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tv   BBC World News  PBS  September 15, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> "bbc world news" is presented by kcet, los angeles. funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman found of new york, stowe, vermont and honolulu. newman's own foundation, the john d. & catherine t. macarthur foundation, union bank, and siemens. >> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from
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small businesses to major corporations, what can we do for you? >> somewhere in america there is a doctor who can peer to the future. there is a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because of the whole hospital is working together, there is a family who can breathe easy right now. somewhere in america we have already answered some of the nation's tough health care questions, and the 50,000 people at siemens are ready to do it again. >> and now "bbc world news." >> iran frees an american woman held on spying charges. but two compannians still behind bars. and releasing in the states. the european commission for
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expelling hundreds of roma people. scientists have a cure for tuberculosis that can kill almost thousands per year. >> hello and welcome to "bbc world news," forecasting here in the united kingdom and around the world. an american woman freed after more than a year in jail will now press for the release of her two companions. the woman, sarah shourd. >> tonight in the gulf state sarah shourd was united with her family after 400 days in prison.
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and wearing the head scarf she wore. >> i am standing here because of the efforts of many people. i want to thank the president and the religious figures and everyone who has been a part of making this happen. >> earlier the iranian tv showed sarah shourd free and her family says she's got health problems, and maybe that's why she is released. she left iran alone. her two fellow hikers, shane bauer and josh fattal remain in
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prison. the president announced sarah's release, and said that they hoped to receive shane and josh and other american's freedom. >> and all my efforts starting today will help procure the same freedom for my fiance, shane bauer and my friend, josh fattal. >> they were filmed in may when their mothers were allowed a brief visit. they have had to rely on switzerland to help get sarah shourd out of jail. the two were hiking near the border of iran. the iranian government said that
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the three crossed illegally. it saw value in holding them and now sees value in letting one free. >> the president needed some publicity to show that the american people he is less fund anltal than others think and someone that the united states can do business with. >> sarah's shourd release is still clear that they must release the two hikers that remain. >> the u.s. assistant secretary of state says it's possible that the release of sarah shourd is linked to the president's visit to the united nations. >> he will come to the general assembly next week, and if he wants to make a statement, he
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can bring shane bauer and josh with him. we believe that iran was able to sort through this case, and recognize this is three hikers that crossed the border. we understand that iran has a right to protect the border, and after 15 months it was well overdue. we are happy for sarah's return. >> japan has seen the weakening of the yen, with 15-year highs against the dollar. it's the first time that since 2004 that tokyo has convened into currency markets. the european mission has called france a disgrace on the migrants. hundreds have been released and they have declared protections the way that france is treating
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these people from bulgaria. >> since august police in france have been dismantling romacamps, the policy has been controversial but today they used unprecedented language to rebuke one of the most powerful states. >> this is a disgrace. >> the commissioner said there were parallels with world war ii. >> this is a situation i have thought europe would not have to witness again after the second world war. enough is enough. >> the french government that says the roma are given 300 euros each when they leave the country. france is a part of the union
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and receiving a dressing down. today accused of misleading the eu. part of the discovery is an internal french memo making a mention of dismantling the roma camp a target. they could face legal action. >> it's a shame of france, i am against discrimination. >> i think that the french government is not necessarily wrong. >> it's pointed out that other countries have removed thousands of roma without attracting such criticism. and the earmarks to help these groups haven't been fully used. but today's comment is a huge embarrassment to the french president. and now stands a tough cop to
