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tv   BBC World News  PBS  November 10, 2010 12:30am-1:00am PST

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>> union bank has put its financial strength to work for a wide range of companies, what can we do for you. >> now "bbc world news." >> friends of faith as president obama visits indonesia, saying he wants to build bridges with the world. >> i made it clear that america will not be at war with islam. all of us must work together. >> president meets chinese president and stresses the importance of their relationship. welcome to "bbc world news" and welcome to pbs and america and around the globe. a matter of national security, haiti's government reacts as it confirm that it is cholera
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outbreak has reached capital. and a fine of billions of dollars to fix an air cargo problem. >> president bedr obama has rea out to indonesia saying that people of different faith and ethic backgrounds of inspiration to the world. and relationships between the united states and muslim communities has frayed and made it a priority to repair these relations. and to his boyhood home, he outlied the stake in indonesia. >> america has a stake in
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indonesia growing and developing. and shared with the indonesia people. because a rising class of people in indonesia means a market to our goods, just as america is the market for indonesia. our exports have grown by nearly 50% and opening the doors to do business. >> the president went on to talk about the threat of extremism worldwide and recognized their efforts in the fight against terror. >> innocent people in indonesia and around the world are targeted by extremists. i made it clear that israel will never be at war will islam. we have no claims to be leaders of any religion, and clearly not
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a world religion like islam. but those who build should not seek to destroy. and not just a task for america alone. you have rooted out extremists and combating such violence. >> the president concluded his address with words of caution and hope. >> stakes are high in resolving all of these issues. for our world has grown smaller. and while those forces that connect us have unleashed great opportunity. and great wealth. they also empower those who seek to derail progress. one bomb in a marketplace can obliterate the bustle of daily commerce, one rumor can set off violence of a community that
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once lived in peace. in an age of rapid change and colliding cultures, what we share as human beings can sometimes be lost. but the story of america and indonesia should give us hope. in the united states our motto is out of many, one. [speaking foreign language] unity and diversity. we are two nations which have traveled different paths. yet our nations show that hundreds of millions who hold different beliefs can be united in freedom under one flag. and we are now building on that shared humanity. through young people that will study in each other's schools anded let of prosperity and
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through values and human asperations. >> joining us now is the deputy chairman of the indonesia institute of sciences. welcome, and the president is making effort to build bridges, has he done that with this trip so far? >> i think he's done that by becoming the president of the united states. and his great speech in cairo, but suddenly his speech has been very welcomed. he's shown the great heart he has. >> and he's got a warm welcome, and that largely because he connected and lived there himself or because of his policies. >> i think it's both, he would
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be warmly welcomed if he had come earlier. he had canceled his visit twice earlier and a welcomed visit than the celebration. but clearly barack obama is special and considered one of our own. and his policy of embracing the international community and emphasis on the international corporation and the muslim world. and that welcomed to his predecessor. >> he's given great praise to indonesia and that largely because the united states needs countries like indonesia. and he wants to boost the exports to indonesia. >> certainly, indonesia is pleased of this praise. and the economy development and the praise of the democratic
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formation. and now indonesia is the third largest democracy, and the role in trying to bridge between the muslim world and the western community. but at the same time i think there is a reality check. indonesia is aware and behind china and india. and there are a lot of expectations that president obama will deliver some goods for indyeeonesia and that presit obama is one of the most powerful men in the world and that america is hurting. and there is wonder if this will
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be delivered. >> thank you. and there are talks in beijing on the forthcoming g-20 summit. and welcome, mr. cameron in the great hall of the people. and accompanied by the british cabinet. and those said that their previous meeting in last g-20 in toronto was struck by the commitment of the china-uk relationship. and mr. cameron said that he was proud to bring the biggest mission and of the government. and his comments will come in a keynote speech soon in beijing. and set out for democracy and free press and two-rule law. recently has come under pressure to raise the question of human
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rights with the premier. and joining us from beijing, our correspondent, martin. and a lot holding on what mr. cameron is about to say. >> well, that's right. he's expected to deliver the speech in the next couple of hours. that will be at peking university here in beijing. and the prime minister is expected to praise china for its economic growth or economic freedom, as he put it. saying that it benefited the country and the world. and that economic growth leads to a greater political opening in china. and those are expecting to be his words. and expected to say that will ensure stability in china. he's been under a lot of pressure to mention human
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rights, and since the winning of nobel peace prize last month. what is not clear if he will mention leo's name during this speech. he's trying to balance the issue of doing trade with china. without wanting to lecture or hector the leaders over the issue of human rights. >> absolutely this, is a trade mission. he's out there with some britain's top leaders and industrialists. and they want china it do business with the united kingdom. >> that's right, and the signs of two or three major deals as well as airplane engines and pigs will be exported to china. that eat a lot of pork. but the prime minister has stressed that human rights is important. and what is interesting that he
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believes that confronting the chinese leaders on this issue is perhaps the best way forward. they believe that perhaps by emphasizing to china that in china's only interest to develop freedom of expression and of the press. and that will ultimately guarantee the company's stability. and that's what david cameron thinks. and human rights leaders want cameron to address it directly. because they believe that gives support to the cause and that it works. if david cameron does talk to the chinese leaders about this issue, and it could improve the quality and political freedoms in china. although it seems in the speech that he will say, look, you need to try to do this. because it's in your own
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self-interest. >> martin, many thanks. now other news for you, the pan-american health organization warns that ten's of thousands of people in haiti are likely to be infected with cholera. it's confirmed that the outbreak has reach the port-au-prince. it's a national security issue. >> the cholera outbreak here in ha haiti is refusing to release its grip. and thousands of being treated for the symptoms. and in port-au-prince, many are living in crowded tents. a three-year-old boy is confirmed a victim in the capital. dozens of other cases are being
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investigated. and it's determined that this outbreak will get worse than better. >> what we know about haiti infrastructure we know this is not a short-term situation but have to plan for the long-term. we have to plan for a large upsurge in a number of cases. and be prepared for the supplies, and human resources and everything that goes into a rapid response. >> the health organization that says it expects that the spread of cholera in port-au-prince to be extensive. this is concern for many. >> it's our duty as citizens to combat this issue. now that there is a humanitarian situation and we are securing as a national issue.
