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tv   BBC World News  PBS  September 7, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> job creation. president obama announces a $50 billion plan to invest in travel. >> i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world. >> decision time. australia should find out shortly who will be the next prime minister. police in britain say they may investigate new allegations by one of the top-selling newspapers. in pakistan, survivors find more destruction of the waters receded. -- as the waters recede.
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hello, and welcome. faced with a stagnant economy and the possibility of an electoral disaster for his democratic party in november, barack obama has unveiled a new $50 billion spending plan and launched an attack on republican critics. could this be a transformation of the president's message? >> the president of the united states did not even have enough time. at the labor day campaign, he was all fired up.
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>> i am going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute to turn this economy around. >> they were all keen to answer something he had not heard and a long time. these days obama has to campaign on his record, and that means explaining the unemployment rate of 9.6%, after nearly $800 billion of stimulus spending. today he proposed selling out even more cash. -- doling out even more cash. >> i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world. we used to have the best infrastructure. we can have it again.
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we can make it happen. did >> the republican party is in no mood to make this happen. get >> today's announcement i think is a mission, and the stimulus spending has failed. >> a rather more restive labor day is being had, but it is anything but relaxing. >> we would just like to know where we are going. there's does not seem to be any direction right now. >> we are struggling to pay our bills right now. if you raise taxes, i do not know. >> tax cuts will be the theme of another speech on wednesday. the former candidate may be relishing the campaign, but his party is not.
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>> the mayor of christ church has praised the recovery efforts after one of new zealand's worst earthquakes caused widespread damage. despite several aftershocks, some businesses are reopening, and commuter bus routes are operating. trade unions in france have begun several days of large scale strikes to protect against plans to raise the age of retirement to 62. a big showdown is planned for tuesday, with some starting their protest earlier. the russian prime minister putin has fueled speculation he is considering a return to the presidency.
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mr. putin previously served two turns of the president. he told journalists he would decide what to do. this is a bbc news. next, australia's leaders are concluding negotiations to form a government after inconclusive election results. the outcomes will come shortly. this includes julia gillard and the leader of the opposition, who has been trying to win the support of three members of parliament who will the balance of power. live in sydney is our correspondent. is the announcement imminent? >> we have had a five-week election campaign. within the next hour or so, we expect this to be resolved when
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the three kingmaker's are going to sit before the australian capital and announce who is prime minister. that is the plan. there is even a possibility they might not act in tandem. we end up with 75 against 75, which would mean a quick return, so they have said all along they want to create a stable government, but the assumption is they will go one way or the other as a blocker. we will find out whether julia gillard remains prime minister or whether she will be replaced by the leader of the liberal party. >> what is the speculation of the way these may go? >> i think it is safe to say julia gillard probably woke up more confidence than sony
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fabric. -- tony abbott. i think members on the conservative side have said, we could still be in the game. these independents have been tight-lipped. they kept their cards close to their chest. what they have not done is given much indication of who they are going to support. one of the independent impis' comes from the capital in western australia. he has not even told his wife how he is going to decide, and it may be they are going to announce this on television live before they even tell julia gillard and tony abbott what their decision is. it has been a soap opera, and it should be gripping. >> what do you think the australian public will make of
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it? have they been getting bored with all the way things? >> i think there has been a definite mood shift where people are saying, get on with it and sort this out. we have entered the third week of negotiations. i think for a couple weeks it certainly had a novelty value. most people had never heard of them. they are colorful characters. one of them goes around in a 10- gallon hat, so i think they enjoy seeing these politicians every night, but now i think they are getting a little fed up. there is a feeling that independence have been enjoying their day in the spotlight a little too much, and i think there is a sentiment -- let's get this sorted out. as we will find out almost 18 days after the election who will be the next prime minister.
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a good >> we are watching and waiting that announcement. thank you very much. police say they have examined new evidence of phone hacking of celebrities that may have been carried out. the editor is now head of communications. james has the story. >> it is a story of phone hacking involving the police, the royal family, and even the newspaper, a story that is at the door of no. 10. at the top is one of david cameron's closest advisers. clive goodman was convicted of illegally listening into voice- mail messages.