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collapsing his unpopularity. >> if president sarkozy was to back down, he will be humiliated. and if he continues, france remains a confrontation with the european union. >> the area around the eiffel tower in paris has been reopened to the public after the police found a false alarm. about 2,000 people were told to leave the area, the police combed the area and nothing found. there was a breach of press freedom lords. accused of the presidency of the high level government leak into
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an investigation into party funding. the united states says that the israeli and palestinian leaders have held a core issue, and after peace talks resume in egypt and that they approach negotiations in good faith. a respect from sharm-el-sheikh. >> a city of peace that sharm sharmlele sheik, hillary clinton was there in person to persuade as the united states fights to keep up the momentum. she's egger to talk up the propects to silence the
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downtowners. >> all of us reaffirmed our commitment to reaching a shared goal of a just, lasting and secure peace. >> the sticking point as so often before is the issue of settlements. the palestinians are threatening to walk away from the talks unless a freeze of a new building is extended beyond the deadline of september 6. the israelis say that's not possible. israeli prime minister says a compromise is possible. how much progress on that issue is not emerged. but the parties did sit together for two long sessions and return to jerusalem tomorrow. >> there will be many long hard days of negotiations if this is
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to bear fruit. >> americans have been voting in seven states to decide who will stand for each party in the mid-term elections in november. and there is a shock result in the state of delaware. an outsider backed by a conservative tea party candidate, beating the congressman. and new hampshire another state tea party is in the lead. and joining us from this shock result in delaware. >> that's right, christine o'donnell had been written off and dismissed in her state of delaware. but pulled off this shock result, beating mike castle, a long-standing republican in that
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state. and the republican hierarchy had campaigned against her, and this is a victory for the tea party movement. a victory of the people. and it's a part of a wider emerging picture here tonight. we had similar results in the new york government primary where a tea party candidate won. and in new hampshire it looks like a similar result there. >> what sort of tea party movement will this have on the other parties? >> the republicans here is a resurgency and to see against big government and high taxes and deficit spending. and strongly against obama's health care plan. and that can be a problem for
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republican strategists and those held by democrats and they need broader candidates to appear broadly. and the fear is that these tea party candidates having won in the primaries cannot win in the full election. >> in delaware results you talked about the wide electorate, and what can we expect in delaware in november? >> christine was clear that she was written off by everyone, and they were wrong. and those writing her in november 2 are also to be proved wrong. that may be optimistic, there is seven to eight weeks to go. is it's a marginal toss-up of a
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seat. and you need a middle-of-the-road candidates for those who will vote for republican or democrat. >> this is "bbc world news," still ahead, after the flood the latest of our reports looking at the devastation in pakistan and the attempt to rebuild lives there. the pop star george michael has been jailed for eight weeks after crushing his car under the influence of cannabis and a prescription sleeping drug. the judge took into account that the 47-year-old had been treated for depression. >> george michael arrived in court knowing that a sentencing term was possible.
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the 47-year-old who had crashed his car into a north london shop had pleaded guilty for driving unfit to drugs. sentencing him to eight weeks, and four served without a license. michael was told, that it's clear that you didn't deal with cannabis, and that is a mistake that puts you and the public at risk. >> a prison term is a sobering sentence for someone of george michael's wealth, and when the sentence was told, he looked tearful. he first came to prominence in the 80's as a member of the pop trio, wham. and his solo career was more successful. and he managed to renew his u.k.
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success in america and around the world. >> this man is seriously danger and remembered for a man who went to jail with an incurrable drug problem. >> many see this as a waste of a star in a jail. >> this is "bbc world news," our headlines so far, an american woman freed after more than a year in jail, says she will press for the release of her two companions. and the last round of the u.s. primaries, the candidates for the tea party grass-roots, with christine o'donnell with success in the state of delaware.