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>> and last week hurricane tomas brought floods here and bringing surge in cholera cases. a water-born disease. and concern of epidemic may breach haiti's borders. they are sent to dominican republic for possible cases. >> stay with us as we look at countries around the world. here in britain, prince harry has opened up the first field of remembrance dedicated to those who lost their lives in afghanistan. our correspondent with more. >> row upon row upon row.
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everyone of these wooden crosses dedicated to a life lost. this is now a field of remembrance. and here to pay his own tribute, a young prince who served in afghanistan. prince harry chose to remember one particular mate from the household calvary, killed on foot patrol. the family was moved by the prince's choice. >> very moving, very gratifying. and i wouldn't have missed it. >> by the end of this month, there will be ten's of thousands of these individual crosses. and they have chosen this site because of the link in the
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conflict of afghanistan. >> the field is close to wooden basset, the town where many have shown their respect. after thanking local people, prince harry met the military teams who are marching to london for this week's festival. it's starting with claps but the march and memories go on. >> and you are with "bbc world news," the headlines of president obama reaching out to the world with a speech in indonesia. and with a talk in beijing, focused on the forthcoming g-20
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in seoul that both are attending. 11 airlines have been fined billions of dollars, and the fines are imposed by the commission that describe the airline's as deplorable and that the price fixing cartels are not allowed. >> this cartel that started in 1999, with the airlines agreeing to charge customers a flat rate for every kilogram of goods they move. two years later, the 9/11 added pressure, and the cargo agreed to a flat-rate security
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surcharge. and not until 2006, when it was alerted to what was happened, and revealed what was going on. in return it receives complete immunity from the fines. 11 other companies are charged. they include british air ways of just over $140 million and cargo specialists received a fine. and others involved were qantas and air canada. >> without the intervention the cartel would not have ended in 2006. and more than likely would have continued through the economic downturn and created more harm to companies and consumers. >> with this judgment the commission wants to send a message, any company that starts
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colluding can be punished. and it doesn't end there, with this judgment the e.u. makes it possible for customers overcharged to pursue those companies through the courts. meaning bad decisions that together added up to the disaster. the firms had a culture of
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complacency and needed top-to-bottom reform. >> there are so many investigations and inquiries going on into the oil spill and the explosion that caused it. it's hard to know who to get your information on this one. but the white house inquiry is the most influential. it was set up by the president. and we got today some indication of what its finding when it reports in january. and this was not the fault of b.p. alone or just transocean or halliburton and all of the three. and we heard from the co-chair, bill riley of commission, that today all the companies had problems with regards to safety
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prior with mistakes made at the time of explosion. and top-to-bottom reform of the industry was needed. what was interesting is whether the companies had prioritized money over safety. yesterday we heard from the lead investigator there was no evidence to show that. and today we were told by the commission that's a question that is still open. >> as far as the future was concerned, was this commission more on proportioning blame or looking at how we go about deep-sea drilling in the coming years? >> at this stage we are hearing the suggestion of blame, not the direct reporting of blame. and they put out preliminary findings of b.p. and halliburton. in january i think there will more of a sense of solutions and
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reforms to the safety and regulatory structure will be offered at that stage. >> emergency food supplies are delivered to a luxury liner stranded off the coast of mexico. it had an engine room fire with no one injured. the navy aircraft carrier is helping the liner into san diego. the smuggling of weapons into mexico is suggested of focusing too much on small gun runners. and to suspect on larger with the violence in mexico drug carte cartels. and they have decided not to
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charge those with waterboarding, a regard of torture. was destroyed because they feared to damage that of the c.i.a. and they have not been able to sight off the coast of california. and showing a trail 50 kilometers off the coast of los angeles. the french government says that it intends to act to defend the rights of christians around the world who live in muslim countries. and the pledge came after 36 iraqi christians were affected by those, and going to the church where 58 people were killed. >> it was one of the worse attacks on iraq's christian
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minority since the invasion seven years ago. visiting the scene, iraq prime minister spoke to the families, saying that the attacks were against the iraqi people. >> despite the great grief we have for this attack. we won't be subjected to their will, yesterday as a special day, they will carry on, and the pre-islamic structure designed to hinder the process. >> 53 people died after trying to be freed from the gunmen. iraq christians trace their roots back to iniquity, and the
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scale of the injuries on the attack of the church were evident from the survivors arriving from paris. they said they would stand up to those in the islam world. >> wanting to make an act of solidarity and that we owe for those globally that can count on european solidarity. >> the church estimates that more than one million christians have fled iraq. and the capital's cardinal encourages the christians to remain steadfast. >> and a quick look at the news, president obama has held up in indonesia and saying that
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success combined with democracy of economic growth and the toleration of other religions. and with that we wind up this edition of "bbc world news," thank you for being with us. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold. >> get the top stories from around the globe, and click to replay the video reports, go to >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont and honolulu. newman's own foundation, the john d. & catherine t. macarthur foundation and union bank.
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