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one of his former employees now claims the practice was widespread, and he was aware of it. the police have been accused of dragging their feet over this, but today they promise to examine the allegations. >> you have heard what he had to say. we have been in touch many times prior to the article. >> in a statement, he emphatically denies the allegations. he would welcome the opportunity to give his view. in the comments, he stepped up the pressure. >> they have asked about the perception of the surveillance tape created by the government. it appears they may have their
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own expert in charge. the exact parallel is certainly damien. >> metropolitan police have made it clear if there is fresh evidence they will consider it. they will decide what the right course of action is. >> others are pushing for more, including lord press got -- prescott. he was not the only live them raising concerns. >> this is an -- the only lib
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dem raising concerns. >> this is an attempt to get capital. >> with conservative lining up to accuse flavor of playing politics, but labour says they still have questions to answer. >> seen for the first time since the second world war, this footage of london after the bombing. british detectives investigate williams. they have released footage of his last movement. >> the last recorded on a
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shopping expedition last month. ihe was seen walking into a tube station. police hope someone will come forward with information about his death. mr. williams' body was found in a padlocked sports bag in his flat. it emerged that earlier in the summer, there were visits to the building. >> i am keen to trace a man and a woman. they were led into the entrance. >> what do we know about jerez williams last movement? he was seen entering the underground station in west london. the following afternoon, he
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visited herod's. he was recorded on cc tv. eight days later, he was found dead. there were no signs of forced entry or any disturbance. toxicology tests have failed to reveal evidence of any drugs. it is perhaps not surprising the police investigation has been shrouded in secrecy. the fact detectives are now appealing to the public for help suggests they are struggling to make headway. our headlines so far -- president obama has announced a plan to invest $50 billion, improving the transport networks
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of the united states, and announcement is expected from the members of the australian parliament who should decide who will form the next government. in pakistan, several hundred thousand more people fled towns and villages threatened byron flash flooding. they are beginning to rebuild. >> it is clear enough time at the riverview hotel. it is a rush job. the floodwaters rose over the first floor here common -- for year, but the owner says compensation may never come. >> it has been pushed back 30
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years, and no one is coming to help. >> here is how it looked about a month ago. it was one of the areas hit first and hit hardest. lost beneath the waters, 80% of the crops. nearby, this was home to more than 20,000 people who have now lost everything twice. they came from afghanistan 30 years ago to start a new life. this is what remains of the market area, the small shops were crudely built. they were no match for the flood. the raging waters arrived at 5:00 in the morning, and they have consumed holmes, shops, and
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businesses, leaving people with absolutely nothing. he lived here with his two wives and 15 children. >> we are ready to start rebuilding. we want to make everything clean and tidy. we are asking the government to help us, but the numbers are overwhelming. of last count, 18.6 million people have been affected, and the losses could exceed 28 billion pounds. the government has promised families an initial payment of 150 pounds. that will not give her back her home. the 13-year-old wants to be a doctor. she and these children are living in classrooms next door.
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they and their family will be homeless again soon when school starts. >> france's foreign minister has said he is willing to do anything to save an iranian woman facing the death sentence for adultery. france is one of the country's calling on iran to reconsider. you may find some of the images and this report disturbing. >> the family fears she may only have days to live. she was condemned to death by an iranian court for adultery. iran executes more prisoners than any other country except china, but it is the manner in which he is due to die that causes out rage. no pictures have every emerged of a stoning in iran, but this shows the blood stain rocks. here in rome, italian
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politicians are calling on iran to show mercy. the vatican has hinted it may lobby on their behalf, and france's foreign minister was more direct. >> this is an act that is impossible to imagine. it is a return to the middle ages. this should be placed in the context of the oppression of the arrests of the sentencing and execution that follows the reelection of president ahmadinejad. >> he left with the firm's support of friends's government. last month the president and first lady entered the fray, but criticism prompted fury in tehran, where a newspaper called the former model a prostitute. the sentence has been put on
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hold during the holy month of ramadan, but with that nearly over, she is warned she may be killed later this week. during last week caused demonstrations against president ahmadinejad, world leaders brushed aside international criticism with a harsh crackdown on protesters. they may use this case to remind the outside world it remains firmly in charge. >> color footage of london during the bomb attacks of the second world war have surfaced ahead of the 70th anniversary of the german bombing campaign known as the blitz. it was found in the attic of a former air raid warden. it gives remnants of how londoners live. >> over the smashing glare of gunfire and bonds, it is one of the heaviest rainds in many
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nights. >> this was the height of the bombing campaign. there is footage of bomb damage in the west end, of winston churchill reviewing hyde park, and air raid wardens coping with casualties, all shot between september 1940 and may of 1941. here is the famous john lewis store in oxford street, hit by bombs shortly after the blitz. parts have reopened three weeks after the bombing. the work did not start until 1954. the building was not completed until 1960. the films were taken by the chief air raid warden. his granddaughter from the footage in the family attic.
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-- found the footage in the family attic. >> it is a documentary of the impact of the war on everyday people and their everyday lives, how they carry on despite the fact of buildings were bombed, that they were injured, but there was a shortage of food. >> the result as a record of the damage and destruction wrought by german bombs but also wartime camaraderie and resilience of prod inhabitants. >> on saturday, america will once again recall the events of the 11th of september, 2001. the attacks are being remembered in a special way thousands of miles away in italy. he has been giving a series of concerts as an act of solidarity with victims and their families says as he did in the aftermath of the attacks.
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>> rehearsing for an act of remembrance. they are not leaving anything for a chance. one of the greatest tenors is about to pay a mosh -- ahmad shah -- homage. the biggest selling solo artist in the history of classical music hear, practicing for a series of concerts in honor of those who died on 9-11. ♪ >> the radio, the car, i heard
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this terrible news. i thought it was not possible to joke, but i did not know how much the event would change my life. >> here we are nine years later. you are playing concerts again in memory of 9-11. why are you doing these concerts? >> first, because it is very important to remember this. there is a beautiful feeling between americans and italians. >> they have embraced america. these photos as it is packed. we that two new yorkers who witnessed 9-11 -- we saw two workers who with ms. 9-11, now on their honeymoon -- who saw on
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9-11, now on their honeymoon very good >> we should not forget. >> now we get to be part of this. i think it is wonderful. we won't ever forget. ♪ >> bocelli has not flown commercial airline since 9-11. now it his his voice the stores in a country where so many hearts were broken. >> a reminder of our main news headlines. president obama has announced a plan to invest $50 billion in improving the transport network
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of the united states. that is it for now. see you soon. >> hello, and welcome. if the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to bbc .com/world news. foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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