the occasion to announce new orders worth more than $15 billion. the deals have been seen as a sign the aviation industry is on its way back up after a fire two-year slump. -- dire two-year slump. >> the first day is then full flow now with expectations but by the end of this week about
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400 new planes will see orders here curator -- orders here. many are flying for the first time. with us is the leading u.s. leader. what do you think is going to happen in terms of orders and general affairs? >> what a difference a year makes. last year was a very bleak time. now we are seeing surging travel levels. gross is happening throughout the world. last year we have interest asia travel surpass north america for the first time. it is broad spread. it is not just the middle east. latin america have been very strong. turkey has been strong. >> the new move is music to the ears of airplane makers like boeing. >> i think from airbus and
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boeing, you are going to see a lot of orders announced. i think we are starting to see the of swing of a cycle. we are talking to a lot of customers we have not talked to in a lot of years. riders shift is up. we think the customers will be profitable for the next few years, and we are going to sell out their plans to return cards all eyes were on the streamliner, and during the years friess -- going to sell out their plans. >> all eyes were on dreamliner. they admitted the first deliveries may slip into next year. there it is, the 787 dreamliner has arrived safely here, and it is that and the arrival here of the delayed transborder from airbus the symbolizes something of a revival of fortune for the
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air show. last year in paris, it was very much orders from the middle east. the thought is this time there will be a more balanced range of orders from the world. >> for the last 60 years, it has been feared extinct, but wildlife experts have rediscovered a rare metal and the forests of sri lanka's. it was caught on camera after a painstaking search by scientists. if large eyes held it during nighttime landing, but its natural habitat has largely been turned to tea plantations. it is estimated there are just 100 left in the wild. you can find all that and more top stories on our website and you can also learn more at our
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