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there is a proving of a bill that would ban the islamic veil in public. the ban will come into force in six months time if not over turned by judges. >> the ban on the full veil has support but critics point out that only a minority wear it. this islamic veil that covers the face and body. for those who resist to cover themselves in public face fines of 150 euros. the new measure is tough on husbands who cause their wives to break the law. those who are separate is not
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equal. >> to wear a veil in a public place breaks the equality that exists between citizens. to be seen without being seen causes an erupture in equality and against human dignity and women's dignity. >> that view was in the senate vote, 242 in favor and one against. nicholas sarkozy has backed the veil. saying that full veils are not needed. >> i can't think of impact of this bill than to worsen things more. >> the measure will be sent to france's constitution, that has a month to challenge the
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legality. and where decisions are binding. >> the wife of one of the 33 miners trapped underground in chile has given birth to a baby girl. and asking his wife to name the girl a spanish word for hope. and here at the mine in san jose, and says that the baby has raised the spirits of those trapped underground. >> the reason to raise hope here at the mine, the wife of one of the miners gave birth to a baby girl. the parents changed the name and called her hope in spanish. the birth was filmed and the idea is that the footage of the birth will be sent down to the baby's father who is trapped underground.
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more reasons to be hopefulful as well, the engineers say they have overcome a major obstacle to reach the men. one of the drills to rescue the men, it had broken and they have mended it and expect to start drilling in the next few days. drill "a" is working, and once drill "b" starts up, there will be two drills to reach the men as soon as possible. however the chilean government is urging caution, because it could be weeks or months. >> here the group with plans of spending so deep that they could go beyond the ability for operations. the common's defense review that will determine where the spending ax will fall is being pushed through too quickly.
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it's reported from pakistan that at least 14 people having killed. the strikes were militant targets with 12 that have happened in this month. scientists have diagnosed a test that can the tb bacteria in an hour. it kills many a year, and rapid diagnose is vital. here is a science report. >> these are tuberculosis bacteria under a microphone. it's estimated that they live in a third of the people on the planet. it kills in the millions. spotting those who carry the bacteria is tricky, it can take
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up to eight weeks by which time the individual could have spreaded disease to other people. now this treatment could work by capturing a significant that is part of the spread of the disease. >> think it's difficult when waiting for test results. to reduce that time where they can wait for an hour. and be told the results and given treatment. >> the hbs test is not the only one around, a california company's automated machine can detect tb in two hours. tb is on the rise in the west. here in the u.k. they tried to combat the disease as it takes a
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foot hold. with cases remaining small, 9,000 last year, and in other parts of the globe it remains deadly. >> it's been a month since pakistan experienced its worth flooding in the century. along the banks the river, many struggle to rebuild their lives. we have the latest report. >> six weeks after a huge torrent of water crashed through this family's home. they are underway to repair it. it wasn't just bricks and belongings lost here, two teenager daughters of the family were swept away too. my brain isn't working anymore, says the girl's mother.
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yes, i am talking and breathing but i died the day that my daughters were taken away. it's been more than six weeks before the heavy rains and you see some areas remain submerged. this is a school and there are many buildings and villages that remain isolated by the floods. >> in spite of talk of massive aid mobilization. there are many who have lost their homes and have yet to have any help. >> we see them driving past this area without helping us. i have stood in the road to stop them and they have told me they will come back. but they never do. >> the sheer number of families like this one, whose home have
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been turned into debris. there are groups that are capitalizing on the needs here. a drive into a countryside lead us to what we were told is a relief camp. we found doctors seeing patients. but the people running this place who were reluctant to show their faces. is from a so-called welfare wing of a banned organization. people say we are terrorists. but it's all lies, from the group. they should judge us what we do on the ground. ask people here if they like us. of course, users of the camps people that had lost everything, said they were grateful to the group. but at a time that people are left homeless, it's no surprise
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they accept help from any corner. >> just before we go, reminder of headlines. iran has freed an american woman held on spying charges, but her two companions are still behind bars. tea party candidates winning mid-term elections. there are more on the website of all the stories we have covered, thank you for watching, good-bye. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation, the john d. & catherine t. macarthur foundation and union bank.
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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major corporations, what can we do for you? >> i am julia styles. >> i am kevin bacon. >> i am henry louis gates, and public broadcasting is my source for news about the world. >> for intelligent conversations. >> i am kerry washington, and public broadcasting is my source for intelligent